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Dating scammer Kim/ Brittany from Lagos, Nigeria


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Kim or Brittany. Email is kim_brittany001@yahoo
She is from Lagos, Nigeria and claims to have been born in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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2008-04-12, 00:21:15
anonymous from United States  
Jennifer (sometimes it's spelled Jenifer) Alfred, claims to be originally from Albany, Georgia, but who now is in Nigeria caring for her sick grandma. She claims to have attended college at Albany State University, majoring in accounting. This girl went to my MySpace site and initiated conversation with me because I made it pretty obvious on my page that I am single and looking for love.

2008-04-12, 22:29:34
anonymous from United States  
These are custom pics. I have her going as she thinks she is chatting with a new victim. Recently (after 7 emails) she has now asked for money. I'll try to get as much info as I can before she cuts my new identity off.

Come on authorities are you incompetent or what?

Just yesterday I asked for her for specific pics to verify that this person was not just out grabbing pics from the net or had someones vacation pics stollen from a camera.
In hopes to verify here true identity I acquired the following pics by asking her to wear specific outfits.

After reading about the incompetence of the Nigerian government with the 419 Scam King Pen in 2005 I doubt they will be able to catch this young girl.

I decided to put up here recent pics never the less. Can anyone recognize the back grounds. How ironic, in one pic she has a shopping bag. Not doubt goods she bought with our money...
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2008-04-15, 09:17:30
anonymous from Germany  
what did she asked fo´?
did she also wrote you that she is having gold which she will give to you?

i got to know her under the name of janet Aidoo, achimota. her mum should have a shoe store.
her email was. ramatu_124. and her phone number is. +233 243984940

who else is having pics of her naked?
she is now on the list of the german embassy, cause she failed the signature of the german ambassador and my invition.

i think i will fly to accra, ghana and then pray for god !!!
2008-04-20, 09:53:00
She just talked with me under the name of Sandra Woodbery from New York, NY. She said we were 99% compatable, but the 1% not was because she was stuck in Africa and neded money to get back home. That lead me to a Google search that brought me to this most informative page. See current attached picture.

2008-05-16, 21:10:52
anonymous from United States  
she is in nigeria taking care of sik mother

2008-05-16, 21:14:31
anonymous from United States  
she is in nigeria taking care if sick mother name given shade olayiwola
says she is from la

2008-05-29, 11:22:41
anonymous from United States  
name: ms tilo daniels
location: claims to be from US
current location --
city: Ikeja
state: Lagos
country: Nigeria
zip code: 23401
yahoo id: lacepak081
phone number: 234 802 275 4833

if you western union the money, her favorite color is pink

*in nigeria buying textiles to bring back to the US to start her own fashion business.
*also a model.
*can't cash her travelers check over there (for some reason or another)
*her traveler's check is her ticket home (back to the US)
*if she sends you the check & YOU cash it, the money will come out of YOUR funds because the check is fictious. the bank will surely let u know in a couple of days
*after sending her the money, she will then say she got robbed & thats why she's not back in the US yet.
*she'll then say she don't know what happen with the check & says she will send you money orders for more than what you have lost. take your half, then send her the difference so she can book a flight home.
**i lost over $3,000 dealing with her. however, i still got those visa traveler's cheques because i talked to a personal friend of mine who works @ a bank and came to the conclusion the checks are fake. if i would have cashed those visa cheques, i would have lost over $3,500! each cheque was $500 each (she sent 7 of them). be careful ya'll...
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2008-06-07, 13:57:55
MONICAMARTIN81@YAHOO.CO.UK from Southend, United Kingdom  

2008-06-14, 00:17:20
anonymous from Kinston, United States  
I am from north carolina and fell for a guy on the internet on myspace named fergie laurel and claimed that he was from piscataway pennsylvania. I sadly admit that I fell in love with him and we were making arrangements for him to come to north carolina. He told me that he was out of town on business and then he sprung it on my that he was a computer analyst and he was currently in africa for work. He romanced me and told me everything that I wanted to hear and then some and told me how much he loved me and wrote me poems. I was hoodwinked. I started getting suspicious the more that we communicated. He wanted to come see me but he was stuck in africa and could not afford to get home. He was going to come see me but he only had $1000 on a $2800 airfare bill from Nigeria to North Carolina. He emailed me the travel agents name and address. I googled the address and found it on a fraudulent website for nigerian scams. I was pissed. I emailed him and told him that I was on to him and that I saved all of our correspondences and if he ever contacted me again I was going to contact the authorities.. I told him he was going to burn in hell for what he was doing. Be careful out there in the world of cyberspace.
2008-06-15, 09:13:40
anonymous from Musselburgh, United Kingdom  
I am from Dumfries in Scotland. I joined an online dating agency last week. I was contacted by Kim Sullins the first night I joined. I chatted online to her for about 4 hours last night and she said she loved me and wanted to come and live with me in Scotland and asked me for money so she could call me. I knew from that moment on it was a scam. I never intended to send money. If you come across her stay well clear.

2008-06-15, 10:15:32   (updated: 2008-06-15, 10:30:47)
[hidden] from United Kingdom  
Kim Sullins told me she was born in Ireland, that her dad was Polish and her mother was Nigerian. She said her dad was murdered because of a drug deal that went wrong, and that her mother died because this upset her so much. She said she had moved to Nigeria to get over the loss of her parents. I have included another picture of her

2008-06-16, 11:50:40   (updated: 2008-06-16, 11:55:53)
anonymous from United States  
another pic of tilo daniels. she (he) is ALWAYS on yahoo messenger. i left all his (her, whatever) info on a previous pic. i can't believe i got scammed. but hey, be sure it doesn't happen to you. plus, i would like to thank the person who created this webpage. be safe
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Keywords: black girl cleavage stairs
2008-06-16, 12:22:08
anonymous from United States  
This is one ive been tracking, supposedly out of lagos nigeria, her name sandry pecky bello, she has a profile on Amatuer Match .com, ive been chatting with her on yahoo chat, she hasnt asked for money yet , but i already told her i wasnt giving her any. anyone with info , id love it
2008-06-19, 02:20:21
anonymous from Canada  
I'm not from the city stated above.
2008-06-25, 23:52:23
anonymous from United States  
Kateney Jack is a scammershe scamed my friend out of alot of money she i think is still in Lagos Nigeria please catch this ANIMAL she will lie, cheat and steal she has nocare for any human being she is the SATAN CHILD this animal must be caught!
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