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Dating scammer Natalia Tregoubova from Moscow or Yakutsk, Russia


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Country : Russia, City : Moscow or Yakutsk (Jakutsk)
Address : Troparevskaya 17-27, zip 117602
Full Name Natalia Tregoubova


town Markovo,
Lenina street 9, flat 37 ,
it is near big city Irkutsk (Russia)


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2006-12-05, 17:48:08
anonymous from United Kingdom  
You guys will not believe it but she still writes! This is her 7th letter after saying she could not send naked pictures but she is awaiting the money. Told her to hold for a week and then will send her/him on a wild goose chase. THen will say another girl has stolen my heart and she took too long to come. What a story interresting scam shame the girl isnt true :( otherwise the different pictures with the different girls where the hell are these kinda women?

Hello my honey xxxxxx
How are you?
Thank for that that you want to help me,
I am very grateful to you for your help,
I you will be very glad that I at me in the another's country.
I very much worry before trip, but I know
that you will help me far from the native land.
I hope that can send money as soon as possible,
that I could have time to pass interview.
I with impatience wait for our meeting with you
and yours of the next letter.
I am glad that soon I can to look in your eyes
and to see you it is real, I very much wait for this moment.
I misssss you.
I send you my hot kisses
Your Oksana

2006-12-06, 00:56:40 from United Arab Emirates  
I’m glad writing to you guys, it make me feel better, and condolence me, but I’m promise all of you that I will but all of this group dawn ….soon.
We should know that this an organized crime it will not be done by one person, especially when you track air line booking, passport, addresses, names …..etc all are correct so you understand that they have an access for the data bas in Russia.

They send me all the pictures, same letters, even they are stubbed enough. to ask for the same amount of money

We ask our self where is the Russian police from that are ….??? Do they have interests to be with or against …..????
2006-12-06, 06:42:41
anonymous from United States  
almost got me too.. I was suspicious from the start, but wanted to believe it... Oh well, glad this site exists - but what can we do to actually catch these creeps?
2006-12-06, 07:35:53
anonymous from United Kingdom  
If you want to have some fun and get 'them' back, have them hang around for the money! LOL Where the russian police are is probably in their pockets. As for the people who receive these emails either ignore them or play them back. I have just got an incredibly 8th letter from this apparent girl who now goes by the name of OKSANA. Even the pic on the last post before this you can that it's a different girl from the first pictures. So sorry guys this is a big time scam. But have fun getting them back, tell them a false MTN (money transfer number) which has 8 digits through western union and keep them coming and going for the money. Sooner or later they give up. I'm about to tell 'her' another beauty has taken my heart and has arrived to be with me so I have no money for now as she took too long to come!

Here is the eighth letter:

I want you Stefan!
I want, that you have surrounded me with tenderness, a heat, care.
I want to think of tomorrow's day with confidence.
I want, that you always be with me.
I want to fall asleep and wake up with an idea on you (and it is better in your
I want to be sure that is necessary for you everywhere and always, now and then.
I want to look simply in your eyes and to see in them not only the reflection.
I want, that your warm breath warmed hands to me.
I want to see your smile and to know, that it is intended to me.
I want, that every morning me you awakened, instead of an alarm clock.
I want to be your sun.
I want, that you heated hands in back pockets of my jeans.
I want, that you paid off with kisses for rent of pockets.
I want to belong to you and to know, that I - yours (and you - mine).
I want to trust you and to not doubt.
I want to hear your voice.
I want, that you missed me and did not find to yourself a place.
I want to take hold completely of your soul, ideas, all your essence.
I want to be all for you.
I want to know, that you know all this.
I want, that you loved me.
I want to love you.
I want to receive faster from you good news
I want to sit faster in the plane and to go to you
I really virgin ((
I want to you Stefan
I love you
Your Oksana

2006-12-06, 21:23:40
anonymous from United States  
Hey geys dont do it Nataliya denisova is suposably ready to fly into Seattle tacoma international to meat me and come go to work as a dentist saturday,she sent photos such ahuge laerning besides she makes way to much at this why would she need to be adentist.
2006-12-06, 21:39:05
anonymous from United Arab Emirates  
2006-12-07, 07:35:00
from Dominican Republic  
I just recived my first letter today, i almost jump off my sit, but this is not the first time that i get a scam letter, so sad, mine is Irina, but whatever...
2006-12-07, 10:06:41
anonymous from United States  
i got an email and deCided to look it up in google and I foudn this website. thank you very much. THIS IS FUNNY, DON'T WE ALL WISH WE COULD BANG A GIRL LIKE THIS!!!!????

2006-12-07, 14:11:01
anonymous from United States  
she is working me as well. Right now I'm on letter #3. If it is too good to be true then it probably is. Oh well...
2006-12-07, 22:15:18
anonymous from United States  
I guess folks we all are waisting money, we should go to Russia and put a night club with all these nice greedy whores... I am sure we could be millionaires very quickly. Don't you agree guys? Good luck and tell to your friends about it so they won't be caught!!
2006-12-07, 23:35:19 from Canada  
are relevant photoalbums to this page. I will post a full email report with
full headers intact when I have the time to do so.
2006-12-08, 15:04:09 from United States  
I have an e-mail corospondance going on with an Irina who lives 'in Russia,town Osinniki,Voevodina street 49,flat 17,it is near big city Novokuznetsk. My town is rather far from Moscow. Moscow is a capitol or my country' That is a quote from her letter and is only slightly different from other letters i've read on your website. She is a very pretty girl but those she has sent me are the same as I see on your site. I have seen 5 of the pictures on your site before in pictures she has sent me.
2006-12-09, 19:28:36
anonymous from Panama  
esta es la ultima foto de nuestra joven amiga de 26 años llamada Natalia , disfruten
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Yuliya Goncharova

2006-12-09, 19:30:18
anonymous from Panama  
2006-12-09, 22:34:00
anonymous from Portugal  

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