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Dating scammer from Tomsk, Russia


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Location: Tomsk, Russia

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2007-02-25, 01:19:01 from Mitchell in South Dakota, United States  
yes I have been scamed by this BITCH to under the name of Anastasia (anastasiys mazina)..the bad part is I have just went through a divorce where the wife left me after 25 years for a sam elleoit look a like so as of now I am not in good shape when they catch this cunt give me 5 seconds alone with her please that is all I will need , she contacted me at true .com under the name rare chicka I have been talking to her fo about four weeks now I have been divorced for six weeks now so you can see just how stupid I got , I was hurt ad she said all the nicest things and I fell for it hell I have been looking at air fairs to russia to try to meat her all I can say at this point is she best not show here cuz it won't be nice and she won't scam any one else, keep me in formed on how thing are going at catching this

2007-02-25, 03:48:52
[hidden] from United States  
I have had the pleasure of yuliya for the last month same pics same leters and addresses she emailed on as bombchickasso her b day was also feb 25 thanx fo much for your site saved me alot of headache lets hang together guys and get this biatch i am expecting bday picture on next email or sad story whatever i am in line for please keep me posted on progress and new scams if i get new pics get them posted
2007-02-25, 13:45:21   (updated: 2007-02-25, 13:46:14)
anonymous from United States  
New letter received today, even after I e-mailed in russian telling her I knew she was a fraud and would never send any money, as well as sent a Russian PI to the address in Irkutsk , and was informed that no one by the name Yuliya Chirak lives there, and there is not a Yuliya Chirak listed in any of the local Irkutsk phone directories.. This is getting funnier by the minute:

My dearest man,
your congratulations are so important for me,
today i become 31 years old
and i come here to tell you that
i have find out relations as very
special.I belive that we could
be soulmates and it make me feel so good.
I am very glad to you because you try to
make my life full of meaning,yes,i have got
work,girlfriends,but i had no man to be open
with,and i could never realize that it would
be possible to find throw internet.
I like you because you are honest man first
of all,i feel that i can be supported by you
in difficuld situation and it is very important
for me as for woman.Today we are going to have
little party in my apartment with girlfriends,
i am not going out because everybody i wish
to have on my birthday party will be here,
besides two men,my brother who is in the sea
now and very special new friend,i am talking about
you,i want us to be more than friends and i think
that time will show us what to do.I am not looking
for any man here and i delited my profile from
dating site because i feel that you are the man
i was looking for and finally find,
i ask you to do if also if you feel the same way.
You are the best gift for my birthday and i wish
us to celebrate our birthdays together,
i think that this Spring i will be getting long
vacation and i wish we could get in person.

I will write to you more soon,
also send some birthday pictures
if we make something

thank you for being in my life

i am really touched

With kisses
yours Yuliya
2007-02-25, 14:28:14 from United States  
Hello from

This entity has scammed me in December 2006. I put a website togather for all to view the truth... http://www.freewebs..yamakarova

Littlebear things will get better. We all need to share all data sent to us by the scammers with full email headers. So all can see the truth about this group. Please go view my site and if you want email me a


2007-02-25, 16:37:44
anonymous from United States  
just so you know i received the same letter today as above ya it is pretty funny cant wait to see whats next
2007-02-25, 17:28:36
anonymous from United States  
This site is the bomb!!!! I was talking to this woman, Clicka Chicka, Yuliya Chirak, from siberia, saying she was a dentist, looking for love.. I put her name in the search engine, and this site showed me the light!!!!
2007-02-25, 19:14:06
anonymous from United States  
UM just received thank you for flowers for her bday from yuliya chirak it touched here heart and brought tears to hear eyes i wish they would catch the biatch and bring some real tears to her heart and throw the key away
2007-02-26, 14:03:53 from Chicago in Illinois, United States  
Hi Guys, It's Me -
Marvin Cecil Gonzalez at

I found this on this page, several postings above:

'Dating Scammer from Tomsk, Russia'
here on this Delphifaq Site.

The credit and recognition for the 411 goes to the author and not me.
I copied and pasted it on all the pages that I made reference to on the bottom of this posting.

It bears serious reading.

The reason for my posting this particular posting on all 5 sites that have 411 on the entity listed below is so that everything can be crossed referenced and that whenever this beloved entity ( or one of her alias's and/or e-dresses ) is googled/yahoo'd, that any one ( and/or all 5 ) of these pages will show up in the search results.

It is in regards to the entity known as:

Vicktoriya (Viktoriya, Victoriya) Makarova (Macarova)... Nella Galiullina ... Olga Romenskaya (Romanskaya)... Tanya Sosnina ... Luliya ??? ... Yuliya (Yulia) Kamenschikova (Chirak) ... Tatyana Zavagina (Zvyagina)... Marina Artemieva ... Anastasiya (Anastasia) Mazina ... Julia (Lya)??? ...

( names in these parenthises are not mear variations of spellings, but of alias combinations. So you have 22 listed here ).

Who uses the following E-dresses: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... . . .

* Maybe the following too - not sure, nothing conclusive:

And who uses the following websites to contact victims. . .

Dating Site: True, Match, Singlesnet, and Lovetopping.
Community Sites: MySpace
Job Sites: Careerbuilders and Monster.
( Stolen databases ).

Read the following and know that I am to copy and paste on the other 2 pages as well:

Luckychicka is a fake person. She claims to be a dentist, her parents died in a car crash, her brother is a sailor, she owns several apartments, and says she doesn't care about money. She said she was married, but divorced, her husband was a heavy drinker, and smoker. She hardly ever answers questions, and if you try to get her to join a video chat room, she claims she doesn't have a camera, or a home computer?

A dentist in any country wont wear a short skirt to work, and she can't be so poor being a dentist, and not have a home computer.

She acts sweet, and sincere. I have many letters from her, and she always says she can only use a computer at a café.

She is a lier, a fake, a whore, and much worse.....who ever she/he very smart. I have connections in some branches of the United States Intelligence, and had a search done on her. Here are some facts.

1. She is a model, and has been to N.y. city three times as a working guest on a visa.

2. The women in the pictures maybe a innocent person, and not involved with this.

3. Address given is not even a house hold, or apartment. Its a mail box much like a P.O. box in America.

4. There is no female dentist in the town where she claims to live.

5. This is not a single person doing this, it is part of a very lucrative network, that has been established in Russia for over ten years. It has links to Russian Mafia, and even middle eastern veins of connections. One person who's name did pop up, a man named Gunther Romananski has been linked to this group as a typist, and computer tech, having been arrested for fraud in the same town, in 2001, from a drug sting done on the property where at the time this group was working from. A Russian form of Meth was the reason for the sting. Officials found the network by accident, It was not shut down, instead the computers were returned to the buildings owner.

6. Over 1,000 men are being e-mailed by this group right now, and its 'Ladies' are mostly men.

7. The CIA has had a eye on this group for some time due to money transfers from other countries in the russian area, and the middle east, and communications with weapon dealers, drug rings, pornographic, and prostitution rings.

This is all I can tell you.

Mst Sgt N.Seal R/d Blackeagle7

*** Thankyou Mr Blackeagle7 ***

NOTE::: Check out our beloved entity and her new 411 and pix on:

1. Dating Scammer Vicktoriya ( From Russia
2. Dating Scammer From Tomsk, Russia
3. Is This Russian Girl Scamming Me? How To Recognize Scammers
4. Dating Scammer Angela from Russia

Luv ya guys and this site. . .

2007-02-26, 14:17:02
anonymous from United States  
I wonder when these girls will learn? I also wonder when we all will learn that when it sounds too good to be true it probably is.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Natalya ( from Russia

Keywords: blonde grey skirt brown top books stairs
2007-02-27, 20:45:42   (updated: 2007-02-27, 20:46:15)
anonymous from United States  
I got a new letter even after telling her off in english this time.. I guess they don't even read what we send them..ha ha ha Here's the letter:

My prince,it is your Yuliya.
thank you for being in my life,
how are you doing there ?
i have some birthday pictures to
send to you there,the first is where
i am with my girlfriends,the woman in brown
suit is my co-worker,she is doctor also,
and the woman with blue suit is Amnesia you
heard about in the past :) the second picture
is meal i cooked for,we eat very less and everything
is in refregerator now :) on the 3rd picture
you can see me dancing :) on the 4rd i wish you were
there ! but there is only Siberian tiger and flowers
on the window as you see :)
and the last picture is i am with co-worker.
We had very nice party,but i thought of you all
the time,girlfriends asked me when are we going
to be together and i told them that this Spring :)
am i right my dearest ? i hope yes,i would come to
you there in April,so we could check
how coupleable we are ! do you agree with me,
that we should find out it soon ? :)
i have traveled abroad in the past as you know,
so when it is time we will find out what does it take,
well,i am going home,my day at work was so hard,
warm bathroom is waiting for me at home,
would you share it with me ?

write to me soon

with kisses
yours Yuliya
2007-02-27, 20:50:11
anonymous from United States  
I must say i was fooled by this lady , she realy has this scam going , i came here looking for some thing eles and put in the name Yuliya Chirak and i didnt want to belive what i read but after seeing the photos it just made me sick to my stumic. all the same photos and e-mails word for word.
2007-02-28, 00:35:10
anonymous from United States is a very busy
Just sent me the birthday pics.Time to burn this bitch or

2007-02-28, 02:44:18
anonymous from United States  
they must of read mine i havent received your last leter or pics but i sent her pink flowers what a mistake so maybe they will have to redo pics before i get my letter i will keep you posted
2007-03-01, 09:02:24
Trial Membership to .... Free
A dozen emails opening up... Free (and your dignity)
A dozen roses for her birthday ... 49.99
Another lesson learn .... PRICELESS!!!

thank you guys... keep up the good work
2007-03-01, 15:27:01 from Chicago in Illinois, United States  
Hey Guys - Long but quick note.

The pix of Evgeniya Molokova are now being used by:

Vicktoriya (Viktoriya, Victoriya) - Makarova (Macarova), Vladimirovna...
Nella - Galiullina ... Olga - Romenskaya (Romanskaya)... Tanya - Sosnina ...
Luliya - ??? ... Yuliya (Yulia) - Kamenschikova (Chirak) ...
Tatyana - Zavagina (Zvyagina, Vereshagina)... Marina - Artemieva ...
Anastasiya (Anastasia, Anastasija) - Mazina (Sarantchina)...
Julia (Lya, Yla, Yliya)- Gainulina ... Angella (Angellana) - ??? ...

Who uses the e-dresses: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... . . .

* Maybe the following too - not sure, nothing conclusive:

* Note: She uses the following websites to contact victims. . .

Dating Site: -
Username(s) = Nelliosols, Lady, Angellana, Angellanakidmoon,
Miss Rock, Goldenfarsh, Balabolka345, Bombchickasso

Match -
Username(s)= ___________

Singlesnet -
Username(s) = Prevoshodno

Lovetopping -
Username(s)= ____________
I.D.# = 1119540982 -
Username(s) = Boodji
Userlink =

Community Sites:
* No Longer Available.

Job Sites:
Careerbuilders and Monster.
( Stolen databases ).

To Learn more:

Websites-Blacklist 411


All one really need do is yahoo/google:

* any alias,
* dating profile and user names,
* a quote from any of her profiles and emails ,
( put quotes in quotation marks ),
* her e-mail add


- Note: No 'K' in the 1st name.

- Set up by
- A personal friend of


click on 'Forum' > 'Scammers' > 'Page#'
Page# is on the upper right hand corner. . .

Page 2. and 20th from the top
= Tanya Sosnina (V-Mak briefly affiliated w/ name)

Page 2. and 67th from the top
= Olga Romanskaya (not Romenskaya)

Page1. and 10th from the top
= Yuliya (Yulia) Kamenschikova

NOTE: Page and position from the top is subject to change
as more of our beloved scammers are added.
NOTE: Names are listed by Lastname


Click on 'Outside the Cube' > 'Dating Scams' > specific page

Specific Pages for my beloved entity (Vicktoriya Makarova):

'Is This Russian Girl Scamming Me? How To Recognize Scammers'
'Dating Scam from Kazan - Parts 1 - 5' (see part 5).
'Dating Scammer from Tomsk, Russia'
'Dating Scammer Vicktoriya ( from Russia'
'Humorous Ideas How To Deal With Russian Dating Scammers'
'Elena from Slobodsko'
'Dating Scammer Angella From Russia'

Or simply plug any one of her alias's

Vicktoriya (Viktoriya, Victoriya) - Makarova (Macarova), Vladimirovna...
Nella - Galiullina ...
Olga - Romenskaya (Romanskaya)...
Tanya - Sosnina ...
Luliya - ??? ...
Yuliya (Yulia) - Kamenschikova (Chirak) ...
Tatyana - Zavagina (Zvyagina, Vereshagina)...
Marina - Artemieva ...
Anastasiya (Anastasia, Anastasija) - Mazina (Sarantchina)...
Julia (Lya, Yla, Yliya)- Gainulina ...
Angella (Angellana) - ??? ...

into the Delphifaq search window and go from there.

and remember
1. First Name - Last (birth/married) Name
2. '???' = surname and/or married name unknown.
3. ( names in these parenthises are not mear variations of spellings,
but of alias combinations. So you have 34 listed h


Click on 'Blacklist' > 'Newbies' > N (for Nella)> page 9.

Note: On the Nella Galiullina page there is a link to Vicktoriya Makarova
and Vis-a-vis.
Note: Names are alphabetized by 1st name, then the last name.
Note: Page number may change as more scammers are a


Click on 'anti-scam menu > 'Search Anti-Scam'
Plug Vicktoriya Makarova or Nella Galiullina into the search wi


Click 'Scam Profiles' > read down the intro ... 'look 'here' first' >
(click 'here') > page 1.

Picture is 6th from the top.
Click on pic for notes.
Note: Position may change as more scammers are a


Click on 'Scammer's Menu' > 'search' >
enter scammer i.d.# into the 'search by I.D.' window. > 'O.K.'

I.D.#s are:
1877 for Vicktoriya Makarova
1806 for Nella Galiullina
2022 for Both.

Click on comments to read them.
View all


Go immediately to page 37 > Nella Galiullina
There is a reference to V-Mak.
Page # may change as more beloveds are a


Scroll down menu to 'Names N - Z'
Click on Vicktoriya Makarova and/or Nella Galiullina
Photo only - no comments
Names are alphabetized by 1st name, then last


And one more thing ( for today at least ):

On-Line Flower/Gift Shop Blacklistings

Blacklisted for Bogus address at the follow 3 sites:

Under - Nella Galiullina
644000; Russia, Omsk
Vatunina St. 11A/77


Vicktoriya Makarova sent me to:

I could not find a blacklist on this site.

Many if not all of my beloved entity names:

Vicktoriya (Viktoriya, Victoriya) - Makarova (Macarova), Vladimirovna...
Nella - Galiullina ... Olga - Romenskaya (Romanskaya)... Tanya - Sosnina ...
Luliya - ??? ... Yuliya (Yulia) - Kamenschikova (Chirak) ...
Tatyana - Zavagina (Zvyagina, Vereshagina)... Marina - Artemieva ...
Anastasiya (Anastasia, Anastasija) - Mazina (Sarantchina)...
Julia (Lya, Yla, Yliya)- Gainulina ... Angella (Angellana) - ??? ...

have sent victims to this flower/gift shop site.

The addresses used are:

Vatinuna St. 11A/77

Kommunisticheskaya 77-21

644009; Russia-Siberia,Irkutsk
Lyzina 44-4

640000;Russia-Kurgan Area,Kurgan
Zorge St. 16-7

These are either:
1. bogus home adddresses.
2. Russian P.O. Boxes.

** NOTE: Aiflowers is either a ghost or an accomplice.

As a 'brick-n-mortar' Accomplice:

Scammer sends YOU to Aiflowers.
YOU place order - send money.
Aiflowers keeps the merchandise.
Scammer and/or Aiflowers verifies that Scammer received merchandise.
Both are now validated as legit.
And both split the take (YOUR $$$)

What - it's good that you only spent $60.00 U.S. dollars. . .
Last time I checked (and I did), $1.00 U.S. dollar = R24.45 Russian Rubbles.
Lets do the math: $1 x R24.45 -SO- $60 x R24.45 = R1,467.00

Luv ya guys and this site;
Call on me at

Note: the repeated names in all my postings are for a reason besides updating.
Trust me fellas.
You are on page 9 of 33, other pages: 1 2 3 6 7 8 [9] 10 11 12 30 31 32 33



Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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