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Dating scammer Frederick (Fred) Adams Morris


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Name: Frederick (Fred) Adams Morris


Baltimore County, Maryland 23410

Other Comments:
Nigerian scammer. Claims to have gone to Lagos to help the children in Little Saint's orphanage. Asked for $5,000.00 saying that hotel had gas explosion and burned. Then asked for $800.00 to pay his hotel bill said that manager took his passport and that the rebels would surely come after him now.


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2007-04-29, 22:36:48   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2007-06-16, 18:20:07
anonymous from United States  

JUNE 15 2007


fred is on

he calls himself-----heliveinme
as his user name

he has just told me about NIGERIA trip he is going on tpomorrow!!!!

i am praying for this guy and i ask others to pray he gets convicted by the Holy Spirit and for God to shut him down or save him

please pray for Gods daughters at to have wisdom

he gave me his moms address in wooster ohio

Evelyn Klotz
1183 Rebecca st apt G
any infom on this name or address?????

he has not asked for money yet

what can i do to get himof

How can i get this info posted in other places ?/
or alert authorities???

please reply to me

2007-06-16, 18:23:02
anonymous from United States  
B. again


it is a different picture on Christian Cafe

a good looking dark haired hispanic,slender,in 40's

user name there is --heliveinme
2007-06-16, 18:27:26
anonymous from United States SCAMMER


user name at

is heliveinme969

i forgot to add the 969 earlier
2007-06-16, 21:15:23
anonymous from United States  
Use your common sense!!!! If you haven't met them in person or have only known them a short time......DON'T GIVE THEM MONEY!!!! It's probably a scam...anything to do with Nigeria.
2007-06-16, 21:20:31
anonymous from United States  
Could be a scammer that got someone elses address that they scammed before. Call information and get the phone number of his mom and call her. Use google and type in anything, address, name, phone numbers..etc....RESEARCH
2007-06-16, 22:30:57
anonymous from United States  
To the 1st 'anon US'You're an IDIOT! That person came here looking for help/info and you more or less yell at them and berate them! YOU'RE the one that need's to use your head!
2007-06-17, 12:42:28
anonymous from United States  

i did google her name in white pages --nothing there

address is a real address --on google maps is rebecca st wooster ,ohio

what should i do next?

he keeps asking me to sign up for instant messenger and email him at

i will do niether and i keep stalling him because i want him to ask for money so i can report him

i am only talking to him thru my christiancafe name

should i report him directly to

the authorities?

his email's are word for word what i have read here that he sent other women in chat rooms

it is definately fred

thanx for any help you can offer

i want to nail this guy for what he is doing to vulneable people

fortuately for me on day one i knew something was up

he has his 'masters' desgree in civil engineering but cant spell or string sentences together

he is on his way to the'orpanage' today and wants me to pick him up at airport in a few weeks and go to ohio to meet his mom

told me to send my letters also to moms address which is in above email

evlyn klotz
1183 rebecca st apt g

do the authorities ever get these guys or should we report them once they ask for cash?

let me know what to do next

2007-06-17, 16:00:32
anonymous from United States  
'B',If you want a money request from this one it's likely to only come during a chat.If you have yahoo,you can make up another profile to use for just that purpose.{Ihave 3}You need to be very careful which handle you contact him with and when you get a reply make sure to answer with the right one.It gives you a drop-down menu to choose which handle is active for the chat.You can report him to the site but without a money request they may not do a thing,some don't even with it.Reporting him to any 'authority'is pretty much useless if he is not in the US.They have no jurisdiction to do anything.By all indication's from what you've posted he is already in Nigeria.If you'd like more help I'll tell you where you can try.There's a Yahoo gruop called 'Scammerslayer',Buffy and her group are into baiting {playing with}Nigerian scammer's.They are mostly women there and would probably be glad to help you.It takes 5 minutes to join the group.One thing though,so you don't get inundated with messages you can choose to not receive them at all,that's really the best thing to do.So go to Yahoo Groups and type the name in to find them.You can read the post's without joining but,if I were you I'd join and get some help.
2007-06-17, 19:42:55
anonymous from United States  
for the ideas

i feel like a private eye!

i will check out yahoo

i have an aol account i never use ,should i do that?

should i try just giving him that email adress?

can they track you down thru an email address?

how common is this scamming on date sites?

i just joined christiancafe a week ago and this happens!

i never joined any online chat/website prior to this.

do you think any dating sites are good ?

i just want to help others to avoid this creep.

2007-06-17, 23:17:46
anonymous from United States  
B,If you don't want to go the Yahooroute and the chat crap use the e-mail addy you don't use.The furthest you can be traced is only as far as your ISP,in your case AOL.The first rule of scamer baiting is never give them any REAL personal info.That mean's your real name too! That's why I suggested you go to scammerslayer and ask Buffy for advise,she or one of the other gal's will be glad to help.Plus you can read the forum post's and see what goes on.The scammer's from W.Africa prefer to use IM,mostly Yahoo and some MSN.It would be prudent to learn more before you did that way though.
Especially since you're new to it all.Romance/dating scam's have been going on for year's now and the scammer's don't care who you are,your race,ethenticity,religion,gender,sexual orientation NOTHING! If they think you a good target and they can con you out of money everyone is fair game.As for if any dating site is good,well that's hard to say for me at least,after trying different one's for the past year I have yet to meet anyone.I know of only 2 sites that are scammer free but,I've been on them too with no luck myself.That's all probably because I'm too picky.LOL I'm 48 and never been married!And I'm not ugly or anything either.The site you joined I've never heard of so that's a plus,after looking at this stuff for so long you get to know what site's are rife with scammer's.They even slip onto eharmony once in awhile which isn't easy but they most likely used a stolen credit card too.YES,they do that!That's why you don't give them real info.If they ask for a phone number here's what I tell them,I only have a cell and don't have overseas service.It work's everytime.So,do some more 'PI'work and read up on this stuff,a good site for the type you're dealing with is They have a good forum and one of the best photo galleries there is and about the only one with men listed.Anymore question's I can help you with leave a post,I'll check back.'S'
2007-06-18, 21:27:28
anonymous from United States  
thanx again for your help

i saw photos on sites you recomended

found photos of scam guysthat i saw on who all mailed me at that site
i did not respond
i reported them to the web site via email which is all the site offers for contact


scammers i found are--

kevino47 aka alexander,,steve michaels,,mike rollens,,pablo

cutieman4147 aka coolguy4real

benny aka lucas darlington,,,blaze anderson,,--pic from focus hawii

robert lasky

also the other guy fredmoresmile@yahoo is now iliveforhim969 at christiancafe
aka fredrick morris
i have to email them about him

is there any phone numbers to contact these sites or better business bureau...

in two weeks i've seen 5

2007-06-18, 21:58:42
anonymous from United States  
Don't know B,you can check the bottom of the home pages for contact link's there may be some listed there.I figured you might see his pic there,doesn't surprise me.At least now you know a little more of what to look for and how to check them out.Don't give up on those sites if you only found a few,you'll find the same on every dating site out there.Except the 2 I mentioned. is owned by the woman that owns,you won't find any scammer's there,she's very diligent about keeping them out.The other is Plentyoffish,the guy that own's it was scammed,that's why he started it,to keep them out.They're both free by the way. Good luck and if you are contacted by more come back and post them.'S'
2007-06-19, 11:21:46
anonymous from United States  
good news S

i got the the 4 guys OFF Christian !!!!

working on Fred at Chridtiancafe, awaiting their reply !!

i could not have figured this out without your help !!!

thanx again

hopefully we both saved someone some heartache and money !!!!

2007-06-19, 12:14:46
anonymous from United States  
Good work B,You're quite welcome and glad I could help!That's what we're here for! The more they're exposed the chances of them scamming someone declines.Let me know how you make out with the other one. 'S'
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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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