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Dating scammer Irina Sharova from Lugansk, Ukraine


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Reporting a real snake :
Name : Irina Sharova
City : Lugansk
Country : Ukraine
Address: Sharova Irina
Lenkom Block, 4a/133,
Lugansk, 91000


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2007-02-21, 18:18:48
anonymous from Netherlands  
And the next with Sharova
I have more

2007-02-22, 07:09:20
anonymous from Honduras  
Hello, I´ve just been contacted by this Irina Irina Zinchenko. She Told me all her drama and story... at first I thought it was to good to be true sin she was coming to Honduras and meet me in person. But when she asked me to send her money for her flight Ticket, I told her that she was still a total stranger to me and i wouldn't... that's the end of my Honey moon :( . Although she is sending totally other pictures now, and I can say she´s getting better everytime ja...
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2007-02-22, 12:39:44
anonymous from Netherlands  
Another meeting photo snake Irina Sharova

Keywords: blonde with man
2007-02-23, 09:17:38
anonymous from Ukraine  
I do not know what are you, guys , are doing here, but all this is so strange for me.If you do not belive and do not trust anyone and everybody , why just not to write anyone and look for a girl in your country?I just do not see a sense in this stupid discussion:if she is a snake or not?Just do not write.That is all.Do not send money and enjoy your life in your country.Say me if i am wrong.
2007-02-23, 09:49:01
anonymous from Netherlands  
Who are you? Dasha or Svetlana?????
2007-02-23, 09:57:07
anonymous from Netherlands  
Yes you are wrong this girl write letters and tell to everyone she write only with them when you ask explanation she is tired from explanations or like to run away very very far.
I had a problem with her in the begin of December and we solve but again she play the same game.
In her eyes every man is wrong and make mistakes she is always right and good.
I send her boss a fax to let him know how she is.
Don't forget she has stolen my camera but didn't make a problem for that she was sad but in her finished letter it doesn't matter for her.
Now you try to make her clean??????????????
She is fair when she pay all the man his money back, and put a copy from her new passport here that another was pay for her.
This Irina go for one wedding and that is money.
2007-02-23, 10:04:32
anonymous from Netherlands  
Another photo from lovely Sharova

Keywords: blonde black boots skirt with stripes blue jeans jacket staged
2007-02-23, 19:25:54
anonymous from United States  
I have also been in contact with Irina she was realy pissed when I confronted her about this posting sight. she still wants me to come and see her but I think that when I do get there I will just blow her off in person for the rest of you guys. I told her I was coming to meet other woman there and this also pissed her off realy good. I can not understand how she could think that someone would travel half way around the world just to meet one woman. I knew all along she was corrosponding with other men. I could care less. I have a great life here in America and making a small fortune. Its a shame these people are so ignorent that they could have a much better life here living life large and not haveing to lie and cheet to make ends meet.

2007-02-23, 19:56:38
anonymous from Netherlands  
You write a good comment, you feel her good in letters.
I was the idiot that meet her real.
This Irina makes always from a mosquito an elephant.
2007-02-25, 09:39:46
I know this girl.

I was looking for something else at Internet when I saw this site. I thought Irina Sharova had finished and she had a decent life now. But I was wrong.

About 3 years ago I had lost much money when I was in contact with her. After I realised something was wrong with her I asked my best friend (who stayed one year in Ukraine) to investigate about her. He paid one of local investigators who knew everybody in her town to gather information about her.

And he did it well,very well... but the result was far worse than I had thought.

This girl has style and loves expensive things. That is why She began to work as a prostitute when she was so young. But she worked only for rich older men. Now she seems to have found a more easy way to earn fast money,Internet dating.I recognize One of the pictures attached in this site. It is like the one taken by one of her old costomers after her regular visit in his home. Her old customer also told the investigator that despite her innocent look, she was a dirty person: her speciality was anal sex. Old men paid a very high price for that with Innocent looking teen girl.

I am married now and I have a good woman from Ukraine now.I share this information with hope that this information will help someone reading this, and hopefully before losing money or time, or worse the hope to meet someone honest from east Europe.

If you are looking for a good girl , try with someone else. Good Luck
2007-02-26, 07:15:09
Please send an email to your friends about this bitch (you can give them the adress of this site) and ask them to forward the letters to other people who use Internet dating.
The other thing we all can do is to regularly search for Irina Sharova at Internet and in case we see her name or pictures somewehere , wem send a repport to sites administrators to remove her.
A guy from South Africa was the last victim who had lost much money. Who knows who is next?
Help us to stop this Snake.
2007-02-27, 04:27:36
anonymous from United States  
Here is her last letter I can't, and I am sure you wont ether, beleive all her Bull Shit. I is now laughable to me I hope no one gets into this witchs lair. Read it and enjoy if you get such a letter from someone that does not know you beware. I don't dream of someone I have never met do you?????

Hello my sweetest, my dearest, my lucky star XXXXXXXX
How are you? How is your health? How is your mood? How did you spend your two days without corresponding with me? I hope you haven't lost our thought-contact with me? I mean, have you been thinking about me? Maybe you've seen me in your dreams? :))
So, dear XXXXXXXXXX, if you'll come to visit me in Lugansk, it will be really pleasent for me.
As for my weekends days+ As usually I've devoted them to my house chores: even is the flat where live is not so big, but still it takes me a lot of energy and time to clean it! As I like cleanness very much, so I do all my best to make the flat really clean!
On the Saturday's evening I missed you so much and all my thoughts were about you and I couldn't do anything with myself , so I started to read poems about love. And I read them for the whole night? And reading them I was thinking about you, about us, about our relationships+
So on Sundays day O waken up very lately, but I slept very well :)) and I had dreams about two of us+ Actually I don't remember what exactly I saw there, but I remember your eyes and your smile :))
On Sunday, I was waken up with the sun rays. They were so bright, and looking through the window it seems to me that it is very warm on the street and the spring has already come, but I was mistaken. When I went to the market to buy bread, I was so cold, As I didn't dressed warmly, as I thought it was very warm outside because of the bright sun. But it was 18 degrees under the zero!
And also this Sunday, was a special day, when it is needed to ask for forgiveness. And if someone asks you to apologize him\her you must forgive her. This is such tradition in our country? And do you have such one?
My sweetie, my candy, my honey I send you my tenderness kisses
And I'm really glad that whole next working week I'll receive your letters daily :))
Yours Irina
2007-02-27, 06:59:45
anonymous from Netherlands  
Here the letter I received from Irina 12 December 2006 it was the first moment I found her as scammer.
See how she explain it and what she think about some man.
I was solve it with her and wrote her again till last week now she finished
to write me.
She is hard and very hard this Irina walks on the endless road.
When she was wrong never she could say I am sorry she always have her answer ready that she is right.

Hello XXX !
I've received letters from you, where you blaim me that I'm a 'scammer'. It's really pitty for me to read this words from you. First of all because I don't know what has happened, because I am really interested in our communication and not looking for other men. And another thing that I'm dissappointed in is that we've already coresponded for a rather long period of time, and meet in real life I hoped that during this time it'd be possible for you to realize that I don't play with you any game, and I'm really interested in you! At least, thank you very much that you've given me a chance to explain this situation.Though I am in schock here by myself and do not know w aht had happen and how this could happen.
To start from the very begining.I decided to find my second part for life by the mean of internet. Of course ,XXX,I realized that it'd be very hard to find a truth persone with serious attitude to the future relationship with a girl from another country through the great amount of different people, who use the world wide web. But I always hope that the destiny willl give me a chance to find a man I need for whole my life. from the very beginning, I gave my profile to a manager of internet cafe.I do not know who translted it and put on net.There was an interpreter I saw her here now too.She is still working, but i choosed XXXXXXXXX to help me .
They have another interpreter here too. I began to receive a lot of letters. Sometimes from the first letters it was chance to realize that they were wrotten by the sexyal manniacs, and man with not right phsihics. So i have chosen a few man, whoose letters were kind and seemed good for me. I corresponded with them for rather a long period of time, when I've found out that the same letters they sent to other girls from this internet cafe, I was very disappoined. So I decided to find out if they are serious about relationship with me. So to make this plan come true, I've just wrotten to them about my problems. I was just curious if they would be able to help me in any situation,as they wrote me about in fact i didn't lyed to them about this. I really write from the internet cafe, and in fact I pay for this correspondance. I did not demond anything. It was their decision to help me or not. I just wanted to find out if they are really serious about me. I don't know how abou
t your country, but in Ukraine if man with woman go to a restaurant, so man always pay for the bill. And so I decided just to tell about that I have to pay for correspondance just to be honest with them.
After such letter they stopped to write to me. and as you wrote me in your letter nowhe someone says that I'm 'scammer'. But why? I really want serious relationship with a man, I want to make a familly ! And don't you think that if the destiny would be justes it will be better to name them as scrammers, not me? Don't you agree with me?
Why ladies can not put men on blacklist to let other ladies know who is looking just for sex.I've heard many stories when men come to other poorer countries just to have sex with many ladies! Is it honest?
How can i be scrammer, if all my letters to you were from the bottom of my hart? I never asked you to send me money, did I?
I can't understand why you believed to those man? I thought we have become already very close to each other! :(
I can't imagine how can I convince to you that I'm a real ukrainian girl, how wants to find a man for the whole life?
I have wrotten you everything I could explain in this situation. So now you have chance to decide if you are interested to continue communication with me or not. It will be your own decision, and I can't effect on it.

i do not know life is playing such thing with me.I can write you many things, but w hat is the reason if you do not believe/You can do whatever you want to do.I am very upset here to read your words .

2007-02-27, 07:09:20
anonymous from Netherlands  
Her letter from 13-12-2006
I told her that I thought she is married and play a game with me it makes her pissy

Hello, dear XXX!

All this hurts me and much more then all this situation your words hurt me..It is so s ad to think that you could think about me in that w ay.That you think I was married and did not tell you about that.I have never been married.But I do not know if you beleive me or not now.Yes,i had boyfriends, but all that just did not work out for me.
Yes,I wrote other men at the begining, but not now, after I met you.All this situation makes me feel like used.I did not know anything about that! if I knew I would tell you about t his at the very begining! But I just did not know and found that out from you.
I do not know how my recent photos appeared there.I talked to the mamager here and s he supposed that , maybe, when I scanned my photos here or took the photos from the camera they can be left in the computer and someone could us e them.I do not know how all this works.I need to talk to a person who scanned my photos.i do not know w hat to think and how to solve all this w aht happened.I do not care about that scamming site.They can write whaever they w nat to write.It does not matter for me as much a s my broken future with yiu.I realise that all this caused a huge break in our relationship and there is no glue that can make it again.I just do not know w hat to do.I wish I knew all answered and wa s able to punish a guilty person.It is so unbelievable that some page of written by someone unknown can chnage your life absolutely.I wonder wh
y that person who put me to that site did not even write his name?This is also starnge for me.If you know you are right and you do not hide anything and everything is true, then why not to write your name, so people know who is this 'fighter for truth'.

XXX,I really do not know w hat esle to say.We can talk by ages, but where it will lead.I feel ironic in your letter.Ok, think, that i can sleep well.You think what ever you want to think.I can not chnage it.I can do absolutely nothing in this life.I am just a woman who by someone wish became lonely woman now.

2007-02-27, 07:22:08
anonymous from Netherlands  
After this letter from 14-12-2006 I solved our brawl

Hello, dear XXX!

I got your letter and all this situation is really not the best for me.I know that when a person is angry he or she can say many words they did not mean even.But they say this.So you said many words about me that really hurt and it will not be easy to forget ..Of course,I understand that it was not your fault , but just emotions.I am also full of emotions here, but at least i did not insult you.
XXX,I read what you wrote me.I do not want to start any war with you.this is not my aim.I've always said that if some problem it is better to discuss it then just to yel at each other and that is all.Well, XXX,I do not wnat to stop our realtionship.I do not believe it should be over like this.How someone could interfere into our life and cnahge it?But that caused us mistrust each other.Now i am thinking, if we can be at the same level we have been before?Do you think, you can trust me now and not to believe all that crazy men?Or will you have that always in your mind and now try to seach something bad?I just do not know how our relationship will go now.How do you see them?What would you like us to do now? You are wiser then me .So advice us something..I am absolutely lost and exhausted here.
Money is not what i am looking for.
I felt better about us after meeting, because we saw each other and i felt as if we are close...

i will wait for your letter .

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