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Do you wonder how to submit a new scammer profile?


Until now, this was not possible except for the administrator. A new function has been added. Start out with this URL:

Add a new scammer

I will monitor this how it goes.. I had been reluctant because I worried there will be thousands of new 'threads'. We'll see.
New submissions need to be accepted or rejected by myself; I plan to do this every few hours.

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2010-01-15, 15:37:18
OJAS from United States  
R from US, I don't understand the pic, how it relates to your comment.
2010-01-16, 06:52:47   (updated: 2010-01-16, 06:54:44) from Italy  
Da: Anna Lukas <> Visualizza contatto
A: <>
Devo tradurre questo in modo che possiate capire quello che voglio dire. Miele in me si sta andando a trovare una donna che è stata benedetta con abbondanza su di passione per dare a quelli a condividere il mio cuore e l'anima con. Per voi mi conoscono dovrete esperienza di me, come l'amore che rende il mio cuore è come una cascata, dove l'acqua non si interrompe il flusso verso il basso. In questo caso il mio cuore è la cascata, e l'amore e la passione che scorre incessantemente rappresenta l'acqua. Sono una persona molto speciale per molti motivi, ma uno di questi è il fatto che io non posso ottenere abbastanza di fabulazione che qualcuno di speciale.Professionalmente, sono stato una volta un commercialista prima di affrontare il vettore che ho sempre pregato per. I do viaggiare al di fuori degli Stati per comprare arte Sculture, oro, artigianale, perline etc and get it nave verso gli Stati per la vendita a un prezzo molto vantaggioso. questo mi hanno molto viaggiare, viaggiare, una volta che faccio in 4-5 mesi, sono stato in Spagna, Finlandia, Italia, Irlanda, Francia, Bahamas, Inghilterra, Africa e la mia prima volta in Africa, la Nigeria. Beh ho passato la maggior parte del mio tempo da solo non avendo molto da fare altro che guardare fuori della mia stanza d'albergo. Mi sento già l'aria di possibilità e di nuovi inizi in questo anno e ho già iniziato a creare i miei obiettivi e le cose che spero di realizzare questo anno ...... In primo luogo ho intenzione di stabilirsi con una famiglia felice e di possedere la mia boutique proprio negli stati di quest'anno, vogliamo rendere abbastanza ultra moderno, prego le cose funzionano come previsto. C'è così tanto in questo mondo per vedere e voglio vedere come gran parte di essa, come posso, ed è sempre più divertente quando si è con qualcuno. I will be back in Australia il Lunedi e se vuoi che io di venire in Italia prima, me lo faccia sapere, anche io ti aiuto se si arriva in Australia, ottenendo un driver di licenza e si può stare con me nel mio appartamento cos lascio solo, ma ho bisogno dei soldi per fare una o due cose per voi, per avere un lavoro qui è molto facile, credo che tu sappia cosa do.GET READY!.

L'euro si parla di 2000, assicuratevi di tenerlo oppure puoi inviare a me per aiutarvi a tenerlo cos è necessario per ottenere somethings troppo, in ogni caso sarà facile per voi cos sarò qui per voi in ogni cosa avete bisogno. Puoi mandarmi i soldi per aiutarvi a tenerlo .. Ho voglia di conoscere di più, si suono piacevole e All I Need è il tuo amore e la comprensione di questo rapporto, se si sa si vuole veramente mi devi cancellare il tuo profilo da Internet prima, Tu sei il solo i parlo in questo momento, io non voglio essere la caccia .. get back to me e fatemi sapere cosa ne pensi.

Tua moglie Ann

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How to submit a new scammer profile

2010-01-16, 09:42:24
OJAS from United States  
@mybox1 Lia http://www.delphifa..=3#158798

It could be risky to post your personal info like email on public domains. Scammers may send you love letters, or lottery wins, without you buying a single ticket!

2010-01-17, 02:29:53 from Italy  
Here is my full address 613/300 Swanston Street Melbourne get back to me and let me know how you are going to help me with the money also i have rebook my flight to italy so that i can meet you face to face.

--- On Sat, 1/16/10, espedito ferraiuolo <> wrote:

From: espedito ferraiuolo <>
To: 'Anna Lukas' <>
Date: Saturday, January 16, 2010, 10:22 PM

send to me your compleaddress

Da: Anna Lukas <>
A: espedito ferraiuolo <>
Inviato: Sab 16 gennaio 2010, 10:39:27

Honey am not happy this morning, let me start by saying that I you never felt you will do what you did to me by ignoring me all alone while iam passing through a lot of stress here in Africa, Nigeria. ...Eachn time i think about you, I feel as if I'm walking over clouds just thinking about you.

Honey am sorry if I offend you asking you for this kind of favor, I just want to let you know I am having little problem with the Hotel Management I am here. I owe the Hotel some Bills. Due to the agreement that I have signed with the hotel management I can’t leave here without paying for the owe bills. Honey I have tried every other means that I know to get the bills paid but no good news yet.

Sweetie I will be glad if you can be of help to assist me with the Hotel Bill, I promise to refund you upon my arrival. I will be glad to read your positive respond. As soon as i get them there bucks i am coming home i cant stay here again iam through with the goods i came here to buy...... hun am sorry if this bothers you a lot just think over that you have a promise for me and i have for you..... I know you must have paid some of your utility bills now, just try to get me crying not okay at the moment....... I have my credit card at home no body at home now as you know i live alone. Just help me with few bucks accross to me here due to this issue the hotel has just stop feeding me here cuz no money to pay for it. I need your urgent response now

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How to submit a new scammer profile

2010-01-19, 23:22:15
ganoso from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Is this Russian girl scamming me? How to recognize scammers

2010-01-21, 10:29:31
anonymous from United States  
looking for info. claims to be swedish calls herself priscilla cailin

2010-01-21, 12:36:41
DOC from United States  
anonymous from United States,

It's a scammer!


This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Osai Williams from Ghana

2010-01-21, 13:49:53
OJAS from United States  
2010-01-30, 19:41:29
Rick from Canada  
I have submitted the name of a Russian woman that I now know is a scammer. I first knew her as Alina Kamaeva. She stated her date of birth was May 23rd 980, and she is from Tabashino Russia.

I have now discovered her on two different Scammer sites using three different names:
1. Anastaysiya Nurahmetova. I know they are one in the same because they use the same email address

Second name is: Natalie Klukva . I know this is the same person that I knew as Alina Kamaeva, because one of the pictures on the site where I found her was one of the pictures she sent me.

Third name is: Olga Kanashina. Again, I saw her picture next to the name listed and it is the same lady I knew as Alina Kamaeva.

She sent me a copy of her passport to confirm her identity. On the passport her last name is spelled: Kamaeba. I don't know if this is her real name or they made an error while forging a phoney passport. It would appear she is from the Kazan area.

This is the same old storey. After about five emails she tells me how much she loves me and wants to be with me. The next thing is a request for 1900 dollars so she can come to me. The money is to be sent to a Western Union account. This lady is very active and we should make every effort to identfy her has a scammer.

Anyone having contact with this give me a shout.

2010-02-11, 09:57:37   (updated: 2010-02-11, 10:23:17)
HI i just want to share with u what has happen to me recently.. i was scammed for my money Too bad it was too late before i realised. The guy who says he is from the UK but when he speaks he sounded very much like the Nigerian. The worst thing is they have a group of local people from my country who is doing all this. Am i surprised, malay lady, indian accent ladies and UK guy as a diplomat as i can sensed from his accent.
This guy using the name of Charles Iy @ RogerKelvin, his email add is, he uses someone else picture. Poor thing i hope the real guy in the picture doesnt get himself into trouble because he looks so innocentY. You can visit his Profile at .
well whoever reads this please be extra carefull with who you are chatting with nowadays. You thought you would help a friend out of troubles but instead you end u broke...This are all the numbers that he has been using 1. +447031831778 2. +234800968122 3. +447927562473 and other local numbers too. These local woman was so daring enough to keep bugging me to help this friend , i came to realised when they ask for another USD7500/- to get his valuable things cleared from the Customs department in Malaysia. This guy really acted as if he was in trouble. Another thing, his so call pastor even have the heart to call me to convince me of how good this guy is. This awful Nigerian do not have the shame at all, he still thought i didnt realised that i knew what was going on when he still call me and ask me to lend money to get his things cleared. but who wants to help anymore with a non existence story and strangers asking for money.I know he will call again soon to ask for more money. Just incase anyone read this , the Malaysian local woman is also involved in this scam.
2010-02-15, 03:07:17
anonymous from United States  
wow well hello there like most of yous i think i been scamed already sumitted pictures to hmm peter so here goes my story a book. just started after christmas talking to a lady whose 31 years old and very good looking as soon as my pictures gets posted hope somebody notice her she very very good in her or his game , it starts like this she looking for her soulmate same as me and talking awhile and she ready to fly and meet me and get out of ghana and get married she as a sister and loves showing my emails and she says she goes to church [like all of them say] and she as a aunt whose going to pay everything at first to get you in to the scam then she has not ever flown before so she goes to a subembassy and travel works and find out all the info so the aunt tells her that i need to send at lease 200 at first to show good faith that i will pick her up at the airport and i said you got to be kidding with those photos there be no reason i wouldnt pick her up. wow so there goes 200 to start then comes my aunt gave me 5620 to buy everything now find out that the ticket cost 600 more i need to send her and her aunt even calls and dummy me didnt think to get the phone number and contact verizon wireless and they said it was an 800 number i was confused cause i remembered it as a 231something number but maybe it came acorros as 800 anyway she tryed to tell me that she had certain amount of money to cover costs and the ticket so had was 1200 and went up to 1800 so now i need 600 more there goes that then an email comes that beacuse of the tryed bombing over christmas holidays and it came from over there they need a 3000 crdit card or debit card i case agnes missed the flight and had to get another ticket which agnes wrote rightway and said her aunt would pay half and leave me with 1500 and i would get the whole thing when she got there sounded good to me i was thinking i would aleast get 3000 out of it and agnes also well now she kept going and coming doing paper work and she needed 700 400 for luggage fees and 300 cash on hand for the trip. and then the kicker she went back again a fews days when i finally came up with the money i said thats it wel now she went again and now she had the guy from subembassy call me by the name of richard owwussu say i couldnt hear you email me so he did and said that agnes is crying cause they need 3500 for the ins. paper in case the plan crashes and if it did it would be refunded in usa currency to the bearer and agnes said to make it out in my name cause im putting all this money up. so im looking at now 6500 i would get now so yes i fell for that this is now work on getting her here by her birtday which was 10 of jan. so she was working on paper work and the flight got pushed ahead a week cause nobody had there paper work done ?? thats when i just start to say hmm and then going back aforth all the time she used up the 300 for the money she had and i told her that i didnt have anymore then i was thinking wow it almost ready to happen and she cant come because of 300 dollors so i lied and sent 350 dollars and said it was from my sister and she mad as all get out at me. i said the 300 for the cash and the 50 is for the taxi so you dont spend the cash okay well now richard call me or emails me again sayinf something about a police report for all the money and stuffs and agnes quickly emails me and said she needs it and her aunt would again pay half and all i need is 750 wow this going beyond my means so so was looking around for money and her aunt worked for the government back when and it was at a goldmine and this guy said she has 10 gold bars 35kilos each which was 15and half pounds i told her thats over 250000 a bar wow and she sold one to the guy for moneys and she wanted me to come up with some money i went and add all my money up and told her i already sent 7500 and this would be over 8000 wow you guys i feel like i have to pay a bounty for agnes to get out of ghana i told them well to cut the story down here it is today the 14 of feb and still nowhere im at now a new ticket to start over and 500 for the cash on hand i already gave her another 705 forn the ticket and she need 195 left and asking her aunt to come up half of the 500 and all i have is the 195 and the 250 and she would be flying into my arms she says and i told her by now what is the next step flight delayed again or you fell and didnt make the flight [oh i forgot back up the story back on her birthday coming yeah wow this is good about the gold bars and everything she trye to sneak one bar on the plane and got caught and it was going to cost 5000 to release her i finally put my foot down no way i cant do it auntie your going to have to pay this one iim out of money so now the auntie is mad at me okay continue on the rest of story] and now i think it is a scam and told her that i want her to go and we have a web cam and talk and see each other man oh man its like i ask this woman to send me a nake picture she refusses and has excuses so that when i new it fake so i just did ask for a nude photo knowing they probaly got ir in back up and only for emency cases so im waiting iy out wanted to bust her but by reading evertthing here doesnt look likely just shut her site down and she can get a new one but i wanted to get this book out it seems like cause this one is real good and real convintion and that i really have to stand up and clap my hands on this one wowow. even though i lost over 9000 ad it was my unemplyment money i needed in case my funds ran out to help me through this ression ????? not now hmm anyway when pete post the pictures hope somebody reconizes this pictures like everbody else wish she was for real .......
2010-02-15, 13:42:23
anonymous from Nolanville, United States  

2010-02-15, 13:55:39
anonymous from United States  
she got me bushira issaka said that she works for her grand ma and wants to be a chef she is allways asking for money to get the inter net i did send 20 dollars here and there but not two much then i said let me do some research and i found her name and pictures im not even sure if this is the real bushira i found out that she may be using a woman by the name of Elsie Asamoah pictures to say that its her she tried to get me tosend her money for a passport and visa her so called brother also tried to get me to send some money said his sister was in the hospital(bushira) THAT IS so please dont let this woman get you very very pretty pics can get you scammed

2010-02-15, 13:57:53
anonymous from United States  

2010-02-15, 14:02:19
anonymous from United States  

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