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Dating scammer Natalya from Osinniki, Russia


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Name: Natalya
Address: Russia,town Osinniki
Voevodina street 49,flat 17

Near big city Novokuznetsk

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2012-05-26, 04:09:28
OJAS from United States  
Determined poor never surrender their wealth!
2012-05-26, 14:16:31
anonymous from Italy  
---- Hello, my sweet prince xxxx!
Regardless of your decision, I am glad to see your new letter.
You're always in my heart and thoughts. They rank first in my life.
Now, I'll try to explain more in detail, what's my problem. In fact, all is not that hard, but without solving the problem, simply will not be released from Russia.
We live in different countries, they are separated by different languages, different laws and traditions. I hope to find the right words to explain the essence of the problem. It 's necessary to solve this problem urgently, because before I left and a little' time. With your permission, I will start.
As they say, many people in our country - Russia, the mind does not understand why, as always warn you about everything at the last minute.
The whole problem lies in the fact that I have a debt to the apartment - the unpaid bills for water, gas, electricity and so on. Citizens who do not pay their debts to state agencies are not eligible to travel outside of Russia until they pay off the debt of 100. The amount of my debt, and 15,500 rubles (about 395 euros). In my wallet was $ 100, I saved the money in your pocket. I had to pay 100 euros for a debt. But now, they are still obliged to pay 295 euros, or simply will not be released from Russia.
This law was passed in our country, most recently in relation to the fact that many citizens have gone abroad and left a huge unpaid bills. Consequently, utilities have had to wait a long time, until the citizens can not go back.
I tried to find the money in Moscow, but then I have no friends and even acquaintances. I tried to ask for money from the internship program, but it's authorized agents told me that, to their great regret, do not engage in personal benefit to the citizens, but they pay only the conditions that were included in the contract. Consequently, this issue, I have to decide.
I am very angry, I do not know what to do. I have no way out of this terrible situation. My prince, you're my only hope for the help! Now you depends our future together. I'm sure we will give this amount of money I just paid the first in your country, but first I need to fly from Russia. As I said earlier, the first salary paid within 2-3 days after,'ll fly to your country.
I hope for your understanding, trust and support. I'm sure we will not be an obstacle 295 euros and you can help me. I want all our sexual dreams. You need to hurry, my angel xxxx. The faster I can help, the faster I can fly to your country. It 's very difficult to find the right words my prince. Please do not ask me, now I'm just asking you to help me as soon as possible. I am very afraid of losing you. I hope to help me, I'm sure.
My Tiger fan, I learned that there is a system of Western Union. This system and the safest and easiest way to transfer money fast. This is exactly what we need now. At the end of this letter, I will give all the information necessary for the transfer of money. In order to make it easier to find the nearest Western Union in your city, I give you a link to the official site -
Please, after the transfer of money, do not forget to tell me the code (MTCN), as well as your personal data (name, which must specify in the blank).
I'm really very sorry that I have to ask for your help, but I have no choice. You're the only family and friends to me, someone who can help me now. Please do not forget I'll give you 295 euros from my salary, I'll put in their own country. I'm sure you do not leave me in this difficult situation - you are kind man, gentle and caring. We're meant for each other and the only paper money, for which you can not buy true love and feelings. Much more important is the spiritual wealth of the person.
I feel your xxxx in me resilient. I want you in my xxxx. I never had an experience xxxx. You are the first to be able to go there. I'm sure we both xxxx Now, my FXXXX the thought that soon I will be in your arms and be able to embrace the xxxxcon my lips. Are you a fan xxxxxx deeper? I can swallow all your xxxxx, mmmmmmm, my tiger, I'm looking forward to this moment.
But without your help our dreams will never become a reality. Please do not look at a man who seeks only personal gain. I try to only two of us, and you need a lot to me. The most important thing you've had the desire to help. We will be able to jump the barriers between them. Come on, there will be side by side and make the most beautiful things in this world together, taking the hand.
I hope your new e-mail waiting for me, as soon as possible.
The most passionate kisses and sweet for my tiger!
Your little xxxxx from Russia,
Postscript As I promised, I tell you my personal data will be required to transfer money via Western Union:
Country - Russia;
City - Archangelsk;
Postal Code - 163010;
Abramova Street, number 25, apartment 17;
All the details - Mariya Logginouva.Annulla modifiche
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2012-05-26, 20:58:34   (updated: 2012-05-26, 21:04:29)
Dirk from Kerkrade, Netherlands  
2012-05-26, 14:16:31
anonymous from Italy

It's definitely a scammer! THEY (!) copied the photos from this site:

Don't ever send money to people you never met in real life!

2012-05-27, 20:53:58
Dirk from Kerkrade, Netherlands  
Katya 28 y.o.

You can see my complete profile here : http://www.aivelina..le&id=2565

My email :

2012-05-27, 20:57:49   (updated: 2012-05-27, 20:58:35)
Dirk from Kerkrade, Netherlands  

Already reported as a scammer...

here: http://russianscamm..4__1.html

here: http://www.lawantis..-list/74/

and here: http://www.lawantis..-list/75/

More pics of this model are here: http://www.linkbuck..0

2012-06-03, 07:10:57
Dirk from Kerkrade, Netherlands  
Hi, my name is Ksenia and I am 27 years old, I live in Ukraine .

You can see my complete profile here : http://www.antheacl..e&id=23666

I am looking for :

My soul mate! My man! My friend! My king! My love! My
life! My magic! My lover! My world!!!!! ...if you live in
such big world remember you can become whole world for
someone near you....maybe you are my world?!!!!!!!!


From 27 to 57

My email :

2012-06-03, 07:13:17
Dirk from Kerkrade, Netherlands  
Malin, Ukraine

My heart is open for love. My body is ready for passion. My thoughts are ready for adventures!

2012-06-03, 07:17:42
Dirk from Kerkrade, Netherlands  
Malin, Ukraine

Real ID: Ksenia Sukhinova

Ksenia Vladimirovna Sukhinova (Russian: Ксе́ния Влади́мировна Сухи́нова; born 26 August 1987) is a Russian beauty pageant titleholder who won Miss Russia 2007 and Miss World 2008. She also appeared in all of the postcards that introduced every participating song in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest.




2012-06-03, 07:21:05
Dirk from Kerkrade, Netherlands  
Malin, Ukraine

Real ID: Ksenia Sukhinova, Miss Russia 2007 and Miss World 2008

2012-06-03, 19:26:33
2012-06-03, 20:53:03
Dirk from Kerkrade, Netherlands  
2012-06-05, 13:18:46
anonymous from Germany  
born 27.03.1986
lives in davao city and sometimes in mintal philippine
sometimes she is in singapore or malaysia

vanessa reputana

she have much differnt names and makes dates in internet.
she say she is suerching a men for the future and promise to marry soon.
on this way she win trust and takes money.

dont send money with western union. she have so much names and so much mens in her live.
its modern prostitution. in the meetings she always say she dont need money, but she need. and all stupid men, me too give her money for the study.

her right name is vanessa reputana, but she like to play with names. the miost time she is in internet withe cristal, trisha dulce daniela.

much mens flight to her and with all she have unsafe sex. she will leave her country and makes all for this. she takes the risk to be pregnant. she have much men same time...

attention mr. brongiel, iknow she have contact with u too. or jeffrey. dont send money, she is a bitsch.
the mens come for some weeks and leave the county, then she stop the contact, because the next men comes. i stay 2 month there and know how she work. she is a bitsch but not good in bed.
her girlfriend wenna too from davao city. she is at moment in australia and makes the same game.
she visit the school of nursing st. augustine in davao city sometimes and win trust with this.
be careful with her, she play games only and she have a very bad past. we think over 500 men are pay much money. her sister mabel reputana is not like her
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2012-06-07, 18:32:43
anonymous from United States  
... one more picture Daisy Zinga .... be carefull ....

2012-06-07, 18:57:31
anonymous from Croatia/Hrvatska  
.... picture ... Daisy Zinga .... be carefull ...

2012-06-07, 23:48:39
2012-06-07, 18:57:31 anonymous from Croatia/Hrvatska - picture ... Daisy Zinga .... be carefull ...

The girl's real identity is Grace Falli porn model for ATK Exotics. Don't let these scammers play you for a 'fool' ... they use more names than there's rain drops in a storm !

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