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Get caption and class of active window in active (other) process


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How can I find the active child window (like the 'follow focus' option in WinSight). I know how to enumerate child windows, but I don't know how to detect if a child window is active (has the caret / focus).


Use the procedure below. It will return the handle, class name and caption text through 3 var parameters.

procedure GetFocusedControl(var FocusWin: HWND; var ClassName, ControlText: string);
  hOtherWin: HWND;
  OtherThreadID: Cardinal;
  aDwordvar: DWORD;
  hFocusWin: HWND;
  ss: string;
  I: Integer;
  S := '';
  ss := '';
  hFocusWin := -1;
  hOtherWin := GetForegroundWindow;
  OtherThreadID := GetWindowThreadProcessID(hOtherWin, @aDwordvar);
  if AttachThreadInput(GetCurrentThreadID, OtherThreadID, True) then
    hFocusWin := GetFocus;
    if hFocusWin<>0 then
        I := SendMessage(hFocusWin, WM_GETTEXTLENGTH, 0, 0);
        SetLength(S, I+1);
        SendMessage(hFocusWin, WM_GETTEXT, I+1, Integer(PChar(S)));

        SetLength(ss, 260);
        GetClassName(hFocusWin, PChar(ss), 260);
        AttachThreadInput(GetCurrentThreadID, OtherThreadID, False);
  FocusWin := hFocusWin;
  ClassName := Trim(ss);
  ControlText := Trim(S);
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2007-09-21, 07:26:12
[hidden] from Turkey  
How can I find the name of Control for ex: (Class = TEdit)

(Name = 'edtServerName' )




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