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Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana


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2008-11-03, 23:34:51
anonymous from New Zealand  

2008-11-03, 23:36:39
anonymous from New Zealand  
Faustina/ Diana
But Not Diana Asamoah.

2008-11-07, 08:37:58   (updated: 2008-11-07, 08:49:02) from United States  
Hello Everyone I've been speaking to:

I've been speakin to this lady for close to week and everything about her from start seem as a scammer. I met her on; she found me. Her profile didn't have any picture's at the time. She did email picture's of her and her family including her child. The above is the last address she gave me as a real address, she has given me other addresses which she admits to changing because she claims she doesn't know me.

She did provide a cell number and I did call her twice but we speak for no more then a few seconds. I beleive I've gotten in her head and she's now trying to come correct after I worked her over with my gift of gab. I havn't sent her any money, I have called her a scammer and told her she's horrible at it and need to stop. funny thing she must have been thinking late at night because 2:00am in the morning she gets online and ask me, 'Why do you like me so much-what do you see in me?' I replied to her, 'your picture's of your family are happy that makes the some total of you' She gave me her cell phone number after that but I really think she started of trying too scam me. lol Now, I was going to be mean and send her to western union to collect nothing to teach her a lesson.

I've saved all our yahoo IM's, anyway, anyone seen these photo's before? Is their possible to trace the address or her cell phone number to identify the person?

2008-11-07, 08:53:00
anonymous from United States  
Another pic of ESTHER

2008-11-07, 08:58:31
anonymous from United States  
Last picture

2008-11-07, 12:57:52
anonymous from United States  
gays win they sin you a copy of there pass port and visa look at the back of there pic it is to be white only ok
2008-11-07, 18:13:47
anonymous from United States  
Has never asked for money. Recently tried to connect me with a man that wants me to accept bank transactions for them. Goodby to this one. Looks like Maria Haruna Name is Zussie. e-mail is

2008-11-08, 16:04:47 from Sweden  
This person have not ask after money yet , but if this not is a scammer then , HE was so bad ,so i needed too show you this . I talk too the same person 2 hours earlier and there he/she that she lived in Senegal , she gave me another than this i have here and she claimed too be 31 years, when i then ask if her on the pics was her daughter she got offline, then contacted he/she me again later at the same day ,and now he/she live in Ghana.

Brutus Joice: hello how are you doing
Sörensen: Hello
Brutus Joice: hi how are you doing
Sörensen: Did you fix your pics
Sörensen: I am fine and you
Brutus Joice: oky can l se you in your cam
Sörensen: Sorry my disc reader in my laptop is broken , i got me a webcam yesterday but i cant install it
Sörensen: I will repair my laptop on monday or tuesday
Brutus Joice: oky can l se pics
Sörensen: ok
Sörensen: This pics is from April this year
Sörensen: From the middle of Sweden
Brutus Joice: oky thank is nice thank you
Sörensen: Thanks
Sörensen: You see there are still snow
Brutus Joice: so how long have you ben in this dating site
Sörensen: exatly 1 week
Sörensen: pls send me a pics or go on webcam
Brutus Joice: really so do you date with some from africa befor
Sörensen: I have date one here on the net , otherwise no
Brutus Joice: oky can you se me
Sörensen: I have never been with a black girl before but i think that a black girl are exotic
Sörensen: How old are you
Brutus Joice: am 30 and you
Sörensen: 43
Sörensen: Pls send me some more pics
Sörensen: Where are you from ??
Brutus Joice: but l need to now you oky pls
Brutus Joice: so have you ever ben to ghana
Sörensen: Yes '
Sörensen: Are you from Ghana
Brutus Joice: yes and you
Sörensen: Sweden
Sörensen: So where in Ghana are you from ?
Brutus Joice: accra
Sörensen: Ok witch area
Brutus Joice: have you ben there befor
Sörensen: Yes i was in Accra fore 6 month ago
Sörensen: Just after i toke my pics
Brutus Joice: really so were was you satying
Sörensen: At the coconuts grove regency hotel , just behind the imgration place
Brutus Joice: really
Brutus Joice: then you now ghana thank you
Brutus Joice: do you like the place
Sörensen: Yes and love the place
Sörensen: I love Ghana , it beautyful when you drive in the country
Brutus Joice: oky
Sörensen: I was also in Kumasi
Brutus Joice: reall
Brutus Joice: oky so what are you here for
Sörensen: I was there on a holiday
Brutus Joice: oky then nice
Brutus Joice: so what are you in this dating site looking for
Sörensen: My next beautiful loving carring HONEST sexy and clever wife
Brutus Joice: really thank you that is what am here for
Sörensen: Pls let me see some more photos
Brutus Joice: oky
Sörensen: Sounds great
Brutus Joice: so you have kids
Sörensen: Yes one daughter she is 13 years and she live with her mom
Brutus Joice: at were
Sörensen: Sweden
Brutus Joice: oky are you with the wife
Sörensen: No , i am divorced
Brutus Joice: oky way
Sörensen: So what do you do fore a living
Sörensen: Photos pls
Brutus Joice: am a low student of univesity of ghana legon
Sörensen: Ok
Brutus Joice: nice to have you in my life
Sörensen: nice too meet you
Brutus Joice: so what was you in ghana for
Sörensen: photos please
Sörensen: Holiday
Brutus Joice: oky so you have some one in ghana here
Sörensen: no
Brutus Joice: way
Brutus Joice: no
Sörensen: I am a single
Brutus Joice: oky
Brutus Joice: so can l se you in your cam
Sörensen: I just told you that my disc reader is broken so i cant install that cam i got me yesterday
Sörensen: But i will like too see you on a cam
Brutus Joice: my cam is not working
Brutus Joice: l need to buy one
Sörensen: Ok are you at home
Sörensen: Send me photos instead
Sörensen: What is your name ?? Is it Joice
Brutus Joice: yes and you
Sörensen: Yes i am home
Brutus Joice: oky thank is nice to met you
Sörensen: Send me some pics please
Sörensen: How many do you talk too now ??
Brutus Joice: you are the only one here
Sörensen: Ok then send me some photos off you
Brutus Joice: l have to scan them oky there are not in my pc oky
Brutus Joice: my be tomorow oky
Sörensen: But earlier you had another pics
Brutus Joice: l cant fine them agen
Brutus Joice: it has deleted
Sörensen: Do you have have phone so i can call you tomorrow
Brutus Joice: oky l have to go se you tomorow by for now oky se
Brutus Joice has signed out. (2008-11-08 22:43)

2008-11-08, 20:31:01
jh32763@hotmail.comanonymous from United States  
to the person who was talking to Glenice lovel known to him as Wesley Akoto, I have been chatting with the person in that picture and she tells me she is not a scammer. I want to compair notes with you.
2008-11-09, 02:00:52 from Belgium  
I've contact with this woman on the site AdultFriend Finder and I've a problem to believe her... Does anybody know her. She says she's living in Ghana now, that she can come to meet me and that we can also meet together in UK... Thanks to help me
(sorry for my English, it is not my mother tonghe)
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Esther Ansomaa from Accra, Ghana

2008-11-09, 05:19:11
anonymous from San Mateo, United States  
A White woman in Ghana , who wants to come to the UK!!!

This is quite likely a SCAM . What Name and e-mail addy is she using .
2008-11-09, 06:01:31 from Belgium  
She says she's from UK
She use the name : cecilia mensah
mail used :
do you have other comments to help me ?
2008-11-09, 08:04:30
anonymous from Sweden  
Meet her in UK , but dont pay anything , with guarantee she gonna ask you fore money too a BTA , a basic travel allauence , and just so you know she dont need anything as a european , have see been on the webcam ? almost all webcafe´s in Ghana have that now. So just ask her kindly that you want too see her live ,and then will she come with alot off exqueses that she cant do that .
2008-11-09, 08:17:56
anonymous from Germany  
Did you have the IP-Address maybe i can help you!!!!
2008-11-09, 08:45:57   (updated: 2008-11-09, 08:49:39)
anonymous from Saudi Arabia  

Hey FC, cut this person loose and do it now, I have told so many guys there are NO WHITE WOMEN in Ghana, so your cecilia mensah is more than likely using a stolen picture. I have been to Ghana this year and I know for a fact there are no women anywhre in that 3rd world toilet that look like her. So if its sounds like a scam, it looks like a scam and feels like a scam, then don't send money because its a scam.

Check out page 77 on this link.

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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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