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Dating scammer terry walker james


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Name: terry walker james



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Gorgeous Guy...his pictures showed Active Duty Army....almost 6' with hazel eyes..many pictures of himself at different ages in civilian and army fatigues.....I fell hard with heart broken and having to file for bankruptcy...would like to hear from any others that might have seen him...He is blonde on the right side of this pix...think it is the one of 2 men standing in a field both wearing Army Fatigues....Terry is the blonde on the right-hand side...Hey, if he really exists and is free and he is not the scammer..i still care for the man portrayed here in th pictures!!!!!!! ellen

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2016-07-01, 08:39:48
anonymous from Ethiopia  
This crazy guy just meet me on christian dating site and he told me that he is General James williams, widowed. Lost his wife and daughter in a fattal car crash. Been single for three years and now needs his other half to cheerish. I kind of feel it's too good to be true kind of guy so i strated to google him and landed in this info. His new e-mail address is

Ladies watch out
2016-08-08, 17:25:02
anonymous from Bolivia  
Hola alguien me hablo con las imagenes de este seƱor pienso que es un estafador
2016-08-13, 15:27:29
he's using James Rodgers on Facebook until i found out who he is. i saved his picture and used Google chrome and scanned the aspect of this and did a seach of his image and other information and came up with this site and i showed it to my wife then we had a big fight, my kids are upset about this as well he A FUCKING SCUMBAG. He told my wife he is in Syria. serving in the US army, he made my wife feel sorry for him and he messed up my relationship with my wife and I we are going through a tough time and this was all i needed was this asshole telling my wife how much he loves her and hes going to take her away from me and buy her a house. I WANT THIS ASSHOLE i have a friend with the FBI i need as much information on the prick. here is my email.. if he's scammed money from you let me know and let's put an end to this scumbag so if you want to help me put his ass in prison then email me as much information as you can and how he stole money, or what ever else he did to hurt you let me know PLEASE
2016-10-19, 14:54:38
anonymous from Canada  
I have had a episode with the dude known as John Walker we chatted back and forth he was getting serious really fast and my friend told me about him and I called him out about it and now hes fell off the face of the earth
2017-01-23, 02:32:33
anonymous from United States  
I feel so dumb.... I was not only talking to one of these guys but talked to the same guy using a different name and photos right after. I was told he needed money for his son who was away at boarding school and on a trip and promised the money back soon after. He went by Scott. And soon after was David James. I just didn't fall for it the second time around and blocked all emails and messages off facebook. Hes still at it..... be very careful!
2017-01-24, 15:52:37
anonymous from United States  
this man is still at it, he is now using the name David Welsh. Even though his jacket says James.
He loved me and is over seas still serving. But eventually he will get around to asking for money. Ladies the FBI will catch him eventually for stealing this soldiers identity. please don't send him anything! Its a scam
2017-02-03, 22:08:37
anonymous from United States  
He almost got me! Met him on Plenty of Fish dating app. Said his name was Michael Connor Craker was in the army in Afghanistan and son was with a friend in Ghana. Sons name is Desmond. Said his wife was killed 6 years ago in an accident and hi parents and sisters were killed in the World Trade Center. Email used was Hope they catch it! Creep!

2017-02-04, 03:27:20
anonymous from United States  
I had a general msjor Terry Walker contact me but I knew it was a scam he had Gmail account phone number never answered continued with lies about bring deployed on dyriavhaf an African voice never video chat sent pictures that were copied n paste the government should protect their soldiers from scammers it is not good they r professional so scammers but they didnt make me a victim I won will not confirm anymore military men on fb too dangerous
2017-02-04, 03:33:34
anonymous from United States  
I have had four military men contact me with sad storie of their wives dying n single parenting always in Syria by the ,4th week they've asking for money red flag is what type of work do u doho how emuch is your income per year I love u do u trust me they love u the first day . Take phone numbers n pictures always copy n paste selfies no dates on picture most of my scammers were African men . I thought fb protected ur info on fb evidently not they can access ur profiles n copy all of your pictures ad eell
2017-02-07, 20:17:18
anonymous from Ireland  
Hi found him in tinder his name is now ralph and nearly sure he has a second profile, as he just txt me he is working for the us army, never heard a person in the military to say that. Will keep u posted and if is him again I'll let u know the New name
2017-02-07, 20:48:14
anonymous from Ireland  
As promised, I just called him out, scammer. He goes by the name ralph and also william hamilton. Email address and Skype williamhamilton2311. He carefull girls. Heart less piece of crap around.
2017-02-24, 16:41:53  
Ten.General Williams Davidson is real?
2017-03-23, 12:38:50
Blara Accra Ghana Scammer works with family

2017-03-27, 10:31:09
anonymous from United States  
This is still going on 3-27-2017 He goesbby the name of Billy Gibson too. Talks to me through hangout. How has he not been caught yet!
2017-04-02, 21:28:21
anonymous from United States  
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