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Dating scammer ricardo dipego


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Name: ricardo dipego


1071 w.15th st. chicago IL 60608 989-385-5096

Other Comments:
This is the address this scammer gave me. There was a Ricardo at this address and he told me to be careful who I meet on the internet. This scammer sent me pics of a daughter he called Kate. And also of himself. I am sure they are not him!! He wanted me to send 800.00 to him because he was robbed and shot at!! He also said his daughter was badly hurt in the hospital. I am scared now because he has pics of me and my kids and I am afraid of being a part of this scam!! He also has my phone # and address. I gave it to him long before he asked for the money!! Stupid me!

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2009-09-03, 23:28:39
anonymous from United States  

2009-09-03, 23:29:20
anonymous from United States  

2009-09-03, 23:30:14
anonymous from United States  

2009-09-03, 23:36:02
anonymous from United States  

2009-09-03, 23:38:53
anonymous from United States  

Seems to also have several other aliases .... he seems to do nothing but this all day long, becareful ladies
2009-09-04, 00:52:16
anonymous from Australia  

He is a scammer. please notify me of outcome
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2009-09-04, 01:19:18
anonymous from United States  
Louis Manuel is a scammer, several alias's any pictures noted above

Summery of sites I found him on once I got suspicious

Louis from malibu on Perfect; email there was
eneh01 from Beverly Hills on and
LMM_68 tag name on
Souldipper on passions network, which I believe is a california singles site

He's also been looking at sites that deal with Catholic and Christian singles, especially in the Chicago area in the last week.

Same/similiar story all the time
Widowed with a daughter Kate living at home
Some sites say he's portugese; some spanish
Some mother from north Carolina; some days from South Africa
Says his father died when he was 7
Sometimes claims to be an engineer/architect; sometimes a car importer/exporter
for eneh01; once claimed to be a ER Medical Doctor

Be very careful, if you've given out any personal information to him - change it or delete the email accounts whatever you need to do. Notify credit agencies to watch for strange activity; he makes up stories to ask for money

Also romantically comes on really, really strong.....and fast...
2009-09-04, 02:05:25
anonymous from United States  

Louis Manuel's yahoo mobile id under which he sent text messages the week of 9/3/09 is:

Hope that helps somebody out....
2009-09-04, 05:37:33
anonymous from Romania  
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2009-09-04, 09:24:46
anonymous from United States  
I have a question. What these scammers can do with the detailed personal information they have of me? like real name, email, phone number, resume and pictures... it's so scary... please help to give some guidance if you can... many thanks!
2009-09-04, 11:31:27
i think this is the same guy i have been in contact to the latest month..the last thing i heard from him was 1 september..i met him at the dating site under the name Paul Jewel and e-mail adress is the same poems and similar stories..he is a widdower..hes wife died in cancer 5 years ago..he has a daughter 8 years of age..he sells antiques.he says he lives in Sweden in Borås.he is an englishmen..he talkes real good english also...he is in Utah for the moment in buisness..but suddenly he gets in deep troubble..he needs money...i havent gave him a nickle..and im glad for that... is so sceary what he can do to a human...he has no empathy at all....he is very carming,caring,loving so almost scarey..this thing touched me for still in little bit of shock of all a man can treat humans like this..i really want this guy to be willing to do what ever it takes!! because i have noticed that he has so many identies ..he cant do nothing else than this all days..he must put so much energy on this thing..a real psychopath..i scary i have sended him private photos of me..
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2009-09-04, 12:06:00
anonymous from United States  
Ladies, when listing information on this site, provide as much information as you can....

email address being used
Yahoo mobile ID number or whatever iD is listed if he's sent you a text
Any phone numbers he's given out

Put the email address on this site - I'm willing to pay to have the searches done on who owns these accounts to see if we can find any similiarities

With the amount of women he's talking to daily, there's got to be more than 1 person involved.....
time for the FBI I think......
2009-09-04, 13:09:01
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pauljewel []
From Email
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Tue, 1 Sep 2009 05:13:06 -0700 (PDT)

Here is some moore info about this..this prooves that he is an scammer...

so watch out ladies!!!!

2009-09-04, 15:01:53   (updated: 2009-09-04, 15:10:49)
anonymous from United States  
He goes by Louis Jacob Manuel same story about his daughter kate. Widowed 5 years ago. Wifes name was Jane died of Good Pasture Syndrome. He says the right things at the right time and knows how to romance. If i wasn't so cynical i wouldn't have started a background check! he gave me a number from england where he is waiting for the 'cars' he bought for his clients all over the world in japan. He sent me the same pictures as above! Every single one of them (except for his daughter)! I haven't gotten scammed yet! Thank you all so much for posting this!

on perfect match
011 44 702 407 6517

2009-09-04, 15:17:15   (updated: 2009-09-04, 15:19:55)
anonymous from United States  

Louis Manuel who was using the UK phone 011-44-1-703-895-6653 just this week September 1-4th, is on to us and has just disconnected the phone number.

Just had a private search firm confirm this

Same as the posting above.... he found me on Perfect this week, I have notified them.

For me it was Louis M Manuel or Louis Manuel M
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