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Dating scammer Steven Leanman


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Name: Steven Leanman

Email: steven_leanman

50 Olowo Okere St
off Oladun St
Council bus-stop
Idimu, Lagos, Nigeria 23401
Dolapo Folami

Other Comments:
He's on Claims he's from San Fran, Ca and is now working in Africa for his father at the Acme Const. Company. Says his son just fell off the stairs and was hospitalized. He requested a laptop, iapple phone, and games. Says to use DHL delivery service so that packages arrive within 3 to 5 days. When I confronted him after seeing his picture and email on the scams from Nigeria/USA, he told me James made him do all this because James wanted him to marry his sister. He told me that he is being set up. However, when I did a search for the name of Steven Leanman in Calif, nothing came up.


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2009-06-03, 15:02:04
anonymous from United States  
Actually his name used with me was James Anthony Jech - Email, and IM james.jech. He claims to be 40 years old. Birthdate - March 12. Both parents dead. No realationship with his brother from UK. His daughter is Gloria in Chicago with mother. Never been married. Claims is on business in Nigeria working on geology project. Has one uncle in Chicago that he is raising financially. Has a house in Lincoln Park, Chicago. Renting to pay child support to daughter. Claims two guys got hurt on the job and one passed and the family is charging him and he is needing money to pay for compensation to the family so they will drop the charges. He claims worry since he is considered a foreigner and not a local. Once he saw he was not getting money, he apologized and claimed he got it settled. Next it was finally back to work and the project was complete and finally on his way home to meet me. Sent a KLM airline confirm as confirmation. I looked up and was literally booked. Also sent his geology report on the project on the day of presentation. Day of arrival - got a call from so called friend Collins to inform me that James was injured in car accident and that he was on way to hospital to see how bad off he was. His friend later called to inform that the so called check from the job was lost and the only money was $2100 in James wallet. The doctor claims he is needing surgery for his bleeding heart. The cost is $8500. Wanting me to send - wrong again. Did not send. But me already knowing it is a scam - I play along to get laughter at this point. Got a text this morning that he 'loved me and wanted to say his last goodbyes before death'. Needless to say - -I assume he is finally dead since I heard no more. Just be aware of this scam and all the sweet talking and promises. Very sad they play on single parents with kids. Met on Yahoo Personals.
2009-06-19, 20:39:16
anonymous from United States  
He contacted me also through Yahoo personals. Name also James Anthony Jech. He says he grew up in South Africa, went to school in England, and spent most of his adult life in Chicago where he was born. We've been chatting for 2 1/2 months. He says he is Nigeria as a geologist for some oil exploration-- his own company. It took a while, but finally some men on the site were injured by a crane. He made some story about how he has to pay so that he not get sued since he wasn't carrying insurance. It's all so that he can get back to work, make money, and start his life together with me. He's asked me to mail or wire the money, which I told him would take time, since I had to get a loan from my 401K. I then told him that my sister is visiting for the State department and will meet him and give him the money. He's very adamant that she not give him money, even if people might die and ruin him forever. Perhaps it's because I mentioned that she'll be traveling with a military escort. He gave me addresses to send the money to, and I told him my sister has those addresses. Perhaps he'll be scared enough to leave town for a day. We've argued over this, and it probably means that it's over. It was fun; even my roommate enjoyed taking over chat when I got tired.

One thing that bothered me is when I asked him for more photos, and he sent more model shots (I mean who has pictures of themselves on a tire swing?), he also sent me a picture of a young woman. When I asked, he said it was his 13 year old daughter Gloria. I just don't like to think women are sending him pictures, and he's using them for his scams.

Attaching all pictures he sent.
2009-06-30, 13:28:54
anonymous from United States  
I just found the same 'person' on Yahoo personals in June 2009. He was going under the name of 'James Miller. Yahoo email and IM is: onejmillerplace and the phone number he provided was 011 234 802 519 1481. James claimed he was born in raised n South Africa, went to school in Scotland then moved to Chicago. He claims both his parents are deceased, and he has 1 uncle in Chicago. He aslo stated that he has a daughter named Gloria that still lives in Chicago. James said he was currently in Nigeria as a geologist (finding oil), working for himself. He pretended to fall in 'love' quickly and always called me 'sweetie', 'baby', and 'love.' He also informed me that 2 men at his work site were injured by a crane and he didn't have any insurance. Now the employees needed a life-saving surgery, but he just didn't have those funds avaiable. Asked me to wire him $4,000 via Western Union. This scammer also sent me gorgeous model shots (profiles, tire swing, on a work-site). He wanted my pictures as well. Beware of this one, do not send him any money. I'm glad I didn't! I have attached one of his pictures.

2009-08-18, 22:56:54   (updated: 2009-08-18, 22:57:57)
James Miller just declared his love for me. I thought it was a little quick and a little too good to be true. Then I did an internet search. Wow. I have reported this to Yahoo Personals and have blocked him from IM and my email address. Has anyone heard of him gaining access to online bank accounts, especially if he has your last name, or getting ahold of your SSN?
2009-08-19, 05:28:58
anonymous from Thailand  
I wannna how to tracked IP address and his email. I wanna know the person who scraming me is from? Anyone can help? Thanks a lot
2009-09-03, 00:45:18   (updated: )
[hidden] from Sweden  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer ricardo dipego

2009-09-03, 00:45:18   (updated: )
[hidden] from Sweden  

2009-09-04, 15:42:47
anonymous from United States  
Think this guy also is under STARTREK on

40 years old, widowed based out of Houston
2009-09-12, 14:42:29
anonymous from Sweden  
This man try to scam me under the name of PAUL JEWEL..and he goes under other name as RAMSEY GRANT also...called me all the time 'Babe' my angel..hes endless talking about GOD...i hope GOD will punish this Paul Jewel so good ..i hope he will get an illness so he cant even make an piss...i hope that he will suffer real hard one day for what he does to people..he has no empathy ore sense of feelings for nobody..

have made some research..he has IM me from at least 4 Nigeria... (Lagos) (Kachia)

now there is an amount of other scamming mails coming to my mail...ill promisse that if this is not coming to an end..i will contact FBI,INTERPOOL,and swedish police also...i know there is scammers here and read all comments here..thats why im telling this now...and i do not open the mails..because i see from where they come from...

2009-09-13, 04:46:03
REALISTIC11 on lavalife is a scammer, a black man from Ghana.He pretends his name is Stephen Danso and lives in South Africa and he is a widower.
His Id stephenstars; his email:
2009-09-22, 23:27:31
anonymous from India  
2009-09-23, 12:23:55
Miss,Marple from Sweden  
Ok..this posting... has it something to do with the others?? some connections with Paul Jewel/Steven Leanman??
2009-09-27, 12:53:01
OJAS from United States  
Thanks Miss Marple for starting this thread. I decided to contribute to your thread for several reasons:

• We can post in Swedish (lol!), English, or any language on your thread. I am an Anglophone, NOT an Anglo-chauvinist.
• A below-referenced thread appears to be started by someone very hostile to different points of view! In other words a narrow minded individual wanting to treat a web space in a public domain, as though it were their private real estate!
• One reason some people get scammed, is due to their English weakness, so we need to address it by making information available in other languages.
• I am reasonably sure a Frenchman is in the process of creating a blog page in French and German, I will update as I hear further.
• Plans are afoot, as you know, to get a whole server, not just a web space, first starting in Swedish and other Scandinavian languages, then expanding to Dutch and other languages
• In the other thread, I got accused as having ''nothing better to do''. Readers of this will understand what I have been doing, with the help of our friends from all over the world. For example, this author must think I must be doing something right http://www.delphi. p=7#93445
Expanding on a few points in http://www.delphifa..=5#172731

• Googling / searching (Text / images)

• It is risky for scammers to actually live in the UK. They use UK code +44 and get a cell phone which will work for them in West Africa. A frequent tactic of West African scammers is to claim they were born in the USA or UK

• Although my interest is Boris (Russian scammers) many basics are applicable to mugus (African scammers). Here are some links on mugus:
Navigate the links on the left side of http://datingnmore...abase.htm

• Asking money from strangers is a scam http://ladies-russi../Scam.php

• Scam reporting http://www.delphifa..=63#148069
2009-09-27, 14:58:23
Miss,Marple from Sweden  

Thanks a lot!!
Its better to write here in ' my domain' so you dont have any complainings..LOL...i mean that individual most be an patient from an hospital,i really doubt that any psychiatrists can do anything about that person..LOL..and thanks that you are not an anglo-chauvinist..(LOL)...

Anyway i have put a posting this Scammer Paul Jewel also under Steven Leanman,because i think that is the same guy,same pictures,same words and same stories...

I will ckeck these links...thanks a lot!! Miss Marple
2009-09-27, 15:02:13
Miss,Marple from Sweden  
Here is some IP-adresses he mailed me from..and all from Nigeria.... (Lagos) (Kachia)

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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