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How to submit a new scammer profile


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Do you wonder how to submit a new scammer profile?


Until now, this was not possible except for the administrator. A new function has been added. Start out with this URL:

Add a new scammer

I will monitor this how it goes.. I had been reluctant because I worried there will be thousands of new 'threads'. We'll see.
New submissions need to be accepted or rejected by myself; I plan to do this every few hours.

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2012-02-17, 09:12:35
[hidden] from Puerto Rico  
Name of scammer: Miss. SOFIA HAJI.Daugther of Dr. Daniz Haji.
From: SUDAN . Refugee in DAKAR SENEGAL .
24 Years Old. Email:
Due to the death of her parents , because of the war in her country in Sudan.
She said the , In the refugee camp , we are only allow to go out on monday and fridays.
Is like a prision here . I dont have any relative. I dont have any privillege or anything with money involve. Because is again the law here in Dakar Senegal. I will like to go back to my law school studies , Because before the tragedy incident took place. Ihave my late father Dr.Daniz Halij, Fund Deposit documents with me . He used my name Miss Sofia Haji as the next of kin.
and the deposit in bank account is the amount of ($5.7 m usd ) .
Help me to transfer this amount to your bank account in U.S.A. , and send money to me that way i cut paid for my air line tickets , get my refugee visa, and meet you over in your country , were i will give you 20% , because i trust you , and i faith you would betrate me .
My father make this money in a gold and oil business and his political career.
My contact here in the hostel were in staying is: (REVEREND FATHER DAN DESMOND).
HIS CELL#: + 221 76 291 7914 . He will send for me and he will help me to get the lawyer and to get this money goes over you , because he is the only one he knows about me , you and the money involve. please keep it in secret , dont tell know one . for our security . we will keep in touch .

2012-02-17, 09:14:01
james007 from Puerto Rico  
2012-02-17, 09:15:42
james007 from Puerto Rico  
2012-02-17, 09:15:50
james007 from Puerto Rico  
2012-02-17, 13:39:50
Ive been chatting with a scammer from Lagos,for almost a year now I had a gut feeling that he was a scammer so I kept putting him off.Then last night I seen his picture and messages he sent someone else under different email and name.His email addresses are
He told me his name was Bolaji Gabriel and told the other girl it was Tony Brown
his address is the same as the one he gave me it is
L25 Layonka street/Apete
I have several Ips for him they are
these are just some of the many Ips I have,and emails I have hundreds from how do I find out who this is? I think he uses himself in the pics cause I have chatted with him on webcam.
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Dating scammer Bolaji Gabriel

2012-02-26, 12:15:05
And again a Scam - Fake Profile, used pictures from Next Door Nikki !

This I found today on Adult Friend Finder (look at the screenshot) ...

seekformarry853, 30 / Female, from Marburg / Germany

Apology, I am only standard member there. So I can't show here more details and contact dates and so on.

Maybe, a other here is a gold, - or silver member on Adult Friend Finder ? So please, watch this profile. And give the informations.
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Another dating / chat scam - USA/ Nigeria connection

2012-02-26, 17:22:05

2012-02-26, 17:23:44

2012-02-26, 17:28:05
2012-02-26, 17:28:41

2012-03-06, 23:24:56
ronniemars from United States  
I want to know if this man is a scammer? Name:Hartley Scott Gregson phone:2348161513180 Locatio:Nigeria Employment:Oil Merchant

2012-03-13, 07:45:06   (updated: 2012-03-13, 07:48:08)
Slayer Bedrager from Norway  
Surname: Gilleva or as well any other, for my friend she use Petrova
Name: Ekaterina
City: Ryazan
Country: Russia
Postal address: Karl Marks, House number 7, apartment 15
xxNAMExx - place where was putted my name
Hello my new friend, I hope that I can call you so - xxNAMExx. I am very grateful for your response. I apologize to you that did not answer at once, since access to the Internet I have not permanent, but now everything is in order. Let me tell you about myself. My name is Ekaterina, or simply Katya. I was born on 12.10.1966 year. Weight 64 kg, height 173 cm I religious, Christian. Cheerful, sociable and kind) I was married. We divorced five years ago. I have a son who serves in the army, his dream to become a good soldier. My home town of Ryazan, where I live! This city is very beautiful. I love the city, probably, as every man loves his hometown. My favorite season is spring. I love the sound of birds singing and the leaves on the trees. I have no parents. In fact, I have never seen their parents and his childhood spent in an orphanage! I was told that my parents do not want me, but I do not know why. So I dream of a big family where everyone is loved and respected each other. The shelter I have found true friendship and the friends that I communicate and meet so far, for example, with his girlfriend Maria. Now I have an apartment and I work as a proofreader in a local newspaper. I correct errors in articles, and I give the editors prepared text. When I was in school, English was my favorite subject. The first teacher did on my very strong influence, and in school I decided for myself that I would teach it. But as usual my dreams were not translated into reality, and I became a philologist.
Now I live a normal life, and am very happy to appreciate every moment of it. I'm not rich, but I think that money is not everything in our lives. Happiness is not about the money. Happiness in love! I love children. I'm not a careerist. I love to cook and friends say that I have a talent! His sobodnoe time I try to spend at the gym and do household chores. Recently, I am interested dance, I try to teach them but still turns out badly. But I try. Perhaps you're wondering why I decided to find your other half over the Internet? A year ago, my friend Anna had met over the Internet with Mario, and now they are very happy. They now live in Australia. I have studied and trained Kate together in an orphanage. This is an elementary school teacher. And now he works in a school in Australia. I decided to follow his example and I seek his fortune on the Internet. And I respect the foreigners for their high values ​​of life. I would hope that you're a good person and I do not regret that I write to you. I also could not think what I say about myself so much. I will appreciate if you answer me. I would also like to know about your family. Tell us about the city where you live! I'll be very glad to learn about your country. When's your birthday xxNAMExx? Do you like children? How would you like to spend your free time? Well, let me finish writing, I look forward to your reply! I hope that you will be interested in reading my letter. I send a photo, and I hope you like it. :) Also, I'm waiting for your pictures. I am grateful for your response.
Hello xxNAMExx!! How's your day today? I hope that you will do well. Oh I do not know what you recommend movies, new movies are now many long time since I have not been to the movies. And what movie you watched last? I am very aware to accept that you are also interested in communicating with me. I hope that my photos you like. You know, I'm well educated woman, I have a sense of humor. Men in Russia want from a woman only one... They need only sex... But this is not the main thing. I want to find someone who will take care of me and love me this way I am ... Who will love my strengths and weaknesses. Who will love not only my body and soul. Why are you looking for a partner online? You have a lot of experience of meetings over the Internet? Please tell me the question. On the Internet you write to me only, or even some girls? For me it is very important... I am writing to you just because I made my choice, I would like to talk with you. I think you might be interested to know more about me. I'll tell you about it. I think you read my profile and could see there that I have serious intentions to get acquainted with good person for relations. I think I should just tell you some things about my character. I like the romantic relationship between a man and a woman.
All women dream to get acquainted with good person, have a wonderful evening with them. But often such relationships end after a while. I have the intention to spend myself on such acquaintances. I have the desire to find in the life of a good man and have a stable relationship with him. And I think that it requires love. Until I met in my life was a man whom I have decided to give themselves and their lives. I appreciate in people kindness, sincerity, honesty and good attitude towards others. I love the cleanliness and comfort in the house, my house is always clean, I do not like when things are scattered, and dirty house. I also really like to cook. xxNAMExx you like to cook? Tell me that you love eating out? xxNAMEXX I would ask you about what kind of woman you like. I also think that you are interested to know what men like me. I like men are sincere, kind, and that he was honest with me. I'll wait for your letter and I hope you send me your photo. I'll wait for your letter.
Your Ekaterina
Hello xxNAMExx! How are you today? What is your mood? I also hope that someday we will be able to watch a movie together. I love the different food and fish dishes too. Do you love animals? At home I have lived a cat. Her name is 'Dunya', and the second one. I found a cat in the street. I picked her very young kitten. Someone threw him out ... But now it has grown into a beautiful cat, and every day makes me happy. Very nice when you come back home from work, and you meet someone, and waits. I want to know you, you love xxNAMExx as a rest? You love to go to nature? What songs do you like? What kind of movies? What are the dances? Would you dance with me? I do not dance very well, but with you I'd agreed to dance. What else do you like? xxNAMExx Tell me. I love, movies, and most of all I love to travel. As well I have a talent in cooking different dishes. I learned how to cook many dishes. I'm sure you would have liked my food I cooked. I can cook a pizza that no one else can make. I'm sure you would have liked it, and you would have asked more additives.
xxNAMExx have you been at sea? I was only once in Sochi, we went with my girlfriend. We wanted to go to Italy or France, but with a friend having trouble with a passport and we went to Sochi on the sea. I really liked it. Lacked only one. Men, with whom can all be enjoyed. You would go with me xxNAMExx? I think you and I would never forget this trip. What do you think? I send you pictures, they like you? One photo was taken during our trip to the sea, about which I wrote to you. I'll wait for your photo and letter. I am happy that I met you. With you I can not discuss what I want. I am waiting for your letter.
Yours Katya.
Hello xxNAMExx! How are you doing? What's new? I do not know yet when will we meet, but I will tell you when something come up. Let's get to know each other better. I'll read your letter. You are very interesting to write letters! I want you, too, was interested to read my letters. xxNAMExx I am pleased acquaintance with you. I like you. I can not explain the feeling. But I hope that our meeting is over now, and will only grow. Tell me more about your work? What are you doing? Can you tell us more detail? You work every day? I work every day except Saturday and Sunday. But sometimes have to work these days. On weekends I like to sleep more, rest in bed! On weekends I like to be home to watch an interesting movie, or read a book, doing household chores. Sometimes we with girlfriends go to the cafeteria to talk, and eat ice cream. I have a hobby. I love to grow flowers. I'm in an apartment grows lots of flowers. And how do you spend your weekends? Where are you going?
Tell me your dreams. I do not know why, but I'm sure I can trust you any of your secrets. And so I have no secrets from you. Today, I am sending you a new photo. I'm sending you this letter, my kiss! I hope you get it! I will wait your letter tomorrow. I already miss and I wait.
Your Katya.
Hello xxNAMExx! I do not know why, but I feel warmth in my heart when receiving your letter. I'm glad to know more about you. I hope you had an interesting day. Today I was all right. When I came to work, then I had to do many things. I did everything very quickly. I thought about you. I thought about what would be our first meeting, if we lived in the same city? What do you think? Do you think we would have met if we lived in the same city? I think it's fate introduced us, although we live very far away from each other. Maybe this is our chance? Do you believe in fate? Today at work, I saw a young couple, man and woman, who walked together, holding each other's hand. They hugged each other and kissed. It was obvious that they love each other. I would also like to walk down the street and hold your hand. To feel you.
xxNAMExx I do not know how to explain what is happening to me. Before, I did not know you, and I had no man to whom I can say it. Previously, I lived, and knew that I something was missing. I miss your warm words, lack of understanding, the men with whom you can talk about everything. In Russia it is very rare to find a man with whom you can just talk heart to heart. xxNAMExx I am sending you a kiss. I am sending you a photo. My full name: Ekaterina Gilleva. I will be waiting for your letter soon.
Yours Katya!
Hello my dear xxNAMExx!!! Your letter, like a ray of sun, it warms my heart and lifts my spirits. You want to come to me? flowers)) I you like me? It seems to me that I was not very good in the photos. I want to ask you a very important question. I want to know you about your past relationships with other girls. If it hurts to remember and talk about it, I can not say. I will not ask you about it. But I would love to know. xxNAMExx I will tell you all about myself. I have met with men, but they just wanted sex. I do not want that. I want love, sincere and gentle. At the Institute, I met a guy who I liked. Everything was good as I thought. But one day, this guy met another girl. He did not like her, but she was the daughter of a wealthy man. She had a lot of money. And I did not have anything... He immediately left me, and a year later married this rich girl. He traded me and my feelings on the money... He loves money and he had no more need. Then there were others, but many drank alcohol, changed me from other women, and I decided to wait for her man.
And I think I've found it now. Now I just talk to you, and I like you. I can not touch you, but I can feel you on your letter. You can tell in detail about their relationship? I am sending you a photo. I look forward to your letter. I send you my tender kiss, and I hope they give you a feeling of tenderness and affection!
Only your Katya
Hello my dear and gentle man xxNAMExx!!!!! xxNAMExx I always wait for your letter! I'll send the MY address! I rejoice when they receive your letter. All my friends and family say I'm very different. They wonder my happiness. Everyone says that I was to smile! This is all thanks to you! I want to thank you for what you made ​​me happy. Thank you xxNAMExx. When I read your heartfelt letter, I feel great all day long, and I see beautiful dreams at night. xxNAMExx I've thought a lot about our meeting. What do you think about this? Would you like a real meeting with me? I think about it constantly.
xxNAMExx What do you think, what will we meet? What do we do? I really want to know your opinion. Maybe I am too in a hurry, but I really want to know you in real life. I just is not enough letters. I want real contact. I will be waiting for your letter, and I hope you will tell me of his desire. I want to be with you!! I like you very much!
Only your Katya!
Hello my favorite xxNAMExx!!! I do not know how to describe what is happening with my soul. I told you about it. I'm in love with you. Yesterday we talked with a friend of you. I told her that I really want to see you. She said she was happy for me. I'm glad that I met the man of their dreams. But we are so far apart ... I asked her what to do. She said that the distance is not the problem. We share only one plane flight. Now a century of high technologies, and distance is no problem. She said that I should go to you and not to suffer and suffer here alone. When we meet in reality, we can get to know each other well, and to check whether we are approaching each other. What do you think about our meeting? You wait for me? I'll be with you! I do not want to wait. I want to see you! I love you xxNAMExx! When I read your letters, when at work, when I walk down the street when I go to bed and when I sleep. Every minute I think about you. I dream that our luck was with us forever.
I do not need anything except your love. I want to wake up in your arms, I want to wake up from your kiss, I want to see your happy eyes. I want to welcome you home, do you massage, cook great dishes, and enjoy our love!!!!!!! I will do everything to ensure that our luck was with us forever! I want to be with you! xxNAMExx I will do everything that we'd be happy. My girlfriend right. We are separated only by a plane flight. Soon our dreams will come true. We'll be together. Tomorrow I'm going to a travel agency and learn all possible ways on how and when I come to you. I know that in a travel agency requires certain information to route the aircraft. I need to know your address and the closest airport to your house, in which I will come. This information is necessary tomorrow that the agent could develop route and to install the entire cost of travel. I love you !!!!!!!! I promise you I will do everything in my power. Soon there will be many celebrations. And I want to spend them with you. I will wait your letter soon.
Only your Katya!
Hello xxNAMExx!!! I love you! xxNamexx I am very glad to see your letter. Honey, I went to a travel agency to find out all the information about the trip for you. First: I need a passport. He is about 3-4 days. Today, I immediately wrote a statement for the issue of passports. I explained to us that a trip to you I need a visa. It is made within four working days. I will need to undergo a medical examination. Also, a travel agency will prepare me for an interview at the embassy. The agency takes over payment of tax duties, registration of all documents and a free consultation. To me they have done all this, I need to conclude a contract with them. In accordance with the contract they offer me their services. There are: Visa, it will cost 180 euro, buying tickets for me - it will cost roughly about 390 euro. This includes life insurance, it is required procedure in order to get a visa without any problems. Medical examination, and living in Moscow, payment of the room at a time while I wait for my flight the aircraft. It's all part of their services. Not me, no you do not have to worry about the documents and tickets. All I have to do is travel agency. I think this is the best option, it does not cause any problems, it is very convenient.
All this will cost about 670 euro, I just want to pay money. Thom I feel very uncomfortable right now. Because I have to turn to you for help. I've always considered myself an independent person, which itself can solve all their problems. But this time, I could not take into account all the wrong that I can pay for itself the entire journey. I have about 250 euro, but I do not know where I get the remaining amount. I need to find another 400euro. I thought that the journey is worth much less. If you agree with me, and can help me, then write, write what you think about it. xxNAMExx, You must understand that it is for me to be the best option. I think I need to prepare my trip through a travel agency, is the most convenient way. I do not want to seek some other way, I think it's best for me and for you. Our meeting is our common goal, and we must work together to make every effort to do so. I send you some more pictures that you did not miss. I love you very much. Do you really need me. Now I need your advice.
Only your Katya!
Hello my love xxNAMExx! I'm glad to start writing this letter, and I want to tell you the words of my new feelings that came rushing at me. travel agency are working. I need 400 euro (is about 540 dollars). It's so nice to know that you are so warm to me and, maybe, now that I write these lines, do you think of me. My dear, first I need to do a lot of documents, and then will be known the exact date of arrival to you. However, registration will last no longer than two weeks, taking into account the total. Tell us what date do you prefer? Your nearest airport so I'll go there. My dear, I found two of the bank, Moneygram and WesternUnion. They say that it is very easy and very fast. They explain how to send money. I think this is the most favorable way. You must know your data:
My full name: Ekaterina Gilleva
Country: Russia, My city: Ryazan
Street: Karl Marks
House number: 7 Apartment: 15.
Also, I need your data. I have never used such a transfer, but I was told that everything is very safe, and a lot of people around the world use their services. They said that the best and safest way to transfer money. What do you think about this? My love xxNAMExx I finish this letter in hopes soon to get yours. I am so glad that things are going well. I love you, I hope that soon we will be together! I want to be with you as soon as possible!
Only your Katya

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2012-03-13, 07:49:40
Slayer Bedrager from Norway
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Ekaterina Gilleva (Petrova)

2012-03-13, 07:50:36
Slayer Bedrager from Norway
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Ekaterina Gilleva (Petrova)

2012-03-13, 07:51:14
Slayer Bedrager from Norway
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Ekaterina Gilleva (Petrova)

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