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Scam artist Joel David Collins from Lansing, Michigan


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2006-08-30, 13:53:19
anonymous from United States  
ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Listen Up Ladies... HAS ANYONE BEEN TO THE DOCTOR LATELY?? The last time I was in a hospital or Doctor's office..I didn't discuss ANY MEDICAL BILLS WITH MY DOCTOR!!! It is not the Doctor's job to discuss payment of medical bills; they are too busy seeing patients...there is a separate department for that!! Any communication about medical bills was taken care of long before any medical procedure ever took place with the Billing/Accounts Department..If I had an outstanding medical bill; It wasn't the Doctor who called me!! It was his/her billing department or office secretary..$500 is a small amount for a MAJOR operation...Most operations cost $1000's, which is why insurance is so important & most people have it...You told me your mom was in a FATAL car accident...I'VE GOT TO BURST YOUR BUBBLE ASSHOLE!!Again DUMMY the word fatal is derived from FATALITY(which means DEATH RESULTING FROM A DISASTER) The last time I checked doctors don't perform operations on DEAD PEOPLE!! THAT IS CALLED AN AUTOPSY!!! So JOEL KELVIN DAVID RICHARD DARRY...again YOU ARE BUSTED!! ..while you were busy confessing undying love for me, a women you have NEVER MET You should have been checking your weak ass lies!! I'm just one who didn't get carried away by your LIES!! Decent men do not have to advertise on the INTERNET FOR WOMEN!! Thank God for BRAINS as well as BEAUTY!!
2006-09-01, 20:02:25
anonymous from United States  

HE MAILED ME ON My Yahoo acct:

-----Original Message-----
From: Joel Kelvin Collins <>
Subject: my messenger
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2006 13:41:34 -0700 (PDT)

Honey my messenger is not working anymore.Dunt know why i have to call the guy to come and check it again.i'm really sad now cuz i never finished talking with you.Honey plx dunt feel sad.I love you so much.Honey i love you so much and will be thinking about you.i want to call the Guy on Phone to now to see if he can come to my House to do it cuz it late here.I love you,write me back when you get this.Love you





-----Original Message-----
From: Joel Kelvin Collins <>
Subject: INFO
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 08:24:51 -0700 (PDT)

Baby i will like the Test question to be (who is my Love)? and the answer your name.after sending it you make sure you get the MTCN,that is the Money Transfer Control Number..just email back with every infomationm when you send the Money.Love you


I was shocked.. Please DON'T SEND HIM A MONEY, PLEASe!!!!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!!
2006-09-01, 21:16:56
anonymous from United States  
He mailed me on my Yahoo Acct:

-----Original Message-----
Subject: Fwd: Love with Power
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 18:16:38 -0700 (PDT)

[Sent by Yahoo! Mobile.]

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Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 21:18:55 -0700 (PDT)
From: Joel Kelvin Collins <>
Subject: Love with Power

Hi Baby

I am writing you this letter to tell you how much you mean to me, and to thank you for coming into my life. You are something I never thought could exist for me. You are one of the best things that has happened in my life, and I don't regret being with you.I have been through many relationships, but didn't really take them seriously. I was used and played by a Girl who I really loved. So I decided to play Girls the same way that Girls once played me. I wasn't born a bitch, it's just a Girl made me this way. Since then I have not taken chances withany Girl. But you happened, you came into my life and stole my heart from the day I saw you.At first I was confused, didn't really know what I wanted, I didn't know if I would want to take a chance again and actually take you seriously. So, I decided to come close to you as a friend and find out who you truly were and what you were like. You seemed cool, nice and funny some things I really liked in a girl. So I took a chance and got with you.In the beginning, things didn't seem that well, I actually had my doubts about you. I wasn't sure you were actually taking me seriously. But, it was too late to look back; I had already fallen for you since the day I met you and I wasn't really looking forward to giving up too soon. I tried so hard to have you, I wasn't going to let you go so easily!.Well, time has passed and I have discovered new things and a new me. You have truly changed me. Still, in a way, I'm scared 'cause I am actually growing a true feeling inside my heart which I just cant explain, but I know it's there waiting for you to come and uncover it. I truly don't know what your feelings are but I don't want to force you in telling me what you don't feel towards me. I would want to receive love and trust from you when you truly mean it. All I ask from you is to show me you care and not hide anything, to also have trust in me the way I do in you

Love Kelvin


Kelvin Collins is so FOOL In LOVE with Me and Another women.. How Asshole of Kelvin Collins.. I bet He is a UGLY MAN...! I don't LOVE HIM, ha! I don't believe HIm! His word is a B--Sh-T!!!!!! Please DON'T RESPOND Back to HIM. Please DON'T SEND HIM A MONEY. Just GIVE HIm 1 dollars, LOL! LOL! LOL! I Bet He is SO MAD! I wish He Must To STOP to ASK anyone else for MONEY.... I DON'T LOVE HIM AS HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE Is NOT MY HUSBAND. I know HE is LOOKING For A MONEY than Who Woman IS. That is NOT WORTHLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please Stay a STRONG UP WOMAN, and If he ask you for a MONEY. I HOPe you will tell Him, ' NO MONEY. ' please BE SMART BY Yourself... Don't Listen To HIM as NEVER, PLEASE... PLEASE.... PLEASE......
2006-09-01, 23:22:33
anonymous from United States  
I still cannot believe a women would send her money to a man she has NEVER met in person... This amazes me!! WHY are you all falling for this fool??...I would say HE is stupid but he's the one getting YOUR money!! That is truly pathetic!! All the poor, needy helpless people in the world; hell probably in your own city/town who could truly benefit from $10, $20 or $100 & you send YOUR money to a LAZY ASS MAN just because he says he loves & convinces you that you feel the same way!! I just know that your common sense/intuition was telling you this is WRONG but you sent it anyway because you thought you were getting a fine, light skinned man who was going to marry you & make pretty babies!! You probably didn't have enough sense to ask a few questions; if you had you could have easily caught him in a LIE OR TWO... A RECORDING ARTIST ASKING A WOMAN FOR MONEY & ASKING YOU TO CALL HIM!? I'm sure your mother or grand mother (if they had ANY sense) told you to let men do the chasing, calling...but you probably thought they didn't know what they were talking about & they were being old fashioned...I get so tired of reading stories where some woman sent a man(UNKNOWN) her money...Will we ever learn??
2006-09-06, 09:24:04
anonymous from United States  
Stupid Women!! Stop sending this Whigger your damn money!!
2006-09-07, 12:13:00
Anonymous from United States  
This guy recently contacted me on Myspace and gave me a Yahoo ID which is: I wrote him twice on Yahoo and about three times on Myspace. I couldn't find his Myspace profile so I entered his name on Myspace and all of these different profiles popped up. I came across two of them that talked about this guy being a fraud. Thank GOD I did not fall for his bullsh*t!! I am so glad I didn't send him any money. Actually, he didn't even have the chance to ask me because he's already blocked from contacting me. I feel sorry for all of you who sent him money. Whoever this guy is in these pictures, his reputation has been ruined. He's a great looking guy.
2006-09-07, 19:42:59
QUEEN from United States  
What I don't understand is how do you send some guy money you don't know? Screw if you've seen him. I'm reading these stories of the women who sent him money and thinking where was your sense to ask more questions? If you had bothered to ask questions then you would have saw his story had more holes in it than a poor man's shoes!!! I would say I feel sorry for you all but I don't. I think you have to be pretty damn stupid to fall for the stories he is telling. I think you're just looking for someone to love you and to be loved so bad that you will fall for anything. Ladies we have to think and use the sense and brains GOD gave us. If someone claiming to be in Africa or Nigeria can say 'I LOVE YOU' and 'I WANT TO BE WITH YOU' and you fall for it, I can only imagine what someone in the same city with you can get out of you....I just hope you stupid women don't have children to take care of while you're taking care of some man you don't even know, or a man you know for that matter!!!!

2006-09-08, 09:21:17
anonymous from United States  
He tried to get me also but know responce from him on more information once I ask . Thanks , this meant alot not to get trip into his world of thinking and service ,
2006-09-08, 10:29:20
anonymous from United States  
I'm so glad to know that there are some INTELLIGENT WOMEN out there who use their God given COMMON SENSE!! That's all it takes; using a little common sense...Everytime I read stories about somebody sending money to a man..I get sick to my stomach!! I wonder how the WORLD sees American Women...according to TV, we are booty-shaking, gold-diggin', running behind some boy, half dressed hoes with no moral values who don't take care of our family..As sad as that is; I'm inclined to believe there is some truth to that..especially after reading some of these stories..Whoever Joel,Kelvin,Darry is..That's what he preys on...He(They) apparently believe that American women are easy and dumb..(just tell them you love em' & they're beautiful & you can get their money(& anything else) because they're just too stupid to ask questions or too stupid to just say NO!!) I wonder have any of YOU asked HIM for money?!? What was HIS response?! He'd probably laugh & say you're crazy; then tell you to ask YOUR family/friends!! The funny thing about it is this guy tells you HE HAS A JOB(RECORDING ARTIST, SYSTEMS ANALYST not McDonalds/Burger King) He doesn't say he's UNEMPLOYED!! I would be a little sympathetic if you sent money to someone who says they're unemployed!!! But Nooo.. You're basically sending your money to a man that has a GOOD HIGH PAYING JOB W/BENEFITS & probably makes 3 times more money than you according to the lie he's telling!!! I suspect most of those who gave their money away got caught up in the hunny, baby, I love you so much bullsh*t... I sincerely hope that's not the first time a man has said those things to you!! You should know by now that Love is more than sweet words that mean nothing..Love is Action...I've said it before & I'll say it again..A Real Man(not a boy) seeks to Add to your Life; Not Take From if someone you don't know asks you to send him money..that's taking from You?! Respect starts at home..Respect Yourself!
God Bless
2006-09-08, 23:11:59
anonymous from United States  
i mean how can a person be scammed on the net?.....damn there some weak minded people in this world. a person can lay all the sob stories they want on me it is still not going to move me to the point of wiring money to a complete stranger.........I mean is it the in thing to fall off the turnip truck now or what?........FOH with such nonsense.....if you get or have been scammed guess what you are a sucker and will fall for anything.
2006-09-09, 02:36:02
anonymous from United States  
This fool should be sued for every dime that he has manipulated out of these women. LADIES.....There ain't no new booty this great to be breaking bread with. FIRST....conversation should not cost a dime!!!! Let this be lesson to all who fell for this moron, broke ass, really ain't all that, sorry vagrant asshole!!!! If he didn't put in shit....he don't deserve shit. I know that here are some organizations that could help his mother or what ever other situation he used. Point blank period....He's a user!!!! nothing good is going to come to this FAKE ASS LIGHT SKINNED & NO PECKS. I was appalled at what I read about from these ladies.
2006-09-09, 19:06:07
anonymous from United States  
My my my ladies please wise up comming soon i am going to put out the rules of internet dates and question that must be ask before you leap. Rule 1. NOBODY LOVES YOU THE FIRST IM OR CHAT. It is not just this guy there are several of them some on Black Planet and some on Mochacity, and plenty on My Space. Rule 2. If they have a state listed in the profile and a international nuber dont call. So please becareful. I am going to do a post real soon about those rules.
2006-09-09, 20:17:29
anonymous from United States  
He's not the only one...There are plenty of them...I met a guy said his name was Andrew Thomas...From africa...He has plenty of pages on bp...He had the nerve to send me 4 money orders for 950.00 a piece...Sounds good huh...Well I read about the scams these men were pulling on women..So I was like...ok...I'll do what you need me to do...He was like...Cash two of the money orders for me...Then send me the cash...and hold on to the other two until I tell yo to cash them...Well we all know money orders are nearly the same as cash...I wasn't stupid enough to take them to the bank..My sister works for a I took them to her..We put them under the light...of course they were he called me as I was leaving the bank..I told him, the bank said they have to sit there for 10 days before they would cash them...He told me..Go back and get them back...Tell them you need them..Wait about an hour then go back to cash them again...Like I'm a d@mn fool..I asked him, how many times are you going to try to send me to cash these fake @ss money orders...Do you think I'm stupid...of course he was like..Oh no..I love you, I would never do anything like that to you...I took them to the post office...So again..Even if they're money orders...Don't cash them...because the bank will take everything out of your account to cover them...Then you are left looking stupid with no money in your bank account...The funny thing about it was...He was member of the day on black planet a few days ago...I was looking at his friends list and all the women on there look lonely...Not sure if he thought I just needed a man...but NOT!!!!!!
2006-09-09, 21:08:11
anonymous from United States  
What a jack @ss...sounds like he needs some big help
2006-09-09, 21:56:24
anonymous from United States  
Here is another scam, but I don't know how to create a URL like you did, so I could let others know. I have been approached by two men, one name of Felix Hertley, the second, whose name I can not remember, his user name was littlebeex. Both men claimed to be currently from the U.S. but working in England. Both men also told me how lonely they were staying in London. Hertly, claimed he was in London for work. He wanted me to visit England, saying his employeer would pay for an airline ticket. After I declined the second guy contacted me. The point is, I felt like I was being set up... they were also interested in knowing how many of my friends they could meet. I don't need for my friends or myself to go missin'. Be careful who you meet, where and when you meet and how much you reveal about your personal life...
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