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Dating scammer Charles Wright, Richard Cirsalli, Mark Cruise, Green Cowser, Mar


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Name: Charles Wright, Richard Cirsalli, Mark Cruise, Green Cowser, Mar

Email:,, Cruise_looki

CITY:.......................VICTORIA ISLAND
STATE:....................LAGOS STATE
PHONE #:............... 2347039826310

Other Comments:
he is very charming. He says and does everything to make you happy. then he ask for money

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2009-03-08, 13:20:25
anonymous from United Kingdom  

I just wanted to say I am so glad I decided to pursue this man with doing some research on the McDonald Peril. Yep!!! I was duped by this charlatan!!

I met him last July on he was as Mcdonald Peril and we struck up an online romance. He said he was 39, widowed with a 4yr old son ect, etc. Fell for the crook hook line and sinker... however , I didn't part with any money.

Think he got fed up with me and after 2 months he cut off all communication with me. I then emailed him angry and uposet and he asked for a second chance and I gave it to him!!! Very clever play by him...He said he was off to Nigeria... more like that is where is based!!!

He then cut with me again last xmas and I have not bothered to get in touch with him. I regrettably only recently deleted his emails and pics !! But am sure he lookslike the villan in the scarf. In fact it has only hit me now how different he looked in all the 4 pictures he sent me of him!!

I was naive and new to this BUT not now!!! REMEMBER I WISH IHAD 'IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE' THEN PEOPLE IT IS!!!!
2009-03-10, 13:43:17
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Has anybody been conned by an African posing as this man?

He went by the name of Aiden Mccourt ... he was on the website . I reported him and he has been deleted.

I don't know whose picture he or his gang of thieves in Ghana are using but I thought I had better flag it up.

Watch out for anyman no matter who associated with the African Continent ... it is BAD NEWS!!!!

2009-03-10, 20:56:38
anonymous from Canada  
'Aiden Mccourt '

The person (from UK) who posted the picture under the name of Aiden Mccourt... hope she find this link useful: http://www.marrymec..nmccourt/
The guy is using a different photo though...
(I just googled the name and the link came up)
Hope it helps.
2009-03-11, 14:45:07
anonymous from United Kingdom  

To the person in Canada.. thanks will look it up
2009-03-11, 14:50:27
anonymous from United Kingdom  

that is definitley a fake ID.

The guy posing as Aiden Mccourt is Ghanian and goes by the name of Sheriff Osman.

Everybody be aware !!!!

Different picture but I would stake my life that it is the same snake that conned me!He was on and I reported him.
2009-03-11, 15:47:54
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Have just found pictures of the McDonald or whoever he is in my re-cycle bin.

I do have 2 more but they are with his son Michel so cannot post them on site.

I hope these help anybody...

2009-03-11, 15:49:29
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Sorry they did not up load.

Second time

2009-03-11, 17:21:12
anonymous from Canada  
'McDonald pic upload'

... maybe the picture doesn't load because it's still in your recyclce bin? Try to move them to your desktop (or a different folder) and you can try to upload them again.
2009-03-12, 15:01:47
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Ok here goes again.

2009-03-12, 15:12:34
anonymous from United Kingdom  
My last attempt at posting a picture of McDonald Peril.

Sorry if it does not upload I don't know why.

2009-03-18, 12:00:15
anonymous from United States  
I've been writing to Ronald Lyold. It all seemed too good to be true. Wants to meet at the area airport and go somewhere quiet. Can't wait to write this flaring email back to him. Thanks so much for this website.
2009-03-22, 03:23:03
anonymous from Romania  
Attention! The man appears on Tagged, named Charles Ramos said he is petrolist engineer and work in West Africa, Nigeria. Hi is a scamer. His email address is Ladies, beware of him.
2009-03-22, 03:23:55
anonymous from Romania  
Attention! The man appears on Tagged, named Charles Ramos said he is petrolist engineer and work in West Africa, Nigeria. Hi is a scamer. His email address is Ladies, beware of him.
2009-03-22, 11:23:14
anonymous from United States  
Hi , Ronald Lyold sent me all the same...pushy after1 email...beware and send to all the lookers out there...this is just too dangerous...also...usually scams, I have noticed are from Nigeria...Be Very Careful
2009-04-04, 20:54:33
anonymous from United States  
Well girls, it looks like he has changed his name to Ronald Beven. I noticed on some earlier post that a man named Julio Ethan Beven and one named Ronald Lyold, seeing the connection? = Ronald Beven. You will see from his very first email to me that it is the same mo. And I fell hard, girls. He also told me that his sister was recently married and moved to Brazil and that he was moving to my city in April with his 7 year old son, Micheal, had to go to Nigeria to do an installation at the Escravos pipeline is Sao Tome?? These people are very good and they do their homework. I have over 30 emails from him all confessing his love. I have 2 phone numbers for the UK and 1 for Africa he has called me and I can call him. He almost got $1600.00 from me, almost. I thank God I started searching around before sending any money. He found me on MySpace, I have reported him and his profile has been deleted I have also reported 6 other men that emailed me thru MySpace and I received notice that they are in the prcocess of deleting those profiles. MySpace is rampant with these guys. This is a ring of thieves, they are taught what to say and everything is pretty much scripted. You must realize the pictures they send you are stolen from someone else's profiles on the web. It is very easy to do, even I can do it!! If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is....Run like mad in the other direction. I will be interested to see who else received this same e-mail.

---------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Ronald (459527342)
To: Jennifer
Date: Mar 17, 2009 4:36 PM
Subject: It takes a step to start a journey of a million miles, let's find out more about each other...Jenni.....


Let me start this way..:) My name is Ronald .B. Beven am originally from Scotland, but my dad migrated to US (Cranford, NJ) precisely. I am 40 years young lol. I am presently single though a widower with a little Boy, micheal who is about 7 now. For you, maybe you will like to know what brings me to myspace? It's all because i lost my sweet, sexy and precious wife, she died of cancer of the blood 4years ago, a very painful death, i was looking at my wife dying right in my hands and there is nothing i can do to help her. Ever since then i have not been able to go into any serious relationship without real true love, precisely i devoted myself in bringing up my son to the fullest, but right now i really need to get rid of this loneliness.

I am a Environmental/Marine Engineer by profession and working recently as a hired work supervisor with Bussdor construction company in London and am still undergoing more training on pure drilling; water boreholes and crude oil drilling and exploring, which will be ending soon. I am a man who loves the Lord and desires to accomplish his will. I am easy going, affectionate, have a great sense of humor, like to have fun..I am open minded, romantic at heart, and believe women should be treated like queens, and i love spoiling my loved one. Theres is no greater satisfaction for me than the look on her face when i surprise her with something she wants... I love being in love. I am an honest guy with simple goals, stability, security, love and a great family.

I am very skeptical and realistic at the same time, so i know what i want and i am willing to work for it. I am basically a hard working dedicated man that is in tune with my life and family, i believe in equality among all people. I believe all women regardless of your color, size, race or ethnicity are all one of Gods most precious creations after all we all came from a woman. My aspiration is to become great in life, take good care of my wife and future kids as much as we have and then be the best man i can be to my family and people around me. My favorite colors are white, blue, orange and purple. I am a person who is lazy (don't get me wrong there). I like movies especially action packed ones, bowling, dancing, amusement parks anything fun.. I am honest, and do not play any games, don't have time for that...I do not like liars or cheaters, i travel alot because of the nature of my job and the one am undergoing the training right now, but believe me it will not be a hindrance to our relationship and of our future life.

Things do not have to be perfect but with matured mind, we can really understand ourselves. I am willing to try anything once. I love all kinds of music (Reggae, R&B , calypso, jazz and some rap) but classic, i love exceptional. Raising my Boy... Its something i wouldn't trade for the world, he often ask me how much i love him but you know kids they don't understand the love the parent holds in their hearts for them... During the summer i like to spend my weekends Camping, hiking or walking along the beach together. I can't explain it maybe its the peace i find or the beauty i see in nature that brings me back year after year. I am one who appreciates arts, i find time to visit the Seattle Arts Museum. And for you, maybe you have never been, i think you might like it take someone you care about wander around the different art forms stop and enjoy what you see...

I'm not the Club kind of guy anymore, those days have passed me without any complaint from me. I do enjoy a nice Martini my favorite place to sip on a Vodka Martini is Tini Biggs by the Seattle center, whenever am in the States.. Love the sound of kids laughing..... I know it might sound boring but i think of it as quality time ....I'm not here to bore you though i would see if you might be interested in sharing some quality time with a man who has learn't many lessons in life... I can admit i haven't always been domestic, I've had a woman that loved the hell out of me, but am very good in cooking, it's sort of hobby. If i haven't bored the hell out of you then say hi back to me again and we'll start getting to know each other perfectly...:)

Anyway I will like us to get to chat on yahoo messenger ( I will be looking forward chatting with you any time you feel like, just let me know when it's ok for you, but if you feel cool we been here, is still cool for me, let me know what pleases you.....

Be safe out there,

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Dating scammer Charles Wright, Richard Cirsalli, Mark Cruise, Green Cowser, Mar
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