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Dating scammer Osai Williams from Ghana


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This one goes by the name Osai Williams of Accra Ghana, falls in love in 1-2 emails likes Instant Messaging, wants money for visa, passport, travel. Also has numerous medical situations for her and mom that needs money for, also asks for $ for foodstuff and wants gifts, cell phones, Ipods Perfumes ect....Does she sound like a scammer??

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2009-09-24, 21:30:52
anonymous from United States  
This is the scammer I spoke of earlier. she got me too... she is on a porn site the same photo is in there and many many more very explicit photos.. under the name danielle.. don't be fooled by this bitch. she has at least 8 names that I have seen, you will see her on '' 2 different names and 'myspace' 2 different names..look under ghana 28-35 she'll be there....

2009-09-24, 22:23:37   (updated: 2009-09-24, 22:28:15)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
2009-09-24, 19:44:24 Page #98
anonymous from United States

[ this site must be the breeding ground for scammers... ]

That comment by, You shows, Me Your either a complete Idiot !!!!!!!!
Or the only other alternative is, You are a scammer trying to discredit this site.

You comment shows a complete lack of a any knowledge at all about this site.

Rock Star said
[ if we are so bad why did you even look at this site? keep your stupid shit to yourself ]

I agree 100% with that comment.

Your posting should be considered for removal because it only now can serve as
confusion toward newcomers to this site.

If, You think trying to confuse others by, Your Completely Stupid remarks ?
Your the one who is confused as, I and many others who contribute regularly
to this site fighting scammers and helping many escape being scammed.
Will not tolerate, Your Bull Shit again.
Just try to keep saying this junk and, I will see that, Your
Anonymous ass will be blocked from further access to this site.
Yes, I can get get that done.
My suggestion to, You Stupid is come back and try to explain why, You
made such out right lie on this site ?
If not then don't ever come back here again as, You and, Your ignorant
remarks are not wanted here.
I will also keep, My eye on, Your other postings that, You have made
already on this site. Yes, I know about them also.
You are not getting away with anything here.
You have no clue who is watching what is said here.
So by all means stay off here unless, You contribute positive postings
that help victims or report scams.
I know that must hard for, You as evidenced by, Your postings.

Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

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2009-09-25, 00:51:58   (updated: 2009-09-25, 01:00:59)
rock,star from United States  
@anon - last page (the STUPID SHIT GUY)

okay now that you have actually shown the picture / yes she is an ATK extics model...but did you know that she is posted on here already? - I know i have seen it - and it has been fairly recent. so you attacked the integrity of this site out of your arrogance and didnt even do your homework - you made a fool out of yourself and worse yet people that are tying to help! you are an asshole !!!

it is almost like the guy who said he cant be scammed / he's not that stupid - well yes he is


but this is your ususal way of doing things isnt it - attacking everyone and then
yes well you remained cool under fire so then I know who you must be - yes a cool cucumber - and if you are then trying to break down someone here and do your little amateur investigation it only shows just how goofy you are or it is on purpose - because someone just cant be that obvious.

now apologize like a man and retract your earlier comments you know:
(this site must be the breeding ground for scammers) .... dadada
I will apologize to you too if you do until then ... dont test anyone

THANK YOU A86 for backing us up here on DELPHI and my own personal thanks to you !!!

2009-09-25, 02:12:13   (updated: 2009-09-25, 02:14:21)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
2009-09-24, 22:56:14
anonymous from United States

I agree with Rock Star this is as low as it gets.
If, You are the one, I wrote to earlier by posting a picture and saying nothing
with it, You have done nothing at all. Except wasted space on this site.
How is anyone supposed to just take for granted the picture has
anything to do with, Your earlier posting ?
Now, You who slammed this site expect everyone to be mind readers ?
Bull Shit.
At face value its just a picture that any idiot could have posted.
So no choice is given but to remove the stupid picture because of no
information being given with it.
plus the earlier posting is still on the chopping block for a remark,
Your being to big a girl to apologise for.
Good luck with, Your stupid attitude.
The picture, I will post for, You sums it all up so well.
Don't come back here looking for help in the future if, You are unable
to take responsibility for, Your actions, You Nancy.
Grow a pair and Man Up.
Silence is not Golden in this case.

Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

Thanks Rock Star I am willing to contribute a nickle for this guy to learn
to read and fallow instruction.

2009-09-25, 20:21:35
rock,star from United States  
thank you

2009-09-26, 03:05:39
Magnus from Stockholm, Sweden  
writes to me to the thread of scammer anna ogannisyan.i have got scammed of her and i wanna talk to people about scamming.see you soon,guys.have a nice day.regards from sweden.
2009-09-26, 14:53:51
anonymous from United States  
If you see this girl you are being scammed. It is a picture of a college student in California. Says she is nana addy from Accra Ghana.

2009-09-26, 20:45:30
rock,star from United States  
scammers are people who feed on your hopes only to keep destroying it...all for the love of money and greed. who act like they love you and you can trust them only to keep destroying you and your true core of love and trust / hope...they attack you in the lowest forms of indecency. One hating his fellow man / brother or sister, They are filth, schemers, disgustingly wicked ass people who deplore you and anything good you have. They think they deserve something for nothing bec the world has been cruel to them. They take no responsibility for their actions. Only the want to hurt and cheat, hustle you so more. And they do this even on Sundays. Then using words like Jesus and love and faith in their vocabulary. They are empty words to them. But it will catch up to them some day - you may not see it but it does. I am a christian and I am taught not to hate anyone but their evil pull is so much that it constantly makes you want to hate. It is a constant battle personally for me. Because they are just rotten and evil to the core. Each time you believe them and they screw you / you sink into a deeper level. Like a chain reaction of hurt - it just keeps coming and coming. Dont believe anything they say and really the best thing to do when you have the flags or warnings of these scammers is just dont question it - run the hell away from it knowing you will be way better off in the future for it. They try to bring smiles to your face only to keep changing them to tears of frustration and hurt, dissappointment. THey are sick bastards. They cause descenion even amongst the best of friends and confusion everywhere they go

anyways / I need to take a break for a while ...

2009-09-26, 20:58:39   (updated: 2009-09-26, 21:06:17)
anonymous from United States  
More stolen pictures from Nana Addy, Accra, Ghana, email, phone number 233541193266. Her address is 31 Abeka Street, Accra, Ghana, West Africa 00233. There are a series of pictures that were stolen. In some of the pictures there of friends of the poor califorinia student's friends who also appear here on this site. I'm sure you can recognize the blond, she is all over this site. It is a stolen picture also.

2009-09-26, 21:08:39
anonymous from United States  
another stolen picture of Nana Addy

2009-09-28, 01:51:37   (updated: 2009-09-28, 02:13:30)
This person is going by the name of Jill Okyere, claims to be from Accra Ghana, has sent me several pics of Latin model Felicity Fey, claims to live alone and has an old childhood friend named 'rose' who is a photographer who is taking the pics for her, is using the yahoo messenger ID '' claims to love me dearly even though we just started talking a few days ago. Says she wants to come to the USA and marry me.....LMFAO!

Claims her parents are dead, her dad died in a car accident and mothers death soon followed....she slipped up once, at first she told me she lived with her aunt, that was 4 days ago, I asked her again today if she lived alone and she said yes she does, and she has no family in Accra....haha, can't remember her own lies.

This is actually from the IP address of: which is being used by the following person: Michael Komla Nfodzo, a well known internet dating scammer.

Has given me two different phone numbers to call: 00233262634064 and 00233246631464

I met this person who CONTACTED ME on the dating site:, they are going under the name of 'DONNASAARI4' claiming to be initially from 'Maple, Wisconsin USA' and after they suggested we go to yahoo messenger, suddenly she was from Accra, Ghana, claims to be 32, single, never married....wanted me to delete my ad on that dating site and talk to her exclusively....I think she smells a payday here,, but it isn't going to happen......what clued me in first was she told me that she made only $150.00 a month....yet all her photo's are professional ones, and in some damn expensive clothes too, she kept asking me what I do for a living and what do I own and such and so forth.....and like the other person who posted on this same scammer, I was told she had 'fallen' for me upon the second time I talked to her on messenger. Now what the hell is a hot little piece like her gonna want with ME I was asking, of course......I havn't been asked for money yet, but I know it's coming and when it does........this person is gonna get run around town trying to collect it........LMFAO!

2009-09-28, 20:07:06   (updated: 2009-09-28, 20:09:14)
@hidden last positng
HAHAHAHA right - make that scammer get some nice healthy excercise walking around everywhere wondering about the money and let them be confused for a good long time - They'll think I thought I could trust you !!!! Right, the jack asses !
2009-10-03, 04:19:19
anonymous from United States  

2009-10-03, 13:00:48
hola deseo conocer una chica de buenos sentimientos, y que sea fiel a mi amor.
2009-10-03, 20:47:31   (updated: 2009-10-03, 20:49:09)
to this guy above speaking spanish

this is not a dating site - look for a good woman in your own home town - one you can see for yourself and talk to and be with... the internet dating sites are full of scammers / they have even resorted to a new low lately - and that they are working my space again and hard. I bet you probably speak english ... hum?
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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