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How to check or uncheck a TCheckBox without causing an OnClick event


My application needs to update a few checkboxes and other controls but no events shall be fired by these changes. How can I prevent those OnClick() and other events?


Before you update the control(s), you need to ..

  • assign NIL to the event handler property for each control
  • then update the control
  • reassign the correct event handler - as shown in the code below.

    If several controls share one event handler, it would be more elegant to have a boolean flag which you temporarily set to false and the event handler(s) would check this flag before they do anything.

    procedure SetCheckBox(chk: TCheckBox; b: boolean);
       NE: TNotifyEvent;
     begin { SetCheckBox }
       with chk do 
         NE := OnClick;
         OnClick := nil; 
         Checked := b; 
         OnClick := NE
       end; { with chk } 
     end; { SetCheckBox } 
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