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Dating scam artist Sindy Becky Green in Ashley, Ohio (Lagos, Nigeria)


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Sindy Becky Green goes now by Lauren Smith.


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2006-07-03, 19:56:43
[hidden] from United States  
Also from, a girl who gives her address as Glenwood Indiana is going to school in Lagos Nigeria, needs money to pay for her certificate or she can't get on plane. Needs $80.00 to pay for certificate. Wants the money sent by Western Union to Larry Homes School Administrator (supposedly). Then she needs $50.00 for hotel bill, staying at Whitehouse Hotel in Lagos. Uses the name jenbabeforu. Uses this prifile:
I believe that men needs to be treated with respect and as a equal partner in a relationship, but all I seem to find is the ones that does not know how to respond to that or is untrusting to it. I feel like u should treat somebody with respect and like they are a person not a peice of meat or whatever. I am the type of person who wants somebody to feel wanted not just as a trophy. I am a very affectionate person and I love to cuddle, I like to show somebody how I feel not just telling them. I love to be close to somebody whether it is in the bed on the couch or wherever. I guess my dreams would be is to be happy and have a family my goals in life I want to go into
business for my self oneday but that will be a while from now. I guess I want to work on my love life and be happy first. I have always wanted a child of my own and to have a family , but I guess when the time is right it will happen. I appreciate the fact that you are honest and open-minded with me from the start..

2006-07-05, 22:49:55
anonymous from United States  
got another running the nigeria stranded in the hospital strand - kaith_albert003 on yahoo, found me via yahoo personals
2006-07-06, 18:34:45
anonymous from United States  
Heres another. Elaine Fernando Guimeres of Americana, Sau Paulo, Brazil. Has been scamming men of money, wasn't sure but concern she was dealing.

Keywords: blue jeans white top table door
2006-07-06, 22:06:51
anonymous from United States  
The James Ann passport above is so much of a bad forgery job that you can see the differences where things have been erased and original printing


2006-07-09, 14:01:01
anonymous from United States  
I have been in contact with this pictured lady for months as I have met her on She was a student at the university of witchita KS and met her about 5 days before flying down to Lagos Nigeria to visit her sick mother. A friend of hers backed out of sending her the money for her return flight ticket back to the US. She has been having money sent to me from various sources through western union to send to her to pay for her ticket back to me and pay some lawyer fee. she claims she sold a store in luisiana that belonged to her father (who died in hurricane Katerina) and the person has been sending the money he owed for the store purchase to me as he knows she's stuck in Nigeria. I know it's strange to ask about a scam when i am on the recieving end of money, but she has asked for my money first and I have sent to her. This person (the purchaser has sent me almost $10,000 which I have sent most of it to here and she let me keep some for financial hardship I have now. I am learning about a lot of Nigeria scams now so I would like to know if this is something that may be familiar to anyone or does this seem like a unique situation and maybe i am lucky to have found something real from all this going on from there.

2006-07-09, 23:50:58
anonymous from United States  
sounds very fishy to me.
If the person is sending you money to send to her, why doen't she just have the money sent to her from the person that owed for the store purchas?

how is the money sent to you? one of the scams going on is using fake money orders, your bank will cash them, but when the banks finds out thay are fake thay take the money from your bank account.
2006-07-10, 04:29:40
anonymous from United States  
Does anybody know who this girl is? Her name she gave is Kimmi. Did they take steal picture from some innocent girl?

2006-07-10, 17:36:59
anonymous from United States  
to anonymous 2 post above
the pic is of a Model name Kehau
look under FASHION

get out of this mess as soon as you cam sounds like you are in the middle of something like money laundering
also on that modleing site thay have a 'contact us' link to e-mail them, maybe it would be good to let them know info you have on the person scamming.

Mrs. C

2006-07-11, 00:30:49
anonymous from United States  
Just found out today about this scam. This guy found me on I wasn't using the site for dating, just friends and before I knew it we were in a 'relationship.' He convinced me the easiet way to communicate was through Yahoo IM. Says he is an architect from new york, on assignment in Nigeria. He just secured a contract and now his 'agents' want 8000 pounds and he only budgeted for 5000. Since our meeting seemed imminent, my worried mother hired a PI and we found absolutely nothing on this guy. He said he owned a house in Millburn, NY. He had not asked me for money yet, but I had called Nigeria several times with this number he had given me: 234-8062805640. He also has my cell number. I became suspicious this past weekend when his calls escalated. Of course they never go through when he calls me, but when I call him, I get him fine. I am sure he is contacting me to ask for money. I have called my cellular service to block international calls and remove text capabilities. I cancelled my Yahoo IM, and hope that will do it. He has my last name, so I am a bit scared. He is going by the name Benjamin Hanks. Here is the link:

2006-07-11, 13:09:55
anonymous from United States  
the above pic is is Joleen from this web site

look under

please use the 'contact us' part of the site and let them know all you can about the person using her pic.

These girls do not deserve to have thair photos stolen and used in this manner

Mrs. C
2006-07-11, 21:13:59 from United States  
2006-07-11, 21:15:47
anonymous from United States  
2006-07-11, 21:18:01
TRICHELL21@AOL.COM from United States  
kimmieslot26: hi dear
kimmieslot26: are u on?
okcbigrl: yep
kimmieslot26: its kimmi from girlfriendsmeet
kimmieslot26: cool dear
kimmieslot26 has selected the 'Falling Hearts' IMVironment.

kimmieslot26: so how are u doing today?
okcbigrl: fine i guess
kimmieslot26: and how is the weather in oklahoma
okcbigrl: making ti
okcbigrl: it
okcbigrl: im trichell
kimmieslot26: i am debra hanson dear...
kimmieslot26: its a great pleasure talking to u dear
kimmieslot26: u there?
okcbigrl: yeah im here
kimmieslot26: seems u a lil bit busy?
okcbigrl: so what brings you to oklahoma in search of a grl
okcbigrl: naw
okcbigrl: im getting alot of im
kimmieslot26: well...i am only looking for a sincere and true love..and am ready to go anywhere in search of her
kimmieslot26: oh i see
kimmieslot26: well..maybe we could talk some other time then dear
kimmieslot26: i will email u ok
okcbigrl: naw i wanna talk to you
okcbigrl: its cool
kimmieslot26: oh ok....
kimmieslot26: so where are u now?
okcbigrl: im in okc
kimmieslot26: i mean home or work?
okcbigrl: home
okcbigrl: u
okcbigrl: so are you lez
kimmieslot26: yeah...i am lez and u?
kimmieslot26: u bi?
okcbigrl: naw im bi
okcbigrl: but im not into guys
okcbigrl: right now
okcbigrl: well for yrs now
okcbigrl: so i might be almost lez
okcbigrl: lol
okcbigrl: how old r u
kimmieslot26: i am 26
kimmieslot26: u gonna know with the
kimmieslot26: yeah...u almost lez dear
okcbigrl: oh
okcbigrl: well im 23
okcbigrl: you single
okcbigrl: any kids or ne thing
kimmieslot26: nope
kimmieslot26: i am very much single
kimmieslot26: so what do u do?
okcbigrl: oh me to
okcbigrl: free to do what ever dont have to answer to ne one
kimmieslot26: lol...
kimmieslot26: thats cool dear
kimmieslot26: did i tell u look real sexy dear
okcbigrl: well most of the time im in school
kimmieslot26: and i love that tatoo..on ur arm..
kimmieslot26: u look great!!
kimmieslot26: believe me
okcbigrl: and now dats its summer i just kinda sit around the house and travel and take care of my granny
okcbigrl: or should i say be up under her
okcbigrl: thank you
okcbigrl: your cute to
kimmieslot26: u welcome sweetie
kimmieslot26: thanks
kimmieslot26: so what are u really looking for dear?
okcbigrl: well im looking for a relationship
kimmieslot26: games?
okcbigrl: im tired of all these grls on here just wanting to fucki
okcbigrl: i want a GIRLFRIEND
okcbigrl: naw im not into games
okcbigrl: to mature
okcbigrl: for that
kimmieslot26: yes dear...i am also looking for someone i can share my feelings with...i am serious...and not into games also
kimmieslot26: dear u know its just that right now i am so sad...
okcbigrl: why
kimmieslot26: cos i thought i had found the right one for me ...
kimmieslot26: but i was wrong...and now its like i am in a nightmare
kimmieslot26: i met a lady 2months columbus..
kimmieslot26: she was 47yrs
kimmieslot26: we were getting along fine..and i must say i did fall in love with her
okcbigrl: well youll find better you got to look at it it wasnt meant to be
kimmieslot26: u know after my parents died 2yrs ago...
kimmieslot26: i was left alone with my younger sister...
kimmieslot26: but she got into drugs..and i was so sad..cos i could not take good care of her...but she is in the rehab now...
kimmieslot26: so i met sharon(47yrs)
kimmieslot26: and she told me we were gonna be happy we got along fine...
kimmieslot26: i had to drop out of college..cos i had to make endsmeet..
kimmieslot26: 2months ago dear...sharon said she had a job for me ...saying it was gonna fetch me $10,000
kimmieslot26: i was so happy..cos i thought this was an opportunity for me to get back in college
kimmieslot26: are u still there trichell?
kimmieslot26: i do not wanna bore u with my story
okcbigrl: well it sounds like to me you cant move forward until you get over her
kimmieslot26: dear...i sold all i had...and followed her to africa....nigeria
kimmieslot26: and when we got here...we lodged in a hotel
okcbigrl: oh
kimmieslot26: she told me we were gonna meet her clients the next day
okcbigrl: well the only thing you can do is learn from the past
okcbigrl: but i would never had done it because a relationship is not guaranteed to work especially if its in a different country
okcbigrl: but im sorry to hear that boo
kimmieslot26: yes dear...i guess i was just stupid..cos i thought i had found true love
kimmieslot26: so when i got up the next morning...
okcbigrl: oh well im not that kind of person
okcbigrl: i take care of my other half
kimmieslot26: i was so shocked..cos she was no where to be found!!!
kimmieslot26: she had gone away with all my goods and money
kimmieslot26: i was so worried and did not know what to do
okcbigrl: oh i would have woop the bitch
kimmieslot26: and i felt like i was dreaming
okcbigrl: lol
kimmieslot26: thanks for cheering me up with that
kimmieslot26: u are a wonderful lady trichell...
kimmieslot26: and i wish i met u before i foolishly came down here
okcbigrl: i c u fall in love real easy
kimmieslot26: well...thats just me...
okcbigrl: so where are you now
kimmieslot26: i try to be myseld
kimmieslot26: myself
kimmieslot26: dear....its like this world is coming to an end..cos i am still here in the hotel africa...and i cannot leave cos i owe the hotel bills..
kimmieslot26: its sucks
kimmieslot26: cos this is a local hotel...
okcbigrl: oh
kimmieslot26: i can't believe someone would do such a thing to me
okcbigrl: so how are you going to leave
kimmieslot26: i do not know!!
kimmieslot26: i am stuck here trichell!!
okcbigrl: you dont have ne family
okcbigrl: wish i could help
kimmieslot26: i lost my parents 2yrs ago dear
kimmieslot26: and my only sis...should be in the rehab now..cos she got into drugs
kimmieslot26: u can see why i said i am sad dear
kimmieslot26: at times...i feel like this world does not need me anymore
kimmieslot26: its really hard for me here
kimmieslot26: and i do the dishes at that the bill does not get outrageous..and also that way i feed
kimmieslot26: i miss my country dear...
kimmieslot26: and i could not celebrate july4th for the first time in my life!!!
kimmieslot26: u still there dear?
okcbigrl: yep
kimmieslot26: well..i will understand if u ain't gonna talk to me no more
kimmieslot26: i just had to tell u the truth about me
okcbigrl: did i say dat
kimmieslot26: i am sorry
okcbigrl: you didnt trun me away
okcbigrl: run
kimmieslot26: i am so happy to have met u trichell..
kimmieslot26: and like i said...i really hope i can meet u someday
okcbigrl: Come here you. Come on. Closer. Closer.
kimmieslot26: cos i believe u and i can share our feelins together
kimmieslot26: lol
kimmieslot26: u making smile atleast
kimmieslot26: its been long i did that
kimmieslot26: thanks
okcbigrl: yeah
okcbigrl: here
kimmieslot26: dear...pls i really need ur help...i wanna get back to the states...i miss my country..its isolated here...and it feels like i am not living anymore
kimmieslot26: i just need a new life..
kimmieslot26: and u in it will be just great for me
okcbigrl: lol
kimmieslot26: i really wanna share my feelings with u..cos u are a great lady
okcbigrl: ty
okcbigrl: sooooooooooooo
kimmieslot26: i said..i was just stupid to be here in the first place
kimmieslot26: and i have learnt my lessons
okcbigrl: its cool
kimmieslot26: are u gonna help me dear?
okcbigrl: like what r u talking bout
kimmieslot26: can u email the hotel manager?
kimmieslot26: tell him u are my girlfriend and u wanna get me out of here
kimmieslot26: i am Kimmi Eslot in room 05
okcbigrl: okay
okcbigrl: so basically its a word thing
kimmieslot26: not really dear
kimmieslot26: i owe the hotel $320
kimmieslot26: its a local hotel
okcbigrl: well im not with that i dont even know you to be giving you money
kimmieslot26: yes dear..i know this is kinda weird..and hard for u...cos u have not met or felt me
kimmieslot26: but pls i just pray u can find it in ur heart to help me out...and i will forever be grateful
kimmieslot26: just try ur best for me dear...pity me and help me out..
kimmieslot26: and i promise to pay u back if u want me to
okcbigrl: this sounds like a scheme
okcbigrl: how r u going to get back to the states
kimmieslot26: i have my ticket to ohio..
kimmieslot26: and its gonna get expired this weekend
okcbigrl: well just leave
kimmieslot26: which will spell doom for me!!
okcbigrl: is dat y u messaged me
kimmieslot26: no dear..
kimmieslot26: when i saw u..i knew i could be happy with u
okcbigrl: okay whatever
kimmieslot26: i really wanna meet u..and see how we can work things out..
okcbigrl: It must be really lonely being you.
kimmieslot26: but like i said..i just have to tell u the truth about me...
kimmieslot26: i would love to meet u dear...cos i believe i can be happy being with u...
kimmieslot26: i just need ur help to get back to the states plss
kimmieslot26: my ticket gets expired this weekend..and that will be bad for me here
kimmieslot26: u know sometimes...i wish i can just find a way to stop all these...
okcbigrl: i cant do dat
kimmieslot26: wish i was back in the states
kimmieslot26: dear... u ain't gonna help me?
okcbigrl: i cant
okcbigrl: dont know u
kimmieslot26: i know dear..
kimmieslot26: thats why i said..i know its hard and weird for u
kimmieslot26: but pls just find it in ur heart and help me with this..pity me
kimmieslot26: we all make mistakes
okcbigrl: so when you reach the states just email me
kimmieslot26: and i have really learnt my lessons
kimmieslot26: dear...i will definitely do that...and i can call u also ..cos i would love to meet u for real..
okcbigrl: alright
okcbigrl: enough bout that
kimmieslot26: i just wish u can find it in ur heart to help me get out of here
okcbigrl: why dont you find a trick on the net
okcbigrl: a guy
kimmieslot26: what trick dear?
okcbigrl: an old man
kimmieslot26: i don't understand?
okcbigrl: find a guy on hear then have him send you the money
okcbigrl: and never talk to him again
kimmieslot26: dear...then i will be cheating on him!!!
kimmieslot26: my conscience will not allow me hurt someone
okcbigrl: well dats the only way
kimmieslot26: i really wanna be with u...and thats why i emailed u in the first place
okcbigrl: cuz im not doing it
kimmieslot26: if u do not help gonna accept this as my fate
okcbigrl: you dont even know me
okcbigrl: to be with me
kimmieslot26: cos i can't force u to help me dear..its ur choice
kimmieslot26: i know i don't really know u dear...but i want u to know that...its the feeling that matters
kimmieslot26: and i do feel u are a great lady..and i wanna share my feelings with u
okcbigrl: okay
kimmieslot26: like i said..i can't force u to help me dear...and i think am just gonna accept this as my fate...cos it seems this cruel world does not need me anymore
kimmieslot26: just wish u could give me the life i thought i lost
kimmieslot26: wish u could help bring joy to my soul once more...
okcbigrl: i can when you cum back to us
kimmieslot26: and give me a chance to start a new life
kimmieslot26: but i see u not gonna do that...
okcbigrl: sooooooooooo
okcbigrl: enough bout that
kimmieslot26: i made a mistake and i admit it..i was stupid..and i understand if u do not wanna meet this stupid girl..i understand ok
okcbigrl: so if you dont wanna talk ne more dats cool
kimmieslot26: dear..i will be so glad to talk to u..
okcbigrl: but i cant help you now
kimmieslot26: and i will always talk to u...if u want me to..
kimmieslot26: cos i believe we can be more than friends someday
okcbigrl: sure
kimmieslot26: i really want a relationship..and i believe i can build up something nice with u
okcbigrl: sooooooooooo
okcbigrl: you wanna be my grl
okcbigrl: cool
kimmieslot26: i just need ur help trichell...
kimmieslot26: its lonely..
okcbigrl: so i guess your my grl
kimmieslot26: depressing...and sad down here
kimmieslot26: and i cried all day on JULY 4th
okcbigrl: well go find sum pussy
kimmieslot26: cos i could not believe this was happening
okcbigrl: dat will cheer you up
okcbigrl: i need sum myhself
kimmieslot26: well dear..if u really wanna help me u can email the hotel manager on
kimmieslot26: i am kimmi eslot in room 05
kimmieslot26: u can let him know when u can have the money dear
kimmieslot26: and u can let me know also
okcbigrl: whats da name of hotel
kimmieslot26: whitehouse hotels
okcbigrl: where is at
kimmieslot26: and the managers name is jonathan david
kimmieslot26: in lagos...nigeria..thats all i know!!
okcbigrl: oh
kimmieslot26: it sucks here trichell..i am in one hell of a s***
okcbigrl: so how r u on the internet
kimmieslot26: i am browsing from the hotel hall...
okcbigrl: oh
kimmieslot26: and i am using the receptionist pc
okcbigrl: well
kimmieslot26: its connected to the internet
okcbigrl: im going to let you go
kimmieslot26: just do ur best for me trichell..
kimmieslot26: i know u are a nice lady
okcbigrl: bout to play a game
kimmieslot26: and i promise...i will forever be grateful
kimmieslot26: cos u gonna be giving me a life i thought i lost
okcbigrl: be safe out there
kimmieslot26: ok trichell...thanks so much for sharing ur time with me..i do appreciate it
okcbigrl: yep
kimmieslot26: and u have my
kimmieslot26: i am so glad u could talk to me
okcbigrl: bu tif you dont find what your looking for i may or maynot be here
kimmieslot26: i do appreciate it..
kimmieslot26: and i pray u find it in ur heart to help me
okcbigrl: depends
kimmieslot26: love u dearie
kimmieslot26: and take good care of ur wonderful self ok
okcbigrl: im going out of town dis week
okcbigrl: so i dont know if im going to talk to you before your ticket expire
okcbigrl: to miami florida to meet a grl
kimmieslot26: well..trichell..its up to help me or not..cos its ur choice
okcbigrl: I love it when you type real slow
kimmieslot26: and either way i am just gonna be prepared to face the hard times ahead of me
kimmieslot26: take care dear
kimmieslot26: with all my love,
kimmieslot26: kimmi
okcbigrl: how long are you going to be online
kimmieslot26: i am going offline now...but i will check my email at day break..
kimmieslot26: cos its really late here now
kimmieslot26: about 3.55am
kimmieslot26: i could not sleep
okcbigrl: oh what time is it trhere
kimmieslot26: but i think am gonna try to get some sleep now
okcbigrl: oh well here it is just 1000 pm
kimmieslot26: ok dear
okcbigrl: alright keep it tight and wet
kimmieslot26: thanks
kimmieslot26: bye
okcbigrl: bye

2006-07-12, 01:18:04
anonymous from United States  
Why do these scammers always use their location as being in Nigeria???Or having to do with Nigeria. Does anyone know?
2006-07-12, 06:22:01
anonymous from United States  
Considering an online romance? A word of advice...(the article title)

KSTP news Minnesota on friday July,the 7th about the scams

here is the video link address for everyone to see.

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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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