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Dating scammer Natalia Kovalewa from Olkha or Novosibirsk, Russia


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Name: Natalia Kovalewa
Birthday March, 25, 1981

Lives in Olkha, Russia (near Irkutsk)
Rabochikh street 11, flat 7


The fake passport pictures show Novosibirsk, not Olkha.
The story changes a few times.

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2009-06-11, 14:46:01
anonymous from Israel  
2009-06-11, 16:51:48
OJAS from United States  
2009-07-10, 20:48:15
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Bupkus to the Turkey from Turkey LOL

Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
2009-08-27, 13:30:51   (updated: 2009-08-27, 13:36:07)
anonymous from Miami, United States  
2009-08-27, 13:34:44   (updated: 2009-08-27, 13:36:36)
anonymous from Miami, United States  
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2009-08-27, 13:48:30
anonymous from United States  
2009-09-03, 12:03:26
anonymous from Sweden  
Have anyone notice her, how do I know it´s a scam ?
Her name is Elena

2009-09-05, 06:36:51
anonymous from Germany  
Elena Ermolaeva. Same Story with her parents. Same story with Dimtry.
2009-09-05, 06:44:53
anonymous from Germany  
Von: frauleinkaju 
09.07.09 23:59 
I thank you for attention which you you give me in letters Jack.
You the unique person which try to listen and understand me. I am sorry cannot answer enough in this letter on your questions as I am overflown strongly with emotions!.....
I repeat again ' your words as a medicine for my sick heart '.
Today to us home there came Dmitry and consequently my mood has been spoiled for all stayed day.
he has gone to me to a room and tried to kiss me, but I have pushed away him from myself and have told him that I shall cut to myself veins if he time will touch me still even.
I have told him about that that I communicate with you and that we very much like each other (hoping that he at last will leave me alone)...
First he thought that I have thought up this history about you and consequently with a grin on the person easy listened to me, but probably having listened to me up to the end he have felt in my words sincerity and suddenly his the person has changed, he has come to fury but tried to not show it, tried to supervise the emotions as houses at us were my parents.
I have seen in his eyes a lot of aggression and during one moment very strongly was frightened.
It seems to me that probably if I appeared with he in a deserted place he precisely would kill me, was so terrible his a sight.
I and now cannot forget his a sight, I have seen in his eyes an indescribable rage and during any moment have regretted that have told him about us.
He has taken my phone which laid on a table and started to look phone numbers.
I tried to take away at him my phone, but he in an impulse of fury have broken it about a wall.
Addresses with me as though I his the property or as though I swore him eternal love.
he True an animal which is not having hearts, not having conscience.
I began to cry and spoke him that he has disappeared since my life of times and on always.
Sometimes it seems to me that my parents blind and deaf-and-dumb.
All my attempts to knock up to their hearts come to an end failure. How I can propose them from you Jack? They elementary cannot understand without distatorship!!!!!.....
How it is possible to give violently of the daughter in charge to the bad person?!
They heard as I cried after he has left, and absolutely heartless people, and these people my parents did not come at all into my room to calm me.
At me and now on eyes of tear, heart it is compressed from a pain. Unfairly they act with me, I do not deserve it.
I all life obeyed the the daddy and now very much I regret about it. I not when so not acted with children, not when.
Help him to make me unhappy, and all because consider me silly.
About what love there can be a speech when their daughter suffers, is unfortunate and is mad.............
There is no love, there is such impression, that they use me as the ticket in the rich future, given me in marriage for the person to which I do not test feelings.
To me opposite this person, I even one second cannot be in his presence.
Has raped, has spoiled to me all life...............
To what wedding there can be a speech of what all of them think.........................
Back I having taken courage have told some hours to the stepmother about that that I have been raped by Dmitry in the past.
I have told her about it in hope that she as the woman will understand me, but from her I and have not received understanding.
When I told her about it my person was red color, it was very a shame to me to look her in eyes.
Having listened to my revelation she has told to me that now he is especially obliged to marry me.
But I became most sick to me from that that and have not heard from her a word of sympathy, in fact she saw that I told her about it with tears on eyes.
Really at her heart from a stone?!
My favourite mum not when act with me so, my mum was to me the best girlfriend.
If my mum was alive the daddy would not act with me so.
The daddy has very much changed after death of mum.
I set of times tried to talk to the the daddy about that as this hypocrite has outraged above his a daughter, but during last moment my language refuses to obey me.
I this feeling was very a shame to me also cannot overcome in itself.
Today I spoke the to the daddy about you mine the daddy have learned about you, scandal was.
Has bothered me to listen to constant reproaches and insults, there is no more patience.
I spoke him, that this my choice and that to me to decide to dispose as me of the life.
I have told him that you very much like me, and that at present my life you the unique person which can listen and understand me.
Also it is the truth, at present to my life only you can listen, understand and sympathize with me.
I am very grateful to you for understanding of me.
You the good friend and the good person.
For short time of our dialogue I have already had time to understand that you have gold heart, kind and warm soul, therefore it is easy for me to communicate with you, therefore you draw me, therefore you like me, very much like, with you it is good me!!!
In my heart the new spark and a name of this spark 'JACK' has appeared.
I really got used to you and you are not indifferent to me.
I do not know as differently to tell that is now created in my heart.
If you once liked on the present then you should understand me!
I am ready to risk and go away from the parents. Because while I near to the father he do not appreciate me, therefore I think probably having kept away from him he will understand as he was mistaken and will change the relation to the daughter! I have no opportunity to exchange fast messages on a computer as in library programs yahoo are not established, skype, etc.

With impatience I wait for your answer...

2009-09-05, 06:54:34
anonymous from Germany
17.07.09 11:35

My dear, I know that the agency asks for the services 500 euro!
As soon as I shall receive money I should transfer this money in
agency. And as to transfer them the documents for registration. I
shall make to you a copy of the passport in agency and I shall send by
mail. As I shall learn about cost of the ticket to Germany!..... Write
to me the address that I had him at myself just in case!.... I am
afraid that father can notice once that there are no my documents
together with the passport for travel abroad and will understand my
intentions. Therefore I shall remain not how many days of a house, but
I need to take in rent an apartment for some time. Only that my father
of me did not find it. I shall think today of that what to write him
in a farewell note. I think that necessarily that be I shall think up.
But actually at me it is so much ideas in a head at present that I do
not know about what to think first of all. The main thing that father
has not begun to search for me through police then me will find
easily, therefore I still shall think of that that I can make.

I very much want to embrace you to kiss you and to meet you at
the airport. That we were with you always together! And you when did
not throw me. I want to feel your breath on the lips. Only these ideas
give me vital force in themselves. I love you very much. You should me
promise that we always shall to remain the friend for the friend true!
I swear to you, that when I shall not look aside men a sight not the
pleased woman. I on the character the one-woman man! My pleasure and
vital pleasure is mutual feelings of us of two. To these feelings I
shall be true up to the end of our life! The only thing that I cannot,
suffer disappointment of change!... You promise me that will be true
to me?!.... I do not want to feel like more humiliated, only love to
you and feelings to you will be my vital reference points! I shall
finish this letter as I shall try to get today in agency. Today the
short working day Friday. Therefore it is necessary to have time to
organize all!..... Whole I kiss you strong strong in lips, only your
Elena! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2009-09-05, 07:25:55
OJAS from United States  
Danke, Deutschland. Bitte schreibe auch für die deutschsprachlichen Besucher http://www.delphifa..=101#85610
2009-09-08, 17:03:01
anonymous from Venezuela  
bueno para creerlo
2009-10-01, 06:53:02
[hidden] from Russian Federation  
Full Name NATALYA GOLOWINA (right writting in English)

Good day, I have another story with the same person involved, this person she asks me to take her dog from Cameroon:

+ > i am very happy to read back from you . my name is NATALIA i am just using my sister's mail box to communicate with you . Actually right now am in Cameroon because i work her now .i have been in Russia for 23 years . so i would be sending you the puppy from here in Cameroon and the cost of the transportation is 10000 rubles . hope to read back from you

seems to me that they are now trying to take money from the owners of dogs, as my friends also got similar letters but from different e-mails.
She also sent me the copy of her passport and it's the same as it is here.
I'm not sure maybe somebody else is using this copy but anyway it's not fare, and we are very disappointed to come across such people. They publish ads on the sites with puppies.
2009-11-11, 07:56:46   (updated: 2009-11-11, 07:59:05)
wanwan from Singapore  
2007-11-22, 04:10:54
anonymous from Germany

Warning for all men of Liliya Ivanova; Date of Birth 26 July 1978; Country: Russia. City: Novosibirsk !!! She is on many site for marring and ask allways for money to get ticket!!
Please dont send her any money she will never come to meet !!
Or she will come to you and askes for 2000$ for her secure and after askes for 5000$ monthly for her study. Pleas take care


2013-10-24, 19:42:05
anonymous from Brazil  
Hoje recebi um e-mail de uma pessoa chamada Mariya que diz morar em Novosibirsk Russia, através do email Loira, 26 anos, 1,68m, 57 quilos, formada em contabilidade e que trabalha como vendedora de roupas femininas. Interessante porque ele diz estar gostando muito de mim. Pela foto, é uma garota muito bonita, mais certamente deve ser uma fraude.
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