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Dating scammer Victor Bill Donald


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Name: Victor Bill Donald


Victor Donald
190 Graceyard Avenue
Nigeria 23401

Other Comments:
Victor also said his pastor's name was James Stuart address 44 solomon st., Ikeja, Nigeria 23401
He said his Sister's name was Julia Murray
Victor's cell phone # 011-234-805-066-4792


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2008-12-05, 07:45:48
Wow thank god I watched Oprah yesterday. She opened my eyes. I had been talking to him for about 3 weeks. He had not asked me for money yet but sent all the same photos and promised me the moon. Oprah gave the website of romancescams and I found his photo and name of Victor Schneider. What a blow to my ego. Should have known it was too good to be true. Also gave me the exact same phone number. Here is one of his phony letters.

Baby i think i had shared a whole of of my self with you ever since we started emailing each other but if there is anything left out that i cant then you would have to ask specifically..Growing up and spending all my life in Gemany was pretty good.. the first time i would ever went to the United state was when i was 15 yrs old... i came with my parents as juliet has not been given birth to then but my mum was pregnant then...After my dad got through with his work,we both returned back to the United state.... i actually lived around ladies when i was growing up because my mum had lots of female sisters that live very close to our home in Germany....i use to be a very shy,laid back and gentle person...hardly mix up with people but so many other kids my age always want to make friends with me... I learned my English when i was in prep school,though German was the first language but they offered English as a compoulsary subject for each students.After my prep school,i proceed my high school at the Beauman high school,after that then i proceed on having my Arch combimed with interior and exterior design at the University of Germany,, I lost my parents at the age is 18 and juliet was about 2 yrs old then.After finishing ,my degree,i finally agree that i need to make a change,experience and get challenged of new things..the first car i bought my self was at the age of 22 and that was a Toyota Camry sport wagon..Ever since i was a little kid,i had passions and flair for construction... i even layh bricks,i did lots of construction work in Germany for several yrs till i get to my late 20.s then i thought i would go back to the state... i started a new life,met my late wife at Los angeles airport at an exhibition taken place right there.. we got a long good,things are just so right and perfect for each other and after dating for 3 yrs,we got married to each other..We had a very good life for 15 yrs before i lost her 5 yrs ago... i never thought i could ever love again as it truly took me somewhile to get over it but after some while,i get to realize how much i truly miss the companionship of that special that i have you,what will i do?anyway baby i will close for now and i wil talk to you soon.
2008-12-05, 09:14:39
anonymous from Germany  
I was in contact to that guy as well - same profile name, same mail-addy.
I am German - and he is not able to speak any word in German.

His profile showed a lot of tipps that he might be a scammer and he is.

So please take care if you see that name or that picture and be sure what ever he tells: all lies.


founder contra-romance-scam site in Germany.
2008-12-05, 16:14:40
The Oprah show about scammers was a re-run from last year.
2008-12-18, 16:03:52
anonymous from United States  
he is so perfect snd never a scammer...only looking for a way to survive since living in nigeria is too hard for him...pls dont blame was just fool of sending money to someone you never meet......woooom....
2008-12-23, 13:33:51   (updated: 2008-12-23, 13:40:42)
anonymous from United States  
I believe this man has changed his name to Paul Thomas and has moved from to not..using different pic of a blonde, this time he has upped the ante by assuming the identity of a real man in the US..claiming to still be in construction, never married or a widower with an adopted daughter...I believe he has found what doesn't work with smart women and is refining his using a 'not so beautiful to be believed' picture
2008-12-31, 11:56:12
anonymous from United States  
Oh dear.....i have, let me correct HAD been corresponding with Victor Schneider (oneway2dworld) for almost two weeks.   Pretty much the same story he has given all of you, even the emails are word-for-word.  He must save time by cutting and pasting.  What a jerk!  Thank goodness my daughter-in-law had seen Oprah and she and my son found this site and sent it to me.  Thank all of you so much for the information you are posting here and I hope we can all help each other.  Thanks to all of you who took the time to post what you know.

2008-12-31, 14:08:03
anonymous from United States  
These pics are also of my supermodel hubby, Patrick Wilson. I met him on a dating site about a year ago. He said he was from Missouri and went to Lagos, Nigeria on business and had so many troubles there and needed his little wife here to come to his aide and help him out and then he would come here and take care of me forever and ever. He always called me his baby!! And Patrick was a big sex talker too, would try and have 'cyber sex' especially when asking for money. And of so many of the scammers I spoke to on the phone, Patrick has a pretty good voice, with very little accent compared to some Nigerians who you can barely understand. He had two different yahoo emails that I know of: and

He is very good and sweet, but guarded and cautious also.
2009-01-19, 22:17:35
anonymous from United States  
I found your profile interesting and i thought i would drop you a line after seeing your

picture and also seeing what youve got to say about your self,i am really interested and if

you are interested why not get back to me on my personal account which is

/ /

Then we will go from there...i await your response..

I sent him my cell number before I checked google. I certainly hope that he cant do anything with a cell number or even my personal email.

His response:

lets communicate on email first..write me on my email

His picture on is the same as above.
2009-02-06, 23:50:43
anonymous from United States  
OMG!!!!! I can't believe, how naive Iam!!!! I know this guy for 5 days. I knew something is wrong!!! So glad, I went to this side. I talk to him on the phone for couple of days now.
I met him on Match. His name is Victor D Schneider. He goes under user names:
manofurdreams900 and angelmanforyou.
I think, I will play with him little bit.
2009-02-21, 22:50:53
Victor_bill1958 email is on face book under Yussuph Olatunji Shorinola
his picture is there this is probably the real scammer
when you type in his email Records area .com his name comes up and is on face book
2009-02-21, 23:11:29
Victor_bill 1958 is on face book as
Yussuph Olatunji Shorinola who may be the real scammer If you type in this email as a reverse email in Records a seach site this name come up Iam posting the picture that is on facebook of him

2009-02-22, 13:27:31
anonymous from United States  
This guy tried to contact me under fineyoungman on love access dating site i recognized his photo from here and sent the information to love access reps.
2009-03-06, 16:45:32
anonymous from United States  
This guy is now going under the name Victor Ayobami Schneider.
address:154 Williams Estate
City: Ikeja
State: Lagos
Zip code 23401
Country Nigeria
His email is now
cell # is 0112348037110713
We started talking the beginning of Feb.09. Story was much the same. Unfortunately, I didn't see this site in time before I sent him some money. What a fool I was. I wish there was something I could do to get him caught.
2009-03-11, 10:03:45
anonymous from Canada  
I believe this man has contacted me about a property that I have for sale on ownerlist .com. The name he is using is Victor Donald. He said he wants to buy my property listed at 399,000 and he also wants to invest 10 million in our country....???

It sounded like a con right away as most people would not buy a property site unseen for 400,000 I thought I would google his name.....ha..ha and here we are....


PSSSS........LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEAAAAASSSSSE DONT SEND ANYONE MONEY FROM THESE SITES....THEY ARE FULL OF SCAMMERS.......Most normal men find dates in person....
Most of these men are desperate, scammers or cheaters........There are lots of places to meet men in your area in person......then you know more about who your dealing with...
Good Luck..I will keep you posted as to this guys responses to me....
2009-04-30, 17:53:47
anonymous from United States  
OK, Ladies, he is now using the name Ronald Schwarz, same story line about the career and the family. Be careful as he is even on the gaming sites. It took me 3 days to realize something was not right and I started searching and recruited some help and hallelulah here is the scumbag. I think the people whose name and pictures he uses should prosecute him for fraud. I feel very badly for those of you who sent money. Never ever do that!! Take care and be careful out there. I did happen to meet my husband online many years ago but he was in my vacinity. We had a very happy married life and then he was killed months ago. So, in my opinion, this guy preys on widows or divorcees. Please be careful ladies.

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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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