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Dating scammer Victor Bill Donald


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Name: Victor Bill Donald


Victor Donald
190 Graceyard Avenue
Nigeria 23401

Other Comments:
Victor also said his pastor's name was James Stuart address 44 solomon st., Ikeja, Nigeria 23401
He said his Sister's name was Julia Murray
Victor's cell phone # 011-234-805-066-4792

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2008-10-23, 22:27:17
anonymous from United States  
Hi Girls,

I'm right there with you. So far I have only received form letter number 2. Sharing himself with me, but not asking for the money yet. For me he is Victor Schneider...same picuture as above...A shame too cause he is gorgeous. And a sad;) I have been emailed by another guy on this site...Tony Brown. He wasn't doing it for me though, so I guess he changed his identity. Well, thank you all for the warning...I will take heed and best of luck to you all.
2008-11-01, 15:55:03
anonymous from United States  
To the one above this comment. You need to post what email address he is using. Also, report him to the FBI at their scam link. Oh yes, I got the widower story also, lost her in a tragic car accident in Raleigh, NC, which is where I live near. He played it that he wasn't sure that he wanted to return to NC, but for me he might take on the challenge to overcome his sadness!!! Of course, 3 weeks later he asked me for 4500.00 dollars, of course, this was after he dropped the bomb that he would be flying into Raleigh, NC from Nigeria. He is slick, ladies, BEWARE!!!
2008-11-02, 10:39:27
anonymous from United States  
He on match now as this name Nov 2 2008 'Homewarming90'
2008-11-06, 22:45:57   (updated: 2008-11-06, 22:52:27)
Yes This is Victor's email : Schneider D Victor (
His cellphone number is 011234-8076684704.

2008-11-06, 22:54:37   (updated: 2008-11-06, 22:55:44)
anonymous from United States  
His last message to me:

Schneider D Victor (
Sent: Thu 11/06/08 10:23 PM

Thanks for your repsonse my dearest **** and i hope you are having a good and awesome day? I had a long day at work today but with looking at your pictures.. it makes me feel much better.. I sure do wish we are already together ,cant wait to meet you,explore things together and also work towards having a long lasting relationship together.... I dont want to grow old alone and if things work out between us,we shall be sitting on our rocky chairs going back to the memory of how we both met.Construction may be difficult but i really love it due to my passions for it.I studied Civil Engineering as well as Interior and exterior design.Are you kidding me saying i am an african?? well i am a typical German and absolutely white... may get tanned some times.... I hope you try to call. anyway i will close for now and i will talk to you soon.

2008-11-08, 21:02:05
anonymous from United States  
This last picture was the one he had on his profile when he tried to snag me. He is smooth, that is for sure... also all he did was change his email he used with me and added the 'D' between schneider victor.. I hope you have turned this email into and the FBI. This guy needs to get shutdown...
2008-11-09, 02:31:23   (updated: 2008-11-09, 02:50:12)
anonymous from United States  
he is now going by Bruce, Cedric and his email is
He sent me the same picture in the grey sweater. He told me that his wife died 4 years ago and that his son was killed in the car crash with her. He said that he lives in New Castle, Pa. and that he is an landcaper. I felt it was to good to be true. He is on the dating site of watch out...I almost fell for it, and I just knew something was wrong...I received four other responses from model looking men who have claimed they lost a child and or their wife, and are single fathers. Three of them told me they were contractor or civil engineers living in Nigeria, but from Miami, Fl. This is too weird...I think I will be done with these sites...
2008-11-14, 10:45:16
anonymous from United States  
I met this guy on he calls himself Victor Bill Smith, the last 3 pictures are the ones he used with me. Be aware of him, I was on to him only after a week and a half. Thanks to this website and the people leaving comments have helped me not be taken in by him. I never asked for his phone number or address but we were talking about calling and speaking to each other on the phone. He wanted me to get an International calling card so we could talk. He said his sister's name is Juliette and he sold his house in the states before going to Nigeria to work for the government and the money was invested into the project he is currently working on. The email address he is using with me is Victor Smith <
His screen name on was Goodnessmandream on 11/4 and honestneedtrust on 10/20/08. To all please be careful and don;t be taken in my this guy.
2008-11-24, 16:47:09
anonymous from United States  
Hi Girls,

Below you will see the emails he sent me. Contacted me through match. What triggered me are his photos- they look like right out of GQ or LL Bean (one of his supposed sister). Attached is one of the photos he sent of building he worked on and one of him and his sister.
Below are phone numbers he gave me
his new match name as of yeterday was lovingudwyiwntz but suddenly disappeared today!

How do you feel about talking on phone??i think this would help us get more and more closer to each other if you
are able to call me then my cell phone nbr is +234-8076684704 or 011234-8076684704 .

even though you idnt tell me its cold,i know the weather over there would be around 30's,I am very new to the thing or online dating and i should tell you that i have never communicated with anyone other than you.I took this job so as to help me get over the death of my late wife because i loved her so much and at time passes by,i get to realize how much i missed the companionship of that special someone.I am more of a supervizor and i also do the building with lots of crews that work for me..I so much missed that special someone and i never want to grow old alone... My parents passed away several yrs ago..I dont know i may be in the state for the tahnks giving,i am pretty close getting done with my project but i sure will keep you posted on how everythings going... I will be having a good time right here for the thanks giving .. though tere is nothing like that down here.. so what are you doing today?can you tell me more about your job?

Hello my dear xxxx nice to hear back from you and how has everything been going with you generally?? i hope fine ? and thank you so much for sharing more about your self with me... let me share my dislikes and likes with you .. let me start off by saying my dislikes first

Quickly Dislikes
inequity of any kind, rudeness,dishonesty, infidelity, offensive remarks, or behavior. brutallity in any form, greed, love of money,laziness, and any disrespect of 'god'.

Quickly likes..
Compassion,generosity, understanding, ability to listen, and comprehend, ability to give and recieve love-knowledge,fidelity, honesty,equallity, acceptance,good manners and courtesy, Intelligence-open heart-mind, ambicion, willingness and desire to help others, respect of money and resources-economy, and preservation, music, life in all of it,s splendor-here and in other, respect-knowledge and respect of god, and all in this universe,find joy in what is perfection, change for betterwhat is not..for better if possible, and accept that is beyond our capacities and thus cannot change. I value good health,and take very serious measures to preserve this. I have a good body of admiitadly in imperfect ,however it has proven to be indestructable, and has served this soul well...I hope these helps in getting to know each other more better ?
Talk with you soon
hanks for your response and i thank you for admiring my picture.. that of course
makes me feel special and wanted...Of course i will be returning back to the state
after getting done with my project and i should also tell you that we are pretty
much alike and i really enjoyed reading your emails.....Nancy i should tell you
that i absolutely like the way you think and say things and i want you to know that
A mutual relationship is not 50/50 or some other percentage.It is 2 people working
together toward similar goals.It would be nice if you are the one I could trust
and cherish as I miss the companionship the most.. i would so much like to know
more about you,i would like to know your dislikes and likes and i would like to
know what you like doing for fun and what you do in your spare time
Talk to you soon
2008-11-24, 17:10:26
anonymous from United States  
i reported him to with all of his photos etc. Said he lived in VA.
Glad I caught on in 3 days! No one looks that good and is still looking!
2008-11-24, 19:34:19
anonymous from United States  
Ok, I too just got fooled by Mr. Schneider on under two profiles 'monzilladfireman' and 'manofurdreams828'. I wrote back and forth for a week and got all the same gorgeous pictures,feel sorry for the real guy,one day some woman is going to walk up and punch him in the face,lol. I got suspicious after all the pictures looked like something out of a catalog. He said his friend was a photographer and took them for him. He never asked me for money but did want me to take down my profile and give him my password,which I didn't. I also called him on that # and talked to him briefly.I think he knew I was on to him ,today is the first day he hasn't contacted me and I don't think he will. Luckily most of us have been smart but I feel sorry for the not so smart girl....Ladies beware....and if anyone finds out where the real guy in those pictures is, let me know.....Love the picture in the snow with his sister, of course his sister is as beautiful as he is,lol....

2008-12-03, 20:55:42   (updated: 2008-12-03, 21:18:16)
[hidden] from United States  
I would like to know what the dating sites are doing to stop this from re-occuring again and again. These men are very smooth and prey on people who have had difficult situations

Does anyone have any information on this?
2008-12-03, 21:03:26   (updated: 2008-12-03, 22:02:44)
[hidden] from United States  
These comments are really scary. I met someone on the end of October. His profile also disappeared very quickly and we began using a personal web address. He said he lived in North Carolina but quickly had to go to the UK to bid on a contracting job. He said he is a civil engineer (independent contractor) and was going to Ghana to build a building. He also said he grew up in Germany. After arriving in Africa his stated some of his luggage was stolen and asked if I could send him some clothes which I did. Then the end of November asked me for more money because he has issues with his credit card and he wasn't safe where he was staying. I did send him some money via Western Union but not the amount he requested. He was very kind, romantic, and states he is a Christian. He was married for a long time and he has been so hurt he hasn't been with anyone since his divorce. He said he was looking for a serious relationship leading to marriage.

After he asked for the money in November I became suspicious and starting asking questions. I looked up his home address in public records and it shows he doesn't own it. His cell phone is a number out of another state, not North Carolina. I confronted him with this information and he said it was a mistake. He said he used the money I sent him to move into a hotel and I can't find it on the internet in Ghana. He's suppose to send me back my money this week. I won't hold my breath. If anyone has had a similiar experience with a person with this story it would be good to know. He is still contacting me and states he wants to come see me when he's done. I told him I want to see his home. I'm waiting for the next request for will be he needs airfare, what do you bet.

The man you call Victor is on Match right now. I just saw his picture, so beware. There is another suspect person working Match also called Thomas from Florida. He is widowed and has a twelve year old son. He is on a retirement vacation in Hamburg Germay (kindof like saying you want to vacation in Newark or Detroit). When asked what he has seen in Germany he says he just stays inside. I asked him for his address and also it does not show up in public records.

Match has taken off both these profiles (whatever that means because they already took them off themself) but whose to say they cannot just come on with a different screen name and start again. Match has not been very helpful with any information as they say it's private and can't give it out and not to worry it's taken care of. I don't think so.
2008-12-04, 13:55:56
anonymous from United States  
Hey my North Carolina / Ghana man just hurt himself and needs a few thousand dollars to pay his bills. I guess there is my answer. I have a scammer halking me for money. I told him to go home & the bank is closed.
2008-12-04, 19:13:55   (updated: 2008-12-04, 19:30:34)
[hidden] from United States  
yes - l met Victor Bill via Match as well (different user name, but same victor_bill email) - the first couple of pictures in this thread are what he sent me - talked to him on IM for a few weeks and was weirded out by him telling me he wanted to fly here and marry me instantly - widowed architect, etc. He also wanted me to take down my profile on Match and was angry when I did not. I googled him and found nothing, even though he claimed to have lived in Seattle for many years. When he asked for money to help pay his taxes in Nigeria, I told him forget it and not to contact me again. He even sent me a scan of his contract with the government! He then actually asked me to help him re-enroll on Match and I said I wanted no part of that fraud - never heard from him again. And the sister he showed me was a beautiful black woman. I wish I'd found this site and saved some of you some grief. I did tell, but he'd evaporated his previous account. It's been bugging me since, and I decided to google him again and found this site. Hope it helps someone.

PS - since then met someone wonderful and real and close to home, so please don't give up - just be careful!
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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