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Dating scammer Harry McDaniel Ashwood, in Nigeria


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This is a place holder about dating scammer Harry McDaniel Ashwood, in Nigeria.

He has profiles on
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2009-01-07, 17:19:04
anonymous from United States  
faithseeker004 just tried to scam me...saying he's from S.C. and working as a project manager in South Africa...took about 2 senteces to know what he was up to...
2009-01-10, 08:27:35
Just wandering if anyones been contacted by a guy by the name Teddy Bolaji or Stacey Bolaji Teddy?

2009-01-20, 12:05:25
anonymous from United States  
Does anyone know a man by the name of Jide Miller he suposedly has a o by the name of Gavin Miller and he was in Nigeria working as a contractor and supposedly cant leave right now going through legal problems claims he hit a little girl and killed her and he claims he has an 60thousand dollar check and cant cash it because its in US funds and he constantly keeps asking me for money we have been chatting for 6 months now and i have only sent him 150.00 via western union. also claims his son fell down needed surgery and doesnt have money to pay for surgery claims that it cost $3000.00 and keeps asking me for the money. If this sounds familiar or u know this guy please let me know
2009-01-20, 16:53:57   (updated: 2009-01-20, 16:56:37)
anonymous from Denmark  
It sound like a scam . you know and have you ask for id pasport and pic , of him he maybe get mad or something like that and say he cant find out of scan it to you and you know they will try and say any thing to get money out of you . and how can you be sure of he is in nigeria , you know the only thing they need from you is the 10, MTNC # to get the money that mean they dont even need to be in that land and can be in any other land to pick up the money thats really all they need it also means he could be like 3 or 5 blocks away from you...i am not sure if you understand this but you can find alot of info here about all this things i talk about. try and ask him to pay it all him self and see what happens .. i hope you can use this info . dont send money in the end it will only make you poor and wast your money. i mean you cant be sure of who it is you are talking to...
2009-01-23, 13:23:49   (updated: 2009-01-23, 13:30:42)
anonymous from United States - Joe Vitale,he says he is italian/spanish, born in Italy, but living Ohio. His wife died of cancer 7 years ago and he has an 8 yearold son, Peter, who usually lives at a boarding school. He says he travel extensively working on government contracts. When he first emailed me, he was 'working in Nigera'. He of course lost his wallet, got malria and needed money. He of course needed about $1800 for his meds and then to get home. Then he finally said, if he just had $450 then he would be able to make it home, since he has sold all his gold jewelry, watch, laptop etc.

The pictures of his son where from a magazine ad that I had seen before. And the picture he sent of himself and then a copy of the passport where of two different people. The passport was a VERY poor job. When I requested his US address, he gave and address that was not even legit...

The emails he sent, I also found on this website...apparently he is not very original.

Here is in contact info...

Joe Vitale

address: Liberty road,Ijaye




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Dating scammer Joe Vitale

2009-01-30, 07:24:37
anonymous from United States  
I was almost scammed but i am to smart
I think this ia also Harry Mcdaniels alias
I am so surprised this pic hasnt been posted
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Olga Baghayeva

2009-01-30, 10:28:15
Hi Canada - I've heard about the guy Smith Walker - saying he's working for an oil company in Nigeria and had cash flow issues...and recently got robbed and ended up in hospital and need $$$ - seems like he's been finding his victims via online dating site..
If anyone have more information on this guy I would like to hear about it. Thanks.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Harry McDaniel Ashwood, in Nigeria
Dating scammer Harry McDaniel Ashwood, in Nigeria
Dating scammer Harry McDaniel Ashwood, in Nigeria
Dating scammer Antonio Donald Mayers
Dating scammer Harry McDaniel Ashwood, in Nigeria

2009-01-30, 11:44:06
anonymous from United Kingdom  
2009-01-30, 11:45:03
Look at dating scammer Kenny Williams. Model is Rick from Focus Hawaii. Had hundreds of other aliases. Found him also on today under the username peedavid! Yes I reported him yet again.
2009-02-02, 02:50:15
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Thanks anoymous!

Here's some more good news just in!!!


2009-02-05, 05:12:55
Hello, i'm also be schammed of a man called Fred_smith0147, he has emailadress in and I make a profile in in Denmark and 1,5 days after i get a very nice mail, there was so beutiful written so i couldn't say no to talk to him. 2 days after he suddenly should travel to West of Nigeria to work as road ingeneer in 14 days. 10 days after we started to talk get he problems. Mark, his son falled suddenly down of the steps at that hotel they lived in. Now he started to beg me for money, because he don't have money so his son could get treatment from a hospital. I say no, and said to him i don't have any money to send to him. Now he began to order me to go in a bank and lend money to him. I said offcourse allso no to do that. 2 days after he get his payment for the work he make in Nigeria and said to me in a mail, he now would pay for his son treatment and take a plane to Denmark to visit me. One day after he again beg me for money because he on his way to the airport was been robbed by some arm robbers and they schould have stollen all their baggage and money. I don't trust at all on all these very strange stories and began to write back that i want him to contact his own bank in Canada, and his ambassade in Nigeria. He don't like my new way to talk to him and he said all have very busy and couldn't help him. In the same time i started to check the internet for informations about someone like him. I will with these words warn other women to trust a man with a profilname like Singlefred_0... I can see it's almost is that he used but with diffecult numbers.

I been scammed by Fred Smith also. The story is mostly alike. Met him in So take care all women!!This is the photo he sennt me, which really belongs to a model in Hawaii..

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Dating scammer David Smith

2009-02-06, 19:14:49
anonymous from Australia  
TAGGED is a great site for scammers and for us as we can get photos to match
a little sad i didn't find these sites earlier before he scammed me 2,000 to help with lawyer bills and hotel costs
usual things 46 yr old widower, wife and child deceased in MVA-7yrs, 1 child, son, lives in UK is 17, parents deceased 7 yrs and is an only child and will be travelling to Africa to claim inheritance of oil company. self employed as an engineer in contruction and travels
has a dog who remains in USA with friends, he is 6'2' average wight, does no drugs, alcholo or smoke, and papers to show no diseases.
he comes under many names and in many areas
Davis Jones
Davis Desmond Jones
Davis J at taaged
current phone number +2347056815431- msgs me on
+2347036938060 -has called me on
0282094700 -calls me on
mostly ends with 'hugs and kisses for u alone' and or have a 'blessed day'

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Dating scammer Smith Williams
Dating scammer Smith Williams

2009-02-06, 19:15:46
anonymous from Australia  
2009-02-14, 06:14:33
anonymous from Los Angeles, United States  
Well I have been had I should have read this site before But he used the name Jerry Donard, and verified his name with friend Mark. He has a daughter 17 in Oklahima and son going to nigeria. Well the sweet talking bastard I believed him. He used the hospital as an excuse and he could not keep son in school. I tried very hard to prove most of his statements and there were verifications and I still don't know how he managed to get it off. He used,,, he used the trust line 447035914513, 2348053806994,2347057724745, 2348023375541, 447045715575. We I fell for it twice so these guys play on your emotions so who ever you are jack, jerry it is just sad you have to feed on peoples emotions to get a little cash. Jack and his pretend son it is just very embarrising.

Who can I report this to.
2009-02-14, 06:50:02
anonymous from United States  
Here is a picture of daughter in the scam
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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