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Monitoring your credit with TrueCredit


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I am preparing to refinance a mortgage and want my middle credit score to be above 760. Is having an account with TrueCredit's "3-Bureau Credit Monitoring Service" a good idea for me?
The lenders I work with pull all three agencies' scores and use the middle one of the three.


TrueCredit gets points for a nice user interface, trending graphics, debt to income calculations and so forth. The make it easy to compare the information that all 3 agencies have on file for you.

TrueCredit gets BIG MINUS points for having lots of advertising. I personally have an account with TrueCredit ($14.95/ month) and it disgusts me that after logging in, I am constantly bombarded with affiliate links where they want to sell me refinances, new mortgages, credit cards, insurances - you get the picture.
I feel that on a pay-for site, there should be ZERO ads.

Now about the credit scores. I suspect that TrueCredit's numbers are worthless.

Let me give you an example.

I have been monitoring my 3 scores over the past 2 months with TrueCredit and the number that they have as my "Equifax score" has been hovering between 800 and 787. Yesterday it was 800.

Parallel, I have a subscription to Equifax's Scorewatch product. It is an annual subscription, and it comes with 2 Scorepower Credit Reports. These include a "FICO" score, based on the Equifax credit report.

Note that this means that there are at least 3 FICO scores available:

Equifax FICO score
Experian FICO score
Transunion FICO score

So I obtained a new Equifax FICO score yesterday. It came back as 752.

Note that TrueCredit reports my "Equifax score" as 800 (with occasionally dipping to 787)

Further, there is the "official FICO" score that you can get from

So now we are having 7 different numbers:

TrueCredit's version of Equifax, Experian and TU's score (3)
Each agency has a FICO score (3)
The "official" fico score that you get at

I just talked to my lender on the phone again. She said that they pull each agencie's FICO score.

I believe that this means that the numbers reported on TrueCredit are useless. I also heard that they are referred to as FAKO scores in the industry.

After finding this out, I tried to cancel my TrueCredit membership. It appears that it is not possible to do this online. I found this phone number to cancel TrueCredit:

Simply telephone our Customer Service Team toll-free at (800) 493-2392
and a service professional will be happy to cancel your free trial subscription.
Representatives are available

Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to Midnight
Friday through Sunday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Eastern time


It was very easy to cancel my membership. The customer service representative confirmed that each agency has a custom formula that they can apply to all 3 available reports. He also confirmed that the mortgage industry relies on the FICO model instead of custom formulas. Therefore those Transunion numbers were indeed useless for me.


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2007-11-19, 19:20:48
anonymous from United States  
I too cancelled my service; however, it almost seemed like I was at a used car dealership. It took almost 5 minites for me to convince the representative that I was no longer interested in the service (since we have Equifax 3in1 Monitoring, and it is about 3 days quicker on inquiries, accounts and everything else).
2008-01-21, 09:51:47
anonymous from Norfolk, United States  
I switched from TrueCredit to LifeLock due to a cheaper monthly rate, higher monetary protection, and services that TC doesn't provide. TC makes it VERY DIFFICULT to find the phone number to cancel, it's buried in the membership information- and I also believe their credit score numbers are so inaccurate they are useless. NONE of the numbers matched up to what my lender pulled up- (to my benefit, the lenders numbers were better than TC's) PLUS, my wife had a HAWK alert on her report that we couldn't see, but our lender told us about- which turned out to be a credit bureau data entry mistake. (Yea, THAT'S a surprise, right?) So, TC monitoring is just another way for the credit bureau to make money for nothing. DON'T BOTHER. Andy the Paramedic, Norfolk VA.
2008-03-06, 16:02:02
anonymous from Irving, United States  
It's so difficult to find the True Credit phone number. Unfortunately that's the only way to cancel a membership. I had to cancel it twice. I spent 10 and 5 minutes correspondingly trying to convince the person on the line that I didn't need that membership any more. The truth is that there were so many changes in my credit profile that True Credit didn't report that I got fed up with them and I subscribed for credit monitoring with another company! In other words, I had a really bad experience with True Credit…
2008-05-07, 22:21:32
anonymous from United States  
I have found TrueCredit monitoring to be essentially useless. TransUnion is one of the most user-hostile companies I have ever dealt with. Their main number has NO way to get to a person unless you have a credit report number. The credit reports from TrueCredit do not contain such a number. The agents who answer the phones at TrueCredit are not native English speakers and I have had to repeat myself 3 or 4 times to try to get the person to understand me and then finally give up without ever getting the information I needed. I signed up for the free trial because I needed to have a fraud alert removed from my TransUnion credit report, a seemingly simple request which Equifax and Experian handled quickly and correctly. I am now 1 week into this with TransUnion and still do not think they have removed the fraud alert as I asked. The reason I say 'think' is because I can not get an updated credit report from TrueCredit. After they supposedly processed my request to remove the fraud alert from my report, TrueCredit helpfully locked me out of my account and would not let me log back in (leading me to believe, as one of their representatives told me, that they ADDED a fraud alert to my account rather than removing the one already there - not surprising if the people processing the request know as little Engilsh as the people answering the phones). I finally got back in but every time I try to get an updated report I get a ridiculous message that states that I have updated my report in the last 24 hours so I can not update it again. Of course that would have been awfully difficult since I was locked out of my account. Apparently their programmers failed to check that the update was successful before resetting the 24 hour time limit so every unsuccessful attempt locks me out for another 24 hours. I have both Experian and Equifax monitoring and Equifax is by far the best, has 24 hour customer service with people who actually understand spoken English (unlike TrueCredit), and were able to remove the fraud alert quickly. If I ever succeed in getting an updated report from TrueCredit and am able to verify that the fraud alert is removed I will immediately cancel the service. The only reason I considered it was that I read a review that it was the best value for the money. In actuality there is very little value at all and I pay less for Equifax 3-in-1 monitoring that TrueCredit would cost and Equifax does not CONTINUALLY bombard me with advertisements like TrueCredit does. Even Experian would be a vastly superior choice to TrueCredit. The people at TrueCredit should be ashamed of themselves for shoddy programming, terrible customer support (since the people only barely speak English), and lastly their association with the most user-hostile of the 3 credit bureaus (I have still not managed to speak to an actual person at TransUnion about their apparent failure to remove my fraud alert since their voice menu system hangs up on me rather than transferring me to a representative).
2008-06-04, 13:47:53
anonymous from United States  
What a scam this company is. I have been trying to cancel my account. After holding for over 10 minutes, I was automatically disconnected. i agree that the phone number was extremely difficult to find. I then redialed, and after 15 minutes, I am STILL on hold. To be continued, if I am ever able to talk to someone....
2008-06-04, 14:05:49
anonymous from United States  
Well, after over 1/2 hour on hold, to include my disconnected call, I was unable to cancel the account because my husband was not here to confirm some information. So, I'll try writing to the company to see if I can get it accomplished that way. HOW FRUSTRATING!!!
2008-12-08, 09:36:59   (updated: 2008-12-08, 09:47:17)
anonymous from Saint Paul, United States  
Well get a load of this. I have been a member of True since 2006. On Dec 3rd I updated my score and my score read as follows: Transunion 690/ Experian 690 and Equifax 715. Mind you there has been no change in my reporting. My payments have been on time. My creditors are reporting as they should, monthly. I have not used more than 35% of my available credit and my credit score dropped drastically from 690 to 675.

I contacted TrueCredit and spoke with 3 different representavie and all of their response's was that there may be a technical issue. Finally I got to a Supervisor explanied my situation my score complaint to him and he gave me TransUnion's phone number 800-916-8800 and said I see what you are saying and you are right your score should not have dropped write this number down and call TransUnion these are the people you want to talk to.

I then explained my situation to Transunion The representatives response was that she does not know why TrueCredit advised me to talk to them she then immediately offered me to buy my credit score from them (TransUnon) for $7.95.

I stated why should I buy my score from you when I can get your score from TrueCredit. The representative then stated becuase TrueCredit does not show you your true score we do her at Transunion. The representaive then advised me to call True Credit back and ask them how often do they update credit reports. Because she was told they only update quaterly.

I am now demanding a refund. I am paying for udated information monthly and True Credit updates their report quaterly.

To close I would like to say that my experience with TrueCredit customer service was very inconvient with broken English speaking reps who are clueless and incompetent as well as their Supervisors . Good Lord, I wonder what speaking to a Manager would have been like.

2008-12-18, 20:13:36
anonymous from United States  
Today they really made a bad change.

From now on, they have an 'IMPROVEMENT' - thanks to user feedback:

One can pull all 3 bureaus every 30 days,
or pull the Transunion score every 24 hours.

Of course I had paid to get all 3 reports daily..

I cancelled right away and I supposedly will get my last $14.95 refunded
2008-12-23, 05:43:48
anonymous from United States  
People here DO realize that TrueCredit is owned by Transunion?

Also, I have to agree that the 'improvement' of getting all three scores updated only once a month - as opposed to every 24 hours - is a big mistake. They'll run off many members. In fact, after signing in tonight and TrueCredit letting me know about the change, I'll be calling to cancel first thing tomorrow.
2009-01-07, 14:09:32
anonymous from United States  
Thanks for the number. I searched quite a bit for the number and was really getting fed up. I canceled my subscription today and it took at least 5 minutes to convince customer service I no longer wanted their service!
2009-01-21, 12:08:28
anonymous from United States  
Thanks for the number to True Credit. I have a headache from searching for their number to cancel my credit monitoring services. The headache was increased by the time I got off the phone with the lady who helped me. I enjoyed the service for the last two years until I went to apply for a mortgage loan and found out the my score was almost 100 points higher than what my credit monitoring service was telling me. Then they changed their system which became all the way useless for me. I will not use their services anymore.
2009-01-22, 14:50:17
anonymous from United States  
I had the service as well for 2 years and found it to be a useful tool until they changed their service from being able to update every 24 hour to every 30 days. I was ok with that until I tried to find the customer service number which just made more upset and determined to cancel my subscription. However I will say my call was answered quickly, the young lady did try to convince me not to cancel (its her Job) i understand. I was stern and respectful to her and she canceled my sub with out to much fuss and she was American.
2009-01-23, 21:31:31
anonymous from United States  
I just ordered True Credit a few days ago. I WISH I would of read this first!!!! DARN! I have noticed that Experian updated my account - YET, of course it doesn't show up on the True Credit. I find it very frustrating since I really wanted to monitor everything as I disputed things. This service obviously is not very accurate and I feel it is pretty useless overall. Better off going to each one individually or the Equifax maybe as stated in above posts. So, I don't know how it'll be to cancel, but i sure am going to on Monday!!
2009-01-27, 11:53:58
from Rancho Cucamonga, United States  
Okay, so what is the best--or at least a good--reporting agency to join???


2009-02-04, 20:10:26
anonymous from United States  
I called in December to cancel my subscription and the man that spoke little english said my account was canceled and he gave me a confirmation#. Today, I checked my credit card account and my account had been charged again for the service with Transunion. I called customer service again and immediately asked to speak with a supervisor. This person again, had broken english and I just knew I was calling another country. After being put on hold for 5 minutes while they located a supervisor they disconnected the call. I called back again and once again, the person that answered the phone spoke broken english! I am giving these individuals my SSN? That's scary! They finally put a supervisor on the phone and once again, she did had a foreign accent and it took her 20 minutes to cancel my account. She said she would send me a confirmation email showing the account has been closed and it is now 3 hrs later and I have yet to receive an email. I will have to wait until I get my next credit card statement to see if they charge my account again. It is so easy to sign up and it is truly a nightmare canceling your subscription. If they charge my card again, I am going to just cancel my credit card instead of calling their customer service# in a foreign country and going thru this same mess every month. Whatever you do, do not sign up with True Credit! It is a nightmare to cancel.
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