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Scam artist Joel David Collins from Lansing, Michigan


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2006-10-12, 20:01:22
anonymous from Korea (R)  
2006-10-12, 22:29:53
anonymous from United States  
Attention Ladies! I was just on Afro Connections, and not only is this bastard there, but some of his friends! This one guy said he wanted to get to know me, and he was single with zero children! I said what coutry are you from? He said Ghana. I said are you in Texas now, and he said no, I am in Ghana for business! I said, interesting! He was so quick to getting off the computer! I said the last time I was scammed was from an African. He said that he had to go! I told him to never contact me again! Americans aren't stupid!! Be careful out there! His conversation only lasted 4 mins!
2006-10-13, 05:50:29
v from Romania  
with a mont or two ago i receied online on invitation from johnbenson650 who claimed is divorced and betrayed with a kid. He said is in Nigeria with his job, like interior designer, for a sculpture and the society for who is working haven't giev him yet the money and can pay the bills for hotel..he asked me to help him, because he know i am with faith in God..and i am not a liar..the society will deliver me the money and me to John. I tried to avoid to give my information from my aderss bu in morning he implored me to help him...because i am living in Romania i said he can use my adress a lot a papers need for substract chance..and i gave it..then i was worried ..he can deliver a bomb or other careful woem with johnbenson650

2006-10-17, 10:10:54
anonymous from United States  
ok if any one get a e-mail saying that you have been selected to be William G. McMullans Beneficiary, do not believe it...My husband got this and He was getting e-mails from these or is a Attorney and the other is Royal Finance And Loans Company...They wanted to give my husband 3.2 million dollars...sent him all the papers..A death certifacate and all...
2006-10-17, 10:36:30
auntjenni67 from United States  
I posted a warning on bulletin board regarding him. I also sent him a note about what I was able to find, I hope that this will give everyone a good laugh.

Dear Jackass:
You have got to be the worse con-artist in the world. Not only did try to hit me up for money as perry4reallove approximately 3 weeks ago, but now you are trying as

A word of advice, you can google someone's name or userid name and the link below has all of your information. Last time it was your father who was dying from internal bleeding, this time it is your mother, so which one is it. Plus with internal bleeding you would be dead within approximately24-48 hours. Dumbass if you going to try to scam someone, try to at least read a book for information.

I posted a bulletin on this website to warn everyone about you.
I've blocked you from blackplanet and from yahoo msg, if you try to contact me again, I will contact the nys attorney generals office as well as the federal district court regarding cybercrimes.
Try to get a legitimate job instead of trying to con people, you empty headed jackass or do you like living your life constantly looking over your shoulder. A police officer friend had a saying, 'give a person enough rope, they will eventually hang themselves with it'

Hopefully we'll see you on either dateline nbc or america's most wanted.

Bye you soulless asshole
2006-10-17, 19:36:35
anonymous from United States  
Great job! Can you also report him on AfroConnections! I have been trying to do that!
2006-10-18, 14:50:03
anonymous from United States  
This guy tried 2 scam me about 1 month ago, I met him on, he goes by the name of Nicholas Thomas aka Peter Jones and these r some of the pix he has sent me, he didnt do a good job at scamming me as he is a fool, and got caught out big time.

His recent yahoo address and yahoo instant messagers are and

ME (30/08/2006 21:08:06): hi
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:08:38): How are u doing>?
ME (30/08/2006 21:09:03): ok how r u
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:09:20): i'm sad
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:09:27): how was ur last night
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:09:30): y u sad
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:09:46): never mind sweetie
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:09:56): i'll be ok
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:09:57): y tell me
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:10:07): tell me wots wrong
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:10:35): baby i don't know how u'll feel
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:10:39): about it
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:15:33): are u there?
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:15:45): yes
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:15:58): ok
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:15:58): brb
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:16:01): sorry
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:16:15): ok
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:18:24): on da phone
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:18:27): brb
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:19:01): ok
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:20:57): back
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:21:11): so ain u gonna tell me y u sad pls
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:21:52): it's about my mom
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:22:24): the doc just said that if i don't becareful that i'm going to loose my mom
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:22:45): fings r gettin bad 4 her
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:23:06): thought she was getting better
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:24:02): babes
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:24:20): no things getter bad here
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:24:42): y did u ay fi ngs were getting be tter,
ME.... (30/08/2006 21:25:13): but wont da surgery help
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:26:25): it'll help
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:26:38): but what the doctor is telling me now is that
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:26:48): he said i'll need to pay more money
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:27:00): just sad right now
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:27:10): how much more do u need 2 pay
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:27:42): y cant u try and c if u can fly her back 2 da states 2 get da proper care needed
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:28:14): sweetie i don't wanna rist that
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:28:30): and for me to fly back it'll cost alot of money
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:28:56): well do wot u can 2 help c she is better
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:29:13): da doc isnt asking 4 a lot is he
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:30:09): sweetie it's about $1,450
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:30:41): but the lil money that i have with me is about 785
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:31:34): so wot u gonna do then
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:32:38): just sad right now
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:32:47): i don't wanna loose mom
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:32:55): i don't know what to do anymore
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:33:16): cant u put it on a card
ME.... (30/08/2006 21:33:24): y is he asking 4 more oney
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:34:45): money for the surgery
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:35:07): so wot u gonna do if u dont av da rest of da money
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:35:08): and money for drugs
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:35:56): so he aint gonna do da surgery then cus u dotn av a heart
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:36:04): where da compassion
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:36:31): that's what he told me
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:37:08): i'm in tears right now don't know what to say
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:37:59): but i dont get it if ur mum is aving hip surgery y is she getting bad
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:38:59): it's pevlic dislocation
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:39:54): just tired of everything
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:39:58): oh ok, so is da doc saying if u dont pay hw wont do da surgery
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:40:42): ?
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:41:25): yes
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:42:01): and i do explain to him that i'll try and get the lil money that he should start the surgery first
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:42:25): where u gonna get it from
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:42:47): i can't really say right now
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:42:55): i'm just crying right now
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:43:01): dont u av credit card
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:43:07): u can out it on
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:43:27): not here with me
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:43:32): just tired of everything
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:43:59): wot ur card aint there wid u, so how av u been surviving then
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:44:27): wid no card, dat a weird thing 2 do 2 go 2 another country without talking ur card wid u
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:44:50): the money that i have with me that's what we're spending over
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:45:22): so cant u get sum1 2 send over da card 4 u
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:46:04): no
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:46:53): so wot do u want me 2 do 4 u then
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:47:30): i don't know what to say baby
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:47:44): just sad right now
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:47:58): cos i don't wanna put my situation and join it to your own
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:48:14): so wot do u want me 2 do
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:48:52): i don't know baby
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:49:03): i'm just scared that's all
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:49:31): cos i don't wanna ask any money from you
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:50:48): so u were gonna ask me 4 money
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:50:57): thought u said u werent cheap
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:51:43): bcos i don't know how u'll feel
ME.... (30/08/2006 21:52:23): feel bout wot
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:53:38): hey
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:54:37): about asking money from you
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:55:01): so how much were u gonna ask 4
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:56:41): hey
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:57:35): i don't know how much is with you sweetie
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 21:57:42): i'm just scared to ask u
ME.... (30/08/2006 21:58:10): if i can help i wud
ME .... (30/08/2006 21:58:21): but i dont get it
ME.... (30/08/2006 21:59:38): how u can leave 2 go 2 another country and not take enough money wid u, its weird
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:01:32): sweetie i never knew that something else will came up
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:02:10): but still if i was travelling regardless of da situation i wud take my cards as well
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:03:50): do u need 2 pay da doc directly
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:03:56): yes
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:04:22): and the reason is that i'm sacred of this country that's why
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:05:51): oh ok
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:07:23): i'm just scared baby
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:07:37): i don't know what to do anymore
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:08:19): and there no one else 2 help u
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:09:47): no one to help baby
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:09:47): there's no friend when i need help
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:09:47): just tired of everything
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:10:00): still there
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:10:10): well u no i av a dependent
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:10:22): and im a single parent
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:11:25): i understand sweetie
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:11:41): sweetie just try for me
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:12:52): what are u doing?
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:14:08): was talking 2 my bro
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:14:23): about what baby?
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:15:15): he just called 2 c how everything is
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:15:26): as he is going 2 nigeria soon
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:15:29): oh ok
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:15:39): really
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:16:12): yes as my grandma died so he cuming 4 da funeral
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:18:19): wot u doing
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:18:52): thinking
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:19:52): about wot
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:20:07): may ask my bro 2 cum c u as he is cuming 2 nigeria
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:20:38): when is he coming?
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:20:50): nx week i believe
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:22:14): or da wk after
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:22:21): i pray things should work out so that we can see each other
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:23:00): was thinking of cuming wid him as it has been ages ive been 2 nig but i cant cus of my kid sch
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:23:18): i understand
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:23:29): sweetie just try for me
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:23:44): any amount u can get
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:23:50): pls i don't wanna loose mom
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:24:05): like i said i'll c
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:24:37): sweetie untill when ?
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:24:56): i dont no, how long is a piece of string
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:25:01): i need to let the doc know what's going on
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:25:07): ppl av bills 2 pay etc
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:25:35): i know
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:25:36): will u try
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:26:25): like i said i'll c, r u sure dis aint no scam as its 2 hard 2 believe 4 real
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:28:49): what do u mean
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:29:00): u think i'm not for real?
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:29:11): is that what u're saying
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:30:21): well its 2 hard 2 take in
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:30:33): dat after a mth ur starting 2 ask 4 money
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:30:40): dat wot scammer do
ME.... (30/08/2006 22:30:47): lure their prey in
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:34:08): hi
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:34:12): still there
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:34:53): yes
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:35:30): what are u doing?
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:35:54): trying 2 install software on my sytem
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:36:13): hey
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:36:14): what are u doing?
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:36:16): im here
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:36:26): trying 2 install software
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:36:39): oh ok
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:36:58): sweetie why did u say that hope i'm not trying to scam you?
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:37:05): why did u say that?
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:37:32): as its 2 good 2 b true dat after a month u start asking 4 money
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:37:50): i know sweetie
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:37:59): and i know that it's unfair
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:38:11): for me to be asking you for me which is bad
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:38:59): but remember what so ever u're doing to help people in this world u're doing it for God not for any body ok
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:39:05): and i want you to trust me ok
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:39:13): i'm for real
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:39:51): u make me feel sad about what u said
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:41:16): am just being careful
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:41:31): i know baby
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:41:48): as its 2 real, esp wot websites av been posting about nigerian da scam they pull
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:42:03): we're going to fine ok
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:42:07): i promise u
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:42:34): i'm for real trust me and belive me
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:42:48): i've been honest with you
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:43:06): ok, but like i said i av bills 2 pay and a child 2 look after adn my child and keeping a roof under my head is my 1st priority, as noone is helping me
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:43:19): ok we shall c
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:43:38): if my bro is cuming over will ask himm 2 stop by u
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:44:10): as he will b staying in lagos 4 a few days, dats where u r rite
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:44:28): yeah
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:44:33): and mayb he'll give u sum money once he has seen u
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:44:43): lol
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:44:47): u're funny
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:44:55): so if u give me ur details i'll give it 2 him
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:45:05): why ur brother will give me money
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:45:14): yes
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:45:28): i'm talking to you not ur brother
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:45:37): and i don't know ur brother
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:45:43): i no but its my bro cuming 2 nig not me
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:45:56): so he'll do da honors 4 me
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:45:57): so how do u think that we'll meet here
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:46:12): why can't u send the money to ur self
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:46:18): dont worry if u give me ur hotl details he b able 2 locate u
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:46:31): as he no niger
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:47:24): wots da point i'll b borrowing it off him and in fact i av told him about u as im on da phone wid him and he said fine he'll do dis 4 me
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:48:02): and in a way instead of wasting money on fee 2 send it 2 u, u'll av more when he give it 2 u in ur hand
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:48:36): can't u send it to me than to send ur brother to me
ME.... (30/08/2006 22:48:51): like i said no y u dont want 2 meet my bro
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:49:04): he is a nice chap
ME.... (30/08/2006 22:49:04):
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:49:19): sweetie if u really wanna help me out do it for God but 'm not saying that i'll not give u the money back
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:49:23): just try
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:49:30): and im sure he wud love 2 meet da guy ive been talking 2
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:49:55): my bro will give it 2 u, told me
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:50:19): yes i'm not saying that i'm not going to meet him
ME.... (30/08/2006 22:50:27): so b4 he sets off 2 ikoyi he'll stop by u ok
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:50:59): is dat ok, as he is still on da phone
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:51:08): waiting
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:51:25): no
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:51:37): i don't think it'll work out
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:51:43): y not unless ur hiding sumthing
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:51:52): y wont it work out
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:52:05): i'm not hiding anything
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:52:18): so y u saying it wont work out then
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:52:20): where i'm is very far away from ikoyi
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:52:27): dats strange cuming from u
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:52:38): u know how much i need this money
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:52:39): well u said ur in lagos
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:52:45): yes
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:52:50): and he wud b in lagos
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:52:57): but there many places in lagos
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:53:29): b4 going 2 ikoyi, well give me da area ur in and he'll drive 2 u, he has a driver
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:53:38): and he aint no stranger 2 niger
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:53:53): he was born there and no da area
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:53:55): 2 good
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:54:06): u name where u r he will find u
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:54:12): wid no prob
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:54:21): believe me
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:55:38): so cum y u staling then, i am borrowing da money off him so its da lease i can do, and he is my eldest bro
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:56:03): ok
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:56:22): well i don't think that will work out like i said
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:56:28): y not
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:56:36): and i really need the money urgently
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:56:53): well he'll b there b4 da ending of da wk
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:57:09): well it seems that i'm after ur money
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:57:16): nx wk i mean, he aint gonna give me da money
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:57:17): but i'm not like that
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:57:24): and im getting it from him
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:57:33): why can't u send it ur self over there
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:57:39): so ur after his money in reality
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:57:47): like i said i cant
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:57:56): hes giving me dis money
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:58:00): alright then
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:58:00): never mind oh
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 22:58:00): ok
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:58:03): not da otehr way round
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:58:19): y da sudden change
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:58:37): u no wot u r good @ ur game keep up da good work
ME.... (30/08/2006 22:59:06): u r a fraud and u shud b asahmed of urself using ur mum as ur baite
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:59:21): giving ur details 2 my police friend
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:59:33): i aint a dumb person
ME .... (30/08/2006 22:59:42): u picked da wrong girl here
ME .... (30/08/2006 23:00:06): nicholas or wot ever ur reall name is
ME .... (30/08/2006 23:00:34): im sure da police wud b able 2 locate u via ur ip address once i give dem all ur im messages esp dis one
ME .... (30/08/2006 23:00:41): dont ever contact me again
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 23:01:08): ok
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 23:01:15): alright i got ur address with me
ME .... (30/08/2006 23:01:18): am ashamed as 2 how u can disgraced nigeria, its ppl like u dat give nogeria a bad name
ME .... (30/08/2006 23:01:26): dats not my real address
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 23:01:32): when i get back to the state hope we'll meet in peace
ME .... (30/08/2006 23:01:41): u think i wud even give u my real add
ME .... (30/08/2006 23:01:46): give me a break
ME .... (30/08/2006 23:01:51): i aint no fool
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 23:01:59): ok then
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 23:02:36): alright then
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 23:02:52): i'm sorry for asking you for money
ME .... (30/08/2006 23:03:07): bye, happy scamming and watch ur back , cus u never no when da police wud cum knocking
Nicholas Thomas (30/08/2006 23:03:38): ok ma

2006-10-19, 18:21:33
anonymous from United States  
girl go head with your bad self i talked to him today he also told me he neede the 1400 dollars.i told him ill be sending it in a hurry!!!YEAH RIGHT WHEN HELL FREEZES OVER.DONT FALL FOR HIM LADIES..HE IS THE PERSON IS THE PICTURE AND HIS NAME IS PERRY STEPHEN......HIS MUMS NAME MIRIAM STEPHEN
2006-10-19, 21:31:16
anonymous from United States  
Be careful there is more than one scammer like Ken Kennedy! He is on Afro Connections. He is a real stupid ass. He said that he wife and son were in a car accident. He also said that he was born in Italy. He father is Italian and his mother is Nigerian! How many Italian men go with Nigerian women???? He also said that he was an artitect! How many black artitects do you know??? This stupid ass also said that he was in Nigeria! Come on! WE are not stupid! I am going to continue communicating with this stupid ass just to see how long it is going to take him to start begging! Then I am going to post all his emails, so you get hip to the game!!
2006-10-19, 21:34:33
anonymous from United States  
2006-10-19, 21:38:51
anonymous from United States  
Ken Kennedy!! Be aware!

2006-10-19, 21:42:37
anonymous from United States  
Another Nigerian Bastard to stay away from!

2006-10-25, 12:12:35
anonymous from United States  
2006-10-26, 20:23:30
anonymous from United States  
I am so glad the FBI found this stupid ass bastard!!!
2006-10-29, 17:37:09
anonymous from United States  
I am an intelligent, bright and attractive woman. I work as a U.S contractor in the Middle East and was home on medical leave when I was bored late at night and had nothing to do. A friend of mine swore by Black Planet so I decided to subscribe. There was a man paulo522 that said he lived in Houston that caught my eye. We communicated, all was well. I was to pick him up at the airport etc. Well, he wanted me to see that he was some owner of a company, how much money he had etc. Well, he used a Wells Fargo account number and I pulled it up. It was someone elses mortgage on their house with his name listed as a code name. PAUL HENDRY. Well, unbelieveable. I did a search on the persons name and he was 56 years old. I asked him to let me see a picture of his business partner. Like an ass he sent it to me and the man in the picture was no more than 25 yrs old. He then told me that he had gotten his check and it was over $200,000 and that there was no international bank to cash it for him and can I send him $800 to make up the difference on the money that he had spent there. HAHAHAHA unreal, I started putting notifications on the emails and found that he was in Lagos and was forwarding my emails to someone in Nairobi. I blew his whole card when I questioned him about it. He asked me who told me that, the agents. I said yeah, I am the FBI. He flew off the handle calling me all kinds of pigs, bitches and everything. I was cracking up. I never knew that this was out there. People will do anything for money. I learned my lesson WELL. I can find other things to do with my time and thanked God that is all that I lost in this game. WOMEN BEWARE. HIS NAME IS PAUL HENDRY, WENT BY paulo522 on Black Planet and email addresses: and same address under He is a con artist, quite talented, I must add. Probably not even the man in the pictures. I should have listened to my nephew that said he had seen that picture before from somewhere. A fraud and sistas BEWARE

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