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Dating scammer Ekaterina Rozhentsova


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Name: Ekaterina Rozhentsova



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2009-09-18, 06:06:28
OJAS from United States  
2009-09-18, 09:29:45
Clark,Kent from Germany  
To be honest i dont know her!
2009-09-18, 12:56:48

Ich sehe, Ihr seid am worken...
Das ist sehr gut - hat auch mir geholfen....
Grüße an Alle....
2009-09-18, 13:10:21
anonymous from Germany  
was ist bei dir geschehen??
wurde dir auch das blaue vom himmel gelogen ??
2009-09-18, 15:37:10
wanwan from Japan  
@anon Germany

Give us your nick name,it is OK?
We can not recognize you from clark kent in Germany.
2009-09-18, 16:06:21
sky from Germany  
@wanwan .....ok my name is sky......
2009-09-18, 16:06:22
sky from Germany  
@wanwan .....ok my name is sky......
2009-09-18, 17:56:12
wanwan from Japan  

Thanks !It is a good name on here.

@clark kent

clark,I want to talk with you about Raven Riley.
You say '' Raven is a scammer ''.
Really ?
I don't think so.
Raven is a pornstar in USA.
She is a porn star ,not a scammer.
African scammers steal her photos on internet ,
then use those stuff for scamming.
Scammers pretend to be Raven and try scamming innocent guys on lines.
Raven is one of victims on scam.
She never scam others.
African and Russian scammers are scamming others with her photos.

2009-09-18, 19:35:30   (updated: 2009-09-18, 19:36:46)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Hello Everyone

Please concerning the Topic on Raven Riley.
There is a attempt by the scammers currently under way on this site.
It concerns Raven Riley and Julie both Porn Stars that are posted hundreds of
times here.
This attempt by the Scammers especially led by Cagekopia is a attempt to blame
the Porn Stars instead of the real scammers.
Only a absolute Fool would believe that a Porn Star who actually makes
enough money to buy a Third World Country and lives very nicely only in the
USA not the Philippines or any where else in the World as the scammers have been trying to establish.
This campaign was started some month's back.
Wake up and smell the Scammers people.
Cagekopia would Love nothing more than taking the heat off, His little
enterprise. Think About it ?
If people keep coming on this site no matter who they are they better
show proof of what they are saying.
There is a mountain of proof That Raven Riley is in the USA as well as Julie.
This diversion from the truth must be confronted by everyone.
Not just, Me and Bad Dog and Wanwan.
These postings should be removed because of the harm they cause.
I don't give a Damn who disagrees with, Me on this.
I have sat back long enough and have already spoke up several times.
Its time for the scammers to get booted off this site.
No special treatment for anyone.
Now that this problem is being brought out lets hear it guy's if, I'm wrong then
prove, Me wrong.
Personally, I have a list of scammers hiding in plain site.
Must, I spell it all out ?
I am sick of seeing everyone being Manipulated by these Idiots.
Wanwan brought up A very good point that being there is a known
Raven Riley impersonator. But that doesn't explain what is going on here.
As far as, I am concerned this insanity stops now.
I will challenge anyone who tries to say Raven Riley or Julie or any other
Porn Star or Model is doing the scams. Bull Shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I apologize for being off Delphifaq so long these Idiots have gotten out
of hand while, I was away.

Kind Regards to everyone except the Scammers and their Minions.
Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'// <><

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2009-09-18, 23:01:24
wanwan from Japan  
@clark kent

clark !
I give you my '' friendly '' advices .
Very often you say '' I have a deep knowledge about scam ''.
And you say '' I am a scam buster ''.

Question !
If you are a '' real '' scam buster,you must know Raven Riley is not a scammer.
You are not '' a newbie '' on Delphi.But you say '' Raven is a scammer '' !!!!
There is something strange about clark kent !?
I ask you about Raven Riley .She is a scammer or porn star ?
Please answer me.
It is a '' homework '' of you.
Raven is reported on Delphi.
Clark ,you very often visits Delphi.
And you talk our ear off everytime.
You don't know Raven Riley ?
Are you real scam buster ?
clark ,who are you ?
Again I say

clark kent from Germany ,who are you ?

Answer me ! It is your '' home work ''.

When I read your '' English '' ,I remember the guy who had put many craps
and fart on Delphi.That crazy guy said '' I am a real scam buster '' .
clark ,do you know the guy who had put many craps and fart on Delphi?

clark ,do you know the meaning of '' Red flags ''?
2009-09-18, 23:23:19   (updated: 2009-09-18, 23:40:02)
wanwan from Japan  
Later I will post.

2009-09-18, 23:34:00   (updated: 2009-09-18, 23:34:53)
rock-star from United States  
I am new to here but have observed many things. Ravin Riley's photo in the pool was taken in / around the Pheonix AZ area where I think it may have been that old man mafia guy doing it. -or- I was hit up by those same Raven Riley pics at that same pool during or just shortly after I was in contact with a girl named Lillian (from Afroromance) and she was from Nigeria - her name was Blessing and she got really mad at me for not sending her money for her birthday. Then right after that came the raven riley attempted scam.

2009-09-19, 02:45:34
BadDog from Madison, United States  
From BadDog:

2009-09-17, 19:34:38
Clark,Kent from Germany
[@anonymous top actrice of pornstar has about 250-1250euro a day

This Raven Riley is a scammer.]

This is libelous language and you endanger this this site and your own credibility with this accusation. She has legal representation and you just set yourself up with your big mouth and your arrogant posting for a lawsuit.

Don't mess with our site till you know the rules. No full nudity.No pictures of children. No personal attacks on other posters be they newbies or veterans. No posting of pictures without explanations of why they are being accused of scamming.

Fight back by baiting the scammers and helping others on this site.

If you continue to post please observe the protocols that work for those already here.
Sharing information, curiosity, cooperation, method, humor, common civility and mutual respect

Wake up mate. You have been here long enough to get a clue unless you have never read the 'Primer for first time visitors'

Have you heard of
Per Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia..ven_Riley

[Raven Riley (born September 6, 1986), is an American porn star, appearing on line and on DVDs. Riley won the top spot on Front magazine's 'Top 20 Girls of the Web' and appeared on its March 2007 cover.[2]

An Ohioan, Riley debuted online at age 18. Since then, she has won several awards for her movies and photos. She is mostly of Italian heritage, with some Native American heritage.[1]

With the support of website jaYManCash, of which Riley is part-owner, she started Evil Motion Pictures, whose goal is to break into mainstream horror movie production.[3] Evil Motion Pictures released its first horror porn film starring Riley in November 2007, entitled Succubus.

Birthdate: September 6, 1986 (1986-09-06) (age 23)
Birth location:Arizona, United States
Height: 5 ft 4 in (1.63 m)
Weight: 114 lb (52 kg; 8.1 st)
Measurements: 32B-27-35 in
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Skin color: Olive skin
Ethnicity: Italian and Native American[1]
No. of films: 1]

As Agent 86 says [She makes enough from her porn productions to buy a third world country]

All this information is verifiable on line with a few minutes research.

[2009-03-25, 06:11:33 (updated: 2009-03-25, 06:17:05)
OJAS from United States]
Raven Riley http://en.wikipedia..ven_Riley

As WanWan said 'Do your homework!'

Have a nice day,

BadDog and the pack
2009-09-19, 03:19:54
@wanwan from Germany  
hi wanwan !
you are right,an african scamming used fotos from raven to scam,last e-mail
she used in germany.says is from uk.
regards sky.....
2009-09-19, 13:55:27   (updated: 2009-09-19, 14:05:52)
wanwan from Japan  
@clark kent

Question !
Please go there and read this non-sense message,OK?

2009-09-16, 12:16:55 (updated: 2009-09-16, 12:48:25)
anonymous from Germany

WOW with humour now!!!!!!!!!!! With always the levelmeter nearby i feel likes drive in an Ferrari when i ride full power....My god. The IP´s are very interested! Guys i come back with more infos next 2 days.....the little small brained scammers i let them rest now to take a breath a little bit of me. I am human and i love my enemies too! Hahahahaha. I love fresh and good rested scammers as well and no clowns here. I need clever scams and not the low level here guys.....i shoot back only when it is comparing how much i must pay with one shot!
@ Gilligan
You are right everybody has something arrogant. My arrogance is to not play again with low level scammers. I mean the foolish persons for scamming. I am more interest in the background and i am interest in the guy who was scamming me from military boat to sent his sweetheart money....hahahahahahaha!
This scammer rat scammed me 8 months. Now i am on the beginning with all this guys here on this treath, to find out what´s path are used and (the money is doesn´t matter any more i lost) to find it out how it works in gangs. I received an very jealous email from someone he is integrated of this group but he informed me that i am scammed but i was this time to naive to believe and i dont knew the word SCAM. I will post this letter to me tomorrow. I think that by scamming are studyed peoples from highschool are busy, and not wild living african or normal educated peoples. Gilligan i dont know the level of school IQ in the US. But when i must give a note to my scammer than he will nearby Albert Einstein::::::::::::::::really i mean!
I must to be humble for that what i learned here the last time about this topic from everybody.. I work on myself to be more informative with facts for this forum, but i ask myself? I do not know is it here only a forum to discuss or the informations will sended to the right places, because if we talk only, than nothing will change by this. I wish that all will be announced by FBI or CIA or equivalent agencys. It is very serious this crime, guys. Its not a joke here!!!
Good job here. The scammer fucks me for 8 months, we have done good job in one day only, maybe we can burn this greedy asshole a bit his/she´s cock or pussy and hope we can discovering much again. Some Agency or politics must react with facts.
but when it is only a forum to exchange opinions and only for posting scamers than i say this i a good way, but it is only a job of watching. We must connected with FBI or all institutions. Right now i dont like the way to find it out with BUBKUS: Listen bukus when you are read this here! Go home and masturbe yourself with a green cumcumber. I was already asking my friend Wan Wan for the question for fit out this with the colours.
Sorry Gilligang i cannot hold on any more. Dot i hope the colour green and blackass is modern now for scammers.....Hahahahahaha We wil fuck everybody off here on DELPHI.
Wan Wan support me in my words..your a good one likes everybody. BUT GO HOME BUSKUB....You have a new one as very goodfriend.....with many kisses and heavy hugs, Yours not loving your German not friend UWE from germany.Ife a undercovering asshole i find you here again to spamming peoples than i will playing a bit super chess with you. Fuck off!!!!!!!! You are an person Ok! but you are not accept here. Go to mommy and if you have a good sense than take care of your mommy likes i do! Motherfucker you are.
I always on the right side here. BUBKUS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Do you read this non-sense message?
then clark,I ask you how do you think of this fucking message from anon Germany.
Moreover I ask you ,do you know this anon Germany ? This is your friend or not ?

Or,,,,anon Germany is a schizophrenic disorder?
If so,anon Germany must go to hospital and needs to get some medical treatments ,I think so.
Do you agree with me or not?

I want to know your opinion about anon Germany ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,clark ,answer me.

When I have read this non-sense message,I remember the fucking guy who had put much craps & fart on Delphi. That fucking guy talked our ear off .And this anon Germany also talks our ear off ! It seems to be same guy.Do you have some informations on anon Germany or not?

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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