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Dating scammer Angelica Semenova from Cheboksary, Russia


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Name: Angelica Semenova
City: Cheboksary, Russia

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2007-12-10, 12:16:21
[hidden] from Bod, Norway  
2007-12-10, 12:17:48
[hidden] from Bod, Norway  
2007-12-10, 12:18:52
[hidden] from Bod, Norway  

2007-12-10, 12:20:15
[hidden] from Bod, Norway  

2007-12-10, 14:58:37
Eddie from Sweden  
Tusen tack Norge!....this girl's pics are very familiar on our forum. She's everywhere on the internet. I've been told the actual girl comes from St Petersburg. She's a victim too because the scammers steal her pics.

Sorry for you she's not available.
2007-12-14, 17:47:41
anonymous from United States  
Here is a picture of a russian girl that email me thru a dating web sight then imediatly deleted here profile on the sight. She told me here name was Elena and that she was a good girl and had only good intentions. She went on about how she has no future in Russia and that she was coming to the United States on a 'Work and travel' and how she wold go to work in a shop or cafe. She told me to onnly email her at She attached some revealing photos and then asked me not to show them to anyone. The second day after I did not respond she sent more photos and then asked me not to ask for any photod of her naked because she was a good girl and did not do this sort of thing! I guess photos in your panties and bra do not qualify. Anyway I responded to here letter in Russian. I have learned a little from a real Russian girl that I am freinds with. She has taught me enough to write a basic letter. I aslo told here I was in the service and was station in the Moscow embassy years ago. Guess what, I never received another letter agian! I do not know if was sending the the letter in Russian or mentioning working at the embassy but I found it very amusing. I wanted to pplay with her/him some more but I guess I showed my carsd to soon. Anyhow here are the pics she sent me. I hope someone will see them here and stop them from being scammed by this person.

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2008-01-07, 15:33:42
anonymous from United States  
need to find out about a Ekatrina,age:26,dark hair,slender build.
2008-01-07, 15:45:32
anonymous from United States  
looking fora ekaerina,her e-mail is,,also looking for a Boguslava.
2008-01-08, 11:36:33
anonymous from Qatar  
I too happened to contact a beautiful woman from cheboksary, who intially was from uk.Now she claims to be in love with me.Am i being taken for a ride? If thats the case its a real shame,because she seemed real nice woman.
2008-01-20, 10:56:55
anonymous from Rome, Italy  
Anonymous from US, I was contacted too by a girl called:
ekaterina <>
She describes herself this way: 'of 26 years, my growth of 170 sm and weight
of 56 kg. I live in Russia. In city Nizhniy Novgorod.' She is long dark hair.
2008-01-27, 00:24:19
anonymous from Greece  
Hi guys,
the same girl wrote me as Ekaterina Belova.
Street: PETROVA 3-15,
City: Cheboksarsk,
Post code: 429900
Name: Ekaterina
Surname: BELOVA
<<This address belongs to other person as it is a rent apartment.
I as to give you the address of my parents in Rostov:
Street: GAGARINA 18-11
Post code: 344016
I went find out about the visa and tickets to travel agency. I worried
about the visa a little. Me have assured, that it easy make. Thank God
I live not in the USSR!!! Thousand Russian people visit other
countries every day also are not present what problems for this
Latter i receved the letter for money:
<<How are you Today my Sweettt heart? I long could not fall asleep.
It is very pleasant to me to think of you. I do it always. I went to
travel agency again. Today I have received the detailed information on
travel to you. There are some stages which I should pass for a trip to
other country. First I should have the passport. Usually it would be
required month what to receive the passport. I have provided it and
have made the passport in advance. Now I have it. It greater economy
of time for our meeting. Secondly I should receive the visa. It very
much difficult process, but I have the contract with travel agency and
they assist to me very much. They have given me the questionnaire,
I have filled it and have sent in embassy. Now I shall receive the visa
through one or two weeks. In travel agency I have received detailed
instructions on interview. Me have assured, that I shall receive the
visa of 100 a guarantee. I as am assured. This travel agency sends
thousand people in other countries every day. I am quiet for the visa.
Thirdly I should buy the ticket. According to the contract the travel
agency provides me with the ticket also. I should pay to them for the
ticket and I shall receive it. I have paid to them the deposit
already. These are 200 dollars. I did not think that their service
cost so much. Now I have remained without money. My parents promised
help to me, but it is impossible now. My daddy bought the new car and
now he should give the credit to bank. I hope you can help to me.
I should pay in travel agency of 700 dollars more.
YOU can give me this money??? Do not worry, I shall necessarily
return to you it. Certainly I tried borrow money at friends, but
in Cheboksarsk I have very few friends and nobody could help to me.
It is very sad. I spoke today with my boss and It advises to use
the western union. You to know about the western union? When you
will send money to me, I can receive them, it can give me and
I shall travel to yours to the airport .
You can see it here: I very much hope for
your help. Please send money quickly. I should pay in travel agency
soon. When I pay there I shall give you number of my flight of
self-summer and can precisely tell when an arrival time of
self-summer. By the way, tell to me what weather now in your city.
I should choose clothes for my travel to you.>>

2008-01-30, 13:33:26
anonymous from United States  
Hey, I just got one as well. Here's what she emailed back. 'My name Tatyana. To me 35 year. I live in city Cheboksary, Republic Chuvashiya.' So I guess look out for Tatyana as well. Here's her pic. Looks a lot like the other girl whose pic is posted.
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2008-02-10, 16:41:03
really trying to find out if it's a scam... not sure where she got my email add. from, but we've been confirring for about a month. It seems as if she doesn't even read my emails. I told her tha tI work 200 miles from home and that a summer meeting is best... and that she should discuss it with me before she charges forth and makes travel plans. Now she tells me that she's been to travel agent and emmbassy. Says they will get her a visa but the cost is more. has borrowed money and is shure I can help. She need the add. for an airport closest to me. She must go to moscow for flight because no flights from where she lives... peresumably cheboksary(xtra cost) she has not yet outright asked, but has been slowly suggesting. I expect 'the question' any day. Am I being paranoid. She's friggen gorgeous, and it would be a shame if I was being scammed... How do I find out for sure
2008-02-15, 15:15:31
[hidden] from Netherlands  
Is this Ekaterina from Nizhniy Novgorod?

This is her mail:

Hello my new friend Jan .It is very pleasant for me, that you have answered me. I hope we shall find many the generalthemes on which we can communicate with you to me of 26 years, my growth of 170 sm and weightof 56 kg. I live in Russia. In city Nizhniy Novgorod. I live with mine the daddy. Mum has diedwhen gave birth to me. As I have cousin. It sometimes comes to us but itself lives in the othercity. I work as the bookkeeper at school.I want to find new friends for dialogue, but nevertheless if to be more frank I want to findthe man for serious relations. I have decided to use the Internet as in our country there isno which man I really could grow fond. In our country the majority of men rough and severe,but their main problem is abusing alcohol.I send you the photo. In the following letters I shall tell about myself more.Write to me please about itself and the family, than you are engaged, where work, whether thereare at you hobbies, it is very interesting to me to learn more about my new friend.There were to me please photos.I with impatience wait for your letter.

Your new friend Ekaterina.

And the picture she send me.

2008-02-15, 18:33:46
Peter from Germany  
Netherlands: For sure not! That is a typical scam letter. Fake!
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

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