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2009-10-19, 13:56:21
anonymous from Brazil  
Olá! É novidade para mim este site, e portanto, não poderia deixar passar esta oportunidade para obter as melhores informações possíveis. Conhecí uma mulher russa, pelo site 'ParPerfeito', ela, na faixa dos 30 anos. Estamos mantendo contatos sempre por e-mails. Ela me disse morar na cidade de 'Morki', se apresentou a mim com o nome de 'EVGENIYA ZAYTSEVA', e cujo endereço dela fornecido é: ''. Disse-me ela que tem formação superior e trabalha numa pequena empresa, com contabilidade. Pedí a ela que me fornecesse o endereço pessoal residencial, e me foi dado como sendo: 'streeet (rua): Sovetskaya 2-5, na cidade de 'Morki', Rússia. Ela me disse que é desejo dela vir até mim, porém, não tem o dinheiro para providenciar o visto e o passaporte. Eu disse a ela que talvez eu poderia ajudá-la, enviando o equivalente a 400.00 USD, por intermédi da Western Union. Ela me enviou o total de 74 fotos, algumas datadas nos anos de 2006/2007, outras sem data. Segue em anexo uma do total das fotos.
Para que eu possa ter a certeza de, a princípio, ser confiável esse contato, e não ser o de um scammer, gostaria de ter suas informações seguras a respeito.
Aguardo, atenciosamente.

2009-10-19, 14:08:53
anonymous from United States  

This image was also posted here:
DelphiFAQ Site wide search function

2009-10-19, 14:17:45

This image was also posted here:
DelphiFAQ Site wide search function

2009-10-23, 17:53:39
anonymous from United States  
2009-10-23, 20:22:16   (updated: 2009-10-23, 20:22:52)
OJAS from United States  
For Picture saerch, click here http://www.delphifa..html?p=371
2009-10-24, 00:45:06
Malu from Brazil  
2009-10-25, 07:41:28
anonymous from Fort Lauderdale, United States  
2009-10-25, 07:42:11
anonymous from United States  
2009-10-26, 22:05:41
anonymous from United States  
2009-10-27, 02:34:38
OJAS from United States  
Anon US 2009-10-26, 22:05:41
2009-10-27, 23:47:42   (updated: 2009-10-27, 23:52:46)
here's IRINA again with new picture but same text .
i was amaze to find the same text on this site.
it came from lavalife under venus845 location was 31 platsburg NW.
I was suspecting from the begenning because i put my profile on this site only in french
and i am living in canada!!!!!
here's the text i received LOL

Hi Eric! How your mood? I hope, that you waited my message. Recently I
have learned to use the Internet. My girlfriend has shown me how to
get acquainted with men by means of a site of acquaintances.
I have seen a lot of profiles but I have decided to send the message to you.
Because at first, your profile has seemed to me very interesting.
Secondly, my female intuition has prompted me, that I should write to
you. My intuition seldom deceives me. In this message I shall tell to
you a little about me. But if you want to continue our acquaintance
you will learn about me more in following messages. My name is Irina ,
I am 31 years old. I never was married, but already a long time I
reflect about the family future. It is one of the reasons why I have
addressed on dating site. I live together with my parents.
We have a small, but a cosy apartment. After I have left school,
I have gone to study in musical college. Already some years after the
termination of college I work at musical school as the teacher of
music. I play on a piano. I like my work, because I very much like
music. I like to spend a free time together with my girlfriend. She
lives in the next house. Together with she I go to fitness center or
to a tennis court to play tennis. She for me very close person, almost
as the sister. Eric, I should inform you something important. I think,
that you will be surprised if I shall tell to you, that I live in
Russia. I do not play you Eric, it is really so. Unfortunately it is
far from you. It was very difficult to me to place my profile in a
service of acquaintances, because I am in Russia, the service of
acquaintances does not accept the members from this country. Therefore
in the questionnaire I have specified, that I am in America. I live in
an average part of Russia, in town Troitskiy Posad. You should know it Eric,
because probable you do not want to continue our acquaintance because
between us huge distance. But I wish to tell to you Eric, that if we
shall want to meet sometime, the distance will not be a barrier for
me. If I shall love the man I shall reach him even on edge of the
Earth. Besides I already travelled once to Egypt. I traveled as the
tourist. Therefore Eric you should not worry that we not beside.
I am not worry about it. It is very interesting to get acquainted with
someone from other country, where other culture, thinking, traditions.
I think, that to you too will be interesting to learn more about
Russian woman. I have sent you my pictures and I want, that you too
have sent me your pictures. Eric, if for any reason you do not wish to
correspond with me, please, inform me about it that I did not hope
vainly for your interest to me. But now I hope, that I am really nice
to you and I hope that you wish to continue our acquaintance.
I wait your message Eric.

Irina .

2009-10-29, 04:05:22
anonymous from United States  
I believe that I have been conversing with a scammer. He contacted me on Match and we have been chating for 2 weeks now. I was very guarded at first and then he started by sucking up to me. Calling me (baby and smiles), right away and then he brought on the charm with pictures of a handsome man (Genesis Di Rossi/Carlo Di Rossi and one of his son(Cross 15 yrs. old). (His wife was killed in a car accident 3 years ago and that I'm his destiny and finally he has found love again..)...I fell for it and even sent him pictures of my daughter and I. I feel so terrible that those pics could be out there. I was very leery but he said all the right things. I even called him in Africa (where he was working for 4 weeks on an engineering project and going to the beach) and we talked for an hour. He had told me he was from Turin, Italy(a beautiful city) and moved to Decatur, Nebraska(farm town of 600 people there's nothing there) to get away. I called to check on my bill the next day and found out I was calling Nigeria (there isn't a beach or ocean close to Nigeria so I was on to him and as I did some research I came upon this site where a man had been dooped into sending him money in 2008. The other night I started to catch him changing his story and tonight I caught him off guard and turned the tables on him. He had called me tonight and used a phone card but it cut us off after 3 min. (he said because it was used up) now common wouldn't you know that ahead of time. Get this, after I played head games with him he called me back, idiot and was talking to me until I asked how could he do that if the card was used up. He hung up but continued to IM me for another 30 min. I'm still going to play to see if he really is going to come visit me. doubt it. So beware if it's too good to be probably is.
2009-10-31, 18:25:43
A truly great site - this shows the honest useful side of the Internet. Respect.
2009-10-31, 23:33:05 from United Kingdom  
my friends and family think so but i don't as I am still not convinced yet?

Right where do I start - Does anyone know this person at all? PLEASE HELP! it all started off with a simple flirt on for which is a dating site and thinking i might never get a reply. got a lot of e-mails from her - simply got chatting on msn and the moral of the story is that she goes by the name rut baby simply for which baby is her nickname and surname is smith? which i found out ( is looking for marriage and wants to marry me till death and duIpart as 2 weeks into the conversation.- I know that I'm looking for love and I'm not that desperate, but how can you marry someone that you never met just chatted too her on msn and phones you, cant unless you meet and get on? thank god for this website its a relief to have simalier views about women scammers and has broadened my mind about Scammers and 'man' woman can scam men too us we must be suckers to let them try - Now is this person for real or is she fake? Who Knows 'the mind boggles at this stage as I have found a similar pic on this site ' that just looks likes her?I'm posting a Pic that shows her holding a cheque for £150,000 to be able to secure a contract for to her to be a model?. Clever I might ask! I asked about the cheque so she claims whether it is with her or not? she says its not with her yet! I don't know if that cheque is real or fake? She claims her father and mother died in car crash before started the money for her contract and she is a lonely child & has shares in the U.K in Cavserham in Reading ( that place is real) for which her father owns a massive company - more on that later we have been chatting for while 2months and still getting on well - getting to more the point she asked me for £7000 and i said no to much so I was a mug or not? to send her around £5000 to help to secure a modelling contract? as she was also asking me for medical. to pay the doctor well I believed what she said and sent her £50 now she wants £70 to help pay off the medical bill for is overdue as well for her food supplies. the doctor is embarrassing her and she claims to be my girlfriend and future wife - for I've never met yet! - so I was a mug or not to actually send around £5000 pounds she also wants a further £2500 to get her contract she dreams of' her modelling contract' gave me 3 different addresses and she must real if I'm transferring the money to Lagos Nigeria via the 'western union ' and she must picking the money up if she's real and hear her voice on the phone - I just cant work her out yet and demanding gifts for our love for I sent and she had received – I m banking on this £150.000 cheque for which i believe is real? and hoping it wont bounce when I receive it? for which will make my life a better one with her if Ruth baby and to have a partner 'is she telling the truth or not?
what she telling me so far is true to what she say's? ' i remain this case still open until i know that she is a fake'
I keep you posted is she a scammer or not 'who knows'
I thank you for reading this and hoping to meet this person and settle down have kids when she comes back from Lagos to Reading back in the U.K 'lets this be real otherwise my heart is going to broken forever'who knows'
Take care everyone who might or think they are in an scam e-mail me thanks
Am i wasting my money or not?
hoping that she will come back to England and marry me that's the dream Will it end or will it end in tears? i must admit she one hell of a gorgeous creature and nice tits -love to have sex with her and she claims to be a virgin must end it now bye for now - if anyone know this person who had contact -e-mail me
thanks all bye from dan

2009-11-01, 03:01:01
Agent 86 from Salem, United States  
2009-10-31, 23:33:05
da*****************from United Kingdom

Your Being Scammed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my friends and family think so but i don't as I am still not convinced yet? ]

Hello Dan, I am known as Agent 86 Maxwell Smart on this site.
If You take enough time to really look at this site.
You will see I contribute a lot on this site.

I am not going to waste very much time on You right now.
I say that because of Your stubborn attitude, You so openly brag about.

That was, My very same mistake over 10 month's ago.
I did not listen to Family or Friends either.
That caused me to not only to lose over $1,500.00 USD but, I am now Homeless.
Plus it has taken nearly the entire 10 month's to apologize to My own daughter.
Plus try to mend My relationships with friends.

Just to make Myself clear to You right up front.
Your being Scammed and there isn't even a slight chance that Your not.

To begin with You made a very big mistake that only You can fix right now.
You foolishly posted Your e mail address on this site.
This site is flooded with scammers.
If You do not get your e mail address removed right away You can
look forward to receiving over 100 scammers a day contacting You.
Again a mistake, I personally made when, I first posted on this site.
You must contact Peter the site Administrator
Tell him the name of this thread [ DelphiFAQ Site wide search function ]
Also the date and time and page # [ 2009-10-31, 23:33:05 Page # 31 ]

You can ignore that warning like You have Family or Friends
Except in this case You will wish you had listened to Me. LOL

Now all I am going to do is tell You without going into detail
why, I know for a fact Your being scammed.

First off the picture, You posted is my Sweetheart that same
Stolen set of pictures was used to scam Me plus hundreds before You.
There are Hundreds of Julies pictures posted on this site alone.
Isn't She lovely well get over it fast because in Real life not the made
up lies from the guy who is scamming You.
She is Julie a Porn Star living Happily very Wealthy in Florida with her now
approximately 10 year old boy.
My scammer stole the same picture's.
Julie never has had anything at all ever to do with the scams.
Go to Her web site
You will find everything that has been sent to You.
You can also see a video of her explaining how scammers are using
Her pictures and Video's.
Oh Yes by the way the Scammers can make You believe You have
seen her live on a Web Cam its faked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your scammer can tell You, He's Julie and claim the pictures were
actually stolen from Him in this case.
Many guy's have been fooled ahead of You by this lie.
Hi I am one of those guy's.
If You try hard enough, You can prove just like, I did Julie is in
Florida and that is a fact that can be proven.
Your idiot Scammer cannot prove anything at all.
In fact if You get proof then definitely share it with the rest
of the World.

OK You deserve also to be warned if Your sent that check then
You are the one that will be held responsible for trying to pass a fake.
Scammers from Nigeria Love to send fake checks and money orders.
Plus some have their victims forward packages for them.
Its all stolen goods if Your caught You get busted.

The Scammers and I do mean scammers that You are hooked up
with are a network of them, Working out of Nigeria.

OK Education time now and I really hope for Your sake You listen.
No matter who contacts, You Woman or Man, White or Black
If there is any kind of connection to Nigeria, Ghana, Dakar, Senegal,
Any Refugee Camp, Benin Republic, Gold Coast, Ivory Coast,
All of West Africa its 100% Certain its a scammer.
There are thousands of Scammers working out of Nigeria Alone not counting
the other Countries.

Not only that but nearly 100% of them are Men and have Girlfriends
and Relatives talk on the phone for them.

I will post some links for You to see.
Please look at them and learn some more of the truth.
Before Your life is destroyed by a scammer who only thinks
of You as a Mugu [ Gullible White Fool ]

I am sorry to be the one who has to tell You the truth.
You should have listened to Your Family and Friends.
Your going to need them very soon if You do not end this scam now.

Scammers use fake names, They have Dozens of e mail addresses,
They can fake Web Cam appearances, They have many phone numbers.
They use stolen identity's, Stolen photo's,
If you try to find a exact match in name or address, You may never
find it because they change everything more often than You do your socks.

You can go ahead and not listen that's Your choice.
But if You stay hooked up with this scammer.
I Guarantee You will end up Broke, Maybe in Jail for fraud,
Possibly Homeless like me.
Plus the emotional damage can push You to suicide like some
other guy's ahead of You.
Don't ever think Your to smart to be taken.
If You read the postings by victims here, You will find thousands
that never believed they could be taken either.

Never Post Your e mail address on this site.
Never tell the scammer about this site.
If You foolishly confront the scammer with what I told You
then its Your fault when You believe the story, He has already
to tell You to explain everything away.

Try to understand scammers make money by lying all day long
to hundreds of victims.
They never stop lying ever no matter if they claim they are coming clean
and ask forgiveness for lying to You.
A Scammer will use Children, Religion, God Himself to get Your money.
They are worse than Bank Robbers because of the destroyed lives
they leave behind.

OK that should be enough to get, You to wake up.
Here's the link's look at them do not ignore them either.

First up a article from the LA Times


Next the song mentioned in the article above.

Now from the BBC about the EFCC and Nigeria
pay attention because this is You. The story is about a Woman
who was scammed but remember these scammers scam both Men and Woman.

Then when You have time go to [ ]

There You get to see first hand the real scammers.
I will post a sample for You.
As smart as You think, You are try figuring out how scammers
in Nigeria that don't know English at all could convince, You they
are in Love with You and have You so fooled that You turned your back
on Family and friends.
You should be sick to Your stomach after realizing, You have been
talking Love and everything else with a man.
Are You really in Love with stolen pictures ?
Go buy all You need from Julies web site its a Hell of a lot cheaper
than being scammed.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'// <><

This image was also posted here:
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