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Dating scam artist Anastasiya Romanova


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2006-03-21, 16:40:22
[hidden] from United Kingdom  
got contacted by one on Yahoo Uk personals. Replied at first believing her to be genuine. Fortunately, I'm naturally suspicious so by the time I got letter number four I was trawlin the internet for info on mail order bride scams. I think it was when she started falling in love with me at letter three point that stirred the suspicions! Anway, out on the web there are a vast number of sites with details of these women, russian detective, russian brides antiscam etc etc.
As i Googled the name anastasiya (no surname at this point) I was led to where a plentiful list of these scammers are listed. Having been told that she was from Yoshkar-ola in the first e-mail, I looked at the Anastasiya's from Yoshkar' Low and behold there was a solitary picture of 'Anastasiya' Romanova in her little black pants on the floor. You can imagine my fury since i'd only had 'nice' photos with clothes on!!! ha ha

Anyway, I promptly e-mailed my reply to Anastasiya asking for her surname and full address under the pretext of sending her a postcard from Nottingham.

Low and behold today I received an e-mail her surname was indeed... you guessed it ROMANOVA!!

She is using at the moment

However, I'm not going to destroy anything yet as she's not asked for the pound notes or dollars, what I am going to do is play along and mess her or him around a little even to the degree of saying the pennies are on their way and quoting a ficticious Western Union code. No doubt I will then apologise for getting it all wrong and milk it a little more.

If any of you would like copies of the scam letters or photos as received then please e-mail and it will be a pleasure to forward them on.

Finally, note the following:-

Never send money to a stranger
2006-03-30, 03:47:20
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Anastasiya Romanov

2006-03-30, 03:48:03
anonymous from United Kingdom  
More Anastasiya Romanov

Keywords: blonde brown top black slip
2006-04-08, 11:49:15
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Here is the full picture portfolio of Anastasiya Romanov, Yoshkar-Ola. Her e-mail address was

regards Niall
This image was also posted here:
Dating scam artist Anastasiya Romanova

2006-04-16, 10:38:40
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I have getting the same response from this person and I have received the same pictures. She has for money but turned it on it's head and offered to visit as she cannot afford the travel costs and visa costs. It's really strange that she is very opposed for to visit. The pictures have stopped coming which is a pity as that was the good bit. I am still playing but my emails contain emotion and her page length emails keep coming from my apparent future wife. If only finding a wife like her was that easy. Actually it is if you want to lose loads of money and never trust anybody again...
2006-04-16, 13:18:45
anonymous from United Kingdom  
This person has been communicatin with me. Her e-mail is now These are some of the pictures she has sent to me. Fortunately she/he/them has not asked for money yet

Keywords: brunette
2006-04-25, 10:36:55
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I have also received variations of these emails, These emails have been sent from various computers. I have played her/his love game and i still am, but I was aware that genuine Russian girls would not be asking for money for Visas/Travel, and the prices She/He quoted i know were wrong. So I converted Her/His emails back into Russian language then back to English and have checked and I can be 99% sure that she/he cannot speak English and she/he is using a text translation program, possibly @PROMPT ERRE Office. I would suggest that Anastasiya is actually a man the real Anastasiya is a partner or ex-partner of this man, and he is using her photos along with a translation program to swindle money out of soft men who are easily taken in. Why would a poor lonely girl of 27 years never married want to leave her country and close family to marry in another country??? NEVER SEND MONEY to anyone, if they love you enough they will find a way to make it happen! However she is a sexy attractive girl, the real one that is. I would certainly love to meet a girl like her if she really exists.... I suspect that there are many more girls on offer by the same group of male scammers working at various internet cafes, and possibly the girls in the photos are not even aware.
2006-04-26, 15:19:40
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Check This out http://www.anti-sca..13-2.html. Anastasiya is also Elena Kuklina email and also with new photo. seen at and and various addresses. I may give her a call.

2006-04-26, 18:15:31
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Anastasiya/Elena also has this email address and contacted person in France email; Such a lovely girl. Why does such a lovely looking girl result to this???? When there are good men who could give her a good honest life. Silly Beautiful Girl. I believe that male scammers hack this photos from other dating sites and online personal photo storeage sites. Do you really think a poor girl in Russia would or could pay to use Yahoo and subscribe to get your email addressthat easy?, i don't think so. Im convinced that these photos and our email addresses are hacked, and the girls possibly know nothing about it in many cases. If it is the girls themselves then i feel sorry that they have to result to this to get money. Note the email about the tasty pie and the photo, bit of a coinsidence don't you think. The story fitted rather well with the photo. On that particular photo does she really look like a girl you'd expect to do this and have this many email address. Also note her bank and home address is different in most cases, she must be rich and have property all over Russia. The poor girls probably getting the blame for some other crazy pratt. Not hard to work out that the read reciepts are coming from various IP's and machines. Never mind live and learn i say.
2006-04-27, 12:13:02
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I bet there are many men waiting to make hay with Anastasiya all over the world. One easy way to make a woman old. I bet her mother don't know, nor her real husband, she probably doesn't even know herself. I wouldn't mind making a bale of hay with her, but not for £780 when I could have a field full. Poor girl I Love Her To Bits the real one that is, still waiting for her to arrive to give her the money to pay her mum back. I even bought new bed sheets, mirrors and dimmer lights for the occassion hoping to impress but she ain't bloody arrived yet. I might give Elena call and see if she wants to come, i don't mind either of them. Better still if you want to meet a real geniune nice princess WHO WON'T LET YOU DOWN. Try these girls are for real and won't let you down, trust me.
2006-04-27, 16:37:52
anonymous from United States  
I don't know??looks like Herpies sores around her mouth..(badly covered with make up)
2006-04-27, 18:00:33
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I wish there were as many sexy beautiful women in the UK as there is in Russia. Us poor men wouldn't have all these problems. And our girls don't charge either, they don't even charge men from other countries. But us poor men have to pay for it. I think i'll get a job hiring deck chairs and umbrellas on a beach in Turkey those guys seem to have the right idea, and they don't pay for it either. We must be mad....
2006-04-30, 07:01:47 from United States  
I have been communicating with Elena Kuklina for over a month now. I completely believe she is a scam artist, whoever she is. Foolishly, I did send her some initial money. I know! I know! Immediately, she requested more. 'I need to show money at the airport'; 'Gangsters are going to kill me. I need to pay them.' etc. I really want to get who is behind this. It is not just the money; it's the deception and manipulation that irks me. There are two unique capabilities I have: (1) I will need to go to Russia for business in the next few months, and while there, I can work with police to get her (him, them, it). I will contact them in advance; and (2) I am in technology so I should be able to sort through much of the IP addressing, etc. to get a technical understanding of who is behind this. I have left my email address. I would appreciate if any of you would contact me and share with me some information, such as: how I can contact you; message headers from 'her' messages; anything you think relevant.

2006-04-30, 10:57:27
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Hi Sandy
did you click on the link i attached to the alternative name? I can almost be sure that this girl shown in the picture is not the person responsible. It is so easy to copy photos and build an album with all the bull letters that go with it. She probably doesn't even know about it. There is software that can target people like me and you and fill in names expressions etc that has been developed by scammers in Russia believe me. This is a group of men. I tested her several time posing as a german and russian using foreign email address and guess what? No Reply, these people are wise. I have met some lovely Russian women and they would never ask for money, its beyond them to lower thereselves. I was already aware of this when i recieved the first email. But my replies were slightly different to other peoples because i asked odd questions then i started writing in Russian, the emails soon stopped. It is easy to trace exactly where the emails are coming from and software is available, and pinging. But i believe this ain't a single girl this is a group of men taking the P... Please do not be put off there are many lovely Russian women who are 100% genuine i have met some beautiful genuine girls believe me. Just remember when a girl asks for money there is something wrong. Also visas do not come easy I was previously married to a Turkish girl and lived in Turkey so i know all the red tape involed. Now i am wise and know what to do, Good Luck with your research.
Craig UK
2006-04-30, 12:23:14
anonymous from United States  
To: Craig UK

Thanks for your comments. I do not understand what you mean when you say, 'did you click on the link i attached to the alternative name?' How do I do that? Where did you send this? I really want to get to the bottom of this. Incidentally, I am not at all put off by this. There are two kinds of women I especially love: Brazilian and Russian. But I got suckered in by her (whoever it is) and believe in justice. Anyway, if you could help me understand your comment, I'll keep you posted. Thanks.
Sandy US
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