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Dating scammer Charles Wright, Richard Cirsalli, Mark Cruise, Green Cowser, Mar


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Name: Charles Wright, Richard Cirsalli, Mark Cruise, Green Cowser, Mar

Email:,, Cruise_looki

CITY:.......................VICTORIA ISLAND
STATE:....................LAGOS STATE
PHONE #:............... 2347039826310

Other Comments:
he is very charming. He says and does everything to make you happy. then he ask for money

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2012-08-04, 08:44:34
anonymous from United States  
This man is claiming to be Carl Erickson from New York New York,been talking to him for
about 3 months,now all the sudden he want s my banking info. Not happening I told him now he won't leave me alone what can I do?
Thank You

2012-10-12, 10:33:18
anonymous from United States  
Sean Porter also goes by the name Owen Davies. Email address is and . Phone number is 315-288-0704, which tracks down to Syracuse NY. He uses the same story, and in reading about his scams, sometimes he changes some things such as his location, where he's working at, etc. Uses the same pics though, sometimes varies which ones he posts at a time. I met him on, and again he removes his profile immediately because he can only deal with one girl at a time and he gets too much winks. HE IS A SCAM ARTIST. DO NOT COMMUNICATE WITH HIM.
2012-10-21, 14:51:30
does anyone know this ...i believe a real scammer...he approach me at facebook, under the name: Haider Roshan

2012-11-01, 20:26:12
Lovebug58 from Springfield, United States  
Daniel Nelson and Chris Marcel approached me in the same month. You would think after Chris I would seen Daniel coming. NO he is a smooth talker. He talked to me on Yahoo using 'danwanthonest'. Oh my word how stupid I was!!!
2012-11-01, 20:32:14
Daniel Nelson approached me via facebook and then talked for sometime via Yahoo messenger using 'danwanthonest', Dan want honest! How ironic!!! Forunately I found this site before I gave him any money. He just about wrecked my marriage.
2012-11-01, 20:32:15
Daniel Nelson approached me via facebook and then talked for sometime via Yahoo messenger using 'danwanthonest', Dan want honest! How ironic!!! Forunately I found this site before I gave him any money. He just about wrecked my marriage.
2012-11-02, 07:46:35
Miss Marple from United States  
@lovebug 58

Could be the very same scammer that tries to scam you with different names,please post photos,emailaddress ..well the nickname indicates of course how dishonest he is ..
2012-11-16, 11:41:43
anonymous from Malaysia  
Hi Miss Marple,
l came across your page few days ago. Actually l intended to write to you earlier, but just cant concentrate with my mind. Great pain from heartbroken is hardly can recover. But l am sure it will heal, it has to be. l was feeling so anxious and griefs that l cant sleep well and cant eat properly and have lost 6kg on weight in just 2 weeks time.

l have been in deep communication with Owen Cole for 4 months time. He is very smart in caring, very gentle and patience. He wrote long emails almost everyday and cared for my whole family members. He can speak very well English and Czech language. He called me every morning before he went to work and every night before he went to sleep. He said without hearing my voice, he was not able to work and to sleep. During his lunch break, he used to call me and talk and just make sure that l am safe everyday. He called to make sure l have my proper meals everyday and the foods are all with enough nutrition. If he called and cant get me, he will send text message and even send email mentioned that he is worried for me.

He seemed capable in business and investment including all investment procedures even in the legal processing. We talked a lot about investment and family. He is very patience that he can answer my questions in email by labeling out questions and answers. He told me that he was 48 and was divorced with one son, aged 22. His mom is having diabetics and is staying with his only sister. He told me that he lived in Orlando Florida and the number he gave me is +14073096264. l did search on line and found the location correct but could not trace out the owner's name.

From the very beginning, he already told me that he was a very successful business professional dealing with oil and fuel. And that money is not a problem to him. Its considering of his age now, he decided to look for a woman who can be a good mother and a wife to share the rest of the life with him happily. The way he affected me and convinced me most is not all these. It was one time l told him that l have children in the uni. He was quite surprise at first. But then, he told me that he will never left me. He will stay with me and soothed me not to worried for all that, he will take care of everything for me. That night we chat till late midnight. The next morning, he called early in the morning telling me that he did not rest for the whole night while he was thinking my problem and how to arrange for all the kids to be better off. Kids are growing fast, so we need to do something to make sure can guide them into a correct and bright future. He decided to set up a new business and let the kids take over the business later before he retire. The way he arranged for all the kids, it was really capable and perfect. l was affected by him at that time and l really weep. He soothe me and said your kids are my kids. l have to do all these, this is our responsibility together. He wants me to keep contact with all the kids everyday and make sure they all behaved well. He said because he love me so much, he can not just left. And he will never let me go.

Miss Marple, a gentle man like this, with good looking, responsible, caring, loving and capable, you know why l will fall with him so deeply.

His slang is not African. l have few African friends before, the slang is different. l have US friends as well. His way of talking is more to German or European. Some times like Pakistan. He never mentioned about Africa. Instead, he knows very well of Europe Countries. He told me about a lot of places in Europe.

He went to Australia for investment too. and we are using this number to contact +1413907986. l traced this number from Melbourne.

According to our plan, he was suppose to come to our country last month. Actually, l have alert of scammer at a earlier time. Before he came, it was second time he went to Australia. Due to heavy meetings, he cant keep contact with his staff who was helping him to purchase oil from Singapore and Malaysia. His staff called me from Kuala Lumpur using the number of 01116374068. The first time and this was the only time he asked for help to transfer money to his staff and he was supposed to be with me in 2 days time and he will transfer back all the money to me. l did not made it. It was not due to mass or not. This was further confirmed of scammers only. So l off my phone. He cant contact me for the whole day and thus sent me an email just to show his worried. l told him l was engaged with police and inspectors with some case. l think he knew that l have known everything and suddenly he exposed himself and sent me back a terrible email.

Few days later, l gave him a call to his US number. He did not pick up and did not reply. Another 2 days later, l wrote an email to him telling him that l have learned a lot of new knowledge from him. l thank him for the lesson. l told him that bad people will have a good heart also, as good people will have bad heart also. Its all provided they themselves know or not.

Miss Marple, after l came across your page here, l read the informations regarding Milan Richter, l was surprise to know that Owen Cole seems knowing Milan very well. He even talked about the problem of Key Investment. The pictures that he forwarded me, are all from Milan's photo gallery. He treated himself as Milan Richter. This has made me feel that Milan Richter is also involved or even he is Owen Cole. l heard the voice from the link, they are so similar. This is why l know Owen Cole can speak well Czech language.
He did taught me before.

If we log in to facebook, we can see a lot of Milan Richter's accounts. Are they real? If l have his actual email address, sure l will let him know and ask him about all these and let him do something to stop the crime.

If l know you earlier, l may be can help to nab him and his gang at that time.

Actually, there are a lot of week points or flaws during our communications with scammer, we are all stupid enough to fall with them. Love is blind. Its really blind. Ladies, time heals past hurts. Come back to our own life, a new life. We can do it.

Miss Marple, l attached photo of Owen Cole's mom and son, and his photo. Thank you for setting up this page, Miss Marple.

2012-11-16, 18:58:14
anonymous from Brazil  
I would like to make a complaint relating to a profile on a site
relationship ( in which a man who claimed to be military
American on mission in Libya and that his family (mother and son)
were in London, and that he needed to borrow money urgently to make
his mother and her son returned to the United States because it was
very cold in London and his son had asthma and needed medicine and
then promised payment.
Do not fall for the scam, as I am well informed about these crimes
internet. Report this crime here in Brazil's Federal Police that
handles these types of crimes and I would report it in the United
States, because the IP data and hence would not see that this person
did more victims.
But when he said he had no money and could help another
so by contacting the U.S. Embassy in London the boy disappeared,
threatened me and blocked me on facebook.
I do not know if the pictures he sent me are theirs or someone is innocent.
The IP of the emails is IP
and IP
Identified himself as Captain Raymond Brian Powell of the U.S. Navy
and other times the U.S. Army and lives
I want to report in order that it does not make new victims.
Below is the link to the networking site, which has already denounced and
immediately deleted messages:

2012-11-17, 19:17:37
Miss Marple from United States  
2012-11-16, 11:41:43
anonymous from Malaysia
Milan Richter
I am sorry that you are scammed! You are dealing with an proffessional scammer and i advice you to stop the communicaion you have with the scammer ,i am not sure but have you sent money to the scammer?If you have it is more important you quit talking as scammers never stops asking for money! I know it is hard when you are so emotionally involved with this scammer and for over four months too.This scammer will destroy your life and ruin you emotionally and financially if you do not end this now. I have met victims that has lost everything and more.

The real Milan Richter do not work in the oil business and Milan Richter has nothing to do with scams his political carrier would end very fast in the Czech republic ,scammers impersonating celebrities and other famous people is very common among scammers,this is ID -theft and scammers can have several Facebook accounts with same names too asthey are operating out of gangs.Scammers are very good into manipulating people with whatever,with webcam sessions taken on photographs to make victims believe they are real people.

I am quite sure you have dealed with several scammers that operates with accomplices from Australia and maybe India and even in your country ,scammers can be everywhere in the world now .

You could talk to police in your home country as i know there are lots of scammers operating from there now (Nigerians).

Real ID
Milan Richter (* 8 November 1975 , Prague ) Prague is a politician ( ODS ) and the entrepreneur in the field of luxury fashion . Since 2010 the Mayor of Prague 10 (which was already in the years 2002 - 2006 ).


All kind regards //Miss Marple//

2012-11-19, 00:56:20
anonymous from Malaysia  
Hi Miss Marple,
Its me again. Thanks for your reply.

l did not send any money to the scammers. As l was in business for more than 20 years, l know how a business with foreign countries should go. The scammers are not professional enough to scam me in this way. l also suspect that l was talking to different scammers. The one in the US could be a different people with the one calling from Australia. But his staff calling from my country is the same person to call me from Singapore. l can recognize the voice.

l have deleted all the mails with them and changed my phone number. l know its time to stop every thing. l have to gain back my own way of live. The only thing difficult for me is when l see Milan's photos, l still feel pain. But l think l am mature enough to heal myself.
l just need some times.

It is good to set up such a page here to let us know that we are dealing with scammers.
l forward herewith another Milan's photo.

Thank you so much, Miss Marple.

2012-11-19, 01:03:02
anonymous from Malaysia  
Hi Miss Marple,

l promised to forward photo for Owen Cole's mom and son. l dont know who are all these people but just want to let others know that dont get cheated by this picture.


2012-12-19, 21:55:24
I am wondering if anyone has been scammed by a man by the name of Edward Lawson ?
2013-01-03, 08:14:31
anonymous from United States  
'When our souls melted into each others arms We swore we would be there for each other from then on When the suns and moons melted across the room where we laid We said we would not be alone from each other from that day One soul here now... One soul there... One soul left watching The other one sits by the window and stares When our warmth melted the sheets that were cold to our skin We laughed them hot and colored them with our love within When the flickering candle flame melted deep into our eyes We listened to our songs dance across the ceiling like the stars slipping by the sky One song here now... One song there... One song alone again The other one now singing without the rhythm of a pair When our promises created a lighted path to forever We swore we would walk down it together When the heartbeat of our shadows fell asleep in our dreams We left'
2013-01-12, 12:44:09
anonymous from United States  
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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