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Database development with Delphi. Includes issues with BDE, ADO and InterBase.


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QuickReports: PrinterIndex out of range

The solution for PrinterSetting in Quickreport is unfortunate. The workarounds, discussed in
newsgroups, didn't work with Windows NT.
(PrinterIndex out of range: The Printer-Setup-Dialog seems to add Printernames with a connectionstring. Perhaps, there is a problem in Borlands Printers-Unit or in a corner of the Microsoft-jungle too).

This is a simple solution:

  1. Add Unit Printers to your Form that controls Printing. Add an TCombobox
    and name it 'cbxPrinters'
  2. In FormCreate add the following statement:
  3. The User has to choose the desired Printer with this Combobox.
  4. Insert before the print-statement the following statement ('qrp' is the name of the TQuickRep-Object)
  5. REMARK: the quickreport-preview-printersetupdialog will not be affected.
    Test it and instruct your users.

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