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Dating scammer Tony (Antonio) Willson


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Name: Tony (Antonio) Willson


Nashville, TN; Accord, MA; Acton, MA

Other Comments:
This was typical of the other scammers from what I'm reading. I approached him on Within two weeks he was saying he loved me. He said that he had raised his sister's son after she died when he was 27 and that because he was so work oriented, no relationships worked, so he was still single. He said he was born in the US but moved to Portugal when he was 2 after his parent's divorce. Then, his parents reunited when he was nine and his father and sister joined the mother and him in Portugal. He claims to be a lawyer in Portugal who has now spent the last eight years running family businesses.

He said he was 45, ran his uncles construction company in Nashville, TN as well a diamond importing and stock brokerage company that his father started. the toll free number for the construction company is 866-980-7773 and is answered as Teneton Construction, but the first two times I called it was Nantec Construction. The phone number is owned by a VOIP company in Nashville. I assume that is how the scammer managed to make outgoing calls from that number.

He said he was originally from Portugal, and also spoke Spanish, Italian, and French.

The pictures he sent along never included a pic of the son/nephew, but beware,I asked for ne wpictures and got two that day with the correct time stamp on them. I have no real idea of how he managed to do that.

He claimed to be travelling all the time when I offered for us to meet in a neutral place like NYC. I often wondered why he never seemed to sleep, now realize that there was probably more than one person at the other end.

It is amazing that he/they managed to keep all details of my life straight, and yes, we talked on the phone almost daily.

I hesitate to post pictures out of respect for the other victim in this, the person whose photos were passed off as being 'Tony Willson'. I am sure that the person whose pictures I received was probably the victim of a female scammer. I will post two pics that I received, and for one reason...because I almost believed that this was not a scammer simply because I did not find his pictures anywhere on this site.

I did, int he last month, received two dozen roses and also viewed an intinerary on line to the name of Tony Willson, no doubt paid for with a stolen credit card.

Without this site, I would never have thought to check for the originating IP address, thank you for the info. Every email I received from him came from Ghana, regardless of where he said he was.

There were a couple of slip ups that I not only noticed but called him out on. One was when he took a trip to Vegas and said he was flying home at a particular time but I checked flight scheduled and found no flights that would have put him back in Nashville as quickly as he got there. The second slip up was when he sent me an email that had the exactly same paragraph that I'd received in an email two days earlier. I think you have to pay attention to that stuff, but it's far easier to just find out where the email is coming from. Tennessee email does not route through Ghana.

In checking some web sites about Ghana, I found that the USN ship the USS Tennessee is docked there and has been for months, so perhaps that is where the Tennessee connection came from. I met this man on MATCH.COM...which I had always thought was a safe place to meet someone. Since reactivating my profile on that site, I have received approximately four or five emails a day from far flung users, and all of them sound consistent with teh scammer MO I saw...'I will treat you like a Queen', misspellings, bad grammer, etc.

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2009-04-06, 11:44:33
anonymous from United States  
To the woman who saved me from a trip to the airport,

Let's see, 'Tony' told me 'Steve' was attending college in Paris (at age 17) and that an impromptu visit was the first time communication fell off. His 'biological father' hunt though, was taking place in San Fransisco...the last time things fell off. I'm thinking that the abrupt turn around was happening because I was pushing to meet so quickly...and no I didn't check the IP point now...I know 'Tony' only lived in my imagination...It is so ironic, because I was treating this guy like a liar from the beginning...his story was so unbelievable. But he was assuring me that he would come to visit, that he would pay for any travel I made when I chose to. Then I started to melt a bit, but, I was too cautious for them to keep trying. I am very curious to know if these pics are part of the scam though...clearly he's been caught because the only rebuttle of the story is here trying to save face... and that only took place after I forwarded this link to 'him' and all my other friends after finding it...but no personal contact with me to explain. He must change his match account when he gets another sap on the line so he is always working a few and fishing for a few new. His 'Summertax' profile went down shortly after he started talking with me. And the name 'Michele' was actually used in his story for me...she was someone he was involved with when 'steve' was young and she was making him choose between her and the 'nephew'...I've met lots of losers on Match, liars, married men, dogs and the whole spectrum, but this is the first out and out scam. This really has been a blow to my hope of finding someone...because now there is just no way I will ever trust anyone on line again. So just out of curiosity how did you find out the truth? When were you communicating with him and for how long? Did you send him anything? Did he stand you up? and What match name is he using now? I've deleted all the garbage from him...but yes I got the same pics...the young one in the black blazer was his profile pic...the yellow shirt pic he sent right away when I asked about the age of the profile pic...and the car shot after he mentioned his favorite color 'yellow'...I did try to get him to tell me where the lamborghini pic was from since there are no palm trees in MA...but that is when things slowed considerably.

I'm pretty sure that I've been getting occasional correspondence from another scammer...Paul Maxwell...from Match too...his stuff is really wierd too...and pics look like post cards...Widower...2 kids...Florida...'so lonely'


ps...I hope they use my pics and make me out to be somebody really cool too! but I'll publically apologize for being used to hurt or scam people which I would never do. I hope they at least make my butt look smaller...:)
2009-04-06, 13:10:05
anonymous from United States  
Annie: So many similarities. I asked him about the palm trees too and he told me there are palm trees in Nashville and that was where was supposedly living when I was talking to him, he said he was moving to Accord, MA and the itinerary I have of his flights were for him to arrive here (to live, not to visit) on March 23. It sounds like much of his story was the same to both of us, probably makes it a lot easier to keep the details right. He told me about Steve, going to school in Paris, and how we would make a trip there together to meet him and how Steve, when he came home in the summer, would be asked to speak English in the house out of deference to me. He said he wanted to marry me, that I was the best thing to have happened to him in 16 years. Ironically, I heard thes ame story about the girlfriend who he 'sent away' after he took custody of Steve because she was too selfish to be interested in playing mom. In fact, one conversation we had, wich went on for about three hours, he spent enough time lamenting about this woman that I almost asked him if he was really ready to just get over it. I do not remember what name he gave her, but listen to this...

He told me he had been to his house in Accord during February and been snowed in most of the time there and unable to visit his 'farm' in Acton. He said he hated the snow. I said that a good snowstorm can be fun if you have someone special to spend the time with and have planned with food and entertainment, etc. He said 'If we are caught inside during a blizzard, I will count every hair on your head and then name them all. And then when I find one that has fallen out I will say 'look baby, it's Michelle'... So that name is what, the only female American name they know???

Not sure when you were talking to him, but at one point I did tell him that I was uncomfortable with him talking ot me that way and yet having his match profile up. His response was that he never goes on, but he does answer emails and winks by telling people that he has found someone and is not interested. Then asked me on the phone to walk him through the process of shutting down his profile.

I invested a lot of time in this guy, totally believed him, maybe partly because I approached him, not the other way around. I have 61 emails from him and a half dozen e cards, plus got the roses, plus spent hours on the phone with him. I mean HOURS on the phone with him. DAYS lost to Yahoo messenger chats.

And yes, once I figured it all out and sent him an email saying thta I knew all his emails were from Ghana, never heard from him again. Gee, call me crazy but I think it I were interested in somenoe and they'd gotten the wrong idea about me, I would call to explain. IN fact, if I'd left someone standing at the airport waiting for me, I would have called. Oh wait, scratch that....why woudl I leave anyone waiting at the airport for me in the first place????

So, Annie, when you got the pics of him in the yellow shirt, smiling, and the one of him laying on the bed, were they time stamped? If so, do they show the same date as I got on these ones? I asked fro them, got them a half hour later with that days' date on them, so I am guessing they photoshopped time stamps onto an existing photo of someone who was also scammed. I was also given an out of focus picture of him in Vegas, which I didn't post becasue it's so hard to make out any detail anyhow.

You will notice that both the pic of him in the blazer and the pic of him on the bed show the same headboard, in what looks like a hotel room. Why would you pretend to own a home and send pics of yourself from a hotel room?

Did you get the 'mi carazon' treatment, too, Annie? Maybe all this stuff was awaiting you if you'd continued to talk to him....I even got a line about how he was going to be the father of my children now....interesting thought considering they are 25 and they need soem guy to come along and start acting like their father? They already have a dad.

Oh yeah, one more thing...he had also told me that his sister had Steve while living in San Francisco, but like I said I guess that if you just keep one sstory going it's a lot easier not to slip up.

Did he also tell you that his father was a stock broker and that eh had business dealings in England, tht it took years to reach the level he was at, blah blah balh? Then all of a sudden they were importing diamonds and he was in Morocco and they had refused delivery of the diamonds and it cost him $12000. The next day it was that he needed $1700 in order to take delivery back of the diamonds...Did you hear any of that?
2009-04-06, 13:14:03
anonymous from United States  
Geez, I keep forgetting to post this...Annie, after reading soem of the stuff on this site, I found that someone mentioned finding their scammer on So I went to check it out. Yup, got a hit for the email address. Big black man who said he was from Brooklyn, NY.

THAT was who we were talking to. NOT the guy in the pictures.

Unfortunately, I did not grab the pic and it was taken down the next time I went looking for it. I would LOVE to post THAT one here!!!
2009-04-06, 15:01:58
anonymous from United States  
I didn't get the pick lying in bed...and I remember looking at the time stamp on the car pic and thinking it was off...The pic of him in the yellow shirt came thru quickly withing a few hours of asking for a current pic...again I don't remember the time stamp...But they are gone now so I don't remember. Mi corazon...oh yeah...absolutely! Also his match ad stated 'within 500 miles of Nashville, but his location was listed as Accord, MA...when I called him on that he said he was living in MA, running the construction business...but had another 'estate in Nashville' and 'it was part of his inheritance'....OMG...I feel like such a bozo...March 23rd was when we were making plans for his visit to come meet me...he of course said that he would pay for me to come meet him in MA anytime I wanted...I'm a graduate student...I'm not sure how long he thought this would go on...because I won't have any money for years!!! Poor choice of stooges on his/their part...I would have thought single professionals with money to burn would have been better options...I guess I'm glad it only turned out to be about 6 weeks of my life...can't wait to see who else He asked you for money then? Like I said it never got that far....because I was standing firm on my plan to meet before things went much further...and I never talked any pillow was more emotional stuff...past relationships...and future plans and such that started to pique my interest....unbelievable! I had asked for photos of him and Steve and a cell phone number...when I asked for the number things started to fizzle.

2009-04-06, 15:04:01
anonymous from United States  
Oh wait parents were deceased and so was sister...brain cancer...and left 2 year old Steve with 'Tony'...this could be a friggin movie. Annie
2009-04-06, 17:15:26
anonymous from United States  
Annie: Obviously you don't like in Mass...I when he was tellilng me he was in Nashville, he was telling you he was living in Mass. How ironic.

I had started to get suspicious early on when some letters came through with perfect punctuation, spelling and grammar and some were very far from that. My suspicions at that point were centered around him talking to many women at the same time and I wondered if he was taking what a woman said to him and doing the cut and paste to me.

REally, it was talking to him on the phone that made me start to b elieve him. I thought he sounded so believable. I actually got goose bumps the first time he laid 'mi carazon' on me. He gave me a cell phone number, it was a Wales mobile number, and he said that he was in London/Wales closing up his business with this stock brokerage and had to buy one to talk to me.

It was still on up until about a week ago. I'll tell you one's prtty funny how this guy uses all this technology to corroborate his yarn but then picks poor candidates for a scam. I make good money but I don't have money to burn and I would not send money to anyone unless I was in a position to make a gift out of it....but like I said, he asked fo rmoney but didn't give me a big story about how it was a life or death situation, like he left the door open for me to say no.

Also, during the course of our one month conversation (and it sounds like we had to have been talking to him at the same time, so I'm dying to know if he told you he was in England, Italy, Malta, and Morrocco on business) TWICE I told him 'just call me when you get to Mass' cause of things that maybe he figured I was not emotionally invested enough to make a hard core plea for money.

He's probably still reading this, so maybe he'd like to say why he didn't want to run the scam as hard core as others do...

I wondered how that person knew to come here and find their pictures and demand they be taken down...I guess that post was made by 'tony' after you sent him the link?

Did you hear this was all the work of God, He brought us together, when we met the angels whispered 'perfect' balh blah blah?
2009-04-06, 18:12:49
anonymous from United States  
I'm in Michigan and yes I got the same 'God's plan' jazz...he sent me an e-card with this elaborate poem on it...He was consistently in MA until just a couple of weeks ago when this abrupt trip to San Fransisco to look for 'Steve's father'. And YES...clearly when I forwarded him the link to this site...he knew he was busted....he won't be using this story anymore...or the pics...I wonder who he will be next. It is funny because it was really hard for me to talk with him on the phone...He had a strong accent...and always talked fast...I got interested more from e-mail and chatting...but I was pushing hard for Skype...and of course I know now why he was avoiding this...I thought it was terribly suspicious that such a successful business man wouldn't have more phone...and such...All I had was the 'Langdon Willson' number with two other names on it for voicemail...I posted it earlier in the blog. Annie
2009-04-06, 18:26:43
anonymous from United States  
Annie, you know what? HOOORAY FOR US! We stopped him in his tracks and saved countless other women from dealing with this crap. It really is a mind f---. Because he was supposedly moving to within 10 miles of me, I've only just NOW stopped looking for him around every corner. I'm glad you foudn this site. I posted the pics at the insistence of one of my girlfreinds who pointed out that if I had seen the pics, I would have known immediately that it was all a lie. And you know what? If the pics are of some other guy who got scammed, I did him a favor by stopping them from being posted all over singles sites all over the place.

So, Annie, what made you get suspicious enough to come to this site? I ended up here because the same girlfriend who insisted I post the pics found the web site completely by accident.

To be honest, I had enough suspicions to have gooogled his name and email address many times, without finding it. I'm glad that now when you Google Tony Willson, THIS site comes up.

His accent is thick, I wondered about that as well and even asked him where he learned to speak English, he said his sister taught him. There is a large Portugese population in Massachusetts, and none of them sound like him. His accent to me sounded more French than Portugese.

Did you hear the line about having to travel to England and all those other places> Did he tell you he traded diamonds? Or stocks? I heard the construction company routine, too, that was supposedly in Tennessee. His ruse was so elaborate that one time when we were talking on the phone, another phone in the room rang and he said (undoubtedly for my benefit) 'No, I don't want to sell the crane as part of that deal, I will keep the crane for a while.' How sociopathic do you have to be to go to those lengths?
2009-04-07, 06:29:10
anonymous from United States  
To: my 'Tony' finder,

Yes I agree...a mind F#$%. I'm still a bit depressed I found your info on Saturday and was supposed to be meeting him next week. So I'm working through all the stages of grief now. I don't know what made me google him that day. I was getting down because I hadn't heard from him and was supposed to be meeting him next week. I just googled his name for the millionth time and when I flipped to the next page there it was...DATING SCAMS>>>TONY (ANTONIO) WILLSON>>> My heart sunk...because the spelling of the name was with 2 L's...then I began to read your story...and it was like I had written it...then the pics...OMG...I was sick to my stomach. Crushed was more like it...I was really devastated, I had really begun to count on him being real.

That evening after work I logged on again. I had sent the link to everyone immediately including him. When I got home I was talking with a girlfriend who mentioned the rebuttle...which I knew was from him and hadn't been there earlier. It was clear then that he was busted and I had been had. Cause I called him if there was an ounce of truth to his story he would have been pleading with me to listen to him...however the rebuttle on this blog was the only remark made. Clearly he was trying to save face, but he won't be using this story or pics anymore...cause now everyone can see what has happened.

It is true that my intuition was working over time. I must have googled him and his construction business a million times. You would think that if you are working that hard to find some dirt, you would make the connection that you are really not on board with the whole situation. Next time I will listen and trust what I am doing more than what I'm feeling. Intuition is a beautiful thing if you notice and use it. From now on I will trust was screaming at me...and I was ignoring it.

I'm glad that we stopped him...I've thought about putting the info and pics on Facebook too...I'm a little p$#@%! too as you can see and want everyone to know about this schmuck. You know the construction business was in Accord, MA...and he was supposedly leasing heavy construction equipment. He was also an international lawyer, but was trying to get out of that practice, while doing some stock brokerage as well. But didn't have a webcam...or a cell phone he would give me, just the 'Langdon Willson' number, which was obviously bogus. I tried to reach him a couple of weeks ago and just for fun tried one of the other names in the voicemail tree...Henry Herdinez... well oddly enough I left the name 'Bob' on the system and guess who picked up????? our 'cabalerro gentlemen Tony'...I should have busted him right there...that was obviously a sign something fishy was going on. That's when the story about San Fransisco and finding the biological father crap started.

And I googled 'Langdon Wilson' is a huge international architectural design company. So how long before the demand for $ from you? Like I said I think he was dropping me, because he could sense I was digging deep into his I was just getting blown off...but it sounds like he was really working you. I'm sorry. I can't help but wonder where he is...that rebuttle earlier our conversation says it is from Houston...This guy is a real piece of work...Geesh...just get a job for crying out loud...what a loser!

From now on meeting within a week or two or at least a Skype date will be a requirement on Match...this has really blown me away...It will be hard to trust anything anyone says now.

Look me up on match...if you wanna talk about this anymore...username (docforce)...we can stay in touch...maybe I'll compare notes of all the suspicions from now on...I'm definitely checking this site from now on.

Take care and thank you for saving me from anymore humiliation and heart ache.

Sorry we had to go through this, but it has been nice to talk with someone who knows exactly how I feel.

Good luck with your search...and here's to us...You go girl!!!

and all the 'Tony Willsons'...can KISS MY @$$

Annie in Michigan
2009-04-07, 07:17:10
anonymous from United States  
Let me guess, he always went MIA on weekends. I think out of the month I was talking to him, I heard from him on weekends the first weekend and third weekend. Then he would disappear for an entire weekend the other times.

Hey, here's a giggle...if I call the MA number, the music they play when you're waiting for someone to pick up is the same as the music that is played at the TN number. Uh huh. Gotta love VOIP.

As to him getting a Houston posting address, there are ways that could happen. The first bunch of emails I got from him came from Orem, UT. I have not discounted the possibility that he has people here who send stuff on line for him to mask his scam. Also, if you have an air card for internet, the location can vary. When I use my air card, it shows me as being in Brooklyn, NY despite the fact that I am sitting in MA.

Does not matter...I got too many emails from Ghana to believe he is not the large black man I saw on, and he lives in Ghana. And weekends he stays at home with his wife and kids.
2009-04-07, 07:25:37
anonymous from United States  
You're right, Langdon Wilson is a huge architectural firm. Langdon WiLLson? (with two L's like he spells his fictional name) is a nothing.

Corporate records are public information here, easily looked up on the state website. I did that yesterday. It doesn't exist. And I bet if I called the Acton town hall, they would not have a dba on it, either.

Accord is so close to me that if there were a Tenneton Construction here, I would know it. That's why he gave me the TN story with a TN phone number.

Can you imagine trying to keep all this stuff straight? There was probably more than one person on the other side of the computer though I'm sure that there was only one person I was speaking to. Like I said, sometimes the spelling was good and sometimes it sucked...
2009-04-07, 17:03:31
anonymous from United States  
Hi anonymous US,
Sounds very familiar. This is my scammer, almost word for word. Check out Ronald Beven, I'd be willing to bet you will find emails there from him to me that are almost identical. I thank God every day that I found out before it was too late!! Take care out there in this freaky world we live in.....


Honey, you have changed my life completely. You're the one who makes me beautiful everyday. You're the one who makes me strong. You're the one who makes me feel so important; you're everything to me now.

You show your love to me every day. I thank God that I have found a woman like you. Please forgive me for not giving you enough time to chat with me, but i promise i will make up for it once we are together.

All that i can offer you is a family. I can offer you a family that will stick together through the good and the bad. I can offer you a family that will support each other every day. Honey, that's all i can give...I hope that’s what you want.

I really wish that you were near me. I wish that i could just call your name when i needed you and that you would be there. However, knowing that you love me so much is enough for now.

Love always and be safe out there,

I will be traveling to Scotland to see my mum and Micheal, because she's going to celebrate her birthday tomorrow and i will then go over to his brother house to get Micheal, so that we will be going to the swimming competition as i have told you before.....

2009-04-07, 17:22:46
anonymous from United States  
I hate to bust your bubbles ladies, but you haven't stopped him or saved countless women from being scammed. You have stopped the name and the pictures but the scammer will move on with a new name and new pictures. If you start looking around at the different scammers on this site you will realize real quick that this is a ring of scammers. They use the same MO's, just different names and photo's. My scammer is Ronald Beven, check out that thread, then go check on Ben Fischer Ridwan, then go check others. You will see the same stories over and over!! Sorry....I'm almost positive that I was communicating with more than one person. One person wrote the emails, they were always proper grammar and punctuation with a strange dialect here and there, but my scammer claimed to be Scottish so I didn't think much about it, but the person I IM'd with and spoke to on the phone was not the same person. In fact, I'm not sure why I didn't pick up on it sooner, but the man on the phone was a black man. That was my first thought the first time I ever heard his voice, but again, I've never spoken with a Scottish man before so I didn't think much about it. One thing we have all done on this site was protect ourselves and learned a huge lesson and for that we will be much more aware. My scammer found me on MySpace, and MySpace is rampant with these guys. So, I have made it my personal mission to befriend them, make sure I'm positive that they are scammers, get as much information as I can then notify MySpace and post their information here. We can't stop them, remember were fighting a faceless battle here, but we can slow them down and make their lives miserable. The more time they have to spend creating their new identity is less time they actually have to scam someone!! We need to fight fire with fire!! Good luck to you ladies.....
2009-04-07, 17:28:36
anonymous from United States  
PS. All the scammers either end up in the UK or Africa!! Dead give away. My scammer, Ronald was living in London and working in Nigeria. ANYTIME someone mentions the UK or NIGERIA run like mad!!!! :0) Especially, Nigeria. Nothing good ever came out of that country....
2009-04-07, 18:20:43
anonymous from United States  
Tony Willson was definitely in Ghana, checked the headers on his emails. You know they all sit around in these internet cafes and this is thier 'work'. Undoubtedly an entreprenurial soul there has made this easier for them by providing them with files to use for their emails. Chats maybe less so. Phone conversations? I definitelyt alked to the same person every time, but perhaps there is a pecking order and only the ones who speak English well enough to be understood are given phone duties.

I say we call the numbers in this thread, as many times as possible, and ring up their VOIP bills as much as possible. :)
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