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Dating scammer Thomas Mends from Accra, Ghana


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2007-01-05, 06:43:49
anonymous from United States  
2007-01-06, 15:56:49
anonymous from United States  
this aanother picture of the person that goes by the name of solomon bialen.and maybe i should've been claer about it at first he never asked me for money but, he would sent things to me for to sell and he would also pay bills for me also. and i'm just wondering if someone out there was ever contacted by this person also

2007-01-06, 17:55:19
anonymous from Canada  
does anyone know this man? I met him on a dating website and I'm trying to verify his identify (I've never seen him on cam) He was living in Accra, Ghana but said he was from Jackson Mississippi. He says his name is Jeffrey James Weller and a friend of his has recently told he has passsed away from a ruptured appendix. Trying to determine if he was for real, or a scammer, and if he was for real, I'd like to get in touch with his family, but don't know how. They were from Catawba North Carolina.


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2007-01-11, 15:20:53
anonymous from Canada  
As for Mr Jeffrey James Weller - DOB: Sept 6, 1970 from Jackson Mississippi - using

This man is a confirmed scammer. I contacted the US Embassy in Accra, Ghana concerning his supposed recent death. They did a thorough search for me, including the US passport database and have advised me that no one by that name has ever been issued a US passport!

His 'associate' uses the name of: Jeffrey 'Osei' Owusu and he lives at 3rd Kwame Nkrumah Ave, Accra, North; using PO Box M16, Accra, Ghana as a mailing address - this person is false also - and I believe his true name may be Nana Kwame - a 26 year old unemployed black man.

I hope this posting may help someone avoid being a victim and I will post this information on as many websites as I can...let's get the word out about these bastards!

Keywords: guy red jacket
2007-01-12, 06:39:59
anonymous from United States  
To the person that helped out the lady about this jeffery person can u also give me a hand also with this matter that i am dealing with. the man that i am speaking with goes by the name solomon bialen and he says that he is from ghana but, was born in ohio. the e-mail address that he uses is he says that he owns a electronic store and it's named after him. theres so many things that he have said to me that i wouldn't want to lose out if he's for real but, i also wouldn't want to have to deal with fake it that is wht he might be also after hearing some of these story. it can place fear in anyone and alot of doult.
2007-01-12, 09:50:31
anonymous from United States  
To the person that helped the lady earlier read the conversation that i had with the guy that i have been talking to over the last year and tell me wht u think of this and if anyone can help me with this situation. i put him on the spot and this was his reaction.

lovesme _4real: hello are u there
lovesme _4real: hello my only heart
lovesme _4real: how r u doing today
T: fine
lovesme _4real: ok that is so great to hear that from u
lovesme _4real: and how is life for the day
lovesme _4real: lol
T: yes i am ok
lovesme _4real: ok
lovesme _4real: i love u
T: and i lov u also
lovesme _4real: today i want to tell u first?
T: and u did
lovesme _4real: and i will continued to repeat all the time
lovesme _4real: as u already know how much i do love u sweety?
T: and i will also
T: yes
T: and u know the same
lovesme _4real: yes i always know that sweety
T: ty
lovesme _4real: and u know that u r my heart and no body else
lovesme _4real: ?
T: yes i do
T: and that is so true
lovesme _4real: yes sweety
T: so wht are your planns for today
lovesme _4real: my plans is trying to see u as soon as possible
lovesme _4real: and making love with u sweety
lovesme _4real: ?
T: i like hearing that
lovesme _4real: so tell me wht r u planning for me today
lovesme _4real: tell me
lovesme _4real: because i will like to hear from u?
T: tell me wht is it that u want to hear?
lovesme _4real: i want to hear that u will buy me a house?
lovesme _4real: lol
lovesme _4real: ahahahaahah
T: lol
T: now that is really funny
lovesme _4real: ohh no is not funny
lovesme _4real: is a serious thing that is wht am saying to u now?
T: so u are the one with the jokes today?
lovesme _4real: ohh no
lovesme _4real: i have the confidence that u can do that for me as well
T: and i have the knowing that i am unable
lovesme _4real: why do u say that
lovesme _4real: ???
T: because the buying of a house is needed by money and i have none now and i will have none later
lovesme _4real: and why dont have the confident that u can do it
lovesme _4real: tell me
T: only if i was to win a lottery
lovesme _4real: lol
T: or the lord decided to gift me with one
lovesme _4real: Yes and i know that God will do that..
T: and i am praying everyday for it to happen
T: the bible say wait on the lord
T: and believe me i do plan to do just thaT
lovesme _4real: yes and it will definetly happened
lovesme _4real: yes and i believe that?
T: and i also know that god is able to do any and all things
lovesme _4real: Yes
lovesme _4real: u r soo beautiful and so cute
T: and i thank u for all that
lovesme _4real: yes i will always praise u?
lovesme _4real: right
T: and praise is wht i need sometimes
lovesme _4real: do u know something..
T: tell me
lovesme _4real: i am still on doing processing of the visa so that i can tell u wht to do about the visa
lovesme _4real: Yesterday i went to my agent at the town and he said he will give me the guideline that i suppossed to give u
lovesme _4real: so that u can know wht to do and wht to go about it ?
lovesme _4real: and i will try hard as much as possible by next week i will mail u Everything that u supposed to do and wht u suppossed to fill..
T: do u know wht i was thinking
lovesme _4real: ok tell me wht u r thinking sweety
T: i was thinking that why does everything that has to go on with yourn coming over here invloves me having to do something
T: why si ti that u can't just work everything out from there and n just come on over
lovesme _4real: yes but i am working all things here as well but that is wht my agent is telling me now sweety
lovesme _4real: u tell me if u cannot do it then i know wht to do?
T: and wht will be that?
lovesme _4real: because that is the simplest way i can get the Visa quick as soon as possible
lovesme _4real: Ghana here is not like Usa remember first
lovesme _4real: ..
T: i understand that things are different there then here but, there must be better ways of doing things
lovesme _4real: yes that is wht my agent is demanding so far
lovesme _4real: and that is the simplest way to get the visa so quick as soon as possible
lo0vesme _4real: bebe
T: and wht i am saying is it seems like u are paying him are her for nothing
T: because it seems to me they are doing nothing
lovesme _4real: why do u say that
lovesme _4real: tell me?
T: because if the person that u are paying to do these things and they are telling u wht to tell me to do then they are not doing they're job very well
T: because it seems to me that they can do all of this from there and get things done
lovesme _4real: do u know the reason why the agent was saying that
T: tell me
lovesme _4real: he was telling me that if the embassy what to stumped it for me so that i can leave as soon as possible then is going to take time because there r lot of people planning to come to the usa and even for them it has take them morethan 1years for the Embassy to stumped their visa for them
lovesme _4real: but i can see that the agant is good to me
lovesme _4real: that is wht he want me to pass the shortest way?
T: first of all the agent should never ask for a person bank account information and even though my bank has walked away from me that is not stuff that a person just hands out freely
T: so amybe u should check and make sure that he is the right person that u are dealing with
lovesme _4real: but i will check how u r going to do about the invitation as well
lovesme _4real: so that i can know wht u have to do next?
T: go on and check it out and i will see wht he is asking for next
lovesme _4real: Yes ride now he said he will give me the format that u will provide for me
lovesme _4real: so that i will let u know wht to do?
lovesme _4real: right
T: ok
lovesme _4real: but i am sure that u will surely do wht he want me to tell u to do?
lovesme _4real: because otherwise my visa will take a long time
lovesme _4real: cause i want to be with u as well
T: and i want to be withu all the same
T: but like i said before there are things that just doesn't seem right
lovesme _4real: Are u still searching for the Embassy in ur Area...
lovesme _4real: or u have got to know it as well
T: no i haven't gotten to know it
lovesme _4real: because am sure u will be going there when i give u the form?
lovesme _4real: plz try hard as much as possible
T: ok
lovesme _4real: u tell me if u cannot do it dont let me waste my time cause i love u
T: and i lov u also
lovesme _4real: because by now u should have ask some people and they will just give u the direction as well
T: and if there is something that i can't do i will surely let u know
lovesme _4real: Yes so tell me are u going to search for it or not
T: i will search and i have been trying to talk to people about it and see wht are really the process over here as well
lovesme _4real: ok that sound good to my hearing
lovesme _4real: i love u trich
T: and i lov u also
T: but u wan't like wht some of the answer are from some of the people that i talk to are
lovesme _4real: wht did they say'
lovesme _4real: tell me
T: they said that there are alot of scammers over there and that i should speak with some one from the embassy there to see wht is reallty going on
lovesme _4real: really
T: yes
lovesme _4real: so do u think i am a scammer
lovesme _4real: is that soo
T: i didn't say tht
T: but i am worried about the agent if he is not one
lovesme _4real: no he is not one
lovesme _4real: hello r u there
T: yes i am here
T: so if i talk to the people at the embassy they will be able to tell me of him and that he is a legal man
T: wht is the agent name?
lovesme _4real: ok i will go and check
T: ok
lovesme _4real: brb
T: ok
lovesme _4real: i am back
T: ok
lovesme _4real: so wht do u want us to talk about because am about to go now
lovesme _4real: ?
T: u were going to give me the name of the agent
lovesme _4real: Yes i will surely find out
T: ok because i will make sure from here that he is the right person that is helping u
lovesme _4real: ahh ok i know that
lovesme _4real: so that means u r going to call him right
T: that means that i will find the right people to check out if he is for real or one that will steal your money and leave also
lovesme _4real: ok
T: see here we have the F>B>I and they can find out about anyone and see if they are for real
lovesme _4real: ok
lovesme _4real: never mind
T: about wht
lovesme _4real: after all they will ask u everything as well
T: and wht is wrong with that
lovesme _4real: ok nothing wrong about that
lovesme _4real: so u tell me wht do u want to do now
T: u are for real we are just seeing if the agent is for real
lovesme _4real: yes but u were saying something tell me
T: can u remind me of it
T: ?
lovesme _4real: u were saying u dont know weather the agent is real or not
lovesme _4real: is that not soo
T: when i say real i mean real in a way of doing legal things
lovesme _4real: yes i know that
lovesme _4real: but wht am also saying is u said u want the agent here as well?
T: u mean in the usa?
lovesme _4real: and u said all the agent here their name is on file at the usa
lovesme _4real: is that not what u r telling me
lovesme _4real: ????
T: no wht i am saying is that if he is a legal agent and all is well about him that the fbi agents here will give a good report on him and all things will be well for us
lovesme _4real: ok that is cool
lovesme _4real: ?
T: so once u give me the agent name i can find out all about him and i will let u know so soon
T: and then u can trust in him for all things
lovesme _4real: but u said u dont know the Embassy there
lovesme _4real: so wht r u going to do now
lovesme _4real: tell me
lovesme _4real: ?
T: i don't know the embassy here but i do know the fbi and they will come out and talk to me about him
T: and they will check him out good and i will be able to tell u if u can trust him or not
lovesme _4real: But he did the same thing to a certain man and this is the process that he told the man to do
lovesme _4real: and the visa was so quick as much as possible
lovesme _4real: that is why i was trusting him as well
T: well that is ok and we will still see if he is a good man
lovesme _4real: so wht do u want me to give to u now
T: so try as fast as u can to get me his name so that i can get it back to u as soon as possible
lovesme _4real: so u will go to the Embassy at ur there so that u will find his name
lovesme _4real: is that right
T: no listen to wht is say
T: i will give the information to the fbi and they will go to the embassy and check him out
lovesme _4real: so they will just go there only for the agent here name
lovesme _4real: is that soo
lovesme _4real: ?
T: yes
lovesme _4real: ok then i will do that as soon as possible
lovesme _4real: ok sweety..
T: and they will be able to see if he is really doing anything for u
lovesme _4real: and how can they know that he is doing something to me
lovesme _4real: tell me
T: believe me they know alot
lovesme _4real: that is wht am saying that they r not having the record wht he has done for me here
lovesme _4real: and how can they know that he is doing something for me
lovesme _4real: that is wht i am saying now
T: they will be able to see if he has done anything for u yet
lovesme _4real: are they going to call him or what
lovesme _4real: so that i can provide u the person with the number as well
lovesme _4real: ?
T: if he is good they will say and if he is not they will stop him from doing wrong
lovesme _4real: that is wht am saying r they going to call him
lovesme _4real: tell me
lovesme _4real: ?
T: why do u have a number for him?
lovesme _4real: are u asking me a question?
T: yes
lovesme _4real: i have a number for him if anything happened so that i can be able to see where he is..
T: ok then that will be helpful also along with his name
lovesme _4real: so u need the agent name and the number
lovesme _4real: is that wht u mean
T: yes
lovesme _4real: ok cool
lovesme _4real: i will do that soon
T: don't wait to long remember time is important
lovesme _4real: Yes
lovesme _4real: ok i want to leave now
lovesme _4real: i am going back to the work place now
T: and when will u come back?
T: in the morning?
lovesme _4real: yes may be by 9am ur time going
T: ok i will be here waiting for u
T: and call me if u don't see me
lovesme _4real: ok i will do that
lovesme _4real: byee
T: i lov u
lovesme _4real: have a nice day
lovesme _4real: and i love u too
T: and i lov u more
lovesme _4real: is the microwave still there
lovesme _4real: tell me
T: yes
lovesme _4real: or have u sell it?
T: no not at the moment
lovesme _4real: byee
T: byee
2007-01-13, 18:50:53
anonymous from Canada  
Hi T:

I can tell you right off the bat that the person you are speaking to sounds just like my Jeffrey James Weller. Always talking in circles and making you feel bad for asking questions you ask to clarify things.
If your person says they're from the US they won't need anything - if they're Ghanian and you want to see for yourself what the VISA requirements are for the USA - I would suggest that you check on the USA government webistes - I found them very useful myself. All of the VISA procedures would be there and you should be able to verify what he's saying - try under Immigration services or VISA requirements.
'Jeffrey' was supposedly American, and tried to tell me he needed $5000 in the bank before he could come visit me, and that he was physically removed from the flight he was to have been on as he couldn't provide proof of the money in his bank - he kept referring to it as a money for a travel declaration to show that he had means to support himself while in Canada - but if he was travelling on a US passport - he would need no such thing. He got very upset with me when I didn't send it to him and told me I didn't know what I was talking about when I questioned him on this declaration thing.
Don't send him a dine and don't believe anything he says without verifying the inforamtion that he's telling you - please. Do your homework and arrange things yourself if necessary to ensure the money goes where it's supposed to be going - don't send him a dime! and if he won't show himself on camera, either - you know he's lying to you about who he is.
2007-01-13, 20:16:43   (updated: 2007-01-13, 20:22:00)
anonymous from Canada  
Hi T:

further to my comments above here is the website to the US VISA information that you might find helpful:


What messenger service are you using? MSN? Yahoo? I'd be willing to try contacting him to see whether he tries to romance me if you like
2007-01-14, 04:55:54
anonymous from Canada  
Hi again T - I read your first message again and see that you use Yahoo. I tried to add this id to my contact list and it wouldn't work - I tried to search the user name under profiles and it wouldn't come up - I tried to search by the name you'd given and it wouldn't come up either - are you still in touch with this man? or had he dropped out of site?

2007-01-14, 09:19:53
anonymous from Canada  
Here are a few more sites that may help you validate or challenge what your guys is saying:

http://www.yellowpa..efault.asp - get his company name and search it here - if he's given you an address that you use for money wires - you can enter it on the search line and see if it's a valid address and it will pull up a map for you - or if you can download and use google earth that would work too but I can't run that program on my pc as it's too old (lol!) - gives you access to VISA information specific to Ghana - Accra Ghana - US embassy
Educate yourself before you help him any further and don't believe anything he says unless you can back it up and especially if he won't show himself on camera - I can't stress that enough. If he's a liar - he doesn't love you - he loves what he thinks you can do for him!
2007-01-15, 05:56:00
anonymous from United States  
I am so greatful to recieve a word from u. and i thank u so much for trying to help me. yes i use yahoo. and i'm really hoping that i can either way find out about this guy and thats if he's a scammer which i feel more and more everyday or if he's has a little truth in him somewhere and i know that is unlikely,
2007-01-15, 10:57:34   (updated: 2007-01-15, 10:58:09)
They all claim to live in houses or hotels while they are conducting their business in Ghana, but the truth is they live like rats in cheap hotels near the airport. They all run their scams and try to 'out do' eachother, but with all the new sites created to go after the scammers and make their words and photos available to all, it is getting harder and harder for them to make any money. $300 is a nice salary for a year to them - such a poor country - they all have their little faces pressed against the glass of the Candy Store (the Good Ole USA), wishing they could have some. Ha ha ha ha ha - lowest form of people they are - this is all they know and one by one, they are getting caught and scammed themselves. They think they are so smart, but they are stupid little people.
2007-01-16, 05:57:25
anonymous from United States  
it's me T, i tried locating the address for solomon bialen and it shows. sorry we're unable to geocode that address. and i also tried with a also and it said the same. the street address was ( 052 on the way road Accra, Ghana 00233) if u can would u also try it and see wht u come up with. sometimes i'm not all that great with the computer stuff. and as always i thank u for the help that u are giving to me.
2007-01-16, 14:49:36   (updated: 2007-01-16, 15:27:07)
anonymous from Canada  
Hi T - I tried to find the address you've been given but am unable to locate it either. I'm not a pro by any means, but I'm persistent and have tried many sites and maps to try to find this address.

I've tried but cannot add this man to my contacts - maybe he's deleted himself or maybe I've got it wrong - I've been trying - did I get it right?

2007-01-17, 04:49:25
anonymous from United States  
it's me T and i'm sorry because i gave it to u wrong. it is he hasn't gotten off because he has called me twice in the last 2 days asking for me to come on line. i thought when i said the f.b.i. that it would've frighten him off but, he is still calling.
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