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Error: 'RPC Server is unavailable'


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The client machine displays error "RPC Server is unavailable".

What does this mean?

The error is usually caused because the server can't be located. Make sure you can ping the server machine using the string you typed into the ComputerName property of the TRemoteServer.

  • You might also want to try using an IP address instead in case there is some problem with your DNS configuration or the hosts file. Try setting the "Default Authentication Level" to (Run DCOMCNFG on the server to do this.)

  • It may be that you have a static value in your registry's field PagedPoolSize.

    Set PagedPoolSize to 0 at:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management

  • Lastly, check the Microsoft Developer's Network on the Web for the latest information on this Microsoft transport. The MSDN can be located at the time of the writing at You can also try this direct link:;en-us;Q224370

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2005-12-29, 08:22:50
[hidden] from Turkey  
Who has printer problems ->>>>To resolve this issue:

1. Copy the Spoolss.exe and Spoolss.dll files from another Windows NT 4.0-based server or workstation to the %SystemRoot%\System32 folder on the affected computer.
2. Apply or reapply the latest appropriate Windows NT service pack, and then restart the computer.
3. Set the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Service to start automatically:a. Click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then double-click Services.
b. On the Service list, click Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Service, and then click Startup.
c. Under Startup Type, click Automatic, and then click OK.

4. Restart your computer.
2006-01-20, 03:49:14 from Pakistan  
I am having a problem which very odd for me, i configured a windows 2000 server domain controller with default DNS with recommended options, all of the clients were successfully switched to domain controller and they did'nt show any hint of mis configurations... We'll here's the fun part, i have another pc with Windows 2000 server and multihomed NIC, one of the IP address is an Public IP since i use that PC as an personal webhosting server using IIS 5.0.

I also switched it to the domain, which was successful but when i logged of and used the User name & Password i created to use with that PC, it showed me an error

RPC Server is Unavailable
Please contact your systems Administrator

Can someone tell me what i am doing wrong???!!!!

I am also using ISA Server 2000 w/SP1 & FeaturePack on the Domain Controller.
2006-01-30, 17:00:27
anonymous from Sweden  
Click Start, click Run, type the following line in the Open box, and then click OK:
net start rpcss
2006-02-08, 21:38:17
anonymous from Greece  
Same here but i get the message in
Date and time properties window , In Internet time sychronze

2006-03-03, 14:36:14
anonymous from United States  
I have the same problem as everyone else does with adding a printer. I don't understand his steps in what to do when this happens. If anyone can help, email
2006-03-04, 15:29:42
anonymous from United States  
I am having problems similar to these as well. I have three computers set up on a home network. My main desktop running Windows XP Home to which my cable modem and router are connected, will not connect to the internet. But my other desktop and a laptop connected wirelessly will. Tried ipconfig/renew at command prompt and get RPC server unavailable message. Printer also will not work - same error. Some other wierd things going on as well. System restore will not work- get this error msg.-'System restoreis not able to protect your computer. Please restart your computer, and then run System Restore again' Restart did nothing. Also tried to disable System Restore, restart, and then re-enable, but it would not do this either. Could this be a virus or trojan that has taken control of browser? PLease help! This is driving me crazy. Please email to
2006-03-04, 18:26:43
anonymous from United States  
All of these comments sound very familiar. I have been getting the same printer problems and specifically the error message about RPC. I believe the last comment about a trojan etc. is on the right intuitive path. I thought the same thing. I'm not too versed with computers but classes and books help me. I slowly plod through making sure before I push enter. I looked for a 'rate as' selection that fit but found no 'very helpful but not' choice. Sounds like enough occurances have happened that it will be in the news soon.
2006-03-08, 00:02:33
anonymous from Finland  
following resolved RPC problem in my WIN2000server:
go to computer management -> services and applications -> services, click with right mouse button Remote Procedure Call -> click properties. remote procedure call properties window is now open, go to recovery and you´ll see: First failure, second failure, subsequent failures -> choose : restart the service.
in this setup the system will automaticaly restart RPC when something shuts it down.
Don´t ask any extra help, this solution came from our IT support. I hope this helps you.

2006-03-08, 04:32:21
Analyzer_08 from United States  

To those who can't renew IP Address because of RPC Server is unavailable:

1. Make sure the status of your 'DCHP Client' service is started (Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services). If not, start it (right click on it and click start). Also just make sure that the Startup Type is set to 'Automatic' and not 'Manual,' if it is manual, change it (right click, properties, startup type, then choose automatic).

2. If you tried starting DCHP Client and it's complaining about 'dependencies,' then try this link: ''

Hope this will put an end to your question!!!


2006-03-18, 09:43:42 from United States  
I have a Dell Media Center Ed 2005. I am running off a Dial-up AOL. I DO NOT WANT TO BE A SERVER OR CLIENT. However when I run Everest Ultimate Edition these are some of the indications I get that this system is set up as some sort of Domain Server. I am only listing the the titles not other person info. So what you see are the places that are filled with info regarding my system such as - Logon Domain - NetBIOS Name DNS - Host Name - Fully Qualified DNS Name - Logical Fully Qualified DNS Name - Physical DNS Host Name - Physical [ Share ] ADMIN$ Folder Remote Admin C:\WINDOWS -IPC$ IPC Remote IPC - Domain Name - Primary Domain Controller Not Specified.
Do to the above configuration and the fact that I have a Dial-Up with AOl and have no Network. I don't understand were to go on the system to make the change.
I wouldn't care except I can not set my system clock to the internet time sync. I keep getting the same error as mentioned above. RPC SERVER IS UNAVAILABLE 0X800706BA.
I must get this fixed soon because I am taking classed online for certifications from Microsoft and when I go to sign on the the course it I get a message that says my clock has not been sync sense Aug 2005. Can someone help?
2006-05-11, 07:36:58
anonymous from Canada  
I found this page as a result of trying to fix my printer problem. I was getting the 'RPC Server not available' issue when trying to install my printer.

I went into the services page (Start --> All Programs --> Administrative Tools --> Services) and ensured that the following three services were running:
1) Remote Procedure Call
2) Remote Procedure Call Locator
3) Print Spooler

I had turned off two of these services for some added security when I didn't have a printer. For those experiencing this problem with your printer, try turning these services on.
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