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Dating scammer Kenny Williams


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Name: Kenny Williams



Other Comments:
Posing as an exporter of cars/spare parts. Lives in Alameda, Mexico. Of german parentage. On business trip to Ghana. Met through although he disappeared from that site a few dys later. Photos of him can be found on commercial section. Scammers use this site a lot for their photos.


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2009-09-17, 07:31:50
anonymous from Japan  
詐欺師は逮捕されるべきでか 。
他他人の写真を使うのは許せない りがとう。
2009-09-17, 07:34:41
anonymous from Japan  
Thank you.
The fraud should be arrested.
The Internet should be safe.
The Nigerian fraud is an unpleasant face.
I cannot allow to use the photograph of another person.
2009-09-17, 08:46:42   (updated: 2009-09-17, 09:22:25)
OJAS from United States  
For future, some suggestions:
It can be risky to post photos without watermark / copy protection, since scammers can steal them
Do not email your photograph until you are sure it is NOT a scammer. Look for signs

2009-09-17, 11:47:52   (updated: 2009-09-17, 11:52:53)
wanwan from United States  

Hanako,please see my shown country.
I have forged my sender IP address.
I live in Japan,but I can forge my sender IP address.
Scammers have a deep knowledge of computer science.
It is very easy for them to forge the mail header,to steal photos,
to fake their sender IP address,etc.
Be careful my friend Hanako.
And you can ask OJAS.
OJAS is a great contributor on Delphi.
He has so deep knowledge of Scam.
When you have some questions about scam,criminals,
please ask him.He is friendly so he will give you his hands.

By the way if you have provided your photos on Dating Sites or sites like '' My space '',
please contact those site admin and try to remove your self-portrait photos.
And please get '' '' account ,it is OK?
When you email unknown person in the future,
please use this account,OK? is very helpful to you.

DatiSite 、詐欺師がウジャウジャ存在しています 。
相手を確認してくだ い。善人だと確認後、個人情報を与えてく さい。
写真は、確認後に送信してください ね。

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2009-09-17, 12:15:33
OJAS from United States  
I do not know even one word of Japanese, but I have seen wanwan's contributions in Japanese. Please follow his articles. We will help you in English, if you have problems, you can always post in Ja[panese and request a translation from wanwan of our articles. A simple thing you could do, is watermark your photos before you plan to send to UNKNOWN people. Wanwa can help you with gimp.

Feel free to ask for any help.
2009-09-18, 01:00:16
wanwan from Japan  

Please visit here and see this info !!
Your Brown is here ! Come on !

Thank you !
2009-09-18, 03:49:50
anonymous from Japan  

Thank you for your kindness.

I found he. You teach Site ( http://www.delphifa..505.shtml

2009-09-18, 12:09:43
wanwan from Japan  

Hi,hanako !
R/Brown ,It is a scammer.
I guess Nigerian scammers steal his photos
and pretend to be him.
So please don't blame him.
Nigerians are not white.
He is one of victims on scam business.

By the way ,Hanako,please keep playing with him.
Keep playing innocent,tease h!
Keep emailing him and try to get his infos.
Please put his scam infos on here.
Your message will be very helpful to innocent peoples.
You can help many peoples.
Thank you for your efforts,Hanako !

Please visit here very often and put your message on Delphi.
Your scam info are very useful to us.

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2009-09-18, 16:08:23
I Think this guy scammer too.
I just let you know.

2009-09-19, 10:36:17
anonymous from United States  
Hi Hanako,

Please visit,, and my Please search between
the age of 47 to 52 years old. You will find his Kenny or profile. He has several
profiles with different names.
Samuel Cole Cole
George Williams
Adams Adams
Samuel Adams
Andrew Andrew
Duncan Gators
Kenny Williams
Richard Brown
Sammy Cole (
Samuel Adams

He is an international scammer. He will post his new profile at with
different region location every month. He describes himself as an British. He is an American. He pretend to be UK citizen. Please search by 'RICHARD BROWN' under this website.You will find his additonal information. If you have new information, please post it
at this website.
2009-09-20, 21:14:42   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

These pictures were also reported as the following identity:

Name: Larry Orlando


Sent to justwannaloveyou Gender/Age Male /40
Spoken Languages English 、 Japanese 、 Spanish Country Canada

Hello dear, just get to be a mamber so that i could know more about you.pls dont hesitate to to contact me through my private mail.

Other Comments:
I think he is scam
2009-10-18, 18:18:45
Attached is a Nigerian scammer who has stolen Jame Bills picture from He and other scammers use Jame Bills picture to scam money from various countries. His really name is SUMDI OR ZUMDE. He lives at Benin City, Nigerian. He posted his profile at under the name of Richard Brown. He is a 33 years old nigerian. His birthdate is November 10, 1976.

2009-10-18, 21:06:36
anonymous from United States  
Hi, I have been scammed by a man that in the beginning used the same picture here only his name was Collins Robert.......he was origanlly from London but was living in Flint...when I asked to meet him he had to go to Africa because his brother was dying of cancer and he need his financial help......he was there a long time until his brother died...then ofcourse the problems occured.....lets see he was robbed on his way to the airport, he got malaria, he was arrested for not paying back money that he borrowed and was in prison, he tried to committ suicide twice.....once in prison and once in Lagos when I wouldn't send him money either time. etc......then he got back to the UK, and was on his way to the US when his son was in an accident and couldn't continue the trip to the US as he needed to get a job to pay for his medical bills.....I told him I knew that the UK had social medicine and that they had to take care of him...well then he died...then he ran into some guys that he owed money too and ofcourse wanted me to send him some..when I said no he said he would work it off and would stay with them..till the debt was paid off, then he said they were going to China to work and continure to contact me while over incidents his boss got a job building roads in Nigeria and he was going to have to go back there.....we argued many times as he promised never to go there again.......the stories and tragedies continued for a long time......and yes I wired him money several times... in the beginning to other peoples names as he said he couldn't pick it up in his name as he didn't have an account in Africa.....finally I said I would only send money to his own name...and so I sent it to Collins Robert.....anyway...he was in London the last I knew gave me the address Flat 129, John Trundle Court Barbican London EC2y 8ne......when I told him I had some gifts to send him he wanted to know when they would arrive cuz he wanted to be there...I told him there was no way to know he said to wait till I came to London which was planned for Oct 5, 2009 the last I talked to him was Oct 1 and have not heard again. I did a search on Collins Robert in the UK at that address and found a C. Robert and a phone number was listed so I called it man lives there...a woman answered I called her twice....I did send him 300.00 to Barbican London on the 1st of October.....he said he worked for Apple Inc............but as I read this sight when he was supposedly in London the phone number he gave me was +447805188806 and I was texting him at that number for awhile until he lost his phone..he also gave me a friends number John at +447024076506 and texted him wondering what happened to Collins but never received a reply......this guy had me.....when I doubted he always convinced me somehow that I was wrong about him but that he understood why I was doubtful etc. Please beware ladies he's an expert The last picture he sent me was when he was in I told him I wouldn't believe him till he sent me a picture of himself with his friends.......

2009-10-18, 21:10:15
anonymous from United States  
collins robert in the beginning used the same picture as James Brown Here is another picture of him

2009-10-18, 21:15:25
anonymous from United States  
another picture of Collins Robert......using the email address

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Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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