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Dating scammer Angel


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Name: Angel


Name:Angel Asare

Other Comments:
serious_lady2003 on Yahoo! IM
Says she is in Ghana (came to US, bad bad experience, returned to Ghana)
Says she was married but he died in a car wreck.
Says she has 1 son
Screen name is actually one used on several porn sites
'Real name' is one letter removed from that of Miss Ghana 2006

serious_lady2003: my love send that money to western union money transfer okay

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2011-10-22, 17:04:02
If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it usually is a duck ! What we know is pics of this little queen of smut Julie Yuliana are plastered all over the internet. You be the judge as to her innonence !
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Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana
Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana

2011-10-22, 17:11:16
Another pic of this little porn girl counting all the gold she's accumulated from all us 'dumbass' suitors......
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Dating scammer Lawura Muniru
Dating scammer Nancy Milman from Accra, Ghana
Dating scammer helen morran
Dating scammer Nancy Milman from Accra, Ghana

2011-10-22, 21:16:46
all she is back with diffrent name and email address she is having nother child by someone else she is its true.i am done wih her i am.i been donew with her for ever and neaver had sex with her.she is a cheater and gets any man she wants and has sex with them and pics of gold beware and warded of this.
2011-10-23, 05:14:40
You gotta wonder if this little porn queen Julie Yuliana is somehow connected to all these pics of her plastered all over the internet. Just received this one of her in Las Vegas, she says she lost all her savings at the roulette table and needs $2,500 airfare to come to me.
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Dating scammer helen morran
Dating scammer Nancy Milman from Accra, Ghana

2011-10-23, 05:23:34
Hahaha... got this one of her recently saying she had an accident in Accra, Ghana and needed $2000 dollars to get out of hospital. Of course, it looks like the hospital pic has been photo shopped for effect. Poor Julie... guess she recovered in time to visit Las Vegas. What a pile of shit !
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Dating scammer helen morran
Dating scammer Franzy Ceba

2011-10-23, 05:28:50
Your porn girl Angel aka Julie Yuliana sent me this picture to let me see what I can expect when she comes to me...
2011-10-24, 12:55:22
anonymous from United States  
She also goes by Ruth Asare.. beware... she totally had me fooled... I fell in love
2013-08-09, 20:43:15
~Bax! from United States  
Ok... I'm intrigued by this report and it's relation to our total library of J.Y. scams.

My album contains no entry of J.Y. due to the mass exposure and disinformation accumulated.
I have been approached by scammers who bait with her pics and even now have regular visitors.
I have chosen to open a file named, 'Search For Yuliani'. I will attempt to catalogue this file with any info. to support or to deny J.Y. involvement and to expose the multitple impersonators.

First, I have found one mis-informed report by an apparently, angry poster.
I will not reveal my link or theorum of mathematics and conversions,
eventhough it is undoubtedly far above the intellectual capacity of an African scammer.
I will reveal enough proof to convince any intelligent person of my claim without the
risk of revealing delicate knowledge to scammers who deserve no help what-so-ever!

Do the movies depict the weight of gold bars accurately?
How heavy is a gold bar?
In the movies, how easily do they show someone handling a bar of gold? Should you be able to pick it up easily? How many gold bars do you think you can carry? In this exercise, you will calculate the weight in pounds of a gold bar.

I see no risk at posting this because scammers must use what photos they can find as scam-bait.

Another pic of this little porn girl counting all the gold she's accumulated from all us 'dumbass' suitors......

Unless her hand is very tiny, say... miniature, the item which is pictured in her hand,
is definately larger than a standard gold bar. This would also make the density and weight
much greater! I also question the suggested purity of such an item if it is gold.
I present to you that this image is FAKE and the subject is added into the photograph.

I took 30# of my weights and placed them on my scales...
She would definately NOT BE holding this as if it were a GLASS of BEER!
I've included images from Fed.Resv. for visual comparison, showing the true look of fine gold.
These are the standard 30# bricks
Finally, look at the arrangement of the suspect gold-bricks below her hands. The photo-shop has
sliced the items in an obvious manner to give the appearance that it is flat to a cloth and board or lid, at her shins.
If I find information to incriminate any of the porn-girls, it will be posted as so.
If I find information to expose a fraud, it will be posted as so. ~Bax! Aug.2013

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana

2013-08-09, 20:46:22
Bax from United States  
So the next time you see gold bars in the movies, look to see how easily they appear to pick them up. Thirty pounds is a good amount of weight that is not casually picked up.

2013-11-23, 13:56:38
anonymous from United States  
I was involved with a lady from Accra, Ghana by the name of Angel Asare. Her Uncle Robert Sung talked me into giving him my credit card number so I can buy product from Best Buy to send them to Accra, Ghana so he can have a merchant(Harry Stephen) to sell them. They were all Samsung cell phones and IPad tablets. I shipped all product through FedEx to a location headed by Douglas Hobbs. I did that and the merchant(Harry Stephen) turned around and cancelled all checks to the credit card company after two months. The credit card company stuck innocent me with $30,000 worth of charges. Also I had sent Angel Asare money to take care of her bills and her son's school fees. I had sent several agents of her's money for FAKE visa(s) for her and her son to come and stay with me forever in the United States. This is very awful and I want everyone to understand that this REALLY is a SCAM and nothing makes them madder than being called a SCAMMER. Please don't take the chance that I did and now living with an out of pocket expense of over $60,000 for two years of online dating Angel Asare.
2013-11-23, 15:15:43
anonymous from United States  
she uses many names. Many use her photos too....she is Raven Riley, but still a whore
2014-05-04, 07:54:01
anonymous from United States  
this person c hooses to use yuliana Avalos pics to scam.from Ghana she is .this is a website with miss yuliana photos .beware of this fake bitch.yuliana Avalos photos nude. oogle search.images.this person claims to be angel She is also at luvier angel @yahoo. com.also luvier chang

2014-05-04, 07:57:19
anonymous from United States also same name
2014-05-04, 08:00:51
anonymous from United States  
luvier chang also angel asare for real
2014-05-04, 08:06:42
anonymous from United States  
this is the same person
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