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Dating scam artist Sindy Becky Green in Ashley, Ohio (Lagos, Nigeria)


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Sindy Becky Green goes now by Lauren Smith.

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2006-07-12, 07:57:24
anonymous from United States  
Thanks Mrs. C

I contacted the web site and did send all the information i had to them and made a few suggestions about Joleen's pictures and their web site protection..
2006-07-14, 09:19:34
anonymous from United States  
please fix the link on the post above on concidering an online romance. it seems to be corrupted already 2006-07-12, 06:22:01
new jersey lady
2006-07-14, 15:34:12
anonymous from United States  
I can't believe you guys fall for this shit. Sending money to a complete stranger just because she emails you. I'm not saying you deserve it, but you need to not be so damn desperate. I've had girls try this crap to me and I guess I'm just smarter than that. I'm not sending a stranger money, not even a $1. Just because she emails me a hot picture. I mean really guys. Be smarter. Who the hell sends $2800 to a stranger in Nigeria or Russia. You have to be pathetic to fall for these scams.

Still, I'm glad I found this site because I like to be educated on the dating scams going on. But really, once you've seen one, you've seem them all. All these dumb bitches use the same blurbs time after time. No creativity. All is it is a mock email with a random pretty face and if you are stupid enough to send a complete stranger who says she wants to come to america to see you, but doesn't have the money your hard earned money, then that's your fault.
2006-07-16, 11:00:12
anonymous from United States  
To this annonomous knowit all above.blasting people who have been scamed,
For your information these people become your friend & work you for months then they are in need or some tradgedy happens. They work on you everyday, like pavlovs dog idea, go to & find out how many people were confident enough to admit this happened to them. All over the worl. They probably are using your photo& info,right now, in a little section of the world u never heard of.They make u fall in love with them, then come in for the kill. Keep your eyes on the tv, you will be seeing much more on this, everyday people, not desperate ones.
I feel sorry for your ignorance
A scammed Lady in New Jersey
2006-07-16, 22:20:54
anonymous from United States  
To the above. Anyone with common sense knows that u don't send money to strangers. Would you hand over money to a stranger in the street? I don't care how long they continue to e-mail or chat with you,or how lonely and desperate for love you may be, u don't send money to strangers. How can u fall in love with someone without having ever met that person in the flesh. Or not having gone on a date.By the way,most if not all pics are models stolen pics from sites.Not the actual person. How gullable can people be Maybe u are one of the above scammers.
2006-07-17, 09:36:20
anonymous from United States  
Does anyone know this guy? I found his picyure on a scam site. My sister is wrinig and talking to some guy in Lagos, Nigeria. He says he is ffrom UK. Calls himself William Jones. She has already sent him money. I am concerned.
2006-07-17, 13:20:13
anonymous from United States  
the pic did not show up on my comp,
but you could try looking for him on this site
Mrs. C
2006-07-18, 04:53:52 from United States  
On the Above post again 2006-07-17, 09:36:20 (updated: 2006-07-17, 15:32:06)
I am in no way desperate for love& my dating lifestyle is quite busy. Your judgement that we are gullible is downright unfair, You obviously havent encountered one of these scammersmaybe if you check out will see that thousand upon thousandsa of people all over the United states & continent have encountered scamms like the ones are listed here.Tell all of those people your opinion.
I am absolutly no Scammer I was tricked into cashing a check made out to me, drawn on Chase bank. this is no small time stuff here, that they do. My scammer played me for 6 months before asking for any help. Maybe you should contact me personally & discuss this.
i can introduce you to other
people who also fell in love with a scammer.
Im just wondering how you could be so perfect.
Wouldnt you think this guy was for real ? Also maybe your a scammer of some sort, Using this site to see what works.
It takes all kinds, thats for sure.Tell me if he looks like a model?,
He looks like your nextdoor neighbor, I will bet.
KL in NJ

2006-07-21, 08:52:49
anonymous from United States  
I wanted to comment on a scammer who was scammed. I discovered ISEDDOWN a user name which was listed on an earlier posting was used by a man who I talked to for about three months. Yes, he complained about his job and his mean boss and how he wanted to open a nutrition store but didn't have the money. Well I gave him tough love and he didn't nor asked for money, in fact, he even sent me a gift! The thing strange about it is he has this guy's modeling pics, school pics and pics with the guys mom????? However, I recently found out he is NOT 39 but 49. Does anyone know whose pics he is using?

Keywords: couple
2006-07-21, 08:53:22
anonymous from United States  
one more pic of iseddown

2006-07-21, 22:56:05
anonymous from Canada  
2006-07-25, 06:31:06 from United Kingdom  
gys, This person trying to be kimmi is trying to make me a fool. he is pretending a girl and thank for this website, I saw her picture. What the F*** people get out of scams? they disturb their and others lives! Thanx God I am out of it! thanx to u okcbigrl!

Keywords: man muscle shirt
2006-07-27, 03:37:43
anonymous from United States  
This is regarding the anonymous post about the girl Kimmi Eslot. She is defintely a con artist. I was stupid and tried to help out. I didn't use my money but helped he cash a check she said she was unable to cash and western unioned her the money. I did it at my bank. Few days later check was returned and I was charged 4,740.00 that I don't have.

This girl is listed on several sites as a scammer and she is one just about everydating sight in existence with the same old story she said to the lesbian lady posted above. Sam exact story but using a boyfriend as the villan instead of a girl friend. I'm still in contact with her and she's expecting to me to send her more money as she already mailed me a check via Fed Ex.

So now I'm screwed and my account is frozen and I'm nearly 5000. in the hole
I know I was stupid. just wanted to help out the sad girl and she some how convinved me to do so. Thought my bank wouldn't cash a fraudulent check. Hoping she'll be brought to justice any ideas? email
2006-07-27, 13:53:21
anonymous from United States  
I also ben contacted by a person calling themselves Sindy Green. At first at thought WOW but got to thinkin about the pic I got . The woman looked like a model and from what I've read here I'm sure she is!!!

2006-07-27, 23:19:48
anonymous from United States  
This guy claims to be Gary Blair from Brunswick, GA he is very charming and apparently very sly or at least he thinks he is. He sent me a pic of the girl named Sidney Green and said she is his sister and the lady in the pic with her is their mother. The only thing is I can not find any where that he ever lived in Brunswick, GA. He has told me that his mother is ill and in the hospital needing to have surgery although he has not asked for any money from me don't be fooled by his charm. He also resides in Lagos, Nigeria. This guys IM address is

Keywords: guy blue white shirt
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