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Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana


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2009-06-17, 10:49:06
OJAS from United States  
2009-06-18, 11:02:22   (updated: 2009-06-18, 11:02:51)
lke from United States  
My Russian girl, Yekaterina, says she is leaving her small town today, and going to Krasnoyarsk to fly to Moscow to get all her travel papers etc in order. It sounds like she is dealing with an agency that helps her with her travel arrangements, living arrangements (several girls in one apartment), and job placing here ? So how does this play out typically ? When does the scam part usually start ? I am new at this, anything i should be looking for ? I already know that I will NOT send any money. So far we trade one email a day, and it is mostly talk about her life in Russia, and her excitement of coming to the states. Very little about me. Usually just enough to ensure I can take care of her when she is here.
Oh yeah, she loves me.... And asked if my bed was big enough for her too... LMFAO
Give me a little guidance guys.
2009-06-18, 11:13:46
Fred from Germany  
do not be fooled
you will get a mail from her 'travel agent' with flight plan and payment request
all BS

she (he) will never come , so your bed will stay empty
2009-06-18, 11:38:25
lke from United States  
I wont be fooled. I absolutely will not send any money. This is a game for me. I didnt play linda well enough, and i want to make sure these next two are strung along good.
2009-06-18, 12:12:16
anonymous from United States  
Ok I got her at But I was not here on yesterday and she did not leave a message,so dont know if she is getting wise to this or not,but will keep everyone up dated.
2009-06-18, 12:28:36   (updated: 2009-06-18, 12:31:21)
anonymous from Japan  

This reports from our DOC !!
Please read and think with your bra.
I receive a email from 'travel agency' there was a flight listed there for $875, I inform 'her' that its not to bad of price,and to try to find a flight in that price range, for around April13th. I tell 'her' that it would not be possible for me to travel to Chicago till that date. Which was the truth. Also I did not save the email from the 'travel agency' I wish I had.
______________________________ ______________________________________________________


Hello My Love and My Sun Xxxx!
Always so it is pleasant to receive your letter. You do not represent as I is glad to see your answer. I love you and very much I miss on you. Yesterday evening we talked to mum about us with you and my mum has told to me that I have told to you 'Hello'. My darling Xxxx, tomorrow I shall ask travel agency tickets for April, 13th in cost for 875 dollars. I hope, that it is possible to order them in them for April, 13th. Today not the most beautiful day in the street. The spring to become such dirty and it is a lot of water. I want that beautiful weather has more likely begun. But this grey day was decorated with your letter. I missed on you and thought of you all night long. I so love you Xxxx! I can understand you, that you wish to embrace me, to touch me and to kiss, because I have the same feelings. Yesterday I have again looked a film 'Titanic'. I very much love this film. To me it is sad when Jack perishes in the end of a film, but I very much like a song which sing in the end of a film. I have closed eyes and have presented, that we dance with you slow dance and round us darkness which is shined with candles. This so it is romantic. You agree with me Xxxx? I think, that it is the most suitable song for slow dance. I am ready to dance now with you this dance and let it will be all night long and all the day long. For me the most important thing is to be with you, to hold you for a hand and to smell. I hope, that you understand me. After dance we could have the hottest and sweet kisses which will give us a lot of pleasure! I look forward when I can feel this moment with you. When I represented our dance and under end of a song I have begun to cry, because you are not present near to me and we so is far. I have opened my eyes and it was wet. When the song has ended, I have embraced a pillow and have quickly fallen asleep. It was pleasant feeling because I fell asleep with you. I very much love you and I miss on you and I want that you knew it Xxxx! I with impatience will wait for your answer.
Your gentle and loving Olg
Please read much more of Doc's reports !
This is a great textbook to you !
See '' Olga '' thread page 13 !!!!
You say '' Give me a little guidance guys. ''
It is a 100000% scam !!
So just only enjoy playing with your Yekaterina(it is a man !! ),
play with,
wasting his time to scam others
and finally busting,

And when you will come on money payment stage,
please will send her(he) a copy, receipt of Western Union.
And at that time ,never tell her MTCN number .
Send just only a copy !
This copy is so small,she can't read the MTCN number.
Your Yekaterina will ask for the one.
So again ,you can play with her!
And you can ask for her passport copy,VISA copy.
When she will send you a passport,visa copy,
your scam game will become the final stage .
So you can send the big finale !

When you will hunt her fake passport ,visa,
please put those on here.
We are ready to laugh at !

Please listen to me.
Her travel agency is a phantom.No existence in the world.
It is a phantom !!
You can not talk with phantom.
And you can not make a love with a phantom !!

Yekaterina with whom you are talking is not a girl but a '' Russian Guy '' !!!!!!!
I know you don't hope make a love with russian guys.
It is a guy(they are an organized ) and pervert !?

Just enjoy playing with Yekaterina,and try hunting her forged passport!

I hope you will visit '' Olga '' thread,13 page and read the good textbook of DOC.
It will very helpful to you.

We are waiting for your scam buster reports on here in the near future.
See soon ,Ike in USA !!
Take care and be careful !

2009-06-18, 12:40:59
anonymous from United States  
Ok Ike dont be fooled the next thing she willdo is have some man to call you and tell you that he has done all the work,on the paper he can assure you she will be there at a certain day and time,but first she must finished pay for everyting before she can leave the Country.
2009-06-18, 12:43:34
OJAS from United States  
Thanks Ike.
When you decide you have had enough, block your scammer and send Grande Finale in Cyrillic http://www.delphifa..=22#99529

Translation http://www.delphifa..=22#99530

More Grand Finale pix http://www.delphifa..p=2#138328
2009-06-18, 13:08:09
anonymous from United States  
The biggest scammer i have run across and she has been on here a year i know of and if you don't want to send her money she will not talk to you any more, One of her names out of three i know of is Belinda Torres and her email is

2009-06-18, 13:20:45
anonymous from United States  
This girl is not very easy to get a picture from because she says she likes to stay private and will keep you going for months then when she is ready she want a plane ticket then she wants more very very slick her name is Kelly Jones and her email is , she had me going for 10 months without asking for money then i sent money for plane ticket and she always wanted more.
This image was also posted here:
Another dating / chat scam - USA/ Nigeria connection
Dating scammer Kelly Jones
Another dating / chat scam - USA/ Nigeria connection

2009-06-18, 13:57:53
DOC from United States  
Hi Ike,
I am DOC, my friend wanwan asked me to help.
I was scammed. Now I try to help others so they DO NOT get scammed.
I see one of my letters is posted here. How can I help you?

2009-06-18, 14:15:36
lke from United States  
Doc, I know this is a scam. I knew Linda was a scam, and I know the other girl (whos name I cant remember LOL, but is pictured at the top of this page) is also a scammer. I just want to know what to expect, and how this typically plays out. Linda was moving pretty fast, asking for money for a calling card and cell phone in a coupel days. These other two are moving pretty slow. I let Linda go to soon. I want to make sure I get these next two thinking I am in love, and have them waiting for the money. But I will NEVER send money. I am just playing with them.
I read your posts about OLGA. Sorry to hear what happened to you.
2009-06-18, 14:51:52
DOC from United States  
Hi Ike,
I am happy that you know these are scammers.
And you know not to send them money. You just
want to play with them,I like that. Waste their time
they hate that. LOL I think every scammer is different
some move faster then others. I am writing one now that
sometimes waits three days in between letters. Maybe this
scammer is rich and really does not need to be in a hurry.
Who knows? All you can do is waste as much of their time
as you can. Ask for their info name,address,phone number
(most say they do not have one) ask for a copy of passport.
If you KNOW these are scammers you can post all this info
and it would help others.
2009-06-18, 15:56:34
wanwan from Japan  

Thank you ,Doc !! Good friendship to Ike.
And Hi,Ike ,I am wanwan.You ,so smart.
Please play with your Russian Dating Scammers.
It is '' OUR '' turn !!

And above anon post is mine,
I forgot to put my name '' Wan wan ''
Sorry !!

We are waiting for your scam buster's reports !!

See soon ,Ike!

2009-06-19, 11:21:38   (updated: 2009-06-19, 11:22:47)
lke from United States  
The girl I posted a pic of at the top of page 152, Jane Robinson, made her move for money today. Story is she is from the town I live in, but working in africa doing research on corn meal. She is done with her work, and has been paid in a certified check in us funds, and cant cash it there. Thh my name on it ?erefore she has no way to pay for her plane ticket home. So she is sending me the check (apparently with my name in it) to cash, and western union her the money back. Now that is an old scam. I cant believe they even try that one anymore. So I gave her my PO box to send it to. I will keep you guys posted. I may need some help with sending the fake western union info. LOL
Haven't heard from my Russian girl today. Usually she emails me before 9am (my time, pacific time). Hope she made it to Moscow ok yesterday. She was afraid of her plane 'falling down' LOL.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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