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Dating scammer Natalja (Natalia) from Berdsk, Russia


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Dating scammer Natalja (Natalia) from Berdsk, Russia

Parkovaya street 4-11,


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2007-08-08, 15:37:22
Skeet from United States  
That 2nd one look's kinda familiar,I'll have to check DMF may have seen her there?When I have so extra time I'll peruse the site and see who I find.LOL Not hard to guess what they're selling! {and I DON'T think it's pic's!} We call 'em HO's among other thing's!

That's ALOT of beer D,ya gonna drink it all at once? LOL Here's an old hangover prevention tip,take 3 aspirin BEFORE you drink and 3 more before bed.{unless you pass out}lol

She's not there...
2007-09-12, 05:36:13
I also got a couple of letters from Natalja.They used email address as :
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Natalya from Osinniki, Russia
Dating scammer Natalya from Osinniki, Russia

2007-10-25, 15:31:42
2007-12-01, 08:18:46
anonymous from Australia  
Is this person a scammer?
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Inna
Dating scammer Inna

2007-12-14, 01:32:13
anonymous from Canada  
Natalia sure looks awesome. Too bad she's a fantasy. I bet her pussy tastes like honey. Nice to think about. What a waste that she's a bitch hoe.

2007-12-14, 05:07:01
OJAS from United States  
Anon Canada Scammers use stolen pix http://www.delphifa..?p=3#64966 It would help if you click on the link welcome page/ primer link in the red banner below all posts on this page. You don't need to mislead newbies with your opinionated ''bitch hoe'' etc. Ignorance of course is your prerogative.
2007-12-14, 06:58:13
anonymous from Germany  
Anon Canada: This girl's true identity is revealed here somewhere. An ukrainian model I guess. She is on many threads here.
2007-12-14, 10:09:31
OJAS from United States  
Germany - could it be this one? http://www.delphifa..?p=5#61450
2007-12-14, 11:25:17
Peter from Germany  
Pretty good OJAS! What query did you use? Sorry for forgetting to sign my post.

2007-12-14, 14:07:55   (updated: 2007-12-14, 14:12:54)
OJAS from United States  
In this instance I used the unusual double i for swiss - Note the misspelling, unusual constructions including spelling / grammatical mistakes I love to use in queries. I do not copy that word here so I won't hit this post next time. [That American poster is in military, uses Swiss army knife].

Some of my own are exhorbitant, miscostrued, identificatin etc., I am not going to give away my entire mis-spelling vocabulary I use for searching my previous posts.

This particular girl is still in my radar. In future I planned to open a discussion request.

1) I suspect she had a plastic surgery (poorly sutured over her left eye, she seems to cover up a scar in every close-up shot of her left eye)
2) Elena Kashkova has several hits on delphi, some of them my inquiries. That scamming name is posted already in a few sites
3) Back in delphi one post lists for this girl both Elena Kashkova and Astrakhan as one of her scamming combinations - It lists several more combinations
4) Another hit in delphi has e-mail elenka@xxx.yyy - The user id raised my eye-brows, I am not about to lower them soon
5) I had an exchange (probably in the German 1602 thread with MQ) about these 2 girls being the same, after spotting a mole on a breast in the same place.
6) When plastic surgery is performed the suture is usually under the breast in smily face curve, to cover up the scar and also make nipple at right angle to the body. Elena Kashkova was about 60° to her body.
7) Physiologically, when a girl is aroused nipples get erect. But the converse is NOT true - i.e. erect nipples really mean nothing, but this girl seems to make it a point to have pic every time her nipple erects, as though it was in reaction to recieving an e-mail from an unseen person
8) Anatomically, the skin has the most dead cell layers on the heel, the fewest on the eye-lid. When sutures heal near eyelid, the new tissues formed are fibrous, lack the original elasticity. I have seen many naturally big-eyed girls. This one seems to have a blinking problem

Peter, since you have kindled up this topic, and this girl already has several threads, are you willing to discuss if she is the same as Elena Kashkova? If yes, the starting point is to delphi search Elena Kashkova, then google her, we can move discussion to an existing thread for ''the model'' as she calls herself.
2007-12-14, 14:49:08
Peter from Germany  
Wow! I was recalling mq's story with her too and took A. Angel as query and got her. But I was not able to find the part about her identity.
Indeed I was wondering about her supranatural appearence and of course I did not believe all is inborn but I did not see as much as you did.
No, I am not really interested in discussions about this poor being. I pity people who use surgery to look better. And I pity women with big breasts. Secondly for my taste there always has to be a balance in proportions and her upper part is to heavy.
She is a slim girl and smaller boobs would fit better.

I will post a hint at the german thread for mq. I guess he has subscribed there.
2007-12-14, 15:35:44   (updated: 2007-12-14, 15:41:01)
Peter from Germany  
I did some searches now. Which Elena Kashkova do you mean, haha? This name has got at least 4 different scammer faces. But yes, our 'Felomena' appears with this name.

Here the pic where she is looking extremly extraterrestrial:

2007-12-14, 15:59:08
Peter from Germany  
Ha, I knew it: not human!
Btw, found one with the scar you have mentioned too.

2007-12-14, 16:28:05   (updated: 2007-12-14, 16:35:32)
Peter from Germany  
Fake at all levels. Hope you got a good sound installed. Good night, 0:29
2007-12-14, 18:24:46   (updated: 2007-12-14, 19:06:00)
mq from Germany  

I never had been in contact with scammers which are using her photo sets.

Interesting for me, to recognisze one of the most misused and stolen semi-professional model photos.

http: //

das Thema ist 'ausgelutscht'

die junge Frau ist schwer kamerasüchtig, bzw einfach gewohnt ständig fotografiert zu werden (paps) aber das ist ein anderes Thema,

die exhibitionistische message verstehn wir nicht, weil wir ja alle nie ukrainisch / russisch lernen..... ;-)

ja der link ist interessant
Феломена is expression of own kind
http: //

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