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Dating scammer Bill Dorsen


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Name: Bill Dorsen



Other Comments:
He said that he was in the US Army serving in Iraq. He is finishing his tour in 3 months. Wants to come out to Australia and start a new business. His Mother is still alive and so is his father but has not seen him in years. He has a 11 year old son called Charlie. His birthday is 30 October 1960 and lives in Miami Florida

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2009-04-11, 14:47:34
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Only been chatting a week, so I'm hardly involved or hurt. I googled him cos I was suspicious of him. If he is fake, he'll get his come-uppance.
2009-04-11, 15:10:24
he is online tonight so he lied to you
2009-04-11, 15:48:42
anonymous from United Kingdom  
D'uh... At least I'm not the only one. lol. Have fun...
2009-04-11, 16:20:29
anonymous from Salem, United States  
Hello Anonymous and Anonymous from the UK
Good postings from both of you it really does appear as Bill Doresn is a scammer.
That raises the question of who the pictures are of as most if not all scammers
steal their photo's they use. Have some fun with the scammer and try to post
as much information you can about him. I am sure this posting will help others
in the future. Thanks again for exposing this dirt bag as a scammer.
Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
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2009-04-12, 05:04:36
By conversations he is after a free passage to live in another country get the girl in love and have a place to stay whilst he sets up what ever business he wants to do. This kind of thing seems to be happening a lot and it appears he thinks us british are easy prey. The Australian girl wsa right to be suspicious so well done to her for reporting it in the first place!!
2009-04-19, 15:43:58
I have been chating with Bill Dorsen and he is a really nice guy perhaps you have all misjudged him too quickly?
2009-04-19, 17:19:26   (updated: 2009-04-19, 17:25:50)
anonymous from Salem, United States  
Hello Anonymous 2009 - 04 - 19, 15:43:58
Or should, I say Scammer ? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If your not a scammer then you really need to wake up fast and run like Hell now.
Do not post anything like you did unless you can give substantial proof otherwise.
Show some respect to the obvious victim. If you honestly believe this Bill Dorsen
is innocent then you just may be drawn in by his manipulation of your feelings.
That is how scammers work. So save your comments for when you have the guts
to take ownership of what you believe to be the truth. Sign your postings at least.
I am not saying give your e mail address either. You don't even have to stop
hiding your Country but that detracts from your credibility when you don't show it.
Give yourself a nick name or something so others clearly know you made a statement.
You can come back any time you want to say Oh my God I have been scammed !
or in the very unlikely event of Bill not being a scammer post everything you
have either way. But to come here and make such comments behind what has already
been posted by a victim is not acceptable. So if your the scammer trying to do
damage control. FUCK YOU if your new here and just ignorant then learn about scams
and learn what is going here before you foolishly open your mouth again.
Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
Photo of Bill Dorsen's real home

This image was also posted here:
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2009-04-20, 13:14:38
Perhaps you would like to elaborate on a scammer then? Perhaps it is just men chatting to women when they are in a war torn environment passing the time of day? He has not asked for any money or a place to stay? Perhaps the scam is he is just wasting time talking and making new friends and would like a new start in a different country? Who is actually the victim here what crime has been committed please enlighten me and mind your language there is no need to be rude. What normally happens to people talking to a scammer enlighten me as the photo posted as his real home is rather far fetched.
2009-04-20, 16:46:52   (updated: 2009-04-20, 16:48:09)
anonymous from Salem, United States  
I see, I got your attention ? No matter what photo or whatever remark may offend
you. You clearly missed the entire point of what, I said. As you read this thread
and see postings from others stating very clearly they were scammed by the person
you seem to be defending ? Statements in support of the scammer are not acceptable
as it undermines the victims who have been hurt. These postings no matter weather
you agree or not must stand as a warning to others. Just because you come on here
and say nothing that gives any reason to think otherwise you do not have the credibility
to say anything at this point. A simple statement that someone may be lonely and
writing is a pure waste of time to consider as a reason to believe you.
All the scams posted on this site occur from somebody being lonely and reaching
out to another. So what is your point ? I truly believe the photo to be stolen from a innocent victim. That person needs to come on here and state who He, is and
tell everyone his pictures have been stolen. But remember the photo's will remain
and the reports of people being scammed remain. Only with real proof can
anything be considered for removal. You clearly present no such proof.
Just your gut feelings are meaningless in the face of the reported scams done
by him. Your continued comment in this in support of who has been reported
as a scammer. Leaves only two logical choices #1 You are the scammer yourself
doing damage control . #2 You are defending someone you don't know !
I have nothing against writing a Soldier in a War Zone, I am a Disabled Vietnam
Veteran myself. So don't even try to tell me what is what concerning about a lonely
Soldier in a War Zone. To bad you don't have a sense of hummer about my
choice of photo's. As for how scams operate one way to scam a person is to develop
a long term relationship and never ask for money let your victim feel sorry for you
and just volunteer to send money. The scammers loves that as you are unable to
prove you were scammed. But, I will tell you again stop posting things that support
the scammer in this case. You have not done anything to prove your position.
I don't have to prove anything the proof has been posted already.
So stop your stupid attack on people who have already been hurt. Because that is what your doing. If all your going to do is argue the point then again, I say to you
Fuck Off !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't like the language Oh well, I don't like your posting of
garbage either. I suggest you read a lot more postings on this site and find out
what is going on. You just might learn something. Especially about how scammers work.
How they come on here in defense of the fake person they created. Also remember the person in the Uniform is the victim also his pictures were stolen.
Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
The photo is from 1970 South China Sea Vietnam
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2009-04-21, 00:53:22
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Says the man and I quote from Agent 69 Maxwell Smart 'have fun with the scammer' words of encouragment from yourself!
2009-04-22, 18:12:16
anonymous from Ghana  
The accused is not a scammer and it a lady who wanted to force her self on him and he rejected her .The lady is by name Fiona which i will add her surname soon .
2009-04-22, 19:57:21
Agent,86 from United States  
Anonymous from Ghana

Why did, I have a feeling there was a African connection to this whole question
as to if or if not this is a genuine scam report.
The fact alone that your from Ghana goes against your credibility.
Change your Country from one of the leading scammer sources in the World
first then you may be listened to. As for me right now. Your wasting your breath.
Where is the victim to say anything ? You may as well stop now.
Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
2009-04-22, 20:11:40
anonymous from United States  
Hey 86,
It's Jenni, you've been busy since I've been away!! Ha ha!! Do all scammers post on their threads?? Seems like mine is still a little active, even after the in-activity on his thread he shows up to egg it on??? Is this new for them?? Anyway, AMEN to your comments to the anonymous scammer, BROTHER!!
2009-04-22, 21:43:09
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Hi Jenni

I'm so glad to see your back. Haven't heard from you for some time.
I have worried to say the least. I hope the idiot has stopped troubling you
at home. There has been a slow but steady stream on here and on Ronald Beven
thread. I would say at this point the idiot has had to change tactics as it just wasn't
going well for the fool the way it was going. Ha Ha Ha Ha
This tactic seems to be headed for another dead end.
I could suggest a new tactic that would work but, Oh that's right why teach the Monkey
any new trick's. Ha Ha Ha
My God maybe, I have missed my calling. If, I can figure out how to successfully scam a scammer into keep arguing with me.
Think of the potential of what, I could do as a scammer. Ha Ha Ha
Now that the its been shown the one who wants to argue here is from Bloody Ghana, I'm not going to let this idiot get one by.
I really don't care if the person making this fuss is completely innocent.
There is no way in hell anyone from Ghana is going to convince me they are telling
the truth.
There are no woman or men from Ghana on line that can be trusted for any reason.
I will never change that statement until, all the scammers are in Jail first.
Anyone who wants to say different can bring it on.
Just as the scammers are learning to adjust their lies.
I have kept a open mind also. As for if this is typical behavior, I haven't seen anything typical these idiots say or do.
Just desperate thieves running for their lives. Ha Ha Ha They have never met this
much resistance before. Its really taking money out of their pockets.
So when the idiot keeps trying to argue with me, I'm more than happy to take up
their time. I have even mentioned, I'm scamming them in reverse but they keep
coming back for more. Ha Ha Ha

I hope you got a well deserved rest away from the whole scammer crap.
Ever since, I put my e mail address on here again so you could reach me and another
person, my inbox has turned into scammer central. One even pretended to be
someone looking for help. Ha Ha Ha. The scammish, English gave it straight away.
Plus my computer detected the virus sent me in the attachment. Ha Ha Ha.
So, I'm just happy that, I have caused the fools so much trouble.
The list of people being saved from scammers is growing real fast now.
Some people have gone back to the dating sites just to get the scammers.
Its been fun for the most part. Be blessed and be safe Always.
Kindest Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'// Write any time OK

I'm keeping my aim on the scammers Ha Ha Ha
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2009-04-25, 03:11:07
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Hello Agent 86 thank you very much for you silly insults during my investigation into Bill Dorsen they did make me smile. I joined a dating site and Bill started to converse with me and when a foreign guy does that I try to track anything I can down on google search hence it brought me to this website. I am old enough and wise enough to start pressing the right buttons and asking the right questions to a scammer experience of dirtbags has given me this insight and caution. I am the anonymous writer that you and Jenni like to think I have little or no experience of knowning what a scammer is. if you look back at the conversations you will understand why I spoke with the girl from Cardiff and then why I defended the scammer and why I hid my country for good reason. I encouraged the so called bill to write and defend himself to these allegations and of course he didnt realise to hide the location which confirms he is not a fighting soldier in Iraq. When the first girl wrote in you got on your high horse and demanded why he is a scammer which quite rightly so, no-one should post anything without good reason and proof. I find anything like this a challenge mainly because I would never treat another human being in this way and I like to make a fool of anyone who tries to do that. I would not also use language that you have done to try and speak down to someone or think you know more but thats you and I will forgive you as you did not know I was on your side!
I have provided the proof that you were asking of and hopefully any other woman who types in Bill Dorsen will discover this website as I did and they can see the story unfold. It is great what you do if you are tracking these guys and I understand the sense of achievement when the scammers realise they are not as clever as they think. I will sign off now and remain the anonymous from the UK...try not to slag me off again please :-)
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