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Dating scammer garett smith


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Name: garett smith



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2009-08-21, 14:43:21
Eva from United Arab Emirates  
I totally disagree with the above comments about smith grimberg.
He started like that to me, but I learned the truth after some time.
Despite that, i still saw pass the pictures of raoul bova, and I realized that despite everything,
he is still a good person. I dont think he is a scammer.
He might be a chatter but he doesnt ask money from people, and he listens,
and is a good person...
I dont think that he is lying about his nationality.
He showed himself to me through webcam, and he is a White man. And a very look-alike of Raoul Bova.
Maybe I am the only person who saw the real him.
Maybe he just saw this bad sides of people that's why he quits on communicating with them.
Anyways, I just shared my views because I feel from my heart that it is not right for him to be in this site since HE NEVER TOOK ADVANTAGE OF ME, IN ANY KIND. Now, he is my good friend and he listens to me and gives me good advices about life.
I hope that people will quit on looking at the bad sides of eveybody and try to be more understanding, and just try to focus on the good sides, instead. As long as those people don't ask for money or sex.
2009-10-04, 09:04:48
Fed,Girl,101 from United States  
Who exactly is this Grimberg Smith? With his Yahoo id of smith_jkbr aka Grimbeg Smith. He is supposedly 43 years old living in the UK. I've done the research and have been working on him for a little while. He hasn't yet done anything 'fraudulent' per se, except that he has taken upon the identity of posting up a picture of Roaul Bova.

After all this is just the internet and we are free to say and do whatever we want upon the 1st Amendment. Unless he has severely broken a law in actually 'conning' a woman from the U.S. such as taken money or have done illegal acts. He cannot be stopped due to these actions.

I have spoke with him via yahoo and he may be a legitimate person who is behind this talking but, technically not a spammer for he is a 'real' person but who this real Grimberg Smith is, it cannot be completely unveiled.

Be careful all, remember to not release credit card information, personal information including you're identity information. And enjoy the internet.

Included is Actor Raoul Bova and wife Chiara Giordano

2009-10-04, 21:00:42   (updated: 2009-10-04, 21:06:23)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
2009-08-21, 14:38:17 Page # 1
anonymous from United Arab Emirates

2009-08-21, 14:38:17 Page # 2
anonymous from United Arab Emirates

2009-10-04, 09:04:48 Page # 2
Fed,Girl,101 from United States

Bupkus !!!!!!!!!!! these scammers attempt to discredit this victims posting.

Go Away Idiots Your remarks are offensive to the victims who
posted this scammer.
All Postings made here by victims will be protected.
Your defending this scammer can only mean one thing, Your the Scammer !!!!!!!

If, You make any more such Postings all will be removed.
Leave these victims alone Coward !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If, You want to say something say it to, Me, You Coward !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

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2010-02-04, 10:22:33
anonymous from Taiwan  
I can't believe this, Smith is chatting with me too. And He write me a letter, and wwant me to marry him. He show me the webcam too.
2010-02-05, 04:10:04
2010-02-05, 10:34:51
007 from United Kingdom  
Remind them of this incident below and tell them that they will be next!!


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2010-02-07, 02:43:58
Well, what i wanna say here.. Why u all talk bad about smith grimberg.. Did he ever scam, cheat to you all.. I believed him and he's goin to meet me soon and we're planning to get marry this year !!! Please stop all the nonsense about Smith unless you have the proof to show here.. To the girl from Taiwan, you said that Smith hv been chatting with you and he wrote you a letter asking you to marry him.. You have seen him on cam too ?? Its really weird though, because i have been with Smith since November 2009 til now and yes i have seen him thru cam too.. He's been honest to me and he really love me and the best thing was i did talk to his mom recently.. So, if you have any proof then reveal it.. Don't simply judge peoples... Im always here to welcome and waiting for your comments !!! All the best....
2010-02-07, 08:39:37
DOC from United States  
@2010-02-07, 02:43:58 anonymous,

I believed him and he's goin to meet me soon and we're planning to get marry this year !!!

Is this your Smith Grimberg???

Your going to marry this guy??

I wait for your answer.

2010-02-07, 14:23:37   (updated: 2010-02-07, 14:25:38)
ww from Japan  
@2010-02-07, 02:43:58

LOL !!
It can be a stupid scammer's words like WTF aka Spamming Piper.
This anon says

' Please stop all the nonsense about Smith unless you have the proof to show here.'

I also ask you to show proofs he is NOT a scammer.
I say

'Please stop all your nonsense & poor words about Smith is not a scammer'

Hey stupid anon !
Put proofs he is NOT a scammer.

2010-02-07, 22:54:56
I knew tats pics of Raoul Bova.. Yes, earlier he did using the pics of Raoul but after tat he revealed himself to me by cam and his real pics. I did spoke wit him last night about all this comments from ur guys, well he told me that because of he ignored u all and he said all tis a blackmail.... Wat's so famous bout tis smith grimberg, he's not a celebrity... He's just a normal human being who need a privacy life and u all kept doin tis to him.. Just leave him alone.. If ur think of he'S cheated ur money, scammeR, slept wit u all then proof it.. And why u all keep giving all tis statements.. At the first place, Japanese girl, why should i put the proof and disclosed the pictures of smith grimberg here because its not am the one who made all tis complaints or comments.. And please be polite here, dont use a rude sentences because we're just to give our comments about smith grimberg and no hurt feelings... You are free to give a comments or complaints.. Why ur so hate and mad about Smith Grimberg ??? Wat did he do to you til ur so mad about him ?? Ur feel free to talk here and am always welcome you and all the rest !! For the past 2 1/2 months ive been wit Smith (chatting & calling), he didnt do anything to me, asking for money or watever, in fact he will fly down to see me tis month... He told me everything bout his past and his personal life, his ex-girl and am pretty sure he told me the truth... Ive faith on him and may god will blessed us always !!!!!!
2010-02-07, 23:35:25   (updated: 2010-02-07, 23:39:45)
@ DOC from United State..
That's not they guy whom i will marry.. I knew tat picture of gorgeous Raoul Bova... Well, he did revealed to me via cam and his real pictures... He's a good person, never take advantage of me even ask for money or watever.. And tell me, which i dont know, how do u know this smith grimberg and why all tis girls keep giving all bad comments bout him.. Was he so bad and cheated u ?? He told me he had his own business in London and because of that mostly all the girls wanted to go out and flirt around with him but he's not kinda type of man who likes to flirt around and he refused and ignored them... Mostly of his time, he will be at home as we used to call each other before and after work.. He's a home alone guy and always at home after work and he told me he never hanging around wit friends unless there's occasions to be attend.. Well, tats all i can say bout Smith Grimberg, if u have any comments or questions bout him.. feel free to do so, ur always welcome. ..
2010-02-08, 01:12:26   (updated: 2010-02-08, 01:29:23)
Miss Marple from Sweden  
@2010-02-07, 22:54:56

Yes, earlier he did using the pics of Raoul but after tat he revealed himself to me by cam and his real pics.

What normal ore deascent guy uses pictures of an another person and not his own????

And why are you visiting this site for the first place???

If you have done reasearches already of an guy you say is good, that means that

something is very wrong also,if you meet someone that is good and deascent

you trust hes words why you have to make reasearches on him?? you dont have to make

researches on the internet to see if he is good and real...

I say that you are playing an dangerous game now....

All the information what is given here, all addys is to an known scammer...

And it is an black man from Nigeria who pretends to be an white male modell

that is scamming and stealing from people on the internet

Even if he had not asked you for youre money yet, he WILL do that im very sure!!

And i say as the others here PUT OUT PROOFS that he is not an scammer!!

And i also suggest you ,that you write the admin

and tells this story also and make youre prooves to him because writing

and posting here is no use for nobody,this is an site where you make reports

of scammers and for theire victims and maybe you are hes becoming

victim soon,and i strongly believe also that is you who is next victim now...

take off youre glasses of love and look for the reality ..i would never date an guy

who has put out false pictures of him self,and if he is innocent why is all information

and pictures still published here????

I will give you an WARNING and if you dont see the reality and youre own good

please dont make anymore postings and no comments here anymore,ok??

regards //Miss Marple//
2010-02-08, 05:03:03
Miss Marple, Thanks for ur comments here.. But wat am trying to do was to clear his name from all tis since all tis girls kept giving all the bad comments bout Smith Grimberg. Im not checking on him since i was gone thru all the scammers reports then i came across his name was appeared here in fact ive told him everything bout tis as u can see wat ive written here. Anyway, thanks for ur advise.. Maybe because of LOVE im blind of everything but im pretty sure he's sincere and honest... God bless !!!!
2010-02-08, 06:26:42
Miss Marple from Sweden  
@2010-02-08, 05:03:03

Why do YOU want to clear his name ???
You can never clear others name than youre own!!!
He is the ONE who should clear the name for his own sake NOT YOU !!!
Are you so sure that he is that he is saying???
Why he uses false pictures on the internet???
Have he showed you ID,Passport???
Have you checked his IP nr from where he is sending you mails???
And finally have you met this guy for real??

Why do you believe so strongly in hes words??
I want you to really concider all this,because scammers are masters
in convincing and manipulating people and they have no limits what kind
of stories they tell people at all.I want you think and read here my warning signs.


1.Scammers use templates before they starts to ask for money and there is variations in time in that also before they do that from 2 weeks until 2-3 years.Scammers use templates becuase they scam many people at they same time and have no time to write personal mails.
2.Look for the language, scammers has offen very bad grammar and theire skills in euoropean language is bad,the templates are offen translated by GOOGLE
3.They fell in love very quickly and talk about endless and undying LOVE
4.Avoiding youre questions in the mails(typical for scammers who use templates)
But variations in that also exists...
5.If somebody asks you for money it is 100% sure it is an scam.
6.The scammer tells you to end youre datingsite account because you are the only true love for him(this is the way he can controll the victim)
7.Scammers uses an +44 as an UK number to confuse vicims with that they are in UK but they are infact in Nigeria .
8.If it sounds to good to be true it is offen that also.

Regards //Miss Marple//
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2010-02-08, 09:53:21
anonymous from Taiwan  
After saw all your common. I'm still surprise, Smithwanted me to visit him and told me ,he will come to China after Chinese New Year, and he want me to go to China to meet him in hotel. He want me to tell my family , we are going to marry. Okay , what ever, All i want to said is -- Wake up, girls and move on, I know I'll be more careful. Wish you too.

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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