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Dating scammer Carl Hamm


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Name: Carl Hamm


Raeford, North Carolina

Other Comments:
Typical Scammer. IP address is Ghana from staart to finish although went as far as pretending to make a trip to my state, hotel reservation too. Script was to cancel, have to take a trip, disappear for a while, reappear and ask for things to be sent to him. phone is area code in NM, same as american express stolen creditcard

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2009-03-16, 20:11:09
Thank you for the information. He IM me and told me he was sorry but he really got inot a lot of trouble in Africa. He gave me a number there 23324467006. he asked me to call and I told him I would not. He had my info from a while back. Then he asked me to send him 1000.00$ because he wanted to come to me. I listened to his message and it was not even the same person I was speaking to a month ago. Of course I told him to take a hike. He can't even talk english. Ladies please be careful of this guy.He is a fraud.

I feel bad for the real Carl Hamm who probably doesn't even know this is happening. I reported this to the FBI. I will keep all of you informed if anything else develops.
2009-04-24, 19:18:58
anonymous from United States  
I'm in as an anniversary of having started this post on Mr. Carl M Hamm. I never would believe he is still using his same profile.

I imagine he has several and pulls one up to instantly nab the next woman. I remember his charming ways and avoiding my questions. He also wanted to know the sites I was on and seemed to catalogue all my answers as if digesting the information. You all do realize this guy is in Africa, right? He is not a guy from North Carolina, not a white attractive fellow but a snake that sits in an internet cafe and does this for a living...

The Raeford police will never contact you back but probably hears from people once a day. I remember them telling me the night I called to check with the better business bureau in NC to see if the business he said he owened even existed. He told me he was running his fathers companies in Real Estate. What a loser! I even found him on facebook and he pretended to be the 'real Carl Hamm' trying desperately to find out who was portraying him. Problem was this loser wasn't any better at english pronunciations, spelling and grammer than his fake African impostor.
If you have him on line never tell him what you are doing, just ignore, block, delete and protect yourself.

Ask him a question about local geography, american slang or the local weather- HE CAN'T ANSWER!!!!
2009-04-25, 18:13:29
This guy is still trying to contact me.He telling me he is in Toronto cananda and trying to get money to pay for his Hotel bill. I told him to take a hike. He told me the FBI went to see him at the hotel and he told them he was married to me. What a looser. Ladies we need to stop this scum bag.

Don't belive anything he says he is a Fraud and justs wants money nothing else. His stories are good till you know him.

Be careful of him....
2009-05-30, 00:46:39   (updated: 2009-05-30, 00:51:24)
He contact to me under different names and personalities, like carl hamm, william marvin, joseph william, elizabeth giambelluca, vivian peterson, williams james, vivian marvin, from nigeria, west africa, readmon nc usa, aberdaam scotland, cleveland ohio,He is very dangers person, he is a lier, he is a thief.
2009-07-04, 02:15:52
where to start on this scumbag! He tried real hard, but he didn't get any money from me! He pursued me from I chatted with him off and on for about 5 weeks. he called me babe all the time, even though I told him to stop. He kept telling me that he wanted to marry me and that he was in love with me. One morning I found a sexualized IM message on my computer and how he was going to please me. I am sure that I am not the only woman he sent this too. He also told me he lived in NC
and that he was going to Africa to buy gold and pearls, etc. for his high- end jewelry store. He sent me candy and a huge box of other assorted goodies for Easter which I took to work to get rid of them. He had adressed the boxes to my first name and his last name, Hamm. He called me from Africa, and said he needed to cash a travelers check and he would talk to me on IM when he returned. When he returned he said they wouldn't cash his travelers check for 2 weeks and he needed to 'borrow' $3000. to get back to the states to fly out and see me. I told him that he was on his own then if that's the way it was going to go down. Some other guy from the dating site got involved at that point on the scumbags behalf. He said Carl was in an car accident and that he hurt his arm, couldn't communicate, and needed $850. to see a specialist. Unbelievable! Using 2 identities from the same dating site to try to scam me and didn't think I would see that they were working together or the same person! Much of what was said by you ladies before me I experienced also with this jerk and more. He tried to contact my sister as we still use our maiden names. He was trying to scam her, since he didn't get any money from me. I contacted the FBI also. I switched to dating site. One morning I went to my computer again. Guess what?! There he was, in my face as one of my top 10 matches the site e-mailed for the day! Now he said he was in my city. I called the dating site and they said they would pull his profile. It has been a few months since I heard from him as I had my internet provider help me block him. Guess what! The SOB was on my instant messenger when I arrived home today trying to contact me again! I went back to my internet provider again for help. I hope it works this time for good! At this point, we can only pray that somehow we catch this SOB!
2009-07-04, 21:44:02
I have also reported that SOB to the FBI and he was still tring to contact me calling me his wife. Good for you that you did not send him any money. What a jerk. Take care ladies of this one. He's something else.
2009-07-06, 09:02:52
Hi again everyone. I'm the comment 2 comments up where Carl Hamm asked me for $3,000. I forgot to mention something important. Carl had me try to use 2 'company' credit cards to sign his brother up on another dating site. Neither of them worked. If he has done this with you, even if the card did not go through, you need to contact the authorities. (police detective, FBI) Do this 'before' the FBI contacts you, because it can stlll look like you tried to use stolen credit cards! He was trying to make me an accomplice!
2009-12-29, 21:54:33
anonymous from United States  
If I ever find this guy I am going to beat the absolute shit out of him for stealing money from my sister. Watch out Mr. Hamm because I am looking for you. When I find you it won't be a good thing. Do trust that what comes around goes around.
2009-12-29, 23:15:08
Agent 86 from Salem, United States  
2009-12-29, 21:54:33
anonymous from United States

Hello I am sorry Your Sister was scammed but please take the time
to learn what actually happened before You try to seek revenge.

To begin with Mr. Hamm does not exist in the real World.

The real Scammer is sitting in a Internet Cafe in Nigeria ? or Ghana ?

The scammer used a stolen photo and either stole the Name Carl Hamm
or made it up.

Threats made against anyone here on this site are not acceptable.

I agree that being angry about what happened is a normal reaction.
But verbally threatening someone in a Public forum is reckless and

The real scammers are young black guy's fallowing scripts
and never use any of their real information.

Here's some links that should help You.

Read this from the LA Times.

Here's the song mentioned in the article above.

Also see

Please learn all You can about scams and scammers before making
any more comments.

Even if the scammer involved with Your Sister was from Ghana
the links talk mostly about Nigeria but the same thing applies to both.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'// <><

2009-12-31, 17:00:00
anonymous from United States  
Oh MY GOSH check this out!!!! I just searched at facebook for the email he used
A big black guy from Ghana with all african friends and links comes up!
Everything on his wall is from africa and the facebook page is public.

the facebook name is
Samuel Edward

I created this original blog and others notifying you of the scam
2010-01-01, 15:52:24
Slyfox from United Kingdom  
@anonymous from United States

Hi there,

Why not write on his 'Wall' and tell all his friends and family what an asshole he really is and how he 'scams' people out of thousands of dollars/pounds on a daily basis??? maybe things will change for him?


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2010-01-04, 19:38:16
anonymous from United States  
well first off you would have to be his 'friend' and his african friends are already into 'him' since he uses a fictional name and theirs are african, assuming they already know his 'wares'. secondly it is a dangerous game to bait scammers. He links to a rastafarian page and I''m betting it is a gang of sorts. Better to let the raeford police and FBI look into it
2010-01-06, 18:06:04   (updated: 2010-01-06, 18:16:59)
anonymous from United States  
Here is 'our man' be prepared for a shock. The main photo on the page is a rap artist. I had to look back to his comments on his own photo
2010-01-06, 18:20:12   (updated: 2010-01-06, 18:32:44)
anonymous from United States  

2010-01-20, 12:47:04
You know I am reading all this stuff on Carl Hamm. Ladies and gents I got scammed for more then 10K. Agent 86 is so right. Has much as your angry for your sister, you have got to be careful. This man doesn't exsit he is a fraud, like what part of fraud and scammer don't you understand. Read up on the FBI page and you will change your mind about trying to get back at this pigs.

Remember they have all your sisters information. like this Jerk has all of mine. I quickly moved and changed my phone number and blocked this scum bag from my e-mail. I was devestated and hurt when I found out about him. I lost everything. His stories were so good and so true. The whole freeken Gouvernment is invloved. They set them up, they protect these ass holes. Why because there is billion of dollars that come into Africa because of these scammers. The sad part of this is the children in the same country that are dying of starvation and sickness, it appaling. They prey on women on the Christian dating line. They are professionals and no matter how much you threaten them, you really threating air. He is not real he is a fraud and a scammer. He does this for a living and he has the support of the freeken gouvernment.

Good luck sweetie. My advise is to forget and move on, Save yourself alot of heartache and frustration. God Bless you.
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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