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General information about mysql - how to get around the differences between version 3.33 an 4, how to do stuff that you think you need a nested query for etc.


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How to pick a random record from a mysql table


I have a huge table in mysql with suitable passwords and want to pick a word from this table. If I use a simple select statement, I always get the first word.
How can I pick a random record from a mysql table (or result set, in general)?


Use the order by RAND() phrase, and for performance reasons, combine it with LIMIT 1 as shown in the example below.

There was a bug in older mysql versions (prior to version 4) where this RAND() phrase did not really lead to truely random results but always to the same rows after a connection was started.

This has been resolved with version 4.

select word from wordlist ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 1

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