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Dating scammer Daniel Drenthe


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Name: Daniel Drenthe


77, Dayo Adegunwa Street
Ahmadiyah, Ijaiye
Lagos Nigeria 23401

Other Comments:
This picture was posted on under the user name Allin1x in mid October 2008 but was only there for a few days. Also attached are some other pictures sent to me offline by this supposed 'Daniel Drenthe' who turned out to be a Nigerian scammer. Said he was originally from the Netherlands. Moved to CT, USA 4 years ago, then to Los Angeles CA a few mos ago. Shortly after contact on match, switched to yahoo and im'ing. Then went on business trip to London and Nigeria but all emails (when supposedly in CA and London) were from Nigeria.

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2009-02-03, 05:17:29
anonymous from Germany  
Thanks for all the reply and advices I upload another picture of him.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana

2009-02-04, 09:59:55 from Germany

Have created with my friend this website . It will be great if this site will be visited and leave comments ! Thanks
2009-02-10, 05:15:23
anonymous from Germany  
New pictures of Daniel Drenthe

2009-02-10, 05:16:44
anonymous from Germany  
' Daniel Drenthe'

2009-02-21, 20:30:31
anonymous from Germany  
Hello, does anybody know s who is the real guy on the pictures ??? I want to find him.
2009-02-21, 20:32:55
anonymous from Germany  
The same guy , then the scammers used the name Richard Miller for him .

2009-09-26, 14:46:11 from United States  
I have been talking to this guy named Hilton Brown which I met online on a dating site called Mingle2.. He claimed he was from lynn, MS. and got a contracting job as a computer programmer for a major oil facility in Lagos, Nigeria. We have been conversating since December of last year. He calls me all the time and email me constantly. He first told me that he needed me to send him money for a visa so he could get back to the states when he lost his job and got mugged and all his papers were stolen from him. Stupid me sent him the money and suddenly he was in a car accident on his way to the airport. He still emails me and tells me that he loves me and that he misses me and still ask me for money. This time I did not send any and now he is not talking to me and I haven't heard anything from him for a few days now. He uses to email address: uk

If anyone knows of the person please contact me ASAP. I also have a picture of him too.. he also told me that he was born in Italy and his father died and he is the only child. His mother supposedly lives in Italy.
2009-09-26, 23:10:13   (updated: 2009-09-26, 23:16:18)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
2009-09-26, 14:46:11
tame***************** from United States

Please listen to me.

First please for, Your sake ask Peter the site administrator to remove
Your e mail address. If, You leave it posted here, You will be flooded
with scammers and do not doubt that for a second.
Scammers are here watching every day.
Contact Peter [ ]
Tell him the name of this thread [ Dating scammer Daniel Drenthe ]
The Date time and Page # [ 2009-09-26, 14:46:11 Page # 2 ]
Secondly Your being scammed and, You need to take action right now.
That being Block any communication from this scammer.
Do not ever keep in touch it will only bring, You more loss.
Simply put get off the Internet until such time, You have learned
how to tell a scam or a scammer instantly.
Your the perfect victim the way, You are right now.
You were connected to someone from Nigeria.
You should have known that there are nothing but scammers working
out of Nigeria. NO EXCEPTIONS NONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If, You are ever contacted by anyone in or having anything at all to do
with Nigeria, Ghana, Dakar, Senegal, Benin Republic, Refugee Camp,
Gold Coast, Ivory Coast, All of West Africa. It makes no difference
if they are White or Black, Man or Woman it is 100% scammers.
They are scamming as many Mugu like, You they can every day.
Mugu [ Gullible White Person ] This is what the scammers call, You.
It is completely impossible that this is not a scam.
No matter what stolen photo. You have or what fake name, You have
been given, The scammer is a Young Black guy who has many helpers.
They will tell, You all kinds of stories manipulating, Your feelings.
There is always a need for money every time.
You have not helped anyone but a guy who is stealing, Your money
no matter what the story is that, Your told none of it true not a word.

He has many e mail addresses, He can trick, you into believing,
He is from any Country, He chooses, He can appear on a live Webcam
as anyone, He wants to.
Read the reports of scammers from Nigeria, I am sure, You will see
for, Yourself how many woman have fallen for this type of scam.
There are Thousands of scammers working 24 / 7 out of West Africa
every day. You need to make a complete break with, Your scammer
and, I mean a complete break.
If, You foolishly keep connected for any reason, Your life will be destroyed
in the end.
The scammer has already gathered, Your information and this will not
stop even after, You end it with this one.
That same scammer can contact, You using another fake name.
Another e mail address to get around being blocked.
Another set of Stolen photo's.
You are in more Danger than, You even know.
Get off the net until, You learn how to be safe.
Right now, Your being made a complete fool by ironically a Black
guy who can't even speak English.
Never no matter what, You do ever tell the scammer about this site.
Never post, Your e mail address on this site.
If, You waste time trying track down a fake name or stolen photo,
or a email address, I feel sorry for, You.
Your being scammed and trying to find information about
someone who never existed is a complete waste of time.
Only if the scammer has been reported before do, You even have a chance
of matching anything and then, You will be lucky if the name only
matches as the scammers change their information from one victim
to another.
All, You need to prove its a scammer is the fact there is a West African connection.
Here's a video to watch it shows just how the Nigerians think about You Mugu.

Then Read this article from the LA Times.


I have tried to open, Your eyes and, I am Praying for, Your sake
You listen to, Me not a thief who only wants, Your money.
Take the time to learn now as scammers never stop. EVER
Today after 10 Month's since, I ended, My scammers connection,
I received a message that was sent by, My scammer using another e mail
address to get around being blocked.
So listen to, My Warning and start learning now.

Kindest Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

My comment about them not being able to read English.
Look at this picture of a real Nigerian Scammer.
Think, He knows any English ?

This image was also posted here:
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2010-01-12, 13:45:19
anonymous from Germany  
Hello , just somebody contaced me and knows him.But of course she knows that he is a scammer .

His name on Myspace is now Larry Morgan . But he has removed his profile there .
I m really curiouse and wants to know who the guy on the pictures is in real.
2010-01-12, 13:45:20
anonymous from Germany  
Hello , just somebody contaced me and knows him.But of course she knows that he is a scammer .

His name on Myspace is now Larry Morgan . But he has removed his profile there .
I m really curiouse and wants to know who the guy on the pictures is in real.
2012-04-25, 09:46:46
anonymous from Brazil  
2012-04-25, 09:46:48
anonymous from Brazil  
2015-01-30, 23:47:49
I trying to buy an Xmods reotme control car from a person from Ohio, but I live in California. His (or her) ad expired and I sent that person my email about the ad. And him or her told me that they will still send me the RC. I wanted to know if this person might or might not be a scammer.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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