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Dating scammer JAMIE GRANT


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Email:;; YM: Jamie_Grant0

Norfolk, Virginia
United States of America
Phone Number: 703.955.3708
(Jamie claims to live in Virginia but claims he travels all over the world for work)

Other Comments:
LOL, Oh my goodness, LOL, I cannot believe it. The following from the Alan Armstrong post is almost an exact quote from an email Jamie Grant sent to me early July 2009.

[quote]It's 4.00am of the day and I was thinking about you, as usual. I want you to know how much I sincerely love the countless hours we spend talking. It means so much to me. It truly seems like I've known you forever and I honestly can't imagine life without you now. There will be no looking back, no second thoughts and no regrets. I love you and only you ... and that love will only grow stronger. Sometimes life hits you with unexpected things that take you totally by surprise. All I can say is you're the best surprise life has given me and your capacity for love, caring, and understanding never ceases to amaze me. I've truly been blessed by finding you and I'll never let you go.[/Quote]

The only difference in his email to me was 'it's the evening of the day'

LADIES BEWARE!!! This guy is either sharing text with other male sammers or he is now calling himsef JAMIE GRANT, emails I know: or YM address is also As of tonight, 07/14/2009, he is still on Yahoo and MySpace.

JAMIE GRANT contacted me through MySpace with this message:

[Quote]Hello dear , Am so much captivated by your profile and pics i would love to get to know you more better as you can see i have alot on my profile that tells about me .Am Jamie Grant by name ..Am from Norfolk Va .i would love to have a chat with you and share more about each other on there as well yahoo ID is add me to your list am online now , you can also send me your yahoo ID so that i can add you to my list ..hope to hear back from you soon dear

Have a wonderful day ahead

Jamie Grant[/Quote]

Jamie claims that: he was widowed 4 years ago when his wife died in a car accident, he has two kids (Janie & Steve) both at Oxford University, UK, and that he holds a BS, MS, & Ph.D. all in math. Claims that he is self-employed as a construction project manager ($250,000+/yr). Says his father was German, mother was Spanish. Calls his accepnt 'a heavy German accept' but it sounds French to me. He sometimes speaks playfully high voiced with heavy accent, but when off-guard speaks in a slower deeper tone with slight accent.

He claims he has not dated in the 4 years since his wife died (Spring 2005) in a car accident when she was delivering a big check to the orphanage in New Mexico.

He told me not to speak to any other men, to close down my MySpace page, and he even asked me for my MySpace login and password so his daughter Janie could add some things. LOL, what a guy, eh?

Claims to live in Norfolk, VA and also has a home in Plano, TX.

He 'fell in love' with me within first week, 5 days after I replied to his message he said he had to go to Denmark to put a bid on a job. Then the games began.

First he asked me for, and unfortunately for me, got me to WU $100 to an orphanage. When i asked for the 501(c)(3) nonprofit info, he got upset and said it was new. I am a strong Christian and thought, oh, I can give $100 to the kids. It's God's money, I don't need the tax deduction. Stupid me.

This man asked me, but did not get answers to: (1) when I bought my home and how much I paid for it, (2) my mother's maiden name; (3) last 4 digits of my SS#, (4) for one of my credit card numbers.

He said one of his clients didn't want to pay him but he would pay me. So he wanted me to give him the above information so the client could put the money into my credit card account then I would transfer it to him. HA! I asked him if I had I AM AN IDIOT stamped on my head. LOL He got very upset.

Then, he asked me for $1,200 to get the bid for the construction job in Denmark. Then he said he needed $1,700 for an airline ticket home. He said he's always paid cash and thought they'd give him $3.5 mil in cash rather than check. LOL, yeah, right. Then he said that he was picked up by police at Copenhagen airport because he skipped out on some of the hotel bill. But, he wan't jailed, lol. Rather the 'manager' was making him stay there (for 3 weeks so far) until he could come up with money to pay for the room. LOL, oh, yeah, right. The manager lets him stay free of charge for 3 weeks until he pays the $1200 he owes for one week's stay? LOL

So, up to yesterday a.m. he has been trying to get $1500 out of me so he can pay the manager $1200 for the first week and laptop rental Oh, yes, he claimed that he pawned his laptop and an Italian suit for money so he now has to rent the laptop. He asked me to pawn my personal and household goods up to $1200 when I told him I didn't have the cash to send him. LOL, then he asked if I would fly to Virginia and pawn items from his house. HA, yeah, right. He was going to send me to rob someone's house? LOL

BEWARE, he even set up fake YM address claiming to be his dauther Janie Grant at Oxford UK who only seemed to IM me when Jamie and I were chatting and she would always say 'please don't hurt my dad' right before he asked me for money. This guy tries to cover his bases, lol. But, there are always holes in the story, and I hammered him with questions all the time. LOL, I keep laughing today about how hard this guy had to work trying to scam me.

He sent me flowers and a teddy bear the Thursday before 4th of July holiday. Then, called me that night to say, 'I showed you I love you today with the flowers. Now, you show me you love me and send me the money I need.' NOT!

LOL, but I work for a huge international law firm and the idiot knew it. I played along and finally, yesterday morning I told him I'd try to send him the money and asked where to WU the cash. He gave me This information: Olawale John, 3 Adeyemi Street, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria 23401 'What is money for: Bills'

Then, he made the mistake of texting me, for the first time I might add, from the address. I Googled that and bingo! It let me here to this dating scam site.

I emailed and texted him that he was going down and should I notify Homeland Security about this. THIS GUY DOESN'T FALL DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT, lol. He bombarded me with emails but didn't realize he was sending them to my law firm email. lol, which are saved FOREVER. When I told him 'I am at work and very busy' he then said, 'oh, okay honey, do good at work' and stopped. Until I got home. He bombarded my IM with threatening, 'You'll regret sending me away' and called me 20 times on my pda between 12:45 a.m. and 3:45 a.m. I had the sense to turn off my pda before going to bed.

I could go on and on. He endless IMs, emails and phone calls. Sometimes giving me zero or 2-3 hours sleep night after night. But, just be warned. This guy is a PEST and he has no problems using Jesus' name to try and get his money. Sending me Scripture every morning, obviously copied off the internet.

LADIES BEWARE. This guy talks a good talk in the name of Jesus and does seem to know his Bible.

I am going to notify MySpace and see if I can get him off of there.

At the very least, I hope this info helps someone out there. This is CURRENT. This guy contacted me June 7 and I got a Bible Scripture from him when I got to work today. After that, it has been quiet. But, it's been one heck of a wild and crazy month!

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2009-07-29, 21:32:14
anonymous from United States  

god's Girl

Thanks for taking time for your note - I appreciate all you have been through. I think my scammer is working with yours - but mine was a little sweeter. His pictures look like a normal guy in his office - no model shots. But the scenario is the same. I'm still curious about the IP - just pick a few dates between May and now and send the IPs if you would. Mine's IP Mine pinged around from Dallas to Alsbany - Ghana, Nigeria, UK, and Canada. I swear I got my teddy bear around July 4th too.

I need to get over this and move on - but I am curious. I wish more people new about this website. And if you and I can prevent anyone else from going through this it will be worth it.
2009-07-29, 23:18:07
anonymous from United States  
Anonymous 2009-07-29, 21:32:14

It could very well be the same scammer, they scam several women at a time. It's their job, remember. And, Jamie, was VERY sweet, if you can call a scammer 'sweet'. Or, he tried to be. He was a very smooth talker but none of his story made sense and I was not about to sit back and go along for the ride.

I've worked for huge law firms for too many decades. I know how big business works and I know how the legal system works. His sweet talking didn't fill in the holes in his stories. And, I wasn't afraid to tell him what I thought about his stories and I wasn't about to walk away without some type of evidence to do at least what little bit I've done. I am not naive enough to believe this will stop Jamie. Nope, I've just inconvenienced him to have to change his name alter his persona.

And, you mention your scammer's photo. You DO know that is a fake photo don't you? You know your scanner is a Nigerian man, don't you? You are looking at a photograph of some poor, unsuspecting man in his office but that is NOT your scammer. It just sounds a bit like you are not yet making the connection with you mind that the man in the photo is NOT the man you are talking with, emailing, etc. And, your scammer is not actually SWEET.

I didn't begin communicating with Jamie until June 8 and it pretty much ended July 20, aside from the IM on Monday morning. I've totally blocked him from reaching me and have no intention of removing the blocks. You may want to think about doing the same thing.

Regarding IP Addresses. Every single email pinged around to several IP addresses on it's way to my mailbox. Obviously, an attempt to keep from being identified or located. And, I did research the IP addresses. Ive wasted enough of my precious time on Jamie Grant to go back and research specific dates but I can tell you that between June 10, when we begain emailing to July 19 when he sent his last email (everything after that has been IM or telephone) they pinged from Nigeria, Ghana, New York, DC, Dallas, San Antonio, California, etc.

if you and I can prevent anyone else from going through this it will be worth it.

Have you read the posts made on the various scammer names here? Have you seen how many woman have had the SAME experiences, exact experiences? If not, you should. It will help you realize your scammer IS a scammer and will NOT stop bothering you. There are SO many brave women on this site who have posted their entire story, what happened to them, what their scammer did to them, etc.

It doesn't sound like you are ready to let go of your scammer. I pray you do so soon.

Pesonally, I don't care if Jamie Grant, or whatever his many names are, would somehow see what I've posted. I am not afraid of him and I have ABSOLUTELY NO intentions or desire to ever ever speak to or communicate with him again. Because, unless I am completely honest and post exactly what my scammer said, did, claimed, his story, his tactics, his lies, etc. I cannot truly help another woman identify her 'love' as a scammer.

Also, regarding the electronics store, Jamie trie everything to get the money he wanted out of me. One of his last attempts was to tell me that he opened an electronics store just before he left for Denmank. He had a shipment of electronics to be delivered but the supplier wanted to be paid ASAP. Jamie wanted me to email or call that suppliier (another scammer sitting next to him in the internet cafe) and get the info and pay that man the money for Jamie's 'electornic shipment'.

And, since you won't post your story, but you do say the 'scenario is the same' I take that to mean that your scammer was 'stuck in Copenhagen, behing held the the hotel manager free of charge for 4 weeks until he could pay for 1 weeks stay'. And, that NEVER made sense to me. Because, in all my 40 years in the workplace I've never seen one-way travel booked, even when you don't have exact return date, you just change the ticket. And, in Europe, you cannot book a hotel without a credit card to hold it and and many times a deposit. And, i told Jamie all these things. I could go on and on but none of this made sense, not at all.

Did he send you 'Read this to start your day' scripture devotionals? Did he tell you he wrote a book on Christian relationships?

And, no one in the world has the right to expect to get my mother's maiden name, last 4 digits of my SS#, credit card number, when I bought my house and how much I paid for it.

I hope the cities Jamie's IP addresses pinged through from June 10 to July 19 help you. Other than sharing my story and/or ecouraging women and men to LET GO OF THEIR SCAMMERS, I'm so done over this and it feels so wonderful. I have no pain, no emotion, no regrets, no sadness, no anger, nothing. I've truly handed it to Jesus and I'm ready for the rest of my life a lot smarter than I was on June 8. :)

In the end, as Agent 86 and I have stated, it does not matter if you scammer and mine are the same man or 2 different men (I use the word 'men' very loosely). They are SCAMMERS. It's not like your scammer is cheating on you if he was also my scammer. If it's the same guy it just means HE WAS SCAMMING us both. Nothing more, there is no emotion in these scammers. None.

Well, lol, I'm done thinking about Jamie Grant for a few days at least, even though I came out on my feet. He had to work VERY VERY hard to try to get my money, lol.

I pray you have a good evening. And, I will keep an eye on this post when I pop over to read posts about other scammers and see if I can lend a help.

Good luck.

God's Gal <><
2009-07-30, 16:31:23
anonymous from United States  
To God's Girl

I have spent the day on the computer and phone checking out this person that we seem to be sharing in common. Please do not have anything else to do with him. My investigation led to involvement in indentity theft - stolen checks - and worse. The teddy bears - he didn't pay for them..... I don't want to say anything more. I am 100% done with him and his criminal friends. I hope someday someone catches up with this ring of thieves and I hope he isn't reading these..... I'm an older lady - trust me God's girl - run away as fast as you can go......For someone who uses God to scam people, well I wouldn't want to be him on judgement day.... If there was a way for me to contact you or have you contact me without posting my info here I would be happy to do that. I will check this site again to see if you have any comments or questions. Only if I can help you will I have any more to do with this. I'm washing my hands of this whole deal. And I thought looking for love in the bar scene was dangerous - doesn't even come close to this kind of danger..... Going back to more boring life where it is safe,,,,,,
2009-07-30, 19:16:01
anonymous from United States  
To Anonymous 2009-07-30, 16:31:23 from God's Girl :

Hello, there. I'm going to cut and paste your text and respond beneath each to save time for me and for ease of understanding for you.
I have spent the day on the computer and phone checking out this person[/quote\
I am so sorry you spent the entire day checking this scammer out. I work for one of the largest law firms in the world, with offices all around the world, and I could have saved you time and effort with what I found in just a few minutes research because I post what I have to say to help other women and men identify scammers.
Please do not have anything else to do with him.

LOL, am literally about to roll on the floor laughing. Have you even read my previous posts? How in the would you could deduce that I would EVER want to have anthing to do with him? Apologies for laughing but my posts all read quite the contrary.
I hope someday someone catches up with this ring of thieves

Someone did. ME. With very little effort today we were able to locate names, addresses, telephone numbes and multiple email addresses for his partners in crime that he involved me with:
as well as other info. They scammed the wrong woman when they scammed me. And, not sure you even know just how deep this runs.
If there was a way for me to contact you or have you contact me without posting my info here I would be happy to do that.

Dream on, anon 2009-07-30, 16:31:23. Sorry to be blunt but that's just me, I don't hold back. There is no way I'll ever give my contact information to anyone I don't know personally. And, you should not want to give yours out either. Didn't you learn anything from this experience?
I hope he isn't reading these

This is the second time you have mentioned concern for him reading these? Why do you keep saying this? It's making you look quite suspicious to me.
to see if you have any comments or questions

No, questions. I'll post comments, pertinent info here as it comes up.

I wish you the best. I haven't had any amount of contact with 'Jamie' since the morning of July 20, except for a brief exchange 7/27 when I lost my mind and considered giving him a second chance. LOL, I snapped out of that REALLY FAST, ROTFL.

Okay, ladies, I ran across a bit more info today. Jamie is calling himself 'Jamie G' on Tagged website. All the info is the same as it was for me on his MySpace page: 46 years old; speaks German, Spanish, English; Christian; Norfolk, Virginia; looking for true love (sorry, this makes me LAUGH SO HARD). I've attached his photo from Tagged.

I researched his and it's generated from Sunnyvale, CA. I preliminarily researched his telephone number that he gave me and it is listed in Herndon, Virginia, just like on my phone bills, name/address blocked. But, I may use our research tools to get that info, if I need to. His join date on tagged as 'Jamie G' was April 12 which falls right in line with the creation date of his email. He joined MySpace on May 23, 2009, thankfully, MySpace booted him off.

With his US connections for passing money, money laundering, etc. there are far-reaching implications to things that even I need to keep quite on for now.

Ladies PLEASE do not doubt this man is a scammer. He uses other names/photos I am SURE but his persona/MO seems to be about the same right now.

Anonymous 2009-07-30, 16:31:23, I wish you the best. I hope you can let go. This man is not shared just by you and I, this man is scamming hundreds of women. God bless.

And, now, back to my wonderful life :) So much to enjoy, and so many exciting things coming up for me the remainder of summer and Fall.

LOL, I just cannot stop listening to the Newsboys full live version of 'I AM FREE' this week.


God's Girl <><
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2009-07-30, 22:25:00
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Hello Ladies

I am glad, You both have been posting so much information here.
Please be advised the IP Address that went to Sunnyvale California.
Just means that is Yahoo's address. The real IP is deeper in the system.
I have seen it mentioned the idea of, You two making direct contact.
That can be arranged if, You both agree to it.
To begin with, You both must agree that, You want to connect.
If, You both agree to it then both of, You contact Peter.
The site administrator. Letting, Him know, You both have agreed to make
contact with each other without posting e mail addresses on the site.
He cannot do this without a confirmation from both of, You.
Contact Peter at
This has been done before so, He knows how to handle it.
I noticed there also is some concern over the scammer seeing
what is posted here. That should not be a problem.
As for the scammer scamming several woman at the same time.
That number is several hundred at a time.
You both may not have had the exact same scammer but
by the way there was so much in common it could have been
another scammer sitting in the same room working from the
same script.
Most scammers are just apprentices fallowing a script.
The boss only handles the case when needed.
These guy's do not know English very well or if at all.
They struggle to remember any detail's that, You have been told.
They may not have been the one who told, You certain information
like a Birthday. Therefore if, You say, Your Birthday is July 30th.
for instance they may answer yes that's right. Even though, You had
been told it was December something.
That is why they get angry when asked about detailed information.
Each handler only knows what, He has said.
Do not discount the effect, Your postings have on the scammer.
It is a major impact. Yes, He will alter the fake name Etc.
But look what happened here. I answered one posting and two
were saved from being scammed.
That hits the scammer in the pocket book where, His brain is.
God definitely had, His hand on this.
Your reports are having even more effects on others right now.
I am Happy for both of, You and wish nothing but the best for,
You both.

Kindest Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'// <><

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2009-08-01, 12:24:52
anonymous from United States  
Hi, Agent 86!

Please be advised the IP Address that went to Sunnyvale California.
Just means that is Yahoo's address.

Very true, and I do have the other IP Addressed and used our program to locate those locations as well :), I just didn't post that info. here right now. However, I posted Sunnyvale, CA only because 'coincidentally' there is a business in Sunnyvale, CA for 'Jamie Grant' based out of the UK which is where my scammer 'Jamie Grant claimed to have strong ties and constantly referred to. In fact, he claimed he wanted us to get married in the UK.

To begin with, You both must agree that, You want to connect

Thanks for the info Agent 86, but I do NOT want to connect with this anonymous.

I agree with you Agent 86. I highly doubt anonymous and my scammer is the same. Anything is possible, but I strongly doubt it's the same scammer. For some reason this anonymous has zeroed in on me & my scammer when there are HUNDREDS of scammers on this site that have used the exact same poems, tactics, lies, scams, etc.

I popped on here this morning because a few more 'scammer tactics' popped into my head. I will offer up as much info as I can to help victims identify and BELIEVE their 'loves' are scammers.

From my scammer encounter, I firmly believe that I didn't always have the same scammer on the other end of my IM and email exchanes. Phone calls yes, but I truly believe my IMs and emails were various scammers at different times. Like, Agent 86 pointed out, scammers will ask for information you've already given, or insist they've already answered a question you ask, or get very upset even angry if you ask questions about them. One very simple thing that was ALWAYS 'forgotten' with Jamie is the time difference. In the 5 weeks of communication while he was in 'Denmark' he never ever remembered the time difference for me. Multiple scammers working one victim would absolutely have this problem. Also, claiming to be in a country different fromt he one they are actually in could also contribute.

LOL, they also get VERY angry if you tell them you want to ask an attorney if what they are asking you to do is legal. ROTFL. And, if you hammer them back with questions like they do you they might even tell you 'Stop confusing me' LOL. So, ask away ladies & gentlemen, they'll prove themselves to be the scammers they are.

Another tactic my scammer used was to have almost 24/7 contact with me for days/weeks before they began asking for things. Phone calls, emails, IMs, etc. constantly, all day, all night (another reason I believe a victim is communicating with various scammers pretending to be a single scammer). Sometimes if they can wear a person down, exhaust them mentally, physically, emotionally, the victims will do or say almost anything to get them to stop, or the victim will simply made wrong choices/decisions because they are not in full control of their faculties. Common interrogation style.

They will talk such sweet words of love, be more understanding than any man you've ever known, offer to give you the world when you are finally together, and for most I am sure they are patient but I fought my scammer too hard and, for the most part, he lost patience with me pretty quickly. They will tell you 'your wish is my command', 'anything you want, my love', 'you will go with me everywhere, I never want to be apart from you for even a moment'.

My Jamie claimed his job took him around the world at all times and once we were together he would always take me with him. And, they try to be slick. He would tell me over and over that I should go to Denmark immediately and personally help him out of this. And, over and over I would remind him my passport is expired. See, different scammers on other end of computer claiming to be Jamie.

For those of you who are Believers in Jesus Christ: DO NOT let you scammer fool you with their knowledge of Scripture. They can seem to, or actually have, great knowledge of Scripture but I have a feeling they have Bible sites up and ready to go when they IM, email or callyou. One thing I did very early on is pin the scammer down to Jesus' name. They have a hard time doing that, seriously. They mention 'God' all the time but I specifically asked my scammer why he would not mention Jesus' name. He got silent, still did not say His name but gave a response. And when I prayed on the phone with Jamie, the MOMENT I mentioned Jesus' name, he literally hung up the phone. He seemed to be able to write it but it took a long time and it was very seldom he would actually speak the name of Jesus. If you are a Believer, you know why he couldn't say the name. And, for me, this is what let me know this man was NOT who/what he was claiming to be.

If you are asked 1. not to tell anyone, 2. not to talk to any other men/women but them, 3. they love you within days without ever meeting you, 4. they are immediately controlling and/or possessive and claim it's because they love you, etc. RUN.

'Jamie' (my scammer) told me that he told his kids but asked me not to tell any of my friends and family because he wanted us to 'surprise them' when he made it home from Denmark. But, I did tell my close friends and my son and daughter-in-law and I also told them he asked me for info to steal my identity and for money to be sent via Western Union.

Jamie also asked several times if I'd told my friends my son and his wife about his 'problems'.

They want to keep things between you and them because they don't want people telling you to GET THE HECK AWAY FROM THAT MAN/WOMAN. Remember, any relationship that you think you have to hide is a relationship you should NOT be in.

They will set up various IM accounts claiming to be friends or family and they, or fellow scammers, will IM you as those people while you are IMing your scammer. But what jumped right out at me is the blatant fact that the family members were writing the same way, using the same words, phrases, etc. as the scammer. Without fail, if it did not come up in the IM it came out later. These were some of the few things I kept to myself, that I did not challenge the scammer on because I didn't want them to stop contradicting themselves. BE AWARE.

Agent 86, I truly hope that what I have and will post will assist other men and women in identifying and BELIEVE their 'loves' are SCAMMERS. For each scammer we can knock down, MANY less men/women that will be victims.

I hope it is alright that I continue to post things as they come to me. I do not always remember everyhting as I am sitting at my computer but as I go through my days/nights I remember important characteristics of Jamie the scammer.

God bless you all. My prayers truly do cover those on this site, and prayer is POWERFUL and God is still on the Throne and Jesus is ALIVE and the battle is already WON.

God's Girl <><

2009-08-01, 12:42:34
anonymous from United States  
I failed to mention here:

I posted Sunnyvale, CA only because 'coincidentally' there is a business in Sunnyvale, CA for 'Jamie Grant' based out of the UK which is where my scammer 'Jamie Grant claimed to have strong ties and constantly referred to.

that not only the did IP address location (which is also Yahoo's location) but the actual email address Jamie used with me, when plugged into the softare, took me straight to the 'Jamie Grant' business located in Sunnyvale.

I'm further investigating this.

God's Girl <><
2009-08-01, 19:03:58
anonymous from United States  
I ran analyses of the headers in ALL of the emails Jamie sent to me.

They pinged all over the place, but ALL of Jamie's emails from June 13 to July 8 originated in LAGOS, NIGERIA. Jamie claimed to still be in Virginia June 8-14. From then on Jamie claimed he was being held in house arrest by a hotel manager in Copenhagen. It wasn't until July 13 that Jamie asked me to Western Union $1,500 'to get him home to Virginia, United States' someone in LAGOS, NIGERIA.

I received the final email from him about 10:15 p.m. U.S. Central time on July 30. That IP Address originated in Mobile, Alabama, USA, and ping results encounted 'an error' each time I ran the analysis. However, I did get that the email originated from a business domain, Southern Light LLC in Mobile, AL, an internet-related company. You can Google it. May investigate this business further to see if it's nothing more than a front for this scammer crime ring. Obviously I did NOT reply. I simply moved the email from my IN box to my 'Jamie' folder.

I also just noticed that the last 2 weeks of our contact, he kept almost everything to IM and a couple of phone calls. He stopped emailing me July 8. Jami'es only other and final email was sent to me July 30, 2009.

I also reran the program on Jamie again to see his report. His last activity on was '2 weeks ago'. And, that falls in line with when MySpace dropped him off and we went to 'the finals', lol. But, it proves Ladies that scammers are scamming everywhere they can while they are telling you how much they love you forever and asking for your 'help'.

Just to share some info on two of his cohorts in crime, Elizabeth Coari, dating scammer assistant, who I DID WU $100 to for the 'children's orphanage' has 5 email addresses. One for the workplace (gotcha Elizabeth) two are domain which is an internet provider in INDIA and two others are with a provider in Columbus, Missouri.

Linda Stoltenberg, dating scammer assistant, who Jamie asked for a total of $3,000 to be sent Western Union to ($1,200 and $1,800) had 9 different email address with internet providers in several states but all in US., 5 of those user names contained 'alone4now@' 'alonenow@' with various internet providers, but all appear to be U.S.-based.

I noticed there also is some concern over the scammer seeing
what is posted here. That should not be a problem.

Personally, I don't care because I told Jamie 80% of what I've posted here while I argued with him for almost 6 weeks of my life. It's just a feeling I got in my gut when that was mentioned by a poster for a 2nd time, as if they knew it was happening. And, I will tell you all, if there is ANYTHING I've leard from the encounter with my scammer is that I will NEVER AGAIN IGNORE MY GUT. And, 'coincidentally', that same night, Thursday, July 30, I received an email from Jamie for the first time since July 8, telling me to meet him online (that meant Yahoo IM). LOL, what felt best is that I genuinely laughed at him as I moved the message from IN box to Jamie folder and went on with my evening :) Nope, I'll never ignore my gut instincts again. I believe God gave that to us for our own good.

I do believe this will be it from me for a while. I've shared about everything I can think of, but if I something substantial comes to mind or turns up in investigation, I'll pop back over and post it.

I will always keep an eye on the posts about other scammers, to give support, insight, prayer, etc. to help other men and women shed themselves of these scammers.

Blessings, All. <><

2009-08-03, 19:36:02
anonymous from United States  
To God's Girl

Thanks for specific IP address and times - the scammer that was talking to me showed a different IP during that time. You are good at these investigations. The man that was contacting me had me hold a check for him and I found out that the check had been ordered from a little old couple's bank account. One of the people working with him tried to cash one and was actually arrested in Florida and is in jail at this time. I find that a little comforting. I'm afraid of how huge this network is.

I too think there was two people at least writing to me = the sweet guy and the pushy guy. The sweet one would IM for hours (is that normal in these situations?) The the pushy one would demand money and that he knew I had it and that I could just send him what he needed.

The reason I mentioned before that I was worried about the scammers seeing these posts stems strictly from fear. They know my name, address, where I work, have pictures of me and my grandkids. I'm really a little frightened. I do want to help other women and am considereing writing an article for our corporate newsletter to warn others. Thank you for your insight into this subject. I appreciate you getting back on this site with more insiginformation. I appreciate you more than you know. I appreciate your bravery and your faith. God Bless!!

2009-08-04, 02:50:50
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  

Good to hear from, You again.
Please do not be afraid of the scammer.
He may have, Your information but the worst that will
happen is, He may open a new profile on a dating site
using, Your e mail address. or use, Your pictures and
story to scam someone else.
But come after, You is just not going to ever happen.
So be at peace, Your safe.
I hope everything goes well for, You now.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
2009-08-07, 07:52:13
anonymous from United States  
One more important item! Scammers offer to use WEBCAMS ...

Do not let that fool you!!! Jamie Grant asked me if I had a webcam on my computer like he had. I did not. I honestly do not know who I would have seen on the other end but it does not matter. What DOES matter is that SCAMMER use webcams. Case in point ...

And, I took another scammer down Wednesday :) Yep, I went to MySpace to look at photos my daughter in law posted and there was a message from an obvious scammer (34 year old male) and he gave up his yahoo ID in the MySpace message to me and offered webcam.

LOL, I popped over, ran analysis on the email address and it was issued to a 30 year old FEMALE in San Jose, CA and the report also took me to a very bare webpage for the same female. So, I popped back over and reported 'Killer Mike' to MySpace and within hours his profile was removed :)

So, ladies and gentlemen, do not let the fact that a scammer offers up a webcare 'to see him/her' fool you.

I'll take down any scammer that tries to contact me in any way. My investigation is proving interesting but I will not post those details here for obvious reasons.

Be blessed, All.

God's Girl <><
2009-08-07, 13:31:07
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Anonymous from the USA

Good to see, Your in the fight Good Job.
On the point of Web cams scammers have the ability to
appear as someone else by use of a fake Web cam.
This has been done mostly to convince men they are talking
with a woman when they are actually talking to a man.
Scammers also can fake a voice to cover up their real voice.
Keep that in mind when, Your contacted.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
2009-08-07, 20:34:38
anonymous from United States  
Agent 86,

I am absolutely in the fight!

Thanks for the info on how scammers use Web cams, I've never owned one so no clue how they work. Technology can be easily manipulated. And, I learned first hand from my scammer, Jamie Grant, how they can change voice.

As I mentioned above, my scammer's various techniques, lies, etc. seem to come back to me when I least expect it. And, when I remember things that I believe could be helpful for someone being victimized by a scammer, I want to post it.

I remembered again last night that Jamie Grant asked me towards the end if I had a Web cam. I didn't so, the subject was dropped. I made time to post that before work this morning. I have thought of that a few times and wondered how he would explain NOT looking like the man in the photo he gave me. Your last post answered that for me.

Yes, I continued the fight on Wednesday. Fortuniately, I never had to even talk wot this cammer who called himself 'Killer Mike'. My daughter in law told me she posted some pics from last week's soccer game on her MySpace page and I went to take a look.

Well, there was a message in my IN box from 'Killer Mike' TOTALLY obviously it was a scammer. The tyical broken English typing, wanted marriage and someone to share the rest of his life with, 'told me' (didn't ask, just like Jamie did) to give him my Yahoo ID and HE LISTED HIS in his email to me, just like Jamie did, etc. One thing that was different to me was that the photo he posted of himself was that of young black man.

So, I left MySpace, and ran a report on the Yahoo ID/email address he gave me ('') and it turned up owned by a 30 year old female, in San Jose, CA called Vida A. The report also attached Vida A's very bare bones page. I then went right back to MySpace and reported 'Killer Mike'. Less than 3 hours later, his profile/page had been removed.

Killer Mike joined MySpace on Aug 2 and on Aug 4 this woman had him removed from MySpace. And, nope, I didn't stop him but I may have kept someone from being scammed this time around. And, he'll have to at least get another name and try again.

Yep, I'm absolutely in this fight. And, whenever a scammer contacts me and is SO obviously a scammer and leaves me the info to hang him with, I can do it easily and quickly wtihout even talking to him. The only benefit to actually receiving an email from a scammer is that I could have run an IP report for exact location. But, it was so absolutely obvious this guy was a scammer there was no need to communicate with him in any manner.

I have learned much from being scammed by Jamie Grant. And, I am finding it ineresting how profundly it has affected me emotionally. It's difficult to even try to explain to someone who hasn't been scammed how violated I feel being duped into caring for and sharing bits of my life an imposter. It is an awful feeling.

And, Jamie would call me, IM or email my pda all through the night, every night, even if it was just to say 'meet me online'. I am still waking up with a start through the night every night sure as if he called me, emailed/IM'd my pda, or as if I had at least anticipated it. I prayed SO hard last night before sleep and I was blessed to only wake up once about 12:30 a.m.

So, yep, I am in the fight for the long haul. It's my cause. I'll fight scammers with all I have for as long as I have.

So, ladies and gents, don't fall for the ole 'I've got a Web cam so you can see me' routine.

And, Agent 86, thanks SO much for 'listening' and sharing your knowledge to answer questions.

Take care and God bless everyone. <><

2009-08-19, 19:50:00
anonymous from United States  
***UPDATE!!!*** ***UPDATE!!!*** ***UPDATE!!!***

My Scammer, 'Jamie Grant' aka 'Jamie G' and 'Jamie Cool' is poking around on again. He hadn't visited his page for over a month since I had him pulled off MySpace but heee's baaack. He was back on Sunday. This low life scum seems to like to do his trolling on Sundays, he sent me the MySpace message on a Sunday. He and his cohorts prey on Christian women mostly.

I am hoping I can post an update here soon that he's been removed from Tagged and Yahoo.

There was a scammer on MySpace calling himself 'Kurtis Vance' with a script very much like 'Jamie's' and looks like he's either already or soon to be removed.

This scammer group is as discusting as they come. 'Jamie' never mentions Africa at all so if victims are uneducated about Nigerian scammers they are prime targets.

I ran across a couple of emails I failed to move to his scammer folder so I went back and ran an IP address search, again, on every single email. 4 of those emails had US originating IP addreses and 1 IP address was Russian Federation origination. All of his other IP addresses did originate in Lagos, Nigeria, starting from his first email to me. But talk about pings and loops, lol.

I'm pulling a few of those I addresses here for a few reasons...
US IPs: (; (; (; ( - ISP: Southern Light, LLC).

Russian Federation: (JSC Eltel)

Lagos, Nigeria IPs:,,,,,,,, and so on.

For those that msy have doubts you are being scammed by a ring of African sociopaths, look at the Lagos IP addresses above. That was from just a few of days, meaning various scammers were emailing me (and IMing me) claiming to be 'Jamie Grant'.

This scammer laid low for just over a month then went right back to Didn't even change his photo, which I've attached here again. So, watch out ladies, BE SMART, trust your gut, learn from my mistakes, NEVER EVER send money to anyone you don't know personally, get educated and learn how to spot a scammer immediately.

Question for Agent 86, OJAS, etc.: Agent 86 mentioned to me and others that once an scummy scammer has an email address they try to hit you again with different name, etc. Any chance the sudden landslide of email hitting my spam filter for 'online love' 'find your mate' 'true love' and 'work from home' emails have anyhthing to do with my email address being into the 'scammer population?

I've been busy with my anti-scammer education but I think I need to stick around here a bit more.

Be careful, be smart and be blessed, Everyone! <><

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer JAMIE GRANT

2009-08-19, 20:06:07
anonymous from United States  
Hey ladies and gentlemen. I figured it couldn't hurt to repost the photo 'Jamie Grant' 'Jamie G' and 'Jamie Cool' used on MySpace. He may well be using these photos elsewhere.

Agent 86, OJAS, etc. Look at this photo, look at the background. I swear it looks like I've seen that 'landscaping' in photos somewhere. I don't want to go into detail but that 'atmosphere' looks familiar. Are scam bosses always African?

Oh, hey, Agent, OJAS, etc. another question. Scammer 'Jamie' claimed on MySpace and still claims on that he speaks German, Spanish and English. LOL, he could barely speak or write English. Are these guys multi-lingual? If I had started writng or speaking to him in German how would he have responded? Language software/programs?

Thanks a million!
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