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Dating scammer Thomas Mends from Accra, Ghana


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2014-05-15, 20:36:57
anonymous from United States  
someone has told me that his mother was in the hospital in Accra, Ghana and they would not release her till her bill was paid. Is this true? Treatment was also stopped. It looks like she was in the hospital for five to six months.
2014-05-16, 18:49:19
To Anonymous - from United States

Honey - just tell him let his mother rest in peace lol

have seen those 'sick sons and daughters' a hundred times - but if you want to have fun - send him a fake WU check - those bastards deserve death penalty - sad we cant do much - so at least make them fuzzy
2014-05-17, 17:31:43
Miss Marple from United States  
2014-05-11, 20:04:20
anonymous from United States

Scammers are very sophisticated and has lots of skills in computers. They can make whomever to believe in their sob stories and do whatever to make people to believe they are real towards the victims.Only a trained person in what scammers are upto can discover it is a scam. These photos of this mans photos are stolen and only used in scams ,the real person on the photos has nothing to with any scams . Please block all scammers attempts to contact you as you when you have once sent money to a scammer they will never stop asking for money . Please change email address


2014-05-23, 16:10:31
anonymous from Georgia  
this person also contacted me by name william boston,he says that his wife is in russia,his son asking to find a new mom for him,and bla bla searching google photos i found that he is scammer ,so ladies don;t believe him...fucking nigerian scammer

2014-05-24, 21:10:17
Miss Marple from United States  
RE; Georgia
Thank you ,yes widely used in scams with photos UWE .Please provide the email address used and other information that can help other women not to fall for this trap.

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2014-06-02, 11:27:11
anonymous from United States  
I have been talking to a Gen. Ham Festus and writing to his son. Oh my gosh. I know, now that I am playing in to their hands. I had to pay for his son's surgery for appenicitisis and his food, his books for school, etc....his nanny. I had someone look up his isp adress and he lives in Sunnyville, California.!! As for his Father I don't know where he is and I really don't care. I am not sending any more money to help out. That is all he is wanting from me plus he is trying to make it seem like he wants a relationship but, come time for him to be here he won't show up. That is the part I will doubt the most.. I would rather save my money for me and spend it on what I need for my health reasons. I am not in good heatth at this time and need back surgery again. So, all of this is going to have to stop so I will have my own money to pay for it. and a hotel. food, etc. Nothing it cheap. I was reading and, all of mine has gone to a Mr. Frank, and, I can't think of the other names right off hand. But, it is is Accura, Ghanna. They surely put the money to good use for something.
Kathy Lynne Cook
2014-06-03, 11:01:30
anonymous from United States  
I too was contacted by a sweet talker.. Who is in 'California' and he called me once from a restricted number... He goes by Danny Grey.. So I did the after his email address.... And he is from the same country.. Accru Ghana.. Thank God I am not stupid and gave him any money or anything that he can use..
2014-06-03, 11:02:42 from United States  
I too was contacted by a sweet talker.. Who is in 'California' and he called me once from a restricted number... He goes by Danny Grey.. So I did the after his email address.... And he is from the same country.. Accru Ghana.. Thank God I am not stupid and gave him any money or anything that he can use.. Around the same time I was contacted by a soldier in the Ukraine.. I busted him yesterday.. And told him I did... He still had the gall to message me all lovey dovey BS, I am so upset that these guys play on women..
2014-06-03, 11:09:28   (updated: 2014-06-03, 11:14:53) from United States  
Here is photos of Danny Grey this is probably not the real guy.. I spoke to him and he had a thick accent..

2014-06-14, 19:51:02
anonymous from United States  
I have never had so many scam girls as have come from 6 in less than a week all live in Ghana and 4 of them are Americans or europeans. All but one asked for money. It was as if they were reading a script from your site, damn how uncanny. all of them are white and all but one is single. The last gal 'claims' to have a business b oth in England and Ghana. Yeah right!

Oh, something I have been doing for a while. Gather all the info you can and call Customs and immigration; They can smell a scam a mile away. I think I smelled one and the Customs people pounced on him in Atlanta about 6 years ago. Never hurts to ask advice from an agency that deals with this situation. I am about to trash for these very reasons. 1. No followup 2. From Sweden or Netherlands and only want you to go somewhere else so they can show you their nude pix. 3. They live in Ghana and want money. I'm sure a guy especially can do a lot better than this. I recommend AFA, Elena's models or I KNOW they have a good reputation. The rest, iffy at best.

Yeah there are way-y-y-y too many sites out there that are nothing but rip offs. the poor english should be the first give away. West Africa SCREAMS fraud. russia screams fraud too unless it the previous mentioned.
2014-07-09, 12:57:08
anonymous from United States  
I was scammed by a woman calling herself Diana ESSIEN I've been talking with her for 9 months on Google Chat Google TalkShe took me for 2300Money for her expenses Renewing her passport in plane ticket to come here
2014-07-09, 13:42:58
anonymous from United States  
My names DavidA womanHer name is Diana I met an online dating 9 months ago has scam me for $2300
2014-07-14, 00:18:53

2014-07-14, 00:22:09
he is using this email
2014-07-16, 07:45:10
anonymous from Turkey  
please be carfull from this number +233248480302
name alision

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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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