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Dating scammer Tatyana Zajtseva


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Name: Tatyana Zajtseva


krasnoprudnaya street, moscow russia
postal code 107140
house 16
apartment 22

Other Comments:
Very good scammer!!!and very dangerous!!!asks money for passport, visa, travel tickets, help his grandmother, pay the rent of his apartment.... very dangerous!!!!
Telephone booth number(or trunk call box) +74957851102


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2007-08-23, 11:37:21
'S' from United States  
Here's one that cover's just about all the search engines at once.

2007-08-23, 11:42:19   (updated: 2007-08-23, 11:47:43)
anonymous from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Hey, Skeet

You here again?! D.

Luc: Take that WEBCRAWLER!! You gonna need it! And... Don't forget to say 'Thank you, uncle Skeet.'.
2007-08-23, 11:52:45
anonymous from United States  
Joe Blough, once again even more appreciations.

For interested newbies, It's supposed to be as follows:

1) Google doesn't use wild caharcter *
2) It decides where to stem. E.g. googling for scam will also hit scammed, scammer, scamming.
3) By contast Alta Vista and Hotbot accept truncation with at least 3 characters recommended in the root. Unlike stemming which is decided by the search engine, the user decides where to truncate. E.g. to the root sca, add a *, then sca* will hit scam as well as scat. In addition to such post-truncation, mid-truncation e.g., tuw*ida is acceptable
4) Hotbot also accepts pre-truncation - e.g. *sida

Boolean Operators:

The 3 operators AND OR NOT are sufficient to generate all (possible 16) binary operations
4) Parentheses can be used for clarity and have the highest operator precedence, and are evaluated innermost first in the nested queries
5) Google accepts exact phrase upto 10 character max. It's easier to copy and paste into the querybox, which will also carry any unprintable characters. Typing out is less preferable
6) Google ignores Boolean operators, and common words like a, an, the, of, to, etc., unless they are part of an exact phrase (surrounding double quotes)
7) While Googling for all words, the word AND is optional, but can waste one whole word. Use AND when clarity is required.
8) OR - Unlike Latin, French, German, which have 2 different words, English language has to be content distiguishing between exclusive OR [e.g. A scammer writes today that he was born in 1997, next sentence ''To me 28 years'' - scammer means only one, but not the other, possibly born 1979.]
[Inclusive OR - Scammer asks victim for 800 euros, a few sentences later, for 800 dollars - scammer doesn't mind accepting both from his victim]
(Goerge) Boole used OR only as inclusive OR. All literarure on logic, mathematics, use OR in the inclusive sense only!

I'm planning on testing many of search engine claims. I have my work cut out. We, newbies can use a wealth of info from the pro's to make life easier and stay one jump ahead of scammers. Joe, you have already saved enough for me to buy myself a drink, and raise a toast to you! :-))

''I shall return'' - Douglas McArthur
2007-08-23, 12:21:04   (updated: 2007-08-23, 12:22:44)
[hidden] from United States  
Well newbie, glad to be of help. So Dirk ya think ya can keep her from me huh? I have sent a E-mail to Cyber Crimes Center (C3), a division of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), I really want to see her/him/it/Boris before you get a chance to. so with that said here is my response for today to our favorite little slut. Oh hey look at the photo she sent me today, looking at her neck and face, my first thought was E.T. phone home, lol.
Joe Blough

My Precious,
I was so glad to get your letter today, that means you understand and are ok with me. I am an orphan, no sisters or brothers that I know of. I have been relatively happy in life, just missing some one to spoil. I have worked really hard in school and collage. I am an structural engineer and have my own business. Today I'm really busy and don't have much time for a response to your letter. I have many concerns about some previous work we have done on a bridge that has had problems. but don't you worry about that, all will be fine. I hope all is well with you and your mother and father and grand mother, and wish good health to all. Looking forward to hearing more about you and your family.
2007-08-23, 15:49:37
Skeet from United States  
I never left D,just didn't see much to comment on.

What's all the hub-bub with the search crap? If you have the right tool's it's all very simple! There's no real need to get so technical with it! Google work's just fine for finding anything related to scam's,you just have to know HOW to enter it.With name's and sentences/phrases from letter's just put it in qoutation mark's! If it's been picked up by the web you'll get link's to where it is.If nothing comes back it hasn't been posted on ANY of the most popular anti-scam sites.All the one's I use are crawled regularly!To do a search on an IP I use this; So easy a caveman can do it! LOL An e-mail addy just type it in and go! The same applies to it if nothing comes back.When you find a name and/or e-mail that doesn't come back you should post it WITH a photo of the scammer! A post of only a pic or just a name does nobody any good!

She's not there...
2007-08-23, 15:56:19
anonymous from Germany  
Message 1

Hello my friend !!!!

You probably do not know who I and what for I have written to you the letter. I shall start with that that I would like to explain to you who I and what for I wrote to you the letter. My personal e-mail %e-mail% My name Darya from Kazan to me 28 years I send you photo that you could see as I look. I have addressed in agency of acquaintances in the largest agency it international and asked them to pick up for me the person and to me spoke your address of mail that I contacted you. I have paid for this service to this agency about 250 roubles or 10 dollars. So I shall be very sad if you simply do not answer me. I would like to know you want to get acquainted with me whether or not?
I ask you if you answer me also to send the photo and the description of appearance. I search the man for love and more even for a marriage.
That I while can speak well all this to you and if now you will want with me correspondence that simply write to me the letter and tell a little about myself and a photo. If you do not want correspondence all the same write to me and tell that you do not wish with me correspondence and then I go to agency that they returned mine of money and I shall show your letter so to me spoke in this agency. So I wait for your answer and I very much hope that you well understand me.
I shall write to you more about myself and I send to you more my photo if you answer me I wait for your letter.

Your new the girlfriend from Kazan Darya!!!!

P. S. Nearly has not forgotten my e-mail address write I wait I search for greetings the man from other country read the letter!!!!
Answer I like you? Yes or no?!!!

Hallo mein Freund!!!!<br><br>Du vermutlich weißt nicht, wem I und was für mich dir den Brief geschrieben haben. Ich beginne mit dem, den ich dir erklären möchte, der I und was für mich dir den Brief schrieb. Meine persönliche E-mail %e-mail% mein NamensDarya von Kazan zu mir 28 Jahre schicke ich dir Foto, das du sehen könntest, während ich schaue. Ich habe in der Agentur von bekannten in der größten Agentur sie international adressiert und sie gebeten, für mich die Person und zu mir aufzuheben Speiche deine Adresse von Post, mit der ich dir in Verbindung trat. Ich habe dieser Agentur für diesen Service ungefähr 250 Roubles oder 10 Dollar gezahlt. So bin ich sehr traurig, wenn du einfach mich nicht beantwortest. Ich möchte wissen, daß du mit mir bekannt erhalten möchtest ob oder nicht?<br>Ich frage dich, ob du mich auch beantwortest, um das Foto und die Beschreibung des Aussehens zu senden. Ich suche den Mann nach Liebe und gleichmäßiger nach einer Verbindung.<br>Daß I, während alles dieses mit dir gut sprechen kann und wenn jetzt du mit mir Korrespondenz wünschst, die mir einfach den Brief schreiben und wenig über mich erklären und ein Foto. Wenn du nicht die alle Korrespondenz wünschst, schreiben selbe mir und erklären, daß du nicht mit mir Korrespondenz wünschst und dann ich zur Agentur gehe, daß sie meine des Geldes zurückbrachten und ich mir deinen Brief also Speiche in dieser Agentur zeige. So warte ich deine Antwort und ich hoffe sehr viel, daß du wohl mich verstehst.<br>Ich schreibe dir mehr über mich und ich schicke dir mehr mein Foto, wenn du mich beantwortest, den ich deinen Brief warte.<br><br>Dein neues die Freundin von Kazan Darya!!!!<br><br>P.S. Fast hatte nicht vergessen, daß meine E-mail Adresse schreiben mir warten mich suchen nach Grüßen, die der Mann aus anderem Land den Brief!!! las!<br>Mich beantworten mögen dich? Ja oder Nr.?!!!

Message 2

Hi Achim!!!

It is very pleasant for me to receive from you the letter. I do not know even as it to explain, but I did not think, that you to me write and now I at all do not know from what to start to write to you the letter. Give so, I shall tell a little about myself and if I shall be really interesting to you also you ask to me the questions and I shall answer them. I want to tell to you, what in this first letter to you I shall tell about myself, it is good Achim? At once I want to tell, that I have been warned by that people from the Internet get acquainted with young girls that this girl has sent them the naked photo. Understand, that I am very serious in creating our relations with you and I never I shall send a naked photo to you. I shall be frank in all letters and I shall demand the same relation to, on the equal rights of the man and the woman. I hope, that it is clear for you Achim!fill these questionnaires and have not correctly written, I from Russia! Well I shall tell to you a little about myself and that I present as the person. To me of 28 years and my day a birth on April, 15 1979. At me blue eyes. My growth of 171 centimeters. I want to tell, that I the open girl for all conversations.I never was for the husband and now I want to get acquainted with you for this purpose, to understand as far as we approach each other. My former relations with the man from Russia were short, I was disappointed in it. To itself the man on the Internet for my acquaintance also has decided to look. I work as the doctor and my work takes away from me a lot of time and forces. So, that I ask to be patient with me as I shall write to you time to 1-2 days. Even at the work I constantly watch the taste and I try to be always in the form and a tone. To go to work as the doctor to me it was necessary to study at university and only having finished university I began to work from hospital.
Also to pay my university to me it was necessary to work much to pay my study. I sold ice-cream, I was the croupier in a casino. Understand Achim, that I had not to choose in work as my parents could not pay my study and I had to work independently. At school I 5 years was engaged in volleyball and was at city competitions. I am able to be pleased lives, in the life I had to meet a deceit much and consequently I shall not allow to deceive myself. I heard, that it is a lot of people on the Internet deceive and consequently are afraid to get acquainted. I do not know even how to explain, but I for the first time on the Internet. My girlfriend which also has got acquainted with the American came here to Russia (now Maria lives with the husband in
America) and has shown me how to get acquainted with you after that she has left has wished me successes in undertaking acquaintance to you Achim. She is very happy with which this person call Michael.
Her name Maria, and her husband call Michael Ring, he is rather known person in the circles. Now they are very happy they have got married and have two beautiful children. I liked Maria's experience and consequently I have decided to write to you the letter. I do not know as you on it will react, but I would like to know your opinion on this account. On it I shall finish the letter Achim and I shall wait for your letter with impatience. Therefore as you have woken in me hope, that we can be special to each other. If you it is valid so consider, I wait for your letter on this box
I shall wait, that you to me write, yours faithfully Darya!

P.S. I want to tell only, that my knowledge of the Internet are very small. My girlfriend from America also has shown me how to insert the photos. I hope, that you see it. Also I ask you ask the questions in your letter do not hesitate. I am very much interested in our relations. Would like to know your full name also!

Hallo Achim!!!<br><br>Es ist sehr angenehm für mich, von dir den Brief zu erhalten. Ich weiß nicht, selbst als es, um zu erklären, aber ich nicht dachten, daß du zu mir und jetzt I an allen schreibst, nicht von was wissen zu beginnen, den Brief zu schreiben dir. So geben, erkläre ich wenig über mich und wenn ich zu dir wirklich interessant bin, auch, das du zu mir die Fragen stellst und ich beantworte sie. Ich möchte erklären dir, was in diesem ersten Buchstaben zu dir, den ich soll über mich erklären, es bin guter Achim? Sofort möchte ich erklären, das bin ich von, das dem gewarnt worden, erhalten Leute vom Internet mit jungen Mädchen bekannt, die dieses Mädchen sie dem blanken Foto geschickt hat. Verstehen, das, das ich sehr ernst bin, wenn ich unsere Relationen mit dir verursache und ich nie ich schicke dir ein blankes Foto. Ich bin in allen Buchstaben aufrichtig und ich verlange die gleiche Relation zu, auf den gleichen Rechten des Mannes und der Frau. Ich hoffe, das, das sie für dich Achim frei ist! diese Fragebögen füllen und haben nicht richtig geschrieben, I von Rußland! Brunnen I erklärt dir wenig über mich und das I, das als die Person vorhanden ist. Zu mir von 28 Jahren und von meinem Tag eine Geburt am 15. April 1979. An mir blaue Augen. Mein Wachstum von 171 Zentimeter. Ich möchte erklären, das I das geöffnete Mädchen für alle Gespräche. Ich war nie für den Ehemann und jetzt möchte ich mit dir bekannt zu diesem Zweck erhalten, zu verstehen, insoweit wir uns nähern. Meine ehemaligen Relationen mit dem Mann von Rußland waren, ich waren enttäuscht in ihm kurz. Zu sich hat der Mann auf dem Internet für meine Bekanntschaft auch entschieden, zu schauen. Ich arbeite, während der Doktor und meine Arbeit von mir von den viel Zeit und Kräften wegnimmt. So das, das ich bitte, mit mir geduldig zu sein, da ich dir Zeit zu 1-2 Tagen schreibe. Sogar an der Arbeit passe ich ständig den Geschmack auf und ich versuche, in der Form und in einem Ton immer zu sein. Um zu gehen zu arbeiten da der Doktor zu mir es notwendig war um an der Universität zu studieren und Universität an nur beendend fing ich vom Krankenhaus zu arbeiten.<br>, meiner Universität zu mir sie auch zu zahlen war notwendig, viel zu arbeiten, um meine Studie zu zahlen. Ich verkaufte Eiscreme, ich war das croupier in einem Kasino. Achim, den verstehen, den ich, nicht in der Arbeit zu wählen hatte, da meine Eltern nicht meine Studie zahlen konnten und ich unabhängig arbeiten mußte. An Schule I nahmen 5 Jahre an Volleyball teil und waren an den Stadtkonkurrenzen. Ich bin in der Lage, gefallen zu werden Leben, im Leben mußte ich einen Betrug viel treffen und infolgedessen darf ich nicht mich betrügen. Ich hörte, das ist es eine Menge Leute auf dem Internet betrügt und hat infolgedessen Angst, bekannt zu erhalten. Ich kann nicht sogar zum ersten Mal erklären, aber I auf dem Internet. Meine Freundin, die auch mit dem Amerikaner mitgeteilt hat, kam nach Rußland her (jetzt lebt Maria mit dem Ehemann innen<br>Amerika) und hat mich gezeigt, daß wie man mit dir nachher bekannt erhält, daß sie verlassen hat, mir Erfolge in aufnehmenbekannter zu dir Achim gewünscht hat. Sie ist sehr glücklich mit, welchem dieser Personanruf Michael.<br>Ihre Namensmaria und ihr Ehemannanruf Michael Ring, ist er eher bekannte Person in den Kreisen. Jetzt sind sie sie haben verbunden und haben zwei schöne Kinder sehr glücklich. Ich mochte Erfahrung Maria und infolgedessen habe ich entschieden, den Brief zu schreiben dir. Ich weiß nicht, da du auf ihm reagierst, aber ich deine Meinung über dieses Konto kennen möchte. Auf ihm beende ich den Buchstaben Achim und ich warte deinen Brief mit Ungeduld. Folglich, da du in mir Hoffnung aufgeweckt hast, das können wir speziell miteinander sein. Wenn du es gültig bist, also betrachten, warte ich deinen Brief auf diesem Kasten<br><br><br>Ich warte, das, das du mir schreibst, mit freundlichen Grüßen Darya!<br><br>P/in möchten nur erklären, dieses mein Wissen des Internets sind sehr klein. Meine Freundin von Amerika hat mich gezeigt auch, wie man die Fotos einsetzt. Ich hoffe, das, das du es siehst. Auch ich frage dich, die Fragen in deinem Brief stellen zögern nicht. Ich bin an unseren Relationen sehr viel interessiert. Möchte deinen vollen Namen auch kennen!
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Keywords: platinum blonde
2007-08-23, 16:26:44
artje from Belgium  
First my thanks to Uncle Sheet, why not he try to do his best for me!!i

My neighbour Dirk get's 4 times THANKS, not that I used the links on a active way, after sleeping time another day with some jobs wait. I'll take some time to do the searches.

2007-08-23, 16:48:37
WHY is the blond posted here???? This WAS a nice CLEAN thread without much 'interference' With off topic scammer's being posted! AS she is already on MANY other thread's add your post's on one of them INSTEAD!
2007-08-23, 18:27:06
anonymous from United States  
Anon Deutschland 2007-08-23, 15:56:19

This girl graces several other threads, where if posted, would help others even more.

At any rate, the %e-mail% is a batch variable wherefor this scammer does not know how to pass the value,

The PS is pretending ''Nearly forgotten'' - finger

Being a batch process, lots of would-be victims can anticipate this same e-mail with different e-mail addresses.

Extract as much info as you can, wasting his time as much as possible, and tell him in your final e-mail ''Alles Scheiße''

2007-08-24, 03:26:00   (updated: 2007-08-24, 03:30:58)
Fjellhare from Norway  
@ Achim from Germany

Use first the picture search, BEFORE posting.
This Darya of course fits perfect a Taty´s threat
If somebody can only understand and communicate nonverbal, look at the haircolour....

2007-08-24, 08:19:21   (updated: 2007-08-24, 08:38:38)
anonymous from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Van: Tatyana
Datum: 08/24/07 08:15:24
Aan: Dirk van Dellen
Onderwerp: i miss you Dirk

My darling Dirk, I so am glad to receive from you the letter...
My love Dirk, I cannot really wait, I want our meeting......
I have changed the surname because to me have not given the visa...
My love Dirk, please, try to send money on the western union, it will be much more convenient to me to receive from you money, I ask you... 1500 euros on the western union because I any more do not trust MoneyGram send me....
If you will send me of money on the western union I can receive money, it seems to me in MoneyGram at us in city works very badly....
Today I go to a tour agency to tell, that to me have begun make the new passport....
My darling Dirk, I really wish to be with you now, I wish to nestle on you strongly strongly and to tell, how I strongly love you...
My darling Dirk, please do not worry, I do not deceive you never...
Because I love you Dirk...
When you will go to the western union and will send me of money???
Now my full name it: Therekina Tatiana
full address: Russia city Kazan, street the prospectus of the Victory
13-12, an index 420070
I look forward to hearing very soon..
Your love Tatiana
Please, my darling Dirk, do not play with me... To me it can be bad.

Van: Dirk van Dellen
Datum: 24-8-2007 16:36:55

My sweet Tatiana aka Therekina,

You changed your name, because my Embassy would not give you the visa? What's wrong with your name? It's a nice and common Russian name. Strange... I am surprised! At first I thought that it is a tradition for girls in your country to take over their mothers' name, when they turn 26. But I seem to be wrong.
Another surprise, my love, is this one: You seem to be travelling across Russia very fast. And... Without telling me your whereabouts. A week ago you went to Moscow in a hurry. Now you are back in Kazan again. Which means that we have to do the discussion about your address all over again. And you and I know what that means... Another quarrel. We don't want that, Tati-love! Or do we? We both know that there will be new problems when I use the address you gave me. We learned from the old problems, honey. So please send the correct address.
As I told you many times before: I will not (again: NOT) send money by Western Union. I do not trust it. I know that we had our problems with MoneyGram. It doesn't matter at this moment. It is weekend again and the banks are closed till Monday. And... You will need a new passport to get the money from the bank. So, we have a little more time.

Tatiana, my darling, ofcourse I want to play with you. But I have to wait for your arrival. It's a bit difficult to play with you when you are so far away. It's a pity, though. I wouldn't mind a little....

Kisses wherever you like them,


2007-08-24, 08:54:53
OJAS from United States  
Dirk 2007-08-24, 08:19:21 (updated: 2007-08-24, 08:38:38)

''Kazan, street the prospectus of the Victory''

Google may have problem with 'C'; Would prospeKtus, ViKtory make a better Anglicization?

Or is she afraid I might google, find where she lives, and steal her from you, and leave you broken hearted?

Nee Dirk, zeker niet! :-)
2007-08-24, 09:32:58
OJAS from United States  
This post is for interested newbies, as always disinterested readers, feel free to scroll down.

When a non-roman alphabet street name is Anglicized, the appearance of C, Q, X should make the user a character suspect - right?

How about W?

Anyone? Eddie Bhai?
2007-08-24, 12:25:03   (updated: 2007-08-24, 12:49:15) from Heerlen, Netherlands  
What's wrong with you, OJAS? WE know this already. D.

I just post 'her' most recent letter (if you call it a letter):

Van: Tatyana
Datum: 08/24/07 17:33:57
Aan: Dirk van Dellen
Onderwerp: hello

My darling Dirk, send to me the phone number.

My love Tatiana,



2007-08-24, 12:57:28
[hidden] from United States  
Ok guys, this is no fair, you have our sweet little princes running all over Russia to the bank and to Moscow, she must really be confused, because she has sent to me today the same letter and pic that she sent me yesterday, I'm not sure how to respond, should I just resend my last response? Or maybe I should just combine my first and second response and send them? or should I go back in the tread and find what is to be the third letter and change names and things and send that to hin/her/it/Boris? Gonna have to think on this
Joe Blough---'from Idaho ya know'
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Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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