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Dating scammer Anna Mary Jones , Juliet Brown


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Name: Anna Mary Jones , Juliet Brown


I have been unable to get a physical address, and when asking for a location to send the money, I am getting soft and vauge responses. It appears she does not trust me, but only answers that I must send it to her 'Agent' in Nigeria. I suspect she is afraid of being set up, and will not tell me until Friday, the deadline of her supposed flight... if then.
She knows I have been thinking of collecting fraudulant checks from scam artists as a hobby. I will have to be more cautious if this hobby is to live.

Other Comments:

Supposedly an American Native in Western Africa, Netstat in DOS mode yields an ISP address of which traces to Georgia, by way of Atlanta. I suspect she uses a gateway to hide her location. Either way, her trace using NeoTrace Pro does not yield the same confirmed location which she claims is hers. I get the impression of a highly developed sense of survival, this one.

She wants money in the sum of $500 for 'BTA', a Traveling Allowance sent to Nigeria, to her travel agent. She explains it is like a tax in Nigeria.
I understand the BTA is a function of the desire to control currency flow, and departing persons are permitted an Allowance of no more than a certain amount of cash when leaving the country. I understand too, that some countries ask how a person intends to support himself or herself when entering another country... neither is of concern to a US citizen coming home. Not having the money will not violate a BTA cap, and an American returning Home is no concern of another country as to how they will live.

She sent a letter containing numerous spelling issues and incorrect information, supposedly a copy of the flight confirmation. The flight details are quoted in full below. In this letter is a fee for a DEC 11th Security Fee of $2.50 per segment. USD 250.09. Yep, Dec 11. As I happen to be intimately familiar with the Federal Aviation Regulations, finding such document as would order any fee rapidly resulted in CFR 49, chapter 12, part 1510. This goes on to detail the instructions as limiting all charges to a maximum of $10. No flight originating out of the country can level such charge, and no fee is required for persons entering the United States from abroad it is a law for flights originating in the United States only.

Links for clarity:

The flight, supposedly Virgin, I cannot find. I cannot even find any form of four digit flight schedule in the Virgin Nigeria site. I cannot find any flight with Virgin to the airport listed. I am unable to schedule a flight with Virgin within a time period she supposedly had that is, they would not accept schedules within a seven-day time frame for flights exiting Nigeria to the United States in any location, and the closest location they will schedule to at all is Washington DC.

anna mary jones wrote:
Thank you for choosing Fl Tampa Airways. Don't forget to come back to our company to take care of all of your travel needs.

Thanks for booking with Virgin Atlantic, your flight details are below. Pretty soon you'll be jetting off, but first here's your booking reference: VS3225
Passengers travelling to or from the USA on 20 JAN 2007 MUST be in possession of a Machine Readable Passport. These can generally be identified by two lines of computer code printed at the bottom of the page that contains the passport holder's personal details. Travellers not in possession of machine readable passports will be required to apply for either B-1 (business) or B-2 (tourist) visa or apply for a new passport (this is regardless of whether your original is still valid). Please contact your local embassy or consulate for more details. If a passenger is not in possession of either a MRP or a valid visa entry to the USA they will be denied boarding.

Looking forward to seeing you onboard.

Passenger Name, Frequent Flyer Number, Seat Preference Meal Preference
None Childs meal.


Departure Lagos to Tampa International Airport ,,US / Flight: VS3225
Depart Arrive Cabin Seats
12:00 APr,26,2007 24:45,APR,26,2007 first class None
onnecting Lagos to Tampa International Airport /,US Terminal 3 Flight: VS3225
Codeshare operated by FL Nigeria Airways
Seat allocations are subject to operational and schedule changes. If you amend your seat allocation this will not be reflected in this email.

Please check in at least 3 hours prior to departure; or cut the queues entirely, Please note: Our check in facilities will close 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time of the flight.
Departure Airport
Check in: Lagos,LAGOS Main Terminal
Arrival: ,US Tampa International Airport Terminal 3

Taxes, fees, charges and surcharges:
This includes the government imposed DEC 11th Security Fee of $2.50 per segment. USD 250.09

As a member of Flying Club you could earn 13574 miles for this flight. If you are not yet a member of Flying Club, Enrol now. Upon completion of your enrolment, please take note of your new Flying Club number as you will need to quote it at check-in.
Please note child and infant fares do not earn Flying Club miles, unless the child passenger is linked to a Flying Club gold family account.

Check In Baggage Allowance
Adult/Child baggage allowance - Two pieces of luggage per passenger, each weighing up to 32kg (70lbs). When added together, the three dimensions of any piece of luggage must not exceed 158cm (62in).
Cabin Baggage Allowance
Upper Class: 2 bags 23x35x55cm (9x14x22in) OR 1 garment bag 20cm (8in) thick when folded, PLUS 1 briefcase/laptop computer Total combined weight - 16kg/35lb, maximum of 8kg/18lb per piece.
Premium Economy, Economy and Infants: 1 bag 23x35x55cm (9x14x22in) Total weight - 6kg/13lb.
Wheelchairs, crutches, baby buggies and items necessary for baby care during the flight will be carried free over and above the baggage allowance. However baby buggies, carrying baskets and wheelchairs will normally be carried in the hold

This 'woman' speaks in a pattern which leaves one in doubt she is an American born and raised in America as she claims. Common words are used incorrectly (such as the word common), and her syntax is not native.


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2007-04-25, 18:39:36   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

Keywords: brunette red top sunglasses
2007-04-25, 20:26:39
anonymous from United States  
She is a native American, born and raised in the US, and lived in Florida where she lost her parents in an auto accident in 2006. She then went to Africa to live with relatives. She inherited a good deal of property in Florida, which we were to share amidst happily ever after dreams of love and care... if only I give her $500.
In learning the money will not come, she has no use for me.
2007-04-27, 09:01:45
anonymous from United States  
IP address used for connections to Yahoo Email trace to SunnyVale California:
2007-04-27, 17:08:02
anonymous from United States  
Above addies seem to be yahoo.
The only Georgia Addy I have:

I dont know all I dont know about this IP stuff.
2008-06-10, 19:47:05
If you go to http://www.myspace...ettabrown. You will find a girl who claims to be from Cleveland, Ohio. E-mail to look out for is She claims to be out of the country.She claims to need money sent to her for either an airline ticket back home or to pay for shipping for goods to be shipped back to her from Nigeria.
2008-06-10, 19:48:54
Nope. She has tried but as soon that someone asks for money and you don't know them. It's a scam. Just to let everyone know that e-mail is different.
2009-05-08, 11:07:26
I too was involved in this> she is currently sending me a check to cash because she mysteriously lost her credit card an is currently in paris> she claims she is an interior designer and need money for material for a job she is doing. Haha i have been able to find out that a person named Deborah D King 3208 S Mendenhall Rd. Memphis,TN 38115 is involved if not 'Julietta Brown' herself. I have contacted her via telephone (901) 547-7965 and asked for julietta brown and she told me to call back later tonight This being May 8th, 2009. I will continue to call and will continue to get to the bottom of this no matter the cost.
2009-05-08, 11:09:18
Another contact of hers may be a Veronica Zamora with an assumed adress of 1436 Pierce Dr. Apt 205 Clovis, Ca. 93612.
2009-05-08, 11:20:44
this is a picture she is curently using

2009-05-08, 11:25:50
This is a picture of deborah king i gave her contact info

2009-05-30, 23:22:17
WOW.. This lady gets around. I too was involved in this. Watch out everyone dont get scammed. She is also sending me a check to cash for her as she lost her credit card and is stuck out of state and has no one to turn to but me for help.
2009-06-10, 18:59:49
Seems I'm not the only one she is attempting to get money from. The Juliet Brown that has been talking with me also has lost the one and only credit card she holds and is also stuck out of the country. She needs money for materials that she requires for her business but also money for a plane trip back home as she has missed her flight. But of course she will happily refund me any money I send her as she is in desperate need and has no friends to turn to and since she 'loves' me so much and wants us to be together she feels as though she can turn to me for money. Silly girl I am not a fool and am glad to see that there are others who also do not fall for this love, devotion send me money crap.
2010-01-01, 19:53:10
[] is the latest ip address for Julietta Brown.
2010-05-01, 09:24:03
anonymous from United States  
I fell in love with her for 5 years, lost over 85,000. I'm a fool and now no job, sick, with no help as she promised. She left when I had no money to give anymore because of lost of job.

Yeah, I'm a fool, an idiot, a romantic hope for love. She gave me a bank account of her money, I called and verified it, and it was true.

I am so hurt....she never showed up and promised to pay me back with that money I verified from Sun Trust.

I was in love. Everyone can laugh now and criticize. I deserve it, however, I'm being punished for this foolish trust by being homeless now, without a car now, and drained in every way emotionally.

her email address now is

2010-05-29, 10:20:17
magnus from smo, Sweden  
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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