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Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana


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2009-05-24, 17:11:59
anonymous from Australia  
Wanwan re kitchen page 116 ,would beg to differ with you,most kichens in 50/60 era in Australia were powder coated steel for price reasons and were normally in flats,looks like the style my late father built in 1955
2009-05-24, 17:29:00   (updated: 2009-05-24, 17:29:33)
anonymous from Australia  
Steve-Dux,not clouding any issue,if you check your current Business/Government phone book you will see to ring any overseaes number from Australia you must diall 0011 to get out of our circuit,the prefix 233 is for Ghana as 234 is for Nigeria,the West Indies is an area not a country.
Barbados and Jamacia are both part of the West Indies and to ring either you dial 0011-1-246-then the local number.
I tried your reverse setup with same result so I emailed them to find out if the cover other areas apart from USA and Canada
Regards Malcolm
Hope this helps
2009-05-24, 17:31:26   (updated: 2009-05-24, 17:35:21)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  

I really do like, You and, I did not envy the task, You undertook
in contacting Cagekopia AKA forgetkopia. LOL
I have always found you to be very helpful when things get tough
on here. I apologize to everyone for being such a Ass at times.
But, I can't change who, I am. LOL
I have always been very blunt in my real life away from this environment.
But then, I choose to get my hands dirty at times trying to find out if
someone is what they claim to be.
I have uprooted a fare share of scammers recently and did manage to
get them to go away. But it is such a gray area that, I walk through.
Its hard to know who is who ?
I tend to take personal attacks against me pretty hard.
When, I know, I should just ignore the comments.
Well, I will try to keep the uproar down to a dull roar. OK
By the way when, I was calling Ghana the number was 011 - 233249823212
The 233 part of the number was supposed to be for Accra, Ghana
The 011 was to get onto the right Overseas line.
Probably confused things more than helped on that Huh ?
Thanks Steve for taking one for the team as they say.
It helps me brace for the return of forgetkopia.
It is clear, He won't leave me alone when, He gets back.

Kind Regards to Everyone Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

2009-05-24, 17:38:07   (updated: 2009-05-24, 17:43:50)
Steve_dux from Australia  
@ Malcolm

Please read whole of posts before adding comment. Look here: http://www.delphifa..42#148777

Read again '011 is for MANY locations in the West Indies'.

I'm not looking to ring that number myself and the question was asked by anonymous 2009-05-24, 13:19:32 code named gilligan / that crazy monkey. And who knows what country he's calling from!

Oh, by the way I know 0011 is to leave Oz and 233 is Ghana.

Please get your facts right first before commenting!

By the way, kitchen is here: http://www.delphifa..114#140273 and not where you said!
2009-05-24, 17:51:17   (updated: 2009-05-24, 18:23:50)
OJAS from United States  
Google Advanced search for cagekopia within the domain gives his early signature Claus

He spams to learn IP tracing

delphi search for two words Ghana Claus hits
His thread http://www.delphifa..696.shtml
His financial need http://www.delphifa..31#120876

Malcolm 2009-05-24, 17:29:00 (updated: 2009-05-24, 17:29:33) on the previous page
West Indies is an area not a country
He is definitely not aiming this comment at a fellow Oz, or anyone from any of the 10 main cricketing countries. He must have thought of guys like me, Americans when he wrote it, but overlooked to mention. Right mate?

@Americans, Canadians, etc., who may not know ... No West Indian team regularly visits us, like they do Australia, and other cricketing countries. It is a collection of a few countries, playing under a single West Indian flag, against cricketing nations.
2009-05-24, 17:54:42   (updated: 2009-05-24, 18:29:46)
Steve_dux from Australia  
@ Agent,86

Thanks for the effort to 'keep the uproar down to a dull roar.' It was getting a little loud at times. I think you are a good pit bull against those that intend to interrupt what were doing here. Thanks!

About the phone number, I was just doing a search for gilligan's request in post http://www.delphifa..142#148777 on the previous page. I couldn't get past the message that the number was too long! This part '233261963133' from this web page: I'm unable to go any further!

I like the cartoon!

I think delphifaq can block IP addresses! Though I don't know if that is possible regarding temp / floating ones. Not everyone has a permanently assigned IP addy.
2009-05-24, 18:21:49   (updated: 2009-05-24, 18:43:38)
Steve_dux from Australia  

You always seem to fine what's needed. Thanks! Malcolm seemed to be addressing me in his post http://www.delphifa..42#148824

I see Dirk answered cagekopia regarding his search, on Natalya from Osinniki, Russia, but that didn't work!

cagekopia does seem to be trying to help others, though it's hard to follow who he's addressing at the time of offering his help.

One question OJAS, only if you know! Can delphifaq block IP addresses? cagekopia said he can't connect to delphifaq at the cafe he was at!

I'm still reading cagekopia posts and he is consistent in his comments. After all he has visited Ghana. He has a good idea with having them on cam and ringing them on cell phone. I do believe they are very poor and may need money. It's the '64 thousand dollar question'. I don't know if you follow what I mean by that comment, but it means the unanswerable question.
2009-05-24, 18:30:37
OJAS from United States  
@Steve, yes mate. the Admin does block IPs / ranges as needed. Recent outages were caused by unusually high Algerian activity. After he blocked them, the site recovered. Admins regularly do it to keep their sites operational http://www.delphifa..p=8#115137
2009-05-24, 18:33:32
anonymous from Australia  
Steve regardless of what you have just vshow pic to my sister,o;der and she said east St Kilda 60/70,look at the tiled floor,your lady is in Australia.
The reverse number site has replied,only for numbers in USA and Canada,Do not cover anything overseas,that is why you are being cut
2009-05-24, 18:33:34   (updated: 2009-05-24, 18:37:53)
anonymous from Australia  
Steve regardless of what you think, showed pic to my sister,older and she said East St Kilda 70/80/90,look at the tiled floor,your lady is in Australia.
The reverse number site has replied,only for numbers in USA and Canada,do not cover anything overseas,that is why you are being cut
2009-05-24, 18:59:43   (updated: 2009-05-24, 19:18:06)
Steve_dux from Australia  
@ Malcolm

You maybe right about the kitchen floor, and the woman, being in Oz. There was a law passed (I don't know exactly when, though it was when I was a child. I'm 51 now) regarding the instillation of stainless sinks in the kitchen, for bacteria reasons. (that kitchen looks younger)

I was only going by what I've experienced and have myself. House built in 1965 with original kitchen (more ware that the one were talking about) with no under cut (for feet) in the cupboards at floor level, and stainless sink. All houses I were raised in and visited (aged 120 yrs to new) had stainless sinks that showed ware depending on age of many yrs. So I assumed the kitchen in question was not in Oz.
2009-05-24, 19:06:52
Steve_dux from Australia  

I thought delphifaq could. I'm suprised at the activity from Algeria. Though I'll admit I don't know much about Algeria.

I'm still reading Cagekopia, sometimes hard to follow but he is trying to help! I'll have to eat my hat! lol
2009-05-24, 19:51:16
Steve_dux from Australia  
The kitchen in question!
Look at the sink, does not have surroundings near level to bench top. Not stainless steel.
Very little ware to surfaces, though could have been replaced and not subject to councils approval.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana
Accounts on this web site

2009-05-24, 21:28:13
anonymous from Dominican Republic  
hola hoy me llego esto email pense que de verdad la chica se intereso en mi pero ya veo q es mentira primero me envio uno le respondi y despues me envio la carta con el problema de su familia y yo me lo crei la suerte que me puse a buscar sobre su padre en internte y encontre la misma carta como en 10 citios hasta que llegue aqui. Me he quedado sin palabras.jejejeje!

'<br />\n<br />\nMi nombre es milagro. Soy una
mujer me impresionó cuando vi tu perfil y me gustaría establecer una
relación duradera con usted. Además, me gustaría que me responda a través
de mi casilla de correo electrónico ( Esto es
porque no sé las posibilidades de permanecer en el foro durante mucho
tiempo. por favor si usted está interesado en saber más acerca de mí, y
para mí para enviarle algunas fotos de las minas, i como se ponga en
contacto conmigo a través de mi dirección de correo electrónico.<br
/>\n<br />\nGracias a la espera de saber de usted.</ >\nmilagro'
MI querido uno,
¿Cómo es tu día?.
El mío es un poco más frío aquí en Dakar, Senegal.
Mi nombre es Milagro Gukama soy 23 años, de Costa de Marfil en
África occidental, 5.11ft de altura, justo en la tez, (nunca
casado antes) la actualidad, soy residente en la
campamento de refugiados aquí en Dakar, como consecuencia de la administración
guerra que se libró en mi país.

Mi difunto padre! Dr. Frank Gukama, fue la gestión de
director de Gukama y Asociados (Ltd), y fue
el asesor personal al ex jefe de Estado,
antes de los rebeldes atacaron nuestra casa de una primera hora de la mañana
que mató a mi madre, también con mi padre a sangre fría.

Es sólo que me está vivo ahora, pero me las arreglé para hacer
mi camino a un país por cerca de Senegal, donde estoy viviendo
ahora en un campamento de refugiados, y este equipo es que pertenecen
a un reverendo que tiene la iglesia aquí en el campamento.
Me gustaría saber más acerca del producto y you.Your
no les gusta, sus aficiones y lo que está haciendo
Le diré más sobre mi, en mi próximo mail.
Se adjunta aquí, es mi imagen.
Esperando saber de usted lo antes posible,
Miss Milagro

MY dearest one,

How is your day?.
Mine is a little bit cold over here in Dakar Senegal.
My name is Miracle Gukama I 'm 23 years, from Ivory Coast in
West Africa,5.11ft tall, Fair in complexion,(never
married before )presently, i am residing in the
refugee camp here in Dakar, as a result of the civil
war that was fought in my country.

My late father! Dr, Frank Gukama, was the managing
director of Gukama and Associates (Ltd), and he was
the personal adviser to the former head of state,
before the rebel's attacked our house one early morning
they killed my mother, also with my father in cold blood..

It was only me that is alive now,but I managed to make
my way to a near by country Senegal, where i am living
now in a refugee camp,and this computer is belonging
to a reverend that has the church here in the camp.
I would like to know more about you.Your like and
dislike,your hobbies and what you are doing
I will tell you more about myself, in my next mail.
Attached here, is my picture.
Hoping to hear from you soonest,
Miss Miracle

2009-05-24, 22:17:49
anonymous from Netherlands  
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