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Featured Article

Moving email filter rules in Mozilla Thunderbird

I had been working with Mozilla Thunderbird for a while and set up about 40 message filtering rules. I did not create them using menu item 'Create filter From Message' but added them one by one.

I had added these rules as rules for 'Local Folders'.

The downside is that such rules do not get applied automatically after polling POP3 email.

Rules that are created for an email account are applied automatically after polling. Downside for these is, if you have 3 POP3 email accounts then you need to keep 3 copies of the rules in sync.

Now I wanted to (elegantly) copy my 40 rules from 'Rules for Local Folders' to 'Rules for email account xyz'. How?

All rules for a section are stored in a nice text file called MsgFilterRules.dat.

Go into your settings folder - the following is done at the command line:

// German settings
C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\peter\Anwendungsdaten\Thunderbird\Profiles\viskw6k7.default\Mail>
 // English version
C:\Documents and Setttings\peter\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\viskw6k7.default\Mail>
 // list all MsgFilterRules.dat:
dir MsgFilterRules.dat /s
 // copy one file over to the other folder

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