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Dating scammer Frank Williams


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Name: Frank Williams


Don't know

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2012-07-02, 22:25:44   (updated: )
[hidden] from Portugal  

2012-07-03, 00:14:06
anonymous from Portugal  
he sent me an e-mail on facebook saying that he would like to know me better. I answered him a few days later, as I had not seen even his message. Then he asked my e-mail and we exchanged some . A few days later he was declaring his love to me. I am a widow, feel lonly and believed in him.
Then we started chatting in yahoo. Everything was fine and I never had suspicion because I have been married for 35 years and had nevr heard of scammers.
Then he told he was going to Thailand for an oil project, and he was short of funds because ha raised a huge loan when the project started 3 years ago and he had no credit, he was trying to receive from clients but he did not know how he would raise all the money he needed. He said he has a degree in civil engineering, worked with contracts but with the recession things went bad.
As I know that so many people have this kind of problems, i believed in him.
When he arrived in thailand he told me a story that the owner of the drilling machine was asking him the whole amount to lease him the machine, instead of 30% down payment and that he did not have that amount if I could help you, as his payment was already in a dormant account and as soon as he finished the project he would pay me everything.
First Itold him I could not because I had fear, but I was already so much in love with him and he insisted so much, that I sent him the money.
Then when the transfer arrived the man had already leased the machine to someon else and other machine owners wanted more money because were brand new machines. and I sent him. I have raised loans, made cash advances, full moman, I don't know how I could be so naive.
Last week I told my sister that I met someone on the internet and she said me,'mother, be careful'. She asked wht he did and his name and the day after she sent me much information and your site. I di'nt believe he was a scammer because he speaks and writes perfect English, but yesterday reviewing your site I found in one testemony of scammer 'Alan Armstrong' an e-mail just equal of some he sent me.
Then I was sure he has a scammer. He is asking me more money for a purifying machine, I had already told him I could'nt get any more money, and he cried on the phone. He must be a really actor performing so good.
Now I'm so angry at me, how could I be so naive and sent so much money to man I never saw and that could make me feel so much in love. I only have his e-mail address and telephone number. From the States is 0014695229544 and from Thailand is +66870627244. I don't know how I can report this to the police of US. Please help me doing that, so that noone else is robbed.
2012-07-03, 07:02:37
hemisphere from Czech Republic  

This scammer is very active on dating sites and social nets. I reported him on number of occasion. When reported him to the Wayn he was the only scammer who wrote me back - what I do not know as I am not VIP member and he send message as VIP(paid service, so had money from scamming).

I put comment directly on scammers profiles when possible and reporting them as that may take longer till the sites suspend them - some of them do not bother...
But it is good to put a warning on scammers profiles - I found comments thanking me for saving ladies to be scammed.
2012-07-03, 08:55:48
hemisphere from Czech Republic  
2012-07-03, 09:12:17   (updated: 2012-07-03, 09:13:07)
Miss Marple from United States  

Stolen pictures used in scams from Focus Hawaii photo model BRAD

Other scam reports with this mans pictures:


2012-07-03, 09:35:44   (updated: 2012-07-03, 09:36:17)
Miss Marple from United States  

পুরুষ - 49 বছর, Penn, United States
61 দর্শক
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আমার সম্পর্কে
frank williams
জন্ম তারিখ
(আরো 27 দিন)
United States

2012-07-03, 09:36:36
Miss Marple from United States  

frank_williams613 6 June 2012

Hello,Am Frank Williams From Pennsylvania are you doing? hope all is well! i just come across your beautiful profile here and i really admire it. i wish i could know you better. if you don't mind we could get along and know each other more better. please feel free to write me on my email so u can see my my pictures, am so sorry for netlog conditioning network on picture upload hope to hear from you soon and have a nice day
2012-09-08, 19:15:33
hi there,

i have been approached by this man through skype and his name was Frank Richards from LA Calofotnia. He is a salesmane in new and used cars. He travelles a lot he told me beause of the cars and the last time I heard from him, begiining of august 2012, he was going to Ghana soon to sell cars agian
2012-11-15, 06:16:34
I opened a HI5 account on the 31th october and was approach by a person so-called named Frank Williams (
He said that he found me beautiful and that my picture make billions of stars shining in his eyes…
Then he told me that he would be very pleased if I get in touch by Facebook.
What I did on the 5th November on the morning. He was very surprised when I did it and wanted to know how I found him there. Surely because he asked it to severals women.
I answered “u seems to have memory problems, U asked it to me and gave me your address …”.
Forgive me he said, I’m always so busy and have a lot for things on my memory.
I suppose so…
He wanted to know a little more about me, and told me that he was 49yrs like me, from UK, and lived in the City of Liverpool, he get divorced 3yrs ago, he had a daughter of 19yrs old, and he was a civil contractor and also a distributor…
He said that he was looking for his soul mate and was almost sure that it was me…
I said u don’t know anything about me, we’ve met some hours ago…
So we discuss also in the afternoon and on Tuesday.
At the end of the day he knew that I was the wife of his dreams and proposed to come and live with me. I said “but I’m not divorced yet.” I’ve just leave my husband about 2 years ago. He didn’t mind. HE LOVED ME WITH ALL HIS HEART, and said that we’ll wait to get married, but not to live together.
To my shame, I must admit that I was already really in love with him… I trust him because he seems to be a good person and he didn’t sop ask about my children, my family etc.
He hoped that they would accept him for my husband…
He said almost twice in a sentence that’s he loved me, I was the wife he had always dream about, and wanted to come at the end of the week to live with me and planned to buy a house four us…
I said that all was running very fast and that I was a little scared about it.
He answered that HE should be the one who scared because it was him who had to let all for me but he didn’t mind because HE LOVED ME and knew exactly where he was going and what he wanted : ME….
So we continue to discuss all the week.
On the Sunday 11th November, in the afternoon he told me that he ware at the airport waiting for his flight taking off, and would inform me about his arrival so that I can come and pick him up.
On Monday 12th I received a message on my Facebook. He seems so be very anxious. He said that he called me at the office, but I was still at home.
He told that he had problems. He was hold for money-laundry.
I don’t speak english fluently so I didn’t first understand.
I asked him to explain to me.
He said that he had a lot of money in his briefcase and that he was arrested on transit.
He hired a lawyer (who tried to get in touch by phone and email me Jones Gray ) to inform me about Frank’s situation.
And then he asked me for money to help him to get out of there…
I answered that I was not so fool.
I knew in my head that it was to beautiful to be true, but my heart felt like believing to his love story…
I post one of his pictures he posted on his Facebook profile.
I must precise he closed it just when he understand I wont send money to him...

2012-11-15, 06:18:05   (updated: 2012-11-15, 06:20:59)
Another picture of Frank Williams

2012-11-15, 06:22:58
2012-11-15, 06:30:13
U find him handsome, cute... isn't it ???
Don't be as fool as I've been !!!
2013-12-30, 08:39:31   (updated: 2013-12-30, 08:43:24)
He is on facebook as Frank William. He is pulling the same stuff again. He says he is Scottish, a Civil Engineer. Using a phone # 011-447-8719 or 011-601-6356.

2014-03-22, 20:38:33
I just wanted to let you know that this is his new picture that he is from Thousand oaks a civil engineer and his cell number is 805-246-7987, He is associated with Layton construction and his email address is and he is in most of this picture was there. Thank you
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2014-03-24, 13:00:52
This man is still scams women's, He goes by the name Erich Garyson about Australian native a civil engineer and showing that he had a 4 million contract in South Africa. He was very convincing please post this with his picture coz I feel sorry for all the women that he hurt and scam. His new email is ph#805-246-7987 and pretending that he was a part of Layton construction. I wonder if FIB is aware of these and his address is in thousand oaks California.

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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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